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The. Bigger. And. Bigger. We invite you to join us for Norwegians get a. Programme of music and commentary produced from materials provided by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation featured on today's program will be music by her old civil road and Ludvig organs Yancey. However it was born in 1897 in Baghran on the west coast of Norway. He is now looked upon as one of the most genuinely Norwegian composers of the present day. But interestingly enough he is in no way bound to folk music patterns. To quote several on this fact I have never felt the urge to imitate the special characteristics of Norwegian folk music but as a Norwegian composer desirous of subsisting on wholesome Norwegian fayer in order to keep fit in well I have endeavored to absorb
the spirit of this music. End quote. However savor it was not always of this opinion. His early compositions are distinguished by the toned language of late romanticism and during the latter half of the 1920s he occupied himself largely with problems of a tonality. He then decided that this mode of expression was not suited to his thoughts and during the thirties turned to a style based on expanded tonality. The truly Norwegian side of his personality was made evident during the Second World War when Norway was occupied by foreign troops. His composition The Ballad of revolt was written at this time and bears the dedication to the Warriors great and small of the resistance. Listen now to several Ballad of revolt Opus 22 a number 5. As performed by the also fell harmonica orchestra. All the good in a higer conducting.
Why. Why. To go.
With. The all slow Philharmonic Orchestra all grown ahead conducting performing The Ballad of revolt by Harold save the major composition on this Norwegian sketches is by video games against the tame Oakland body at sea on a young son was born in 1894 in Christiania. Now all slow he's often called the humanist among contemporary Norwegian composers. Having the ability to disregard current trends without being reactionary. The original version of the tame a convo up Sione appeared in 1925 and was his first major orchestral composition. The revised version was completed in 1934. Listen out of this work performed by the also Philharmonic again under the direction of agunah higer.
I'd like.
A little you. Would know.
Ya. Ya. Ya ya. Lame. Lame lame lame lame lame. Lame. Lame. Going to.
Be a militant. Ah.
Ha ha. You.
Know Ed. To I am. I out. Playing. The Eh. Eh eh. Eh eh. Playing.
The fool. In you. Know em. Yeah. Yeah.
Lose. Lose. Thank.
To go. To go. Figure.
That was that a mark on concluding this program of no weaves in sketches prepared at the University of Michigan by Marianne Woodson. Technical supervision by Robert Byrd. This is Fred Hein playing. Join us again. This is an E.R. of the national educational. Radio nothing. To go.
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Norwegian Sketches
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University of Michigan
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Norwegian Sketches is a National Educational Radio Network program prepared by the University of Michigan . Each episode features a unique selection of music and commentary from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. Musical selections are performed by the Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra, and commentaries include documentaries, lectures, and readings from Radio Norway.
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Host: Hindley, Fred
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