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Now Iraq. Is the greatest German statesman since Bismillah great even strays among that smug Winston Churchill said in 1953 when Comrade Bob and all of the first chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany after four years in office was elected chancellor for a second time this last term of office and it off to 14 yes on October the 15th 1963. I'm 50 in September not sort of known for its absence each year. When you're up to up your sits alone on the lots this pointless Kunstler step in the circle. George Lund writes in the whole week before last and see him leave it I need to shift it in life and
only going on in the markets and see our father's house. I wish he'd approach a point to start in a couple of spots not. Sure for you that parts of the continent. On the flop and on September the 15th 1949 you rose from your member seat in this house to take that of the Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany today. Your leaving it again with some historic achievements unbent and an honor at that time. You rose from your seat before the House today the German Bundestag stands up before you in order to proclaim with gratitude on behalf of the
German people. Conrad out an hour has rendered great services to the Fatherland. With these words the speaker of the boldest ductile organ guest ended his tribute on October 15th 1963 in the German Bundestag. Well Conrad out an hour retired after a chance of a ship that had lasted 14 years between these two statements live the decisive years of German postwar development years which brought the federal Republican sovereignty and led it into the circle of the free nations of the West. This along with many other achievements was the work of Konrad Adenauer. When he himself was asked as radio don't you then additionally a few months ago what he regarded as the focal point of this book as federal chancellor he spoke of two sectors of his life's work and I'll bet the guy by.
Most that's why they so Kyra she. Went to most of us went out and Frank show them how some uproar in Chappaqua. And to add to what we can be a more stone does best and you wouldn't get out of Alden is one of them that's in the service and so glad to my how that's ever going to Michelle. That's my No. You know hoarder anti-hunt Yes and the bad and Trident and. Up. When I come into my work there were talk Western music which stood out clearly before me. Firstly we had to put our relations with France in order and from the old enmities we had to create a friendship. And the second question was
this we had to make good as far as this was possible. The great wrong inflicted on the Jews by the National Socialists. In my opinion these were from the very first day the two decisive points as to whether we would be re accepted in the circle of the other nations or not. Convent out a know it Chief. But it was a hard and difficult road that led to the successes. When the war came to an end the German people were defeated and humiliated distress and devastation hunger and misery were the deciding factors in those days when Konrad Adenauer. Together with 64 other representatives of the newly formed political parties started on September the first nine hundred forty eight to give defeated Germany the three Western occupation zones of which were to form the Federal Republic of Germany one year later and thus to become the legal successor to the former German right. To give this defeated Germany a new
constitution after a hard struggle the parliamentary Council drafted the basic law nine months later and the president of that council Congress about an hour addressed the assembly of the parliamentary Council saying and it dawned on Terry. Gross in brown highly doubt Sure yester poor dark side. JIM GARD'NER I would sooner the right but I see your role in the race or you have one day and says I'm going to really get out of this one so no I'm not going to see you know live sound. I was sort of good dish. He signed Russia via interim Steve
we'll begin a new years long sorry. I didn't pick on then and she ripped into breasts what's going to do with the evolution the I'm high touch love. Let me go to Maxim or in front of God so silly that we're going to and I just love him and I just thought. That's. So Raven can be done many of our parish midrash Lipan most when I mention good you started your insults. Ladies and gentlemen it is in truth the first joyful day for us Germans
since the year 1933. Let us count from that year and not merely since the collapse of the country in 1945. Difficult though these first post-war years were the years prior to 1945 which found us living under a terrible Tiernay shall not be erased from my memory. The time that lies behind us was hard and we are only just beginning to cast a glance and take a step into a better future. We desire the unity of Germany. We desire it with our whole hearts and with our whole souls. We want to free Germany a free Germany that can live as man as European man must live. If he is to lead a dignified human existence. Now ladies and gentlemen we have completed the greater part of the task required of the parliamentary Council supported by a feeling of love and of obligation to the German people. May God bless this people and
this work for the benefit of Europe and for the benefit of peace in the world. When I had an hour at the age of 73 you were selected Federal Chancellor in Bonn on September 15th 1949 and formed a government comprising members of the Christian Democrats the Christian Social Union the Free Democrats and the German party a multitude of tasks laid before him. From the very first day he dealt with the fragments that had been left after the total collapse of the country and which was still present now even after the foundation of the Federal Republic. Germany was divided and even in the western part of the country the three occupation powers were still exercising sovereign rights. It was here that Adenauer started his work in the Petersburg agreement of November the 14th 1949. He took the first hurdle. The occupation statute and the western part of the country was rescinded and the
dismantling of the coal and steel industries on the Rhine and river ceased. But even this initial success led to one of the severest clashes ever experienced and the German Bundestag because Ardor had undertaken in the Petersburg agreement to send German representatives to the in town I grew up authority the leader of the opposition in the Bundestag the Social Democrat quote Truman accused him of being chancellor of the allies. This accusation was the prelude to a fierce clash on the future course of German foreign policy but partly in the face of the continued opposition of the Social Democrats supported by the parliamentary majority pursued Germany's leaning to the west in the first years of his chance of a ship. He repeatedly advocated a union of Europe and reconciliation with Germany's French neighbor nation as he did in his speech to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg on May 4th 1951.
Also our first. Act. Just dance a dacha follow. Up to our European policy is positive active and concrete with very few exceptions the entire German people support the values of Europe and agrees that the unity of Europe must find expression in a political form. Bitter experience has taught our people that all forces for the preservation of development and defense of western culture must be harnessed. If that culture is to survive we are also profoundly aware of the fact that the unity of Europe and wide fields of the social life of the nation is concerned and not only in the field of culture has long since become a reality. This fact finds more than mere symbolic
expression in the catalogue of human rights recently drafted by the Council of Europe and to which the governments have committed themselves. The European policy of the federal government is Furthermore as I have said active the federal government is determined not only to accept the initiative of other countries in the European question and to offer no resistance to it but it is also actively taking part in these efforts. I believe we are making no mistake when we guard the European question as a fateful compulsion forcing itself upon us from without. It is the original desire of the European nations to shape their political destiny jointly in the future. It is their conviction that the historic hour has come for the decisive steps to be taken. They realize that the age of nationalism is coming to an end and that an evolution of new and greater unity has dawned.
In the interview he gave to Donte Trevenna an extract from which we have already heard. Hundred odd and I had sent that the idea of European reconciliation and friendship with France was one of his two principal objectives. The second that lay close to his heart was that of restitution towards the Jewish citizens towards Israel. The first German Israeli restitution negotiations started in March 1952 on their conclusion on September the 10th of the same year the Federal Chancellor declared. Is that right. Your minds are made up on this. You would want to stop this. You say this is your foolish I know this by to damage the federal government is prepared together with representatives of Jewry in the state of
Israel which is taken in so many homeless Jewish refugees to bring about a solution of the problem of restitution in order thus to facilitate the way towards the relieving of the burden of endless suffering. A few days after the signing of the restitution agreement the Italian prime minister cheated and got Sperry came to Bonn and submitted to convert out an hour his conceptions of the future of a European political community. The considerations which then took place in the West European capitals were probably interrupted by the events of June the 17th 1953 and the crushing of the national uprising and the Communist controlled part of Germany and the German Bundestag conrod and our protested against the measures of the old braced regime. The events in Berlin have received a broad echo in the German public and throughout the
world. The federal government declares that regardless of how the demonstrations of the East Berlin workers and their origins may be judged they have become a major proclamation of the will to freedom of the German people in the Soviet Zone and Berlin. The federal government shares the feelings of the men and women who are today demanding liberation from oppression and distress in Berlin. We assure them that we stand by them. We trust that they will not allow themselves to indulge an unpremeditated action as a result of provocation or action that might endanger their lives and freedom. A real change in the life of the Germans in the Soviet Zone and in Berlin can only be achieved by the restoration of German unity and freedom. The way to achieve this as the Bundestag reaffirmed in its resolution of June 10th is by holding free elections in the whole of Germany by the creation of a free government of the whole of Germany by the conclusion of a peace treaty with that
government a treaty to be freely agreed upon by the settlement of all remaining territorial questions in that peace treaty by assuring freedom of action for an all German parliament and an all German government within the framework of the principles and aims of the United Nations. A few months after the crushing of the people's uprising in East Germany in despair then Johnson spoke at a demonstration in West Berlin and declared the head. Was going to be my last. We cannot help our brothers and sisters in the Soviet Zone in the same way. But I should like to assure them of this we shall never leave them in the lurch. These two statements reveal the concept of his foreign policy by a
strong federal republic having leanings to the west. Ardan are also wanted to achieve the reunification of Germany. This would only be possible with the support of the Western powers and for this reason he learnt the federal republic into the European communities. The coal and steel community the European economic community and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation the success of this policy became visible when in May 1955 on the basis of the Treaty of Germany that had been signed in 1952 the Federal Republic received full sovereignty and was accepted into the family of three nations. Speaking of this Konrad Adenauer said this protocol as bizarre as the Buddhist Republic dodged battle before and stopped us people and so it you know I was I don't get Egan had
been happy. The die mission by Howard name in a storm for I'm talking in bed so off bed on Bardstown doubts God's dust Bizet's about you because you didn't read up to the ratification of the protocol on the ending of the occupation regime in the Federal Republic of Germany. We still have the power of a sovereign state over our internal and external affairs in the interests of the reunification of Germany. The three Western powers retain their rights and responsibilities with regard to Berlin and Germany but the occupation regime is at an end. We are now free again after these green achievements for Germany and I would travel to Moscow for he also wanted to bring about understanding what the Soviet Union. On his arrival at Moscow airport he
said. In Yemen to Iraq I mean in my name and. Now my new one will be no one and I. Didn't manage. To known. All. Right. You know what I wanted a minute. You know. Oh my.
I thank you Mr. Prime Minister for the value friendly welcome accorded to me and to my delegation. I very much hope that the first contact that we are establishing by our presence in Moscow may lead to the establishment of normal good relations between Germany and the Soviet Union. It is my firm conviction that the peoples of the Soviet Union and the German people can derive great benefit from peaceful cooperation and that the preservation and consolidation of well-being and security in Europe and the world will depend to a high degree on a normalization of our relations. When I return to Germany a few days later he had not only achieved the resumption of diplomatic relations between the Federal Republic of the Soviet Union but also the release of some 10000 German prisoners of war reporting to the German Bundestag on the results of his visit to Moscow Kannada said.
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the first two sets and be on top. Off normal diplomatic missions with GM vision the idea of going to school public charged on to have a. Good time not just the outside being vital signs territoriality because each time the star he grins light them free. Who. Died from the initiative for this visit
had come from the Soviet government who in a note dated June 7th of this year had suggested the holding of the GO SEE ations with us on the establishment of diplomatic economic and cultural relations between the two countries. Prime Minister Bill Gannon declared on September 10th the obligations were spoken of here which the four powers have accepted with regard to the solution of the German problem with this one must agree. Foreign Minister Molotov said on the same day that it was quite right that the four powers had obligations on this question. Finally there is no contradiction between our decision to open diplomatic relations and the general course of our foreign policy which we are determined to pursue under all circumstances. The opening of diplomatic relations between the government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the government of the US as our does not represent any recognition of the present territorial possessions of the two
countries. The final fixation of the frontiers of Germany is reserved for the peace treaty the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union does not signify any change in the federal government's legal standpoint with regard to its authority to represent the German people in international affairs and with regard to the political conditions prevailing in those German territories which are at present outside Germany's effective territorial authority. This success of a commencing understanding with the Soviet Union was soon frustrated again as a result of the increasingly rigid attitude of Moscow to the German question. The Servian Birbhum ultimatum of the fall of 1958 was the externally visible sign of this development. This was one more reason for Adenauer to strengthen Germany's ties with the West and by going beyond the formal economic and military alliances to
pursue more intensively. His aim of bringing France and Germany together in friendship after initiating a dialogue with the French president during his visit to de Gaulle on July 29 1959. The general himself paid a five day state visit to Germany in September 1962. In an interview with Deutsche of valor on the eve of the visit of his French friend Conrad out of said Sharda president. Who are called and that's forbidden snuff. That's fine. He's a bazooka sashed against invaded the CSA just for his institution fine question dark and gained up some good can go bandit yonder to Langham's each bad to further find you biggish down. Happens if he means that each meekly at school. That's just an NQT for
bad doctrine front so isn't having that comment. That's you again you know Nando enough a guy at night Nish knows he said. Another guns are open and then I found that meat and while no doubt you're in France so isn't your confused she gushed out the meat and bones yet again the man's Iman of Governor isn't so that the going don't open to skip a beat. Consequent and to put it deep down I'm fine cache between you fun Susan put it because you don't stop by are far been vague and debase you to starts president and to go into a Bundeswehr public use and match that of to the channels to goal is the first president of France to pay an official visit to Germany. He comes as an ally as a neighbor and as a friend. This visit shows the whole world how greatly relations between France and Germany have changed for the
better for centuries. The two nations had faced each other as enemies had waged war against each other. This is now once and for all a thing of the past. Germans and Frenchmen have realised that their opposition to each other in the past not only brought them but also the whole of Europe to the very brink of destruction. Germans and Frenchmen are now going to shape their future destiny together. Together they are going to solve their common problems. Since the foundation of the Federal Republic the federal government has consistently pursued a policy of cultural more with France and the French politicians have met us halfway. The visit of President to go to the federal republic is a milestone on the way towards this lasting reconciliation. Four months after the Gulf state visit to Germany. I don't know and you go and sign the Franco-German treaty of friendship in Paris which are now I himself
described as his greatest achievement. In this broadcast we have tried to retrace in recorded documentation the principal stages in the historic achievements of Konrad Adenauer in postwar Germany. He has left his mark on this epoch and it is not saying too much when we speak of the years of his chancellorship as the Adenauer era in paying tribute to his services we can find no greater and yet no simpler words than those we had at the beginning of this broadcast spoken by an organ guest and the speaker of the builders talk. Up up and up on the flop a bump up in front of an hour has rendered great services to the fatherland that most of the art in our era a documentary prepared by the transcription service of radio by Truman or the voice of Germany in Cologne. This program was produced by Jove Ella in Cologne Germany for
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