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Poetry in song. The National Association of educational broadcasters presented by tape recording a series of programmes prepared song and narrated by Colbert Mitchell. American concert artist and editor of the poetry and song Bulletin. These programs feature outstanding musical settings of poetry and the literary anthologies of the world. Thus integrating the fields of music and literature. Here now to give us poetry in song is Hobart Mitchell. As listeners we should always try to go to the heart of the song Try to hear behind the words the cry or the laughter or the quiet talk of humanity. We should try to feel the excitement or longing or ex alternation that the writer felt and was expressing. Then the words in the music will become a window through which we can look into a moment in life that is meant so much that it had to be written down on paper. We must keep in mind however that many of the songs commonly heard today do not
have any depth for us to dig into. They have nothing but a glossy surface and we still need to distinguish between the empty song that is only for idle listening and the song with meaning and depth which can increase our intellectual and emotional understanding of life. We are at the singer's mercy so far as the songs we must listen to in a song program are concerned but we should not let trivial songs be tray us into forgetting the importance of song as an expression. Thomas Dunhill setting of William Butler Yeats the claws of heaven. A familiar song on many programs is a quiet and intense love song that is most imaginative and delicate and it's poetry. Oh. Screw.
Up. Audrey workman is she who was all Pietie sent by Gail Kubik
is an epitaph for one who lived in society with prim and careful piety. It is sensitively written and quite unusual in its point of view. 0 0 0.
0 0. 0 0 0 0. 0 0. Hey you Houseman's Breeden hero which Alan Gray has said Tells A Story
of Love so clearly that the scene is easily visible in the mind while the bravado of you the changes with tragedy is clearly given to you. In the summertime there was a sound around the Shire was a layering ministry it was Sunday morning and I ran to see the closer to the landing here and on my arms. Bells would ring on as my own clothes. Oh oh oh oh.
Oh oh oh. Oh. Was.
He. Langston Hughes hard which Jay has said is a fragile sensitive poem which uses the character in a new way to point up an observation about life and humanity from. Your own womb
where. Loke was a. Smile floating. Box and no one was. No more. Oh I. Know there was. A Both in Robert
Browning's meeting at night and in its setting by Norman Della joyo. There's an exciting vigor and warmth of spirit that makes it a dynamic and stimulating song. You have been listening to poetry and song. This has been one of a series of tape
recorded programs especially produce song and narrated by Hobart Mitchell for the National Association of educational broadcasters. Mr. Mitchell formerly an English teacher at New York University is widely known for his concert programs of poetry and song and for his research in this field. He will be very happy to supply information concerning the songs heard on these programs to anyone who will write to him in care of this station. These programs are recorded in the studios of radio station WCAU Al that's in all of college in North Field Minnesota. This is the end of the Radio Network.
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Poetry in song III
How to listen to songs
Producing Organization
WCAL (Radio station : St. Olaf College)
Carleton College (Northfield, Minn.)
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program promotes a way that it feels listeners can discern songs of artistic value.
Series Description
This series presents outstanding musical settings of poetry and literary anthologies, integrating the worlds of music and literature.
Broadcast Date
Media type
Host: Warren, Rich
Performer: Hagen, John P.
Producer: Mitchell, Hobart, 1908-
Producing Organization: WCAL (Radio station : St. Olaf College)
Producing Organization: Carleton College (Northfield, Minn.)
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 59-16-10 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:15:03
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