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Though Wayne State University improvisation chamber ensemble was organized in 1966 by Dr. Ruth Wylie. The group was originally conceived as a teaching aid but soon it was receiving enthusiastic reactions from concert audiences. During the past year Dr. Wiley's Chamber Ensemble has performed in several states and an entirely new idiom of musical performance has been developed by the performances still maintain their experimental character. Now I'm here with tonight's programme of improvisation is Professor Ruth Wylie of Wayne State University. Tonight we're going to do something of an experiment which we thought you might be interested in. We've decided to try to give you an insight into what one of our rehearsals or so-called rehearsals. It is actually like. And we have a piece here which is written by one of our members Jim Harkaway which we have only gone through once or twice
rather superficially and it still needs a good bit of working. And we thought it might be interesting to you if we went about a bonafide rehearsing of this piece so that you could see how we go about it what the problems are. And how it improves as we become more and more familiar with it. This piece is particularly. Interesting or I might even say troublesome because of the fact that he has indicated in several spots some very specific instructions to us of a rhythmic nature. And we have been having a little difficulty in getting these to line up just right so we probably will have some problems with these passages. The piece is called a sonority and rhythm control. And it begins in a so-called recitative style. He is experimenting with different chord combinations among the group with one instrument playing a melodic line the rest of them playing sustain chords and then as I told you there are these three
passages where we have. A quick single note continuous rhythmic effects one instrument to the other so it might be interesting for you and without any further comments or explanations will go right into something which closely approximates one of our regular rehearsal sessions. Well we have my. Plan. So. We'll. Go. The rest. Of.
Your. Life. That's what. We have. Oh right right. Right. All right.
You're showing me where you're going.
Her. Oh.
We've used up about as much time as we can spare on this program for the preparation of this piece and we feel that we possibly know it well enough that we can make an attempt to play it through with complete continuity and with some success. So for the remainder of the program that's exactly what we're going to do we're going to start now at the beginning of this piece and do a complete rendition of it without any pauses or we hope or criticisms or problems. Before we begin however let me once again introduce the members of our group who will be performing in this piece and what instruments they are playing. Mr. Jim Harkaway the composer will be at the piano in this piece will be doing the percussion instruments. And as you recall Don Lewandowski on the double bass and Frank hold on the trumpet. So now without pause we will play this piece from start to finish on the basis of our. Rehearsing that we shared with you a few moments ago.
Boo. Boo. We have just finished playing a continuous performance of a piece by Jim Hart way which we worked on in open rehearsal before we did the actual performance. Before we finish out the
program I would like again to remind you that we have some of our structural design plans available which you may have upon request if you will mail a self-addressed stamped envelope. To music w d e t 5 0 3 5 Woodward Detroit 4 8 2 0 2. Also I would like to announce to you the fact that the program on Friday night February 17th will be a live program open to the public and we would be very happy to have some of you come and attend in person. The program of course will be for the radio will be from 8:30 to 9 but we intend to start playing at about 8:15 so that you can get a little extra listening in if youd like to. We're going to finish out the program now with a very short improvisation and experimental thing for just piano but we have two players one will actually play the piano John Raya and the other
performer Jim Hart great hart way will get various percussion affix and in the piano to combine with the piano playing.
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Improvisation Chamber Ensemble
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Wayne State University
WDET (Radio station : Detroit, Mich.)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program features live improvisational music, as well as a spoken introduction by Ruth Shaw Wylie.
Series Description
Series of performances by Wayne State U. Improvisation Chamber Ensemble, which was organized in 1966 by Dr. Ruth Shaw Wylie, as an experiment in teaching contemporary techniques to advanced composition students. Refer also to blue spiral book under 67-29.
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Performing Group: Improvisation Chamber Ensemble
Producing Organization: Wayne State University
Producing Organization: WDET (Radio station : Detroit, Mich.)
Speaker: Wylie, Ruth Shaw
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 67-29-5 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:29:21
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