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I'm now drum scribed of the minds of many situation one young man afraid. Ours is a century of complexity and. Dizzied by the momentum of war by gargantuan events man. Individual man threatens to forfeit his sense of personal worth. Personal Power accomplished. To reaffirm his capacity for effective living. Man needs to know more intimately the mental and emotional forces at work within him to perceive more clearly the community of his own mind with the minds of man everywhere. Radio television at the University of Texas presents the minds of many. A
series of explorations and who have effective living. Written by the Durham twins and directed by Jack Dee some of. These programs are prepared with the assistance and counsel of the Hogg foundation for Mental Hygiene and produced under a special grant. From the Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters. The aim a keener understanding of the forces universally at work and the minds of men and. The is. At all times in all places the minds of men share many things. And high among these universal gifts is fear fear is one of man's greatest allies. One of his greatest foes. It can save his life. It can reduce his days to pale travesties of living.
Because it is one of the most powerful determinants of the way we act. It behooves us all to know fear better. As it works to our salvation in times of crisis as it works to our undoing in the affairs of every day and we can better understand the fears of many. If we meet one young man who is afraid if we meet but. I am liable to say OK how about a cult or something. Go on I want go get a bowl here. Have you seen the bird she's been asking about you ask like why. When you say she didn't get to answer your last three letters because I should cry or censure what you call her so she didn't get what she wanted she was the man for man his man. Sounds like I'm just not interested. That's all. Not interested in Kathy. Well Bud you haven't seen her all summer long so let her call me. She's got to feel like she owns
your son. This guy want to get one son. That's me boy pop in here the other day but he says you going to university right. Maybe I don't know you. You don't know what you're talking about. You don't know. He's just a bit crazy or something. You've always been going to university but everybody in your family is going to university with you. Sure sure the school is just around the corner the time is now but you can't wait for the last minute. Do me a favor. Yeah just don't worry about it. Look look Didn't I say don't worry about my business or is it that your business. All right and let's keep it my business doesn't mind nobody else's you've got that nobody else's. OK OK OK. So you. Yeah sure. See
you lose all your friends. Hey give me a nickel for the jukebox we just put on the check for sure buddy boy here you go. Anything else yeah. Cole they want to bring it over the phone. I am going to get that little doll a big wallet and Jimbo. Yes for it. Heavy on the eyes for your old pal Ed.. Right right. So beer puts a nickel in the juke box and Saunders jauntily over to give a little to Big Mama welfare does not always wear its own plate. It is a masquerader of skill and infinite guy self-knowledge can cloak itself in gaudy colors and the timid heart can lie in ambush behind the thick skin and the posturings of self-sufficiency can seduce attention from the scars of old ego defeat. Every on the ice for your old pal Andrew's right. Right.
A boy can say Kings X to fear can for a moment conjure up the feeling that he is cherished and important and well served by life. The flip phrase holding fear at bay for fear need not always pounce on blanket uncertainty and ache with the cloudy insistence of a sore muscle inadequacy can poison a life with a trivial drip of a leaky faucet self-deprecation can paralyze the human will over long years with the tiny insidiousness of a pinched nerve. How long has fear been nibbling at this boy. There are those who have known him long. There are those who saw quite plainly fears early very. Good Mike as well as wait you co-write Laura it's mighty good to see I can't believe she wears what is just a baby no no this is business. I'm out sewing up prospects for
Brooks college now to see if you boys here before Duncan for one whale he's a good friend. How long has it been almost six years nearly seven I declare. Hard to believe. Funny it isn't die I never have got used to you all not being next door. It's just not the sea. Well that's the way we felt. Many's the time Amy said but it was just like our own boy. No wonder he was at your house more than he was at home. You never could have raised him without you too. That's a fact. Well I expect maybe he wishes you had without me anyway I was pretty tough on that young man listen he needed it. Somebody had to put some spine into it and I was right with you on that but I don't think Laurel always was though are yellow now as I don't know my rose constitutionally opposed to making anybody do anything he doesn't want to do. Will you ever forget the way she carried on when you threw bud in that's when the sink or swim bore that's what I told him sink or swim. So helpless so he was a sly one though.
You remember when he wouldn't climb the magnolia tree and I put a dollar bill at the top and he could have it if he had go get it. Remember I picked him up and gave him a boost and I said success at the top. Failure at the bottom nothing in between it's no never open on the first carried on you taught me guillotine something. And Laura made me climb up and get but the dollar so he wouldn't cry over his women then. Anyway he stared out all right still needs a little push. I tell you Wes don't stock it. Well that sounds like a joint product of our labors now. Young fellow Boy Oh hello sir. Well that's mighty formal for your uncle well just wonderful about Uncle West dropped in for a surprise visit. Yeah yeah yeah it sure is. Your Aunt Amy made me promise I'd bring her a firsthand report on you young man. She has a very special feeling for you you know how it's all fine she's fine
now I don't want to embarrass anybody but just between you and me she shed a few tears over that graduation invitation. You tell her we think it's cause for celebration we're going to finally get this overgrown Lovelock's out of our hair and off on his own feet somehow. Brad you make that big we don't want him at home and with us too but I'm going to stay home this year well no no no no not stay home. Well of course I don't know the family situation if you folks don't know we can send him all right. I keep saying Now Bud you go on down there to the universe Yeah sure go on down there to the university but nobody decided what I'm supposed to do want to get there. Who's to decide that but except you. Well they've always decide everything else. That he doesn't want to hurry into anything with. It's important what he decides. Yeah a lot of people that they don't think are university so hard. If you've got a lot of real ability you know mass production that's what they say about a university. They
say maybe a small school. All right all right a small school I'll settle for a smaller school if you know what you want when you get there and go after it. What do you think. Wes I think we ought to boost him up to that first branch. What do you mean with sure Laura Don't you see it's that magnolia tree all over again he's dead scared to death at the bottom scared who's Oh I forget the university but if you want try a Big Three Why tackle a small but start climbing. You come on out to Brooks college with this boy registration starts a week from Monday that's the time your week from Monday but he's not ready. We'll get him ready. No I won't have it. Shanghai like this when he's so confused. You've always done it that way the two of you bullied him shoved him when he wasn't ready. Maybe there were no sabots not so Larry maybe they got some. Maybe I do need a Plan your ready.
I'll tell you one more thing though but yes I don't plan to skin your knee on the first branch son because this time you're on your own. This time nobody else is going to climb up and bring success down to you. The stakes are the stakes are big again and you have much to lose. It was how much the little boy who couldn't climb the first tree. Fear fed him failure on its lowest. Remember he wouldn't try again for trying seemed to him the same as failing. Do you feel that way too. Or his fear slipped away discouraged by the bright brave words of others. That little boy couldn't lend your strength. Have they have they. Yeah. Docking
day on the books. Oh you bet. 2 quizzes tomorrow and when the next day. That's good. Yes you're out there and had a proposition for you a date. The review isn't doing good. This is a neat dish. You're really missing something. I'll kill myself. You ought to. It isn't every girl you go with has a cousin like this comes to town. Cousin Yeah it was cousin. But don't let that dampen you boy this gal has gotten looks personality and how about Bush who. Anders my roommate probably on the books too. He probably coming or not but he's taken every crip cause they've got all the study and he's done this semester. You could put in your eye the side you don't know Anders Anytime is a good looking woman around and listen the girls really go for but he knows oh yeah he knows I'm not a Max plays but this is not a little beer. This is Eva's cousin. This is a nice girl all right. So but Andrews had more nice girls crazy about him than you'll ever meet
Duncan don't get nervous I didn't see you implying that all I implied was I never saw him with a nice girl and I never did so let's forget it I got a star and it's forgotten. You look about Andrews if you think it would work out about it. Oh but hi boy where you been at the last Gand What doing. Just hanging around. What's the word. You know Dave here don't you. Dave Voigt Yeah well Dave his girl's cousin. She just came in this afternoon. Sounds like a million but pretty real pretty is a real looker. Lots of personality and money get that money. Aromas Roland and Dave was wondering if you got a date tonight and well not exactly know a couple of gals been calling me a bunch of the brothers are going out of the cactus club you know. So you're getting pretty fancy aren't you. Well go on but I'll lend you some. I got a look at what is it. I just don't like the sound of this dame this cousin don't like the same thing you know you're crazy
she's terrific look I've been around I know the type. Spoiled little rich brat thinks she owns a war and everybody I know you've got it wrong this kid is sweet real sweet. I'm tellin you you'll see I ain't going to see because I go. Not me not ole Andrews I'm not selling myself out any upstaged little rich Dame thinks your money can get anything she say wait a minute slope off this isn't a slave market friend it's just a date just one day for one night. Well count me out I don't have to friend you just did that for my money and you just counted yourself way. Must fear persist in unceasing interaction with the victim and listed unwittingly against himself. His hand his own hand building a wall piece by undetected piece
between himself and those about him. A wall which he and mortal hurt can hide behind a wall beyond which in time. But you will see. That it. Sure is a nice part of his bargain. Well I'm glad they're having a good time aren't you. And Cathy. Yes yes Mrs. Clark. Love has no Mrs. Parker. Not for quite a while but we've been looking for Cathy who needs a good spanking. I don't know why this explosion from every party Barker thank you Steve. No we're not going to let her be a good girl Cathy. I'd love it if you don't mind me I'm going to come on as part of this. That's weak but now you go find yourself one of these pretty young I think. But he sure did a lot with capping
here didn't he didn't used to be good. Or is that tact. In high school but I thought he was gone Kathy and I don't know something happening. He just quit bowed out just like that. Bud's a funny guy in lots of ways here lately doesn't have any special interests. I know it was a little weird. Remind me how do you know he hangs around the level a lot of the chemistry hangs around how do you mean. Well that's what he says and he just hangs around afternoon watch times he's there all afternoon. If he's that interested you. Yes ma'am it looks like well this isn't any kind of talk or a party keeping you here in the middle of the floor. Well if you're sure you won't dance Ms Boggan always now run along and have a good time. I think. Oh my. God here I've been looking all over for you. Yeah for me yeah you look pretty
as a watermelon seed. Where have you been hearing they're having a good time haven't seen you dance. Yeah well it doesn't sound very swell. I asked Kathy them how they would miss all but I. Couldn't be that you're miffed because somebody's got your girl my girl. Yes I thought maybe not hardly. Well you never know. I don't know. She's not my time. She used to be. Didn't I hear what I was carrying. We played around together in high school but. But she she's just a girl you really nice and I think yeah she she's nice. But like I said just not my time. What do you have. What do you mean. Kathy's not your type and you haven't paid much attention to any of these other girls. What are you looking for in a girl you mean and I
mean in a girl. Yes. You know anything in a school a course of study a life work. In the kind of man you want to be. What is your type in any or all of those things. I mean that's one question that's some buncha question you've got some answers but surely some of those question I don't know Amy. I don't know. That's what's beginning to worry me. Yes. I'm all mixed up but there's certain wrong with you. Yeah. Well no I don't know. It was something because I don't have any answers. And you know something else a name you want to watch worse tell me. Well this sounds crazy maybe but but it looks like to me it looks like I'm getting farther away from the answers all the time.
All the way from the end. All the time for fear can back a boy into a corner. Away from life's challenges and its triumphs its opportunities and its invitations. Fear can dissipate his will and his urge to action. Fear can alter his vision tinge in each new situation with the threat of failure. Each new relationship with the expectancy of hurt and fear can back a boy into a corner. But it cannot always keep him there not away. But but then you want to draw a line. I don't need to lie.
Going back to sleep but I'm going to bump it around like a steer on stilts. Who Going To Sleep. What is the OK so you turn on the light. Satisfy what you're packing. Yeah what for her has something happened at home it's not your folks look quit asking questions. Oh yeah I mean just quit asking questions. What's eatin you anyway boy you got your corkers not been you been acting goofy all evening avoiding candy like you had leprosy or as a wife Cathy you didn't dance with me you didn't even talk to OK maybe I didn't. And that makes me a heel or something. Yeah yeah I think it does. Well what do you get it's all steamed up about and we couldn't care less about her she could care less but he she could care a lot less and are you kidding. Not me not any longer. I thought I was solid with Kathy I really thought I was set and then comes tonight from Western that tonight and I found out it's not me at all it's you you're being mugged it's always been you that's crazy. Sure it's crazy but
no crazier than a lot of things around here lately. I don't dig you but I don't dig you at all today. You look at you. OK OK I'm looking. You tell me what to say. Nothing that's just the point. A big round nothing. Well that's telling me bud. There there ought to be something. There used to be something. Where did it go. But what happened to what happened to what looked like. I don't know what you're talking about. You were going places. Look I I used in review but I really wanted to be like you. So now you don't know. No I don't I'm not I'm not much maybe not smart and in chemistry or anything else and I don't while the women like you. Like in high school but I don't kick everybody in the teeth that tries to come at me I look here and I know maybe maybe maybe you don't. Just like that. Maybe that's too strong. But but you do back off but you won't let anybody get at you. Anybody comes closer or
reaches out wants to like you and tries to do you're turning your back off or growl and snap like oh just like oh like a whipped cur. Is that what you're trying to say. Yeah yeah that's it. Like a cur who's been hurt and thinks everybody wants to hurt him again. Well maybe they do. Did you ever think of that. No no why would I look but they do I have been my best friend. But what I was going to fall room just forget. And your name calling because I'm I'm pulling out. Who are you going. What's the difference. Look. I don't go away from this lousy school who cares a lot of people your folks Mr. Parker I won't. Go away. All your care is I didn't climb his frowzy old magnolia tree again Oh I can just hear him and my dad we gave him a show and he still couldn't make it. But listen I'll tell them before they start shoving anybody else to look at the last guy they shot he fell on its
face. Yeah. Good old but Andrew's right flat on his kisser with no future no friends nowhere to go and nothing to do when he gets there. I am your friend buddy. You gotta believe that I like you I like you a lot always have. Sure sounds like you don't. Yeah it sure did. Look I care what happens to you we all do. But we're the we're the in the line fella we're just all there is because. Because where you're running wherever that is. Nobody will care. They won't know what you're like when when you're not running. Well then maybe they'll leave me alone. Yeah no they'll leave you alone all right. Real alone because they won't see you could be a real good guy if you'd go ahead and be a real good guy. They won't see you. You've got brains that make the rest of us look sick you. If you weren't scared to stick your neck out and use your brains. They won't see because they won't look. It won't be worth the trouble to him. Do you want to be left alone buddy. Is that what you want.
I don't know. Oh no I'm sure you don't nobody does. Not that alone. I guess that's right. I guess you've got to have other people. You got to know they believe in you. How can you know. Well. Look it's a two way street but you've got to do some of it too. You gotta believe in them. That's not so easy sometimes. Yeah but it gets easier. Most books are on your side why give them a chance yeah yeah but it's not that simple. How. Where do you start. Well that's simple enough to call Cathy Cathy. Sure call or wake her up tell her what you now wait a minute I can't call Kathy go ahead start right there at least if that doesn't I didn't call care. Why not in the name of creation why not. Well. I haven't got an echo. You see what I made
another example right here in this cardigan board has got a nickel to make a phone book crazy over I've got a nickel. But but your nickel to the car your girl. It's it's your nickel now bud and you're a girl. Well thanks gosh both. Thanks a lot on your way cornball get moving will you. Yeah ok sure. Sure. Hello hello. But Andrews makes up 5 percent down payment on a life from his
kind of career. Do you know such fear is it operates in your own life or the lives of those around you. Do you know it as it colors the undramatic affairs of every day of failure in the face of small challenges. Fear of commitment and the ceaseless and demanding process of day to day living are to know this kind of fear. Difficult of detection. Improbable a belief but it is important that we work to unmask it. That we learn to recognise its roses. For this is the fear that operates not to self-preservation but to self-destruction. This is the fear that builds countless and invisible barriers to effective living for many a young man afraid. Young man operate one of a series of explorations into effective living titled
the minds of men. A presentation of radio television at the University of Texas. Consultants for this broadcast. Dr. Bernice Melbourne Moore director of the state and community service program for the Hogg foundation for Mental Hygiene. This is Bert Smith director of the foundation's mental health education through mass media. And Dr. Oliver age bound validation consultant and assistant director of the University of Texas testing and guidance bureau. These programs were prepared for broadcast under the supervision of Robert F. Jenkins technical effects by Bill Purdy. Special Music by Eleanor Paige Marion's weapon was heard as but Andrews John McCoy as been a series narrator Bill cavernous Andy Koch speaking. This program is distributed by the National Association of educational broadcast. Thank you.
Thanks. This is the Radio Network.
Minds of men
Young man afraid
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The faces of fear.
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A series of explorations into effective living, combining dramatizations with commentary.
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Producing Organization: KUT (Radio station : Austin, Tex.)
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