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Why is a writer. Why is a writer is produced by Radio Television and Radio in cooperation with the knife. I remember it well. It was a. Particularly sick and what's more I'd had a cold. I took a carriage to the theatre which I knew would also be miserably cold. And all this before noon. Here here here at the side entrance. Sorry I was thinking up at the front.
In front the front is closed there's no play on stories. I didn't know they wanted 10 minutes now if it's open and author of it. Yes yes of course. How much I want you in is right. Thank you. I didn't know my head would last the morning. Oh how I hate a cold miserable sneaking. Dog cart. Oh my goodness Gilbert What a morning you picked good enough I suppose. Please sit down and your man hasn't shown up yet. My men know I know 100 singers and each of them would have been happy to meet us at the beefsteak club. Grossmith is not that kind if you will be and he's not a pro. I think I mentioned he hasn't acted at the board of directors will love that.
The board of directors love profit. I give them no more nor no less credit than that. And I propose as does Mr Sullivan is he coming. Mr. Sullivan Mr. Sullivan Yes no he's not. We agreed however that Grossmith are simply fine voice. Well I hope so. They want to. Yeah yeah. But freezing to death and waiting cause I really don't suppose I know why I came. Oh Mr. Grossman how good I want you to know Mr. Doyle cart. Please. I've heard about you. Mr. Carter here is the manager of our company. Part owner you might consider him a mentor not to call Mr. Gilbert but I'm quite glad you're here. If I sang for the stage I'd be ruined. But won't you rent. I really can't. My dear Mr. Grossmith we're not sending you to the devil. Please don't think me inconsiderate. I know you must know singers who
jump at the chance. They'd fly at the chance. Exactly. I'm no professional yet I must look after myself. Pray tell me sir what is troubling you as you know I sing before religious groups. They never have me back. Back. I beg your pardon but you must know how religious organizations feel about the state. We're perfectly respectable Mr. Grossmith but I don't think we ought to tell Mr. Grossmith conscience Mr. Grass Mr. Grossmith has a voice that we want. Mr. Sullivan has agreed. What do they pay you Mr. Grossmith. I don't mean to pay you five pounds per week. Gilbert wait I must refuse. Five. I know no more about it Mr. Grossmith. Mr. Carter is taking you to supper. Oh I simply can't do it.
MR HOCKEY You haven't finished your champagne Mr. Grossman. And even if I did what would happen to me after the opera finished there would be another. Just as there was one last year and now this year. WAITER. Another dessert for Mr. Grossmith the flesh is weak Mr. Carter. But I'll do it for six pounds per week. Six power. My dear wife. As if we didn't have enough already. The director is always on my back. The opposite of a satire on a former Lord of the Admiralty and Grossmith demanding six POW. My dear Gilbert and Sullivan have
always done opera and the theatre is a risky business risky enough with professionals but this man's never even sung on this day she has a voice. Her voice is not money in the bank. You're coming with me. Thank I'm getting here. All right from the beginning in the chorus. We're not paying you to look pretty. Open your mouths. Conductor if you want. To me.
Which was something it wasn't six pounds of Sterling lost. The billboards over London. And then after they had a name. They had written the HMS Pinafore His Majesty's ship pinafore. It was to be a satire. Oh yes and I had a meeting with the board of directors. I knew what to expect. And not only isn't he a known singer he witchy he is the more been won. There is new blood. If you mean he is bleeding our pocketbooks gentleman no doubt it's a venture yet the public did go last year. Just the very point. Tell him what you told us. Quite it's most distressing I'm sure. Does the Ladies Auxiliary protest cross Miss appearance on stage. Rod Smith
No I'm joking Smith. Don't you know Yet this is no joke sir. Do you realize what the satire of this musical comedy is about I've been to rehearsals if that's what you mean. No not at all. We will have a lawsuit on our hands. Yes yes your precious Gilbert and Sullivan are making up part of His Majesty's navy. Do you suppose people who pay to see their name be laughed at. In this day and age. Eighteen hundred and seventy eight is not as narrow minded as that. But what if there is a lawsuit. Do you gentlemen mind if I smoke. It may be nonchalant for you. But may I remind you there is money involved. And is it not true that the comedy set is its ridicule upon the first lot of the Admiralty. He's never called by name. Everyone shall know who it is nonetheless I admit it may resemble resemble indeed everyone shall know it was Smith who served under Prime Minister Disraeli and what's more he is my cousin still a poor choice for a first Lord of the Admiralty considering he'd been a bookseller his whole
life and never a seaman at all. Well I suppose it's another tempest and I suppose it's more than that. No I doubt it. First of all it was. That fellow Grossmith and he sings wonderfully and everyone is quite taken with him. Then that awful board of directors with their fears about the dossier lawsuit and that never happened either although it's been three months but assured me it was not meant as an exact Smith. Well there you are. All this were and I assure you this is different. Different. May I point out that it is no joking matter that the board has withdrawn its support. Yes such awful fools anyhow but they claim the scenery is theirs. How can we run a play without scenery. Hadn't you better be off.
You're not listening the carriage is waiting you know you promised Mr. Sullivan to sit through the performance with him and if you see Mr. good do ask after his health. I hear he's not clever so I keep this backstage every care for me. What happened. Well I'm getting to it. I was you coming. I'm on stage Don't go away. Oh so you've got to get the juices happened. A rollicking fight and you've missed a fight between our creditors you might say. The board of directors. Yes. I'm just on my way out again. Will you walk to the front of the theatre with me. I never thought the board of directors would go that far. Oh it was wonderful. They hired professional hoodlums. The must have been 30 at least. But we fought them off. As bravely as Wellington at
Waterloo. What did they want. The scenery of course. But the show must go on. And it did go on. And it's going on. And as a matter of fact I'm going home. Why don't you just go in and see the rest. It's quite refreshing. I think I will. Good night good night. Yes I remember the beginning on that foggy day and perhaps this is not the end but I think it's worth it. Excuse me that's empty yes. Excuse me. Pardon. Like what. Heard in today's program where Rosemary Taylor
and Chuck Snyder with Walker were our studio engineers the writer is written by Floyd Horowitz and directed by Larry Wall cough. This is Dave Carter speaking. This has been another program in this series. Why is a writer produced by WSU wise Iowa School of the air under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center. The program is distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasters. This is the end AEB Radio Network.
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Why is a writer?
Gilbert and Sullivan
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University of Iowa
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Gilbert and Sullivan, and the comedy operetta in 19th century England.
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Produced by the Iowa School of the Air, this series focuses on various works of literature from Shakespeare to Twain.
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Sullivan, Arthur, 1842-1900
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Actor: Stribling, Don
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Producing Organization: WSUI 910 AM (Radio station : Iowa City, Iowa)
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