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World prison yeah. You regret to inform you Dr William Smith died in Korea you heard the awful new Pharaoh young docs die do you really know not the young one. You don't mean the red haired one it took his father's practice he was there when my boy had polio but we thought he never lived if it hadn't been for him I tell you there is no justice in this world. What would be fine for what were we doing there on an island or Peninsula or country or whatever it is. No young Doc Smith didn't die in Korea. The wire was wrong young Doc Smith didn't die then right. Say Henry have you heard the news. Oh Doc Smith's boy died in Korea shot down by a commie bullet. It's a shame not young docs. That's how it goes. The best ones have to die. Rose there takes practice to take care of all the folks here in Brentwood know his father seen his days and the boy gone I can't believe it died in a God for second place called Korea. No no you're wrong I tell you he didn't die in Korea young Doc's method.
He's dead my boy did in Korea. On his life he wanted to be a doctor to heal to soothe to cure the sick. All his life I trained his steps that way. Teaching him talking to him making him see it was the finest profession in the world. I gave him my instruments. It was going to take my place walk underneath these homes where I'm walking now. He would have been these people's doctor country doctor young Doc Smith now is dead. Who is there to take care of them now I'm old. Who's to take care of them who are you. Oh no the boy who built dead in Korea I tell you young Doc Smith didn't die in Korea. How can you say he died there when Tomorrow we'll walk underneath these albums again and the same eyes will watch him from the windows that same areas will listen for the sound of his feet.
Listen Boris step on the walk and bring it more easily for his coming lesson all docs man they're all young doctors didn't die in Korea American youth. The telegram the telegram was wrong it simply said he died in Korea. That's what I tell you young boys. The Warrior said it was not for always it didn't say for always has been permanent. How often can a man die. It said Bill Smith was cut down by a commies. I tell you he isn't dead. I tell you what you listen to me will you move that man what studies say you never knew him you never knew young Doc.. Yes when he died then why did he die. Then why did he have to die when we don't even know where or why we think all of Brentwood without care. No doctor left to do for us. Supposing we got pneumonia. Where did he die if not in Korea. Sweet with a taste of sugar maples New England hard with the feel of granite and limestone Vermont green with the feel of the
fields and hills that was a man called Ethan Allen. And there was a revolution and there was some man called the Green Mountain Boys and there was a place called Ticonderoga Ticonderoga and blood clean red blood soaking the green mountains and men who were real men. There was a place called Ticonderoga. There was a man called Ethan Allen. There were some men lying bleeding against the side of America. Ticonderoga. What's that got to do with young Jack Smith. What's that got to do with the people of Britain. Well I tell you young Doc Smith died at Ticonderoga. Have you heard the new Sarah Young Doctor died Ticonderoga. Yes that was another one. And there was a man called Nathan Hale. I remember him Woman remember the man who was captured while in the service of his country and who said I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country. The green fields were greener for years
saying that that tall hills were my idea for his words. The red blood was a crimson symbol for our little band of patriots. A young man with red hair bent down to wrap the wounds of one of Hale's men and a bullet struck him down. And New England was born in New England this America crying its first cry now young doctor I attended the birth was he there. In New England. Young Doc Smith with his quick smile and his red hair. Was he that I tell you young Doc Smith died in New England have you heard the news. Young Doc Smith died in New England back in Illinois. There was a gangling man tall and spare a homely man to look upon. Oh not a fighting man. But he could fight with a little coaxing and he liked books and figures though as folks were poor and he had little time for fixings. Tom Lincoln and Nancy Hanks were humble folk and he was six feet four inches stocking feet when he Jaros does
stand up people thought he'd never stop on rolling. Just keep getting up wider scour rail splitter a lawyer in Springfield as I would never be a slave. So would I NEVER be a master. I would never make up another man something I would not be myself. And these words house divided against itself cannot stand. And these it is for us the living rather to be dedicated he's talking about Abe Lincoln. Why I recall my father heard him say those words at Gettysburg. But what's that to do with my boy dead in Korea. I tell you young Doc Smith died at Gettysburg down in the heart of Virginia where the hottest fighter was the finest gentleman down in the quiet of Virginia where honor and loyalty meant more than life. There was a gentleman called Robert E. Lee. And out of the
heartbreak of a great defeat he proved our leader could love and be loved by his people not fear. There was a court house at APA matics. There were some words that can never be stale. I union that can only be maintained by swords and bayonets and in which strife and civil war are to take the place of brotherly love and kindness has no charm for me. Gentleman and soldier. Yes the robber of the gentleman and soldier young Doc Smith wept in defeat with Lady at a magic Simpson. If you heard my boy I met Lee had up a matter. It seems a shame if you have to die. The best ones die so often it seems a shame. Men like Bill Smith have to die in far off places. Know what. Even they carry back their last word. Down in Texas there was a mission called the Alamo and one hundred and eighty men stood on guard for ten days and the horde outside carried a red
flag that meant death to every man. Santa Ana rode a white horse. He rode a white horse and he carried a red flag. The men in the fort knew what that flag meant. Colonel Travis fired a cannon shot when asked to surrender. He said We are determined to all the out of all to the last. I shall never surrender nor retreat victory yet young man. No one to carry. His last victory of death was the colonel's answer. And there was Davy Crocket with his deadly rifle and that was Jim boy with his cunning knife and there are one hundred and eighty men all together one hundred and eighty bodies but a million spirits and a day came when the Colonel knew there was no hope for any man. He drew a line on the ground with his sword. He told all of those who were willing to stay with him and die to step across the line and one hundred and seventy nine men stepped across the line. Only one man did not move. He was lying wounded almost
dead on a cot in the corner. But when he heard that colonel's words he cried the boy is four of you take my cot and move it across the line and hand me my boy knife and the man moved it caught and handed Jim boy his boy knife and the enemy poured over the animal walls. That got to do with young Doc Smith with his bright hair making a target for commies bullets on a cold floor but way over there in Korea. What's that got to do with young docs meet. Then it was over the fighting and everything was still. That was only the motion of the cotton ones and the wind and the knife for Jimbo it was lifeless and the gun of Davy Crockett the bear hunter from Tennessee was dead and no one near him to tell just how he gone. No one can hear Ian way over there and stinking career down in Texas where the wind blows straight and the men shoot straight they have built a monument and on it these words I mumble They had its messenger of
defeat the Alamo had none. STRANGER. Young Doc Smith never set foot in the state of Texas. I tell you young Doc Smith died at the Alamo. Down in Texas there was a man called Sam Houston and he was from Tennessee though born in Virginia and he had good blood. He was a fighting man. They made him commander in chief of the Texas Ami's and part of a Texas Army had fallen into Goliad and part of the Texas Army had fallen at the Alamo. They told Sam Houston to gather up his men. They told Sam Houston to get Santa Ana Sam Houston gathered up his men so carefully that people got impatient as he led the crafty father and father from his base. What up in Washington there was a man called Andrew Jackson and then de Jackson smiled and pointed to a small spot on the map and said Son just sent ole sample stuff therapies whether Bobbie and Sam Houston drew near to sign Jess and told me it was one of the first to go to Korea.
Bill Smith was. Wonder what he thought of their going back. Going back. Then one morning when the sun was rising player above that Texas plains Sam Houston as men rode over that yellow and into the enemy and they had a battle cry that was a cry remember Goliad remember they have all what's he saying angry. What's this fellow saying. What's that got to do with Doc Smith who was never there. Didn't you see him there by Sam Houston. Didn't you see young Bill Smith running at San Jacinto. There was a sergeant at Bellwood. Nobody seems to remember what his name was or what is age was or where he came from but there was a sergeant at Bellwood do let his men into that gun fire what Officer. Come on you know do you want to live forever. There was a sergeant at Bellwood. Nobody seems to remember what his name was now don't want it do you want to live for ever and nobody remembers what his name was. Was he tall and sort
of gangly Injun with a crooked smile and bright red hair. He was young and he had red hair. Red is the fires that burned the Belo would could have been his name was common. Maybe Bill's way so far away and lonesome. Well on the Martin's Korea and what does the man think of breaking hero go wild when there's a tear at the palm trees see the moon shadow that dark haunted foxholes that was an ocean called the Pacific and there were some islands called the Philippines and there was a man called MacArthur hop without days with the sun and the fever with the nights without guns and the more her long with out days and nights watching and waiting for a ship that would never could never come sailing. Then it was over the watching and waiting only the wind as it tore at the tall trees. Only the sea as it pounded the shoreline thundering echoing challenging with one
word but. But did he die on Bataan. STRANGER. Did young Bill Smith die on Bataan Corregidor and wake and Midway Guadalcanal and Buna and mooned swamps of the Solomons hate of New Guinea. When Wright and Moore and Douglas MacArthur. Thick fog and nice and chill no others blowing Greenland and that two things. No way waste spreading the diode out to them a stranger. Young Bill spent not too hot weather sands of Egypt and Libya hot with the winds of Iraq Indonesia for was the sun and few of the oases have even had a morning of Normandy to the fall of Normandy stranger. Trapped at best don't maybe Remember the Alamo. Do you want to live forever under Tokyo. What does it matter what his last words were. Somebody heard um a million people heard them a million people heard young Doc Smith's last words. Yet he hasn't even spoken them yet not
yet because he didn't even die there in Korea. Young dark Smith didn't die in Korea. Telegram said it was Korea. Never listen for young Doc's last words not from New England or the Alamo not from but time at 2 or Normandy. Those were the first words young docs misspoke when as a boy he walked beneath these elms. Those were the first words that he ever spoke. And if a wire came to you who loved him so if a telegram came it must of read young Doc Smith died tomorrow. The Grinnell College radio players have young Doc Smith died tomorrow by Mary Agnes Thompson hood as the raido waters James Leavenworth child Haynesworth old Doc Smith. Other than today's cast included Sally always been very ailing and Gerry Thomas. Young Doc Smith died
tomorrow was directed by Prescott production was by Tom Reed and Bob gallant engineer especially the music by the production was composed and played on the Eric chapel organ by Hall out cop and. Young Doc Smith died tomorrow was presented under a grant from the NIH sponsored by the fund for adult education for the foundation. If your announcer reminding you that this has been a great college program. This network.
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Young Doc Smith died tomorrow
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"Young Doc Smith Died Tomorrow," by Mary Agnes Thompson. The Grinnell College Radio Players call this a truly great play, epitomizing the words of a great American: "Only courage and sacrifice can keep freedom alive..."
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A series of 13 patriotic plays by professional freelance writers as edited and directed by Herbert Prescott with the Grinnell College Radio Players.
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