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Rather one day for example a would there wait until the porpoise did what is called a porpoise or this is one of those claiming that they're not really that the GO ON type boat you see them doing so they were there waiting for the purpose and then they would have to go it in the air the floor with which is the condition worsened and then throw it in the office and then the next they might for example with portable command of course but you don't reinforce that work with Down syndrome. Sometimes I think I finally got a company that has a review of whaling term comes up out of the water instead of going nicely and again your fall flaps like that object on the water glasses and all that you look for a fan that worked the rig. They'd look at the fish and then immediately the park with a rig and go on you go on and on the next day what with the commune really nothing that I want to go back and try to port there's nothing happened
after I arrived something correctly. Well I was on point with one thing that all that came out of the waters than that. Then the next day with the family outing my program and you would go look at all our responses. Of course that brought a lot
for for this private reinforcement. Not much color palette by the other party are young workers. Hope you're brave putting Howard through every new read on how old you are.
Read through the protocol for the big one and they were talking with my friends right. And the very train. How big are the Telegraph report voters like what with that want to call that without the weather get that mail knowing where they were louder or were never there weren't good enough someone there you saw the report rather than real but you just read that report here that very very moving there they had names for all of these and for all that we have with the result. And sure enough
the workers were generally very unusual combination of fragments of the whole. Hold on now we do something like the Iraq invasion where we reinforce now that a novel and I was committed by you already mentioned the real life version of the summer right. I think very good with the result. But here you have a personal one. You're wrecking your line here. Here's we're recording what you have been good for the know that you're gone and you will be written for those who
have to live our lives. Another record of the creative artist who will be criticized revered here like everybody else. We've got find some new way of looking on and there are critics who with his wife and went on for the weather really viable or not were their underwear. The mirror got something new who gets room for I would say the true. Posers in general. You written something like that and you know the right word but then what happened. I think here rather than this report from our other friends in there what is
the technique of generating from looking around finding new or some new way of rearranging colors form. Even though I've gotten back and going the route of the area where we're within that is who really important now we're going to have the years of an individual being there's room for you and gave you a lot of actors which will garner a new one going around and being bored out here. Manager Oh analysis because the word oh
there's this private good novel only in terms of was written about the now more than the one about and then you're there you know that thing is really her whether you're on the earth and you have to go out and find the milieu and you vote. WHY WOULD NOT OUR where else but when
they're up. But so much to do and it could be done as Robert Reich with our novel. Well about a person. You want to engage in a great New York. This is one world matter whether they were that all are. Liars.
Well we were there a lot of them were here but a lot of them were the others that were there. All right. And among them there will be. Now if you want a person who remembers
drowning you don't. Believe in Britain learn or not but there are other words. Well these are not the right time order and they don't know what was wrong. You're very wrong about something. Your words will reach out and wrap around wrap. Go here I've got it all for the proper report.
Rats Exactly. We also owe more than that for the four of them are no longer going to go out or wrap one when the somewhere. But when we are on the order that
the next and that number is lot worse. Right. But you have to go people to play that rock that they are well aware or with more of or via the media experiment but those are the ones we get close to cracking There are a lot more
than that. That a little more work a little longer for that. More on that. You were never for that. Hour that much more than. Our cars. We are aware of course.
Or already. Moreover you want anybody who got our laughter our good bye good to have.
I am. Out of the book on. The book. And there are of course your views or your work or not but no power
no power or worse. There's your girl who you know what they are. Oh why would that work. How about the possibility that properly
healed you are back on their own but that where you are more like whoever they are. I would.
Like to reach out for your income. Another one one final battle with the whole great part bird which is all that part.
Of life. All of that you know like you are really. Going to know better realize when you get what you're. You are what you were you were really or what you were really
most like your own poem. Or or. Or a new idea that led you to someone not to the black or white your god. Then there are where they are doing their own verbal roof
our building. We don't do that. But right Dorian got it right and someone like that up and down the line that was out who you allow for your life. Back part of.
You build up your. Order to harness the power that would I greatly climb. For Want To Hold on.
Everybody out was always on the go. Our verbal knowledge does not lie with the world and if you want of course this is also true of the world. That are governed
by the you know the word or possible. I don't read that. More. Like a real god would not. You know we have many of the moves or
haven't we have your bro. We already know that you're way ahead of everybody knows that or we really go. We're back. With norm and the group that has been seminar big serve featuring this week a discussion from a seminar led by Dr B.F. Skinner professor of psychology at Harvard University. Next week a psychiatrist Dr. Carl r Rogers discusses the intensity group experience this series is produced by Radio Station K x K x FM in San Francisco in cooperation with the Aslan Institute of Big Sur California. This program was distributed by national educational radio. This is
Seminar: Big Sur
Human freedom and dignity, part two
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program, the second of two parts, presents a discussion led by B.F. Skinner.
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Discussion and lecture series from Esalen Institute at Big Sur, Calif., headed by Michael H. Murphy devoted to exploring the psychological nature of man.
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Producer: Esalen Institute
Speaker: Skinner, B. F. (Burrhus Frederic), 1904-1990
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University of Maryland
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