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This is music from Rochester a series of concerts recorded at the School of Music of the University of Rochester. These programs are made available to national educational radio by Xerox Corporation and radio station Rochester New York to tell us about tonight's concert. Here is our host Richard free. This is Richard freed of the University of Rochester's Eastman School of Music introducing another Eastman School concert performances by students at the Eastman School brought to you through the cooperation of the Rochester musicians Association. Local 66 of the American Federation of Musicians. Tonight we have a program of American Chamber Music from last May's festival of American music at Eastman with four different performing ensembles under the direction of John Sheldon tonneau professor of chamber music. Our program comprises Barlow's trio for oboe Viola and piano Elden bass nees serenade for violin viola and cello. The second string quartet of Elliott Carter and to begin woodwind quintet
by Grant Butler him. Mr Big Larry and who is 41 years old now is the newly appointed dean of the School of the performing arts at the University of Southern California and has served as Project Director of the contemporary music project operated by the music educators National Conference under a Ford Foundation grant. Mr. Big Lariam himself has received a Ford Foundation grant among numerous other awards and his music has been performed by many of the major orchestras and chamber music organizations in America. The woodwind quintet is in one movement which breaks down into four identifiable sections moderately fast Vivace. So it's the new dough and prestige. It was written on commission from the University of Michigan for the 1967 festival of music at an arbor. And there was a joint dedication to Rowsley Finney one of Mr. Bigler Ian's teachers and the University of Michigan woodwind quintet which gave the first performance our performers tonight are James Walker flute Robert Wiener oboe
Adrian cliff clarinet William Emmett horn and David Gallagher. Soon the woodwind quintet of Grant big Larry. Do you.
Know. We've heard the woodwind quintet of Clarion played by James Walker flute Robert
Wiener oboe Adrian cliff clarinet William Emmett Horne and David Gallagher best soon. Wayne Barlow chairman of the department of Composition at the Eastman School of Music where he's been a prominent figure for more than three decades has recently turned his attention to electronic music and electronic music laboratories been established to decent under his direction. However Dr. Barlow continues to compose in conventional forms as well. And the record released last spring is devoted to three of his recent chamber works one of which the trio for oboe Viola and piano we're to hear next. The trio was written in 1964 and introduced by Robert sprinkle Francis Percy and Armand let the National Gallery of Art in Washington. It's in three brief movements and the composer has given us this analysis. The first movement is a fairly straightforward sonata form with reversed order of themes in the recapitulation. The second movement connected to the first by a short bridge
is a set of variations where in the book potential of each instrument is exploited in turn the finale is a fast moving modified Rondo of the form A B C B A with a cyclic reference to the second theme of the first movement. Every movement contains illustrations of my penchant for turning themes upside down. Here is the music now. Wayne Barlow's trio for oboe Viola and piano. It's three movements marked Allegro Jo and Allegro played by James Corden oboe Laurence Wheeler Viola and Bradford piano. Yeah.
Do we. Know. Ooh. Ooh.
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Music from Rochester
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