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Were the following program was originally released in 1956. These were the Valiant. From the four corners of the earth the University of Michigan presents tales of the greatest national heroes of all time. Tales of the valiant a transcribed series of historic adventures produced by the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan under a grant from the educational TV and radio center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters. Today the story of Prince Cortin national hero of Free China. China in the 5th century before Christ. But is not yet young problems was
then known as the kingdom of us. Twenty years earlier the people of us had been conquered by the brigand prince who leader of the neighboring kingdom of world. During those twenty grim years the only ray of hope has been the undying patriotism of Prince and of us. He alone has determined to rid his country of the invaders. He has secretly built an army and is ready for one supreme effort to reconquer his kingdom. And now awaits only the return of a trusted officer Shen Fang who has been on a secret mission to the interior of China. And meanwhile he holds audience for those of his people who have been considerate worthless son of mine cannot become a soldier honored Prince. All Ruth needs mending the fields must be tended. Ten thousand things to be done. And he joins the army to spite me in my time of need. Give him back to me I beseech you honorable quote.
And if your son is in my army he remains in my army. I need you much to hone your excellence see. One soldier can mean nothing to you but to me every man and every soldier today can mean the difference between life and death for our kingdom of yore. You have a live long Chee Hwa perhaps too long for with age comes forgetful ness. Do you not remember when Prince first conquered our country. Do you forget the years of strife and terror as his army scourged and reviled our customs murdered our people until that desecration is revenge Chey one no man of us can live in honor. Therefore your son remains a soldier. But one must be reconciled to this who has tyrannized this for 20 years. Things will never change. Not in my lifetime. You are wrong to whine about the change. If you live to harvest the rice next month you will see the end of the domination of printf so soon war comes again. Twenty years to one of terror and agony in which
you great prince live in opulence. But I am merely a poor farmer willing to forget old abuses. There is no opulence for anyone while the shadow of Prince Charles still threatens our kingdom. I have merely to look about this room and see what opulence bronze looks and brocades exquisite carving and this a bronze flask containing. I would not know. Put out your hand and I'll give you a taste. They taste it. I said taste it. Poison not poison. Then what. That is gall Chee hwa. Go home. Yes for twenty years I have never tasted food without go a reminder of our dishonor at the hands of food and the kingdom of woe. Your son will help vindicate that disgrace. Now go back to your home to wash your bowl of clean rice your sweet oranges and
fragrant tea and remember that I taste only gold until the prince of lies dead at my feet. Get out. Yes yes. Curse men who see no further than the mud Dykes of their own rice paddies. What do you want now. Another visitor to see you. I'll hear no more complaints. But this is Chang Fang. He is returning Fang. Yes Shen come in here immediately. Greetings Cochin from the Wanderer for five months we've had no word from you and feared for your safety. Were you successful. We sail up the exit without incident until we reach the province of Western true where it was said we'd find the iron maker. Then we had to go inland. It was said he lived near the river. He did not. Twice we were attacked by roving barbarians but we repelled them and continued our quest with what result. This my friends an ordinary bronze sword. Watch what happens when I scratch the blade of this ordinary sword quote
under the bronze it turns white. Is this this is what they call iron. Stronger than our bronze. Your certain color not guard you know. Yes my lord. Come here place your helmet on the floor you are an ordinary bronze helmet. Now Observateur GEN. You split it in half my home. There is one other test. Oh yes your sword is also bronze brought. Yes yes. Now swing at me with a cutting edge. Now now. Yes Arthur as if you meant to kill me. He's too addled. Give me your sword here. Thank you a great prince. Let me see for myself the power of the iron sword ready now severed my blade.
Let me see your tiny scar on the cutting edge and nothing more. Ah what power is in this instrument. How many did you bring two thousand. We will issue them to our best troops at once. Yes my prince. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME. Twenty years I have waited for this moment twenty infuriating years of plans and intrigue to keep our kingdom in the barest existence. Now I need be patient no longer. This sword is the iron key that will help our men break the chains which buttah has tied around our kingdom. Not all the credit belongs to the iron swords Cochon. You yourself value of what I have done remains to be tested in a week we will be able to attack if we succeed. My twenty years of planning and sacrifice will prove worth. But if we fail the kingdom if you he dies for ever we shall not fail. Oh I brought a man back from the interior. Yes a teacher and scholar and I have no need for a scholar. You may have need for this one quote He has marvelous talents here. Oh send in the scholar. Yes
Lord. This is Chang pole my lord. I found him destitute and starving. Deep in the interior on my journey a man or a skeleton. He's a pleasure to serve a prince of such city could change. I am interested in fine performance not flatterers Chang polo you have analysts. You inquired if I were a man or a skeleton. In the north there was a great philosopher named Confucius who said wisdom begins when you call things by their right names. Hence I am a man shun facts reports that you are scholar and teacher also a poet historian physician student of human nature allegro and a medlar in omens and divination. I thought all scholars were modest. Yeah common misapprehension. Can you really look into the future with your divination.
In many ways I can crack 20 shells. I read the jumble sticks and interpreted phenomena of the heavens for the moment. You may remain under my protection. Tonight you can lecture to me on Confucius. Thank you my heart but for now go conjure a sign bearing on the success of my coming expedition against it were fair. The Conjuring no marvel the expedition. What you or me. Unless you find the spy Prince Fu char sent here and unless you prevent this spy from carrying information back to your expedition. Now tell me about this spy Chang your ex in NC. He is called Chu yang a man of 1000 faces and each one shrouded in mystery. What does he look like. How old is it. No one knows how do you know he's coming here. I wonder if Vang one who travels with an open mind finds many
things to fill it. Motu Yang model you know imprints grow. I've heard that name quite recently. Mo true. Yes. What disguise might he assumed. What color is a tail of a peacock he might be anything even a scholar. B of course may be a scholar or a peasant or a general in your army. A stamp and whatever the Yanks see reseller of verbs in a market place. But whatever wherever he is he would be getting information for prints. That's it that is it. We will destroy the scheme as we hope to destroy who taught himself how shen. Do you remember the man Ching your emissary to the kingdom of woe. Five years ago I sent him to the court of food to present our tribute. What. But he vanished vanished. Throw him into a dungeon.
But while you were gone to the iron makers Sony escaped and returned here to you. I saw him a few days ago. He is sick and his body has been horribly twisted by torturers. Well how can he help us find a spy. Because it was from so that I first heard the name of Motu yet we must go to him immediately. Yes honorable. I have great cause to remember the devil called yang. Would you recognize him if you saw him again. Most certainly I will. It said he is a master of disguise. That may very well be Shan firing. Well then how can you be so sure. For five years I stared into the diabolical eyes of my son when he picked my brain for information. Five years of questions and torture
and always those eyes piercing into my soul. I promise you will this honorable Prince. Let him change his features his clothing or his occupation. But the instant I see his eyes I shall say to you that at last the fates are playing in our favor. So I want you to return with me to the palace. Three days from now I shall hold a final council of war to plan the invasion and the destruction of the kingdom of will undoubtedly to Yang intends to be at that council of war. One small favor. What if I find in my desire to attend his execution it shall be court court. Come in please and help me to my feet. Thank you. My stick after what he did to my legs I cannot walk without it. Here. Here I am ready in my lords.
If you want to rank Paul what deviltry are you up to their patients Chang prying into. You may break the spare Ziebell the Normans you pick up a fine place to your conjuring building a fire in the middle of the palace guard will you need you can you hang. I'll hold the glowing stick. Yes. Soon the heat of it will crack the segment of the total share of us who now ease very soon where did you get that turtle through from the fish pool over there or the one of Chen's
prize turtles. They're all the better you see and hang all things in heaven and earth. I related to each other caption a tiny believe in me and somewhere a flower when we're there there's all this size and direction I'm going to do karate in a tortoise shell you can determine the future course of events and it's cracking. Thank you. What's the matter. Look the crack has spread to the adjoining segment what if it has what have its dignifies or the forces of evil eye dominant and in two days the council of war is not. Yes noon and you must warn Prince quote Ken immediately. It can only mean that now you Yang will surely attend the council when the Prince my lord the king or warn him to take great care or he will never conquer the kingdom of rule. Good day noble prince. Are you ready Suni Ching ready and anxious. My
military commanders are in this next room waiting for the War Council to begin. Eight officers with their second in command 16 men. What of him. One of the 16 is mob. We have had an omen of danger so I have placed many guards outside the room. When Mao learns we can identify him he may become violent. I have a terrible score to settle with that man. We shall conduct the council as though nothing is amiss. The officers must return to their troops by nightfall to make final preparations. As the council ends I want you to give me a sign identifying mouth to Yan and my guards will do the rest. Make sure to read the future of the kingdom of your way rests in your hands. Come let us enter. How. Come.
It's become so is breaking up. Which one is mine. Maybe while I have him try I cannot watch and you have nothing to fear Niemi. But but hon Prince you saw their eyes which one is my own. He is not here of course and he must be all he could never deceive me emotionally and you're not here. If Mao failed to penetrate that council of war then our worries are ended Cochon. We are fortunate if we could only be sure tomorrow the army starts to move in secrecy toward the front here even with the iron swords with the hard training we've given our troops. We still need the element of surprise to conquer. If I could only be sure honorable Prince I would certainly have recognized if he had attended.
I know good soon but there is one other possibility. Yeah it's a very faint possibility. The scholar Chang PODE did not attend the concert and yet staying here in the palace he may have picked up all the information he need but honored Prince. Remember I found Chang poll more than 200 lead to the west of here in the remote true province Nevertheless I must be certain you have not seen the scholar have you. No honorable question I have not got him at once. Very well I'll find him and bring him to you do so. Tremendous responsibility sits on my shoulders today so that is the destiny of princes. Twenty years of hardship and secret preparations led up to that council of war this afternoon while I build our own strike. I have weakened and diluted the armies of prints and still they remain powerful enough to destroy us. If they are for well we must find a gang before it's too late.
Basis scholar he may be this one. That is for you to say but I caution you. He is a strange man. There is bringing him in now are the guards ready in case he. They are. I see you have found him back at his parts and fire sticks conjuring up some more fantastic stories fantastic. Did I not explain to you how all the things in heaven and I related Should I tell it again beris your philosophy. Jane Poe and the brightest light of culture do shine upon this forgotten province in two decades and to have my knowledge score is this the man. Yes scholar he may not be but neither is going what is this. You suspect me of being the villain is Mao. I who first what you want is you I who burnt my fingers to the bone seeking an omen that would Eve you go Oh yeah hi Hu and all men that failed.
The crackling torture show never fails. Tended your conference and my reputation he was there. Your reputation scholar will not cause to exist that which did not exist. Broke her producer. If you had practiced many tortoise shells as I you would understand that when the spirit leaps from one segment to another the most awesome events transpire. The sun fails to rise a reverse turn backward in their quasi fiery dragons rush from the depths of the sea. And this by now two young comes to sit in your council of war and let us look for dragons and rivers that run up here for Mao did not attend that council. Prince Prince called Chan ten thousand pardons Sorry I'm not to be interrupted twice ten thousand pardons but I am ordered here by General what's happened less than an hour ago a man tried to steal through our camp outside the city. He bore a message to Prince for cha. Where is the man. One of our sentries killed him. But this piece of
writing was taken from his body. Give it to me. Impossible. What is it it seems to be a complete report on the proceedings of our council of war. This dead man he must be now true John. I don't think our dangerous so easily and. Mow him self would not need to carry a written message. Therefore the spy is still among us and the dead man merely a courier. So you want to remain here. Come with me. We will use the whole army if necessary to throw a screen around the frontier. Most will try again to slip through. We must get it. I want. There is another traveler on a prince who protests that he cannot turn
back. Where is this one going soldier. To LO YANG far to the north. All right let him go. But go Chen one of the risk. You're right. Soldier son the traveler here and I'll talk to him. I begin to despair in fact he probably remains inside the city. You should know all roads are blocked I'm afraid he has escaped already escaped how could he how could he. How did he get into the console in the first place. I don't know he probably got through before Roger tells me I must see you honorable gentleman to continue my journey. I have closed off all roads to the north but great so I am long overdue with no union. I must continue. Where have you been to the south. Why of my beliefs. I am a philosopher. What are your beliefs. Perhaps you have heard of the one who lived in the north called Confucius. I am one of his disciples. Lo Yang is a far journey for an old man. It affords time for meditation.
What about the danger your way to little Yang lead through warring kingdoms philosopher. Why not. I have no belongings worth the trouble to rob me. Indeed all I possess is knowledge and what any want to gain advantage of that I am must be kept alive. Do you have children philosopher two grown sons. What would they think if their father met death along the road. Their loss would be neither less nor greater than if I died at home and they would be spared the expense of my burial. They are self-centered young men who are the same as all young men these days followers of Confucius like yourself of course. May I now continue on my way. Yes this is our man. Why draw your assault on a defenseless old man it is a poor disciple of Confucius who does not know the teachings of his master but I know him will have Confucius demands the interment preservation of family ties. He decries the attitude of young men today. Children are expected to revere and honor the
graves of their ancestors. But you casually dismiss the possibility of dying along the road and you will know the teachings of Confucius in this remote province. You have misinterpreted the Master it is not I who have misinterpreted among other things Confucius teaches the value of calling everything by its right name. Are you trying to call things by their right name. True you even called Shen thing by its right name. I come for that philosopher. I thought I heard you would brush him you didn't. That's right you did. But gentlemen I can time do you remember where you last saw this philosopher. I have never seen him before. You saw him yesterday he was dead and crippled from five years of torture and his name was not funny. The man who was going to identify him out to a gang was none other than Mao to Yang himself. Just trying to get away afterward and get that then. Please excuse me because you know I. I've come to warn
you to catch your breath you see there is no time. You know Bill Prieto Zuni change he can walk. He suddenly assaulted me and fled from the city. Real Sonny Chung died in Fatah's prison this man was MOTTRAM Yeah this man now you know you will I am indebted to you for unmasking him indebted to me. Our plans are safe. He's dead coach and book send couriers to our generals tell them to move across the frontier tonight. Yes I am indebted to you. You remember the night you gave me one lesson on the philosopher named Confucius. It proved most helpful. You are a teacher without parallel. You knew we were here of course I am also a poet without panda and historian a physician a student of human nature iconography. And maybe you know me and I am somewhat aware of all this.
Well shortly you can resume my lessons. After I destroy Prince Charles. For then the kingdom of your. But once again have peace. The peace the independence and the leisure to study many things besides vend. We wish to acknowledge the ADA professors Lexington and Josephine hall of the University of Taiwan Formosa in the preparation of the story. And no here is Miss Eudora Shunsuke just a student at the University of Michigan speaking on behalf of her and Professor Josephine Holm throughout the centuries. The heroes of China have been men who fought to retain the national dignity during the twenty years of strife and terror which preceded the liberation of your
prince co-gen remain steadfast and his determination to free his people. In our history books and legends about Gauguin we always think of them as lying on firewood and tasting gall. This phrase gives us the tangible symbol of a man whose resoluteness would not be broken by the ravages of time nor forgetfulness. The qualities which go Jan demonstrated are especially cherished by our people and for most of today as we face the equally long struggle against aggressive communism. And now here is Professor John Hall of the University of Michigan to complete the dramatic story of this hero of Free China. As a historian looking back 25 centuries we can report that prints go Chen finally succeeded in destroying the power of food young. His long years of preparation and persistence had their reward and once again the kingdom of USA became free. Prince go is an
example of the way in which popular heroes continue to hold meaning for our modern age. The qualities of steadfastness and self-sacrifice exemplified in his story continue to inspire us today on the Chinese bastion of for most of the people look across to their mainland held in the grip of the Communist armies their hopes their thoughts and perhaps their future plans for their homeland. Closely parallel the example set for them. Twenty five hundred years ago by Goh Chen prints of yea. Dog. The University of Michigan has presented tales of the budget and other of the transcribed series of great national heroes of all time. The story of a national hero of China was written by William Bender Jr.
and produced by the University of Michigan under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center heard on the program where Jerry Hoxton John Sergeant Don Genaro or Clarence Stevenson Dale Stevenson and their consultants for the program are Professor John Hall of the University of Michigan and professors Lexington and Josephine home of the University of Taiwan Formosa. Tales of the Vatican is directed by Edward statute for the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan. Phyllis Duganne speaking his program is distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasters. Glue. Glue. Originally released in 1956 the program you have just heard is from the program library of
National Public Radio.
Tales of the valiant
Kou Ch'ien
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Kou Ch'ien, hero of Free China, persevers over adversity and intrigue to reconquer the Kingdom of Yueh.
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Dramatic stories of great national heroes outside the English-speaking world.
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