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The following program is distributed by the national educational radio network. The old record box. This program consists primarily of selections played from cylinder records on Edison phonographs frequently called talking machine. These records were issued in a period extending from the late 1890s to 1929. Your host is a red herring to I'm sure all the gentlemen in our audience will join today in making this musical salute to the ladies. Our introductory toast is well expressed in this 1911 song by Brown and I are which was an
immense favorite of numerous vaudeville for farmers a hundred.
Now to be a little more specific both as to locality and personality. Not long ago a Broadway musical plain and fancy enjoyed quite a run with New York audiences and part of the success might have been due to a predecessor of some time banked here Joseph a Philips singer on a dozen other Edison Blumer own records tells us of his lady love. There's a Quaker down in Quakertown. The same name.
Me I don't know. Like belly Murray a like many other early recording artists served his apprenticeship in a menstrual show. But in 19 3 he began a recording career that was to stretch over 40 years. One of over 90 solo records made for Addison as this 1912 number by Brian and fresh air. When I get you alone tonight. We really want the Banks family and every guy made you feel. I went away. Oh it's raining down on a bank with no name no man
around and friendly you know and you read we hear you say thank you. When we will be man I am I am. And I am. And I am. You
are a man. Of course they get married in the second stanza tells how she gained the upper hand. But we prefer a peaceable ending. A change in mood may be an arguer So heres That old girl of mine sung by James F. Arison. According to the record Frederick AJ Wheeler made many of his earlier records under this name.
A. Thousand thousand thanks.
We turn now to another one of those anonymous sweet hearts that are immortalized in thousands of love songs. Irving July sings an old favorite when I dream of old Aaron bribes the listener would like to consider this fact both this record and the machine on which it is played are over half a century old and the reproducer has the same pointer needle it had when it left the factory.
Hey hey. Hey hey hey. I eat. I.
A suitable conclusion to today's program to the ladies is a favorite recorded and sung during World War One days. Leonard Culkin Lily and Ray in 1015 gave us the Sunshine of Your Smile which first reached the populace by way of extensive bode well performance. The Texas barn tender burnin down hired sings his version for Edison. Mr. Dow Hart gained early experience in the cast of The Girl of the Golden West and later became a respected concert singer. He was one of a group of recording artists available for the famous Tone Tests when artists appeared on stage with the Edison diamond disc machines and the audience was challenged to judge the record selection and the living voice. Many people and critics too were unable to distinguish them correctly.
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The old record box II
To the Ladies
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For series info, see Item 3389. This prog.: To the Ladies. Oh You Beautiful Doll, There's a Quaker Down in Quaker Town, When I Get You Alone Tonight, That Old Girl of Mine, When I Dream of Old Erin, The Sunshine of Your Smile
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