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In the network of Mance in a secretary apparatus the people Phelim us in the brain has several known vital functions among these is the control of the body temperature and the control of the libido which has a direct bearing on the male's sexual act. It can very well come to pass that the continuous round the clock bombardment of the hypothalamus as well as other video a sense of just by man made macro and especially micro energies will cause more damage than he bargained for and at Verdun check on his population births would regress to nil. I doubt very much whether his pride or ego will let Madison get that far. And besides nature entitle him to have a little pleasure. We're living in an age of experimental organ transplants with defective organ substitutes man's life will become more useful as well as extended his research on the brain will have unforeseen effects.
There are already chickens running around whose individual brain belongs to another chicken. If this sounds frightening than recall Pierre Bethel that famous versatile French physiologist and chemist who succeeded Louis Pasture in the French Academy of Sciences. He wrote in the June quarter on April 7 1869. Of quote creating life 100 years from now in competition to God and man is created amino acids basic to protein. Yes synthesize adenosine chlorophyll insulin as well as creating a virus that replicates itself as he extends his productive life span and strives for physical immortality. He will fan out into the universe inhabiting celestial bodies of his choosing. And I say a few words about mental disease as it cuts through all strata of
the human population and bears both directly and indirectly on our main theme. It is not so much the great suffering and emotional torture the family nor the financial drain and social strain that need underlining classical cases are easily isolated by institutionalizing thereby ensuring prevention from doing. What I have in mind is irrational. And I thank those individual circulating among his and suspecting fellow men and women. History is punctuated with crimes to humanity as well as prejudicial decisions adversely affecting human welfare wherever and whenever such individuals have assumed either by force or otherwise. Positions of authority. It has been calculated that on a global scale one percent of the entire population suffers from subclinical sheets of
exclusive of other mental diseases mimicking shits Affinia is arterial sclerosis which is acquired. This hiding of the entries is gradual and in situ us. When the brain or the heart are involved as in heart attacks car news or little strokes in the brain subtle and psychological changes occur frequently and go usually and or just before instrumental evidence of organic disease. Examples and consequences of both behavioral attitudes are abundant among the living and the dead yet is seen as man's vulnerability to disease natural catastrophes and wars have sort of served as multiple challenges to his ingenuity which has finally culminated in actively exploring the space beyond his terrestrial cradle. Finally what about the nature of
man that gives to me. Janice faced image. Unlike animals which kill to eat in order to survive a. Man kills his neighbor and office. Irrational excuse for doing so. On the other hand he spares neither effort nor expense to the preservation of life. We know that killing really is not a universal evil. There are rewards under certain conditions for killing even some faiths condone and encourage killing for the return of errant souls. Some societies also encourage non of the practitioners of the art of stealing mendacity is also not a universal evil. It is permissible in the higher echelons of society and government. It is noteworthy to recall that people of different ideologies living in hostile environments as in the Antarctica have shown that they can get along very nicely together when exploration of the wonders of
nature is their common purpose. The glorious cohesive pioneering spirit of man however harbors Nevertheless many inherent weaknesses these manifest themselves in his living area becomes overpopulated such overcrowding leads to misery and sows the seeds of conflict. Jurgen F once said. Quote A man is capable of understanding how the ether viper and what's going on in the sun but quien of the man can blow his nose differently from him that he's incapable of understanding. In search for indelible values from self and its environment must man must have a baseline for the distinction in morality and ethics. And that is the intellectual honesty to self. There is no doubt in my mind any more than one and one make two. That the firmest hope for the future of
mankind is a universe Salathiel basic inquiry and basic science which mankind must take with them wherever it goes into far corners of the universe and should be free of any political intrigue. Man has been traveling in the last six or seven years. Some 25 times the speed of sound. Very soon he will land on the moon and make a home to serve as a base for further sorties. He will inhabit Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus step June are some of the satellites once entrenched in the solar system and accustomed first hand to all kinds of hostile environments. He will venture in all directions into the galaxy by the year two thousand five hundred. Harnessing the energy of the solar system he was a past the speed of light and may even surface. Gravitational waves to approach the speed of his own imagination. And with the accumulation of the energy from 100 billion suns. He should be able to
occupy the most distant galaxy whether he does this in a suspended state of animation or with frozen male and female reproductive cells. Our separate cells of his various organs that have the specific power of rearranging the cells to form a living organ. Are as a cybernetic automaton. Are in elementary states of matter to regroup to take on different forms of intelligence. Already some other unforeseeable way at this time. No one can tell. Once he has settled down on those faraway shores and assuming he is man by definition will his nature be the same. Will he continue to be his own enemy. No one has any idea what standards will be best for him or what he will consider of that. Will he carry his anthropocentric viewpoint. The golden rule. A classic in many beliefs and of the highest ethical rating.
Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. To his new home. In the interest of the survival of the intelligent forms in their own habitat beyond the Earth. The late Andrew Haley in his book Space law and government wrote the heretic sounding postulate code. We must do unto others as they would have done unto them and called. Had such a policy in my opinion been applied on earth. It mind of made some cultures happier and certainly would have spared the 250 odd species of fauna. Now extinct. That man succeeded in destroying to meet his own selfish ends. If we were to create an ideal man whatever that would mean we're not such individuals become monotonous and boring. If they all thought and acted alike
as men apparently is on his way to lose his individuality. If not his dignity will he become a colony of ants. Are classes of automatons. What thoughts feelings or emotions. In closing and I draw your attention to the first written record in the east in our Western literature pertaining to man's expansion into the cosmos. After first landing on the moon this is to be found. In the novel called to history by Lucy on a second century Greek of Syrian satire. In his utopian dream for the salvation of mankind he wrote quote. Now therefore my purpose is once again to denounce war and to expose that of colony of people there in the moon. And if therefore you will participate with us in our expedition and so forth this be flex the pending realisation of man's unified habitation of the cosmos by our space minus society. In a
wall ridden world. Man has weathered all challenges of nature in the past. What exactly lies in store for him in the future no one can tell. Man is made of the same material as the stars. One thing however is quite certain. He has a mission to perform as he returns to the stars whence he came. I think. Thank you. Thank. You. Thank you I think what you have. Heard certainly an exercise in imagination. Now we open the session to questions from the flow. Here on the speakers barrier.
Only. Three sessions you documented certainly exceptional. The mission that they see are to. Increase rates for year 1 0 6 for our stocks for your speech. You mentioned that the reception will raise CO2 levels. Jimmy this. Morning. Also. Dr. Beamish Sunday. Sorry I'm not a science student saw you also have to explain termes where very early our atmosphere that created more than by force. This is my plan. I think you. Know we have one question after the other what is your first question exactly.
We was all one question concerning the oxygen level in the future. First I had a question concerning a point 0 6 0 2. Per million increase per year. The excitement that you mention would be very fuel is this the rate you are talking about. An exact source or sources that Dr. Libby use and the sources apparently unknown to me may not be quite the same that we cannot picture let's say in the second decimals of decimals but we do know that since 1850 that the mean temperature of the atmosphere is increasing by a certain degree it is a real important debate. Mathematically to what degree it is at this time. That is for certain that is going up and that we will have to meet this great
challenge of increase of the earth's temperature as we go along. In these the foreseeable difficulties that man have to meet. So whether it's 0.6 of zero point six two as your point five is of small consequence at this moment there's sufficient to know that it's there. There's increasing and by the year. But for yourself it is generally known that our fossil fuels have been used up and then we'll have other sources of energy to realign our solar energy atomic energy and also as I mentioned above those folks may get confused just shows you that a civilization which is dynamic increases in population needs more energy will use more energy and therefore as you use more energy to use more heat and whatever there is that he can attack like that say watch out. It will certainly make that melt. Exactly and those are things that we have to work with. Thank you. Now second insurgency is
toxic leaving a nation of whiners. Me yet I pranced really. Supersedes the man actually created by forest land grant. And if you admission increase of CND for next time it's not. That much. Power. I guess. It's just me or perhaps. I didn't mention in my talk the talk about the danger of man starving from the lack of enough oxygen will be enough for that even though build possible destroy the generating plants. I do think that there are a fact this whereby we can break up the H2 or molecule into water. I mean at what point to oxygen and hydrogen very easily so I don't think that it's a tolerant difficult situation but I did want to stress that most in the past but you have missed is the fact that this desalinisation of Wachovia. That is being talked about trying to get down less than 50 cents per hour
but is a thousand gallon self that I think is least important important is that chemically chill watch out if you get it chemically pure and it will do so if you use chemistry to do it is back to Mac. It is knowing you cannot take a glass of distilled water and do that several times a day of prayer we can get away without some stop without stomach problems. What about have some salt in it and that's easy to compensate. But I'm with Frank do it because that is the vitality of spring water as it trickles through the surface into the ground like it picking up dead material which adds special viruses and all kinds of toxins which act like penicillin that you absorb by mouth and they clean you make you put in like a germ free animal and it's a very very susceptible to going disease you make an exceedingly weak and that is one of my fears that by creating all this that
what if and drinking purposes if it comes from drinking purposes will not be the best man to maybe use for commerce and industry that's fine but for drinking purposes we will have to take a second look. What I ask is more like the consumption of the existing surplus oxygen. It might not be exhaust not only from human reading writing and reading and not compensated for by the shoulder synthesis process referred to but also of the combustion process. The use of gasoline for burning involved using oxygen or not a limited period of time. I was concerned this might not eventually stifle humanity. Dr. Libby answered this same referring to this other process an outage in the upper limits of the atmosphere that he said would more than adequately take care of this. You lose a sheen of oxygen. Well we know we know for example that the ozone layer is the one protective layer that that our living material left. But it's a very small
area that prevents excessive ultraviolet radiation from burning everything up on the surface. Now that we know that the atmosphere itself has certain cycles between night and day varies in composition and density it varies according to its influence on the solar cycles whether they are there. Strong Weak rested face. So we have we have a lot of problems there that we look for answers we get into other other areas too that we know little about. But I think one thing is certain. As we go along we turn to lessen the urge to look for the answers in the causes that affect our very existence even in this room right now we're being bombarded by cosmic rays without you realizing it goes right through us. And let alone the neutrinos which we just begin to realize their partners.
So I don't like him coming back in order to question my dentist about biological clocks. I never did quite like the word like expression of built and clocks. These are controlled by the keep two such clocks exist by waiting out in space somewhere. When we venture to say let's take the pseudo science of astrology for example I wonder sometimes if it is suitable as much as we might like it to be. You divide 65 in 12 months and you decide that a number of characteristics of a certain person fit in this category so for this one. Let's look at it from the tsunami standpoint the earth is occupied eight different circles. Each time. It was developed the rage and I could very well be the little we know about the bottom cosmic influence on a living matter to date. It could very well be that we have to keep our eyes wide open as to some
possible influence of cosmic forces that tend to give sometimes characters to people they have because today medicine does not have all the answers to man's behavior as you can to animals for that matter. It is easy to expect more salutes and having specialized man. So this whole thing with space medicine and science is broadening out moves away from the ansible centric attitude shift at that style. It's. The. Search. For answers. Well man is trying to use the machine as a tool. And there's no question that such tools in the man machine complex
are very important. And as I outlined to you in very brief get you from one the talk that we don't know whether man is going to be is a cluster of dancer or as a colony of ants a class of atomic times if his spare parts are going to be replaced let's say by synthetic parts that and serve as a partial answer to your question. This whole thing just started way back that man does not wish to die. He wants to live a very long time. And in doing so he's grasping at every turn of the road for such factors and as he tries to replace a heart valve with another valve in the ultimate He wants to have a new heart and if you go on in your heart you know and think well let's see the heart is just a pump. But it also pushes blood through and they have red blood cells analyse it but that's just fine. Oxygen and bring back CO2 to the lungs. But they can also cause a hell of a lot of
trouble because you're hiding in the car and some folks are so clocking in your various and your various blood vessels and that's a highly undesirable element. Why must you have red blood cells can we deal with it. Like the fish for example there are some of the action the Comdex has dissolved right in the plasma to a certain degree that to a man with a certain amount of action come dockside. In the plaster itself that by passes the red blood cell. So it might be advisable to consider ways of throwing away of let's say of of the channel of channeling the red plates a little way from the circulation. We also don't know much about the spleen displaying very light so as we go along we tend to to to to find out if nature has made any fundamental mistakes and believe me she has not made very many. And then we discover that we try to see how we can sort of bypass those and and use that knowledge in the multi multiple sciences
too for the benefit of man to make him a strong and healthy individual. But as I try to point out we first should try to stabilize the nature of man himself. We don't know what the standards are. We may find out what they may be today by the time we discover what that the data may be different tomorrow. And this this whole this whole rate of of of change is arithmetically so fast progressing athletically and you mean geometrically that it's hard to put a stop anywhere. Therefore my opening statement that said the issue of where we are going. It's a serious it's a serious thing but. In the mortality of man the satisfaction he gets is in the search for the answers and not so much the answers themselves. This is new coming from many others was it put there by. A serious problem. We made our way and have suggested one of
the reasons for our basic ground based exploration is the song explaining my way back. However the bigger you are the cause they hear more than our actual policy plans. Here's a further removed from the president on the crisis stage of the night. The 80 and 90 Celie we were given by several speakers would suggest by this food supply population will. And we will. Look let me start. By our space exploration. Man oh man I am sure you are from your position.
I would venture to think along the lines this way. The huge figures of. Prognosis that I gave in terms of centuries and a few thousand years could also be a very foolish one because if anybody tries to anticipate or even to project more than 10 years they had it at this rate of progress. Is certainly walking on very thin ice. So if you want to be quite stable. You have to believe in the statement that necessity is the mother of invention. I think that's. A rather sound. Sound doctrine if you would. To follow that as we go along we meet what we need tomorrow and not for that The Day After Tomorrow. But I do not think that starvation at any time in the evolution of man is going to be a serious problem.
What I see is the fact of his overcrowding his physical overcrowding per say. A man mind even decide to eat him self. That shouldn't be so very bad it may astound possibility here tonight. But we know today that the best food for man is that meat that approximates his own composition. And it is very well possible that like many of us who have studied in Europe France let's say Meet never have and we were told it was hard to be a terrible situation. So what I'm worried about is the the living problems making could buy very easily very economically with anywhere between in terms of calories between 70 cents and 90 cents a gallon 10 cents a day. If you based this thing scientifically that way so it is neither a question of money. It is neither a question of food it is the distribution of natural resources
and is making the food available but I'm exceedingly aware but I stress again again as the effects of overcrowding as outlined to you in these various zones and you throw the people together they hate each other and those are the very same thing to people in New York has been their person lying down. Stop picking up you may had a Connery he may have been an addict he may be dead and nobody pays attention but in a very small town and nearly all people run to find out what is wrong. And this is the kind of thing that nobody likes. Nobody likes and I do not have the answer for that. You have been listening to the Institute on world affairs a series of lectures and discussions held each year on the San Diego State College campus. At this
session the principal speaker was Dr. Constantine generalise who is the founder and chairman of the section on space medicine by the Medical Society of the state of New York. The institute brings together noted leaders from all walks of life who addressed themselves to the perplexing problems that face mankind. The Institute on world affairs was broadcast and recorded as a public service by the ABS radio and television facility of San Diego State College San Diego California. This is the national educational radio network.
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