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From the Great Hall of the Cooper Union in New York City. National Educational radio presents a lecture entitled The impact of social values on psychotherapy. This lecture was recorded for broadcast by station WNYC. Now to introduce the speaker. Here is the chairman of the Cooper Union forum series Dr. Johnson. The Fairchild Dr. Alexander. Was Dr. Ebbers daughter obviously is medical director of the mental hygiene clinic here in New York City. She has earned her reputation as my tred only her great father's reputation. I see that her background has to do with DNA. Duke University Medical School in North Carolina and their experience of groups and why you call it a
medicine. System. Attending neuro psychiatrist at Bellevue Hospital she has worked with Harvard University. Assistant Ellie and the rest of the city of New York apartment to correct. Her field of experience includes such other things. The general development of. The. Mental Hygiene and the mental hygiene clinic here in New York City. I have obviously skirted the fringes because I know you would rather hear the great lady speak than I have in the introducer. Incidentally it's very easy for me to remember this date because I happened my 60th birthday tonight.
I had my usual better arise for the same moves over her a moment entered is this Mary finally. The. Very same gentleman. To mad. I should like to discuss with you. The iPad. With the school of individual psychology of Eiffel Tower his memory upon some of you and. Let me begin by examining the role of values in the field of sadness or to say it in the second.
Piece in the. WALL AND. Similar pieces values of zeros to see should feel. By imposing his own bad use upon their. When patients behave at trying to change that to general human value Rozenberg to see if. In the following We want to consider a change in the patient to talk what is and what is not to put it simply upon his mental difficult in recent make a man change his appeal in the approach of many selfies to the psychological problems of their patients. Some schools of psychotherapy particularly
psychoanalytic considers a patient a product of his drives and instincts. The holes are nice and it is logical repository that only bad things in the personality of the laborious process of free association can change. The patients mistaking development is traced back. To promise in infancy or early child. How such procedures can possibly change a structure develop and it seems incomprehensible to me. Furthermore to use a picture from nature if the plant is failing we do not need to be discovered because. Although we know we are very
important to the life of supplant instead. If there is a mound of work to be cleaned so it can breathe. In a similar way we have learnt to deal with the psychological difficulties of a human being in the life of self present and bad. Think two widely accepted standards to be an individual will be added to. Our. Command shafts. Conflicts only become meaningful as the
other human. Experience and be fine to prize. Such refined since around. He is witness to the fact about the general level of social often being and this struggle for power both. Nationally and internationally. You cannot help being reminded of Freud. Why should I laugh.
Many. Years more and. Characterize the statement as a cry off a pampered child. Who cannot give up. He's self-centered. From you you. Stand. In his desire to encourage the patient to adopt human values. But. Often find difficult because of the real or imagined disappointment and frustration in the past. An example of the human value which not only psychotic patients but a large part of humanity is living up to that of refraining from Paris settling. International. In the real world.
Violence breaks all the nations attempt to solve the problem by throwing each other. By invading and disturbing it as a country. There are few things in the present state of society or is where is our understanding of human nature. Barons cannot always be avoided. Unfortunate exception. You obviously have to be me in those instances where violent action is required for say the things in which a married man or a tyrant is also tragic consequences. Recently with. In Germany.
Deploying to earth of positive moral values in present day society. We should look for gets a growing attitude of nonparticipation passive participation. Which is developing in many of us. So the tendency to let Well go by while we follow. From a safe distance. From the television screen in our living room through other communications media to base Magnus savage beasts have taken over some of the foundations for myself as a priest to minister and surround the spiritual leaders of funders. So we're three years past the values in the formation of
personality and they are susceptible to illness. The human body. We know now that inside alone cannot provide an adequate method of treatment. Today more attention is directed toward helping suppresion to overcome self centeredness. And to face reality. In this way. The goal of circus are coming forward again. Making suppresion strive for greater perfection of the bounds of the environment. Social in my present sense human potentiality into a newborn child which however must be developed and perfected by upbringing
if not. It may be delayed in its development. Also watered. Let us now turn our attention to some of the various categories of mental difficulties which psychotherapy three and examines the influence that ideas have on their causation on the Pepto happened to e-file eventual resolution on their a milieu. We may begin with the criminals who constitute one of the largest groups of pass a man in society it's a prison time. Are the describes the early life pattern of the criminal as that of a child who meets the demands of suicide. No evidently
feeling that his only hope of success lies in fighting his environment. The criminal believes is that when you are surrounded by enemies. You'll object. Ordinary human experience which teaches that human beings must learn to live together and help each other in order to survive. Instead he develops his so-called private logic is all for the other his corded pursuing his own objectives regardless of the hardships. This may inflict on ourselves confining sya criminality however only takes him off the streets for a way. It does not alter his criminal tendencies. If anything his crime past them may become more
comfortable. And his family in the US will be to continue it in a more successful way which means without being caught. How can one influence. The value system of individuals who displease our own unfortunate and frustrated childhood band freak thing harm and hardship on ourselves. Unfortunately we also have a pubic method so often successful with other types of psychological difficulties. If I'm failing you. Since a criminal refuses to identify himself which is a society in which we live. And to follow its laws. Is usually not interested. Or prepare to change his life. Providing me with experience in
a different way of living is sometimes a catalyst for building. Exists in some European companies. In some of the pupils of my father's. Are in charge. Apart from encouraging because our. Groups are which include discussions of value systems has also been successful in some instances where individuals have a penis fee. The difficulty is to persuade the criminal to join such a group. You would refer us to groups is just talk. Indicating that he's not ready to change his pattern of life. It is common knowledge that the majority of criminal.
But usually not. On the if we are base. Sometimes. A prisoner falls a result of reading a book. For instance a bear 30 years old would spend about half of his life in jail wrote to my father. After her reading his understanding human a city would lie to seek help on his release from prison. After their initial conversation my father employed him as a janitor in our company. While he never betrayed our confidence in the following years. We need guidance. On the third day of his employment. He was sent to face 10.
Year term with 20 reporting gleefully. Yeah so men made a mistake in a friendly manner. He was informed by foot of the nurserymen he would appreciate having some painted Aspel bushes return. And that this would come to business relations in the future. He never again showed any relapse. When in 1938 the Nazi occupation of Austria compelled many of our friends to flee our Janet. Assisted with many techniques and it will be with me in which she gave evidence of his aggressiveness was plain to the amazement of our friend.
He turned up. With a collection of. And popped them into the furniture before and now out. To sum up. To make the part of the community and to help his development of his time. Our prisons today also filled with the drug most frequently use. You know is higher in the last decade however we've been faced with a new development used to expressing protest. Always drawn to the use of and use chiefly marijuana and it's me it's commonly know. It should not be forgotten that we expect intelligent young to the
work some say to the improvement of society and it can be rightly said that an adolescent who never expresses proctors against the so-called establishment. Maybe name from a. Comparison with. The data lies with those who do want to continue to protest. Without an adequate program of. We know it's a continued use of marijuana in a city and also when you see presented this challenge the only thing. Statistics show that of the chronic use of hallucinatory. Many are seriously affected many. Several of them. It's been the forces take wrong and all the friends. At present.
Adjustment difficult. And late as a band. Who finally realize that they are in need of help and a sappy Trombley indeed. When I first see it it's sometimes difficult to arrive at the correct diagnosis. Because a big drought confuses thinking process. That is me and my chronic schizophrenia. The most promising me that say now we are less safe. Come to the end of their rope and it's a mess must change your example. They should be shown itself fighting so side the indiscriminate is a softened and in this we are
growing up process. Not only did however you think today often feel useless and underweighted to the so-called establishment which I you would say lie. So patents of education get us some. Too rigid sometimes out of rigid in our. Military service and in other ways without in many instances winning out any one of a promising man. Consequent protest movements are not life but are. Quite often to one structure to bring about real progress. Also why he'd be high prices now. As opposed to war and barrel
it is the way of life. He added benefit it's young in the long run. For instance while one may see affairs with many aspects of students it is difficult to accept the needless destruction of records and said people. A second. For instance at Columbia University in the spring of 1968. Any student might initiate a powerful drive for peace into disappointment. This is a missed opportunity. The faculty seem with. Me sometimes bring about a complete inability to function.
In the absence of progress. Since many of them are highly promising he's also in the constant must only realistic approach to the. Absence of a deal. In many of our power structure. And family. And the necessity of being human is a threat which the development of atomic weapons and as a present. On the other. Let us not forget the true
alarm. And protest against violence. And political and economic power structure. They also probably are. Made me sick. They prevalent in our prisons. Patients who suffer from pneumonia exhibit a very different path. They appear so sad and the obligations he said. It's the same time trying to escape from their hiding behind neurotics they fall. Back. And. An expression that I'll call in excusing their inability to function because of an attack. Take for instance is.
There a great deal of on the process of simply for me. And possibly also their form of self probing and treat. After a major hole. In a patient may develop a whole class of men and psychosomatic symptoms which cannot be explained in. These make it impossible for him to continue in a previous occupation. I remember the case of a housewife who fell down from a ladder while she bumped her head slightly but did not know any other evidence of anything. Indeed.
If you basely after the smaller bomb it disappears. She developed recurrent mayors. During which she fell from a ladder up in a fright trembling and bare and with our palpitations typical picture of life. She could not get enough sleep. She always was what I needed to get up in the morning to me for a family of four all to do. And that summation of the family situation of trying to wean your family. From.
Your wife and mother and which me to pass on this in. The family. Was expressed symbolic. Event after the family. It was what the election cycle therapy had to take in. The family was invited and clients were there all to establish among its members to relieve the feeling of winning the family proved understanding and the symptoms of anxiety neurosis
actually subside. It is not always possible to bring about the early conciliation between the patient and I am. There is for example a large number of these problems which occur among persons dissatisfied with her vapid. Financial. Or otherwise. Similarly action may be found among members of the armed services to the military particularly when the general more are is in the. It is well know of the very considerable amount before. And depends a great deal on the ability or inability to be there to the men. Everything possible
is being done. To safety and well. Absolutely traumatic. This gives and does it generally of. These young people. Have only one desire after the injury namely to wear to the athletic activities. With you and your roses. After injury they me as a consequence. Rather neurotic and reasonable. Such You can read all right. Your situation.
Frequency of crossing an open place are sometimes very complicated of. Riding in a train. Or school. Particularly when being with children suffering from school food a great deal of patience must be shown during our Been in terms of in most cases school phobia are present a reaction of a child custom to family its parent impact the role of the mouse. And who therefore experiences a necessity of Greyson greatly in
pain and maturation and as. Such over the pain has usually been fostered by the mother who may be insecure or mean if what paints a child with. This situation demands prompting the bell. See if Rafe on at 10. The condition may become chronic. And the child may succeed in staying out of school by the end of truant officers and me. Something you want your logs tired of life into a doubt. Such is life. To suffer from your own only be able to carry out assignments on the great page. In therapy and in me the child
dies in order to make him realize that his problems are not often private but side and back. Isolating himself is a means for your prognosis is it happens in rare instances the school is an expression of a. Child. There are many other categories of noodles compiled observations neurotic depression. And history. I don't see a symptomatology difference. If one namely is a patient tries to escape from dealing with
important evil by finding neurotic solutions based on his prior logic. Are not pointed out many years ago that in order to understand the meaning of neurotic simply don't. See what he would do if he suddenly were freed from his liability. It. Is fear of crossing an open place is compiled from to repeat certain acts over and over again. Or is obsession with particular thought. To patients answer. It gives a clue to be his obligation in this free me aspect of life. Rob so he would be able to fulfill from his neurotic impediment.
It is usually for your field in which the dog is neurotic a tree. Is fired against an article so say in this lab environment. Over time drop without pain. So. Those aren't in much suffering for you and me. Two terms for him to set aside. Many psychotic patients are also fine and lack of awareness and understanding of human limitations. This is cause as under mystics of such patients. It's a judgement of the schizophrenia. Is often the story parents will use in nations and delusions. The manic depressives second to patient approach is determined by his mood.
Let us not forget nobody is yet knows exactly what causes matter the price of an exact cause. We also may play an important role. Particularly in the manic depressive psychosis. But we do not know is what it is in have been children of a manic depressive parent also becomes is it me or something else our normal two hours. That exerts an influence and also process. And Big E Why are some of the children of a manic depressive paranormal. While we do not see answers to these questions we do great deal about how to treat psychotic patients.
I would like to pick up some of the beef encountered in dealing with schizophrenia patients. Only a small percentage of them is in the hospital. Who are these are patients who are dangerous to others or themselves. We have no family or family substitute to pay off them if they cannot manage by themselves those who are not hospitalized have many diagnostic resignation. While the landscape of Violet's ambulatory man insipient going to Iraq to pass it was so much his non-psychotic patients in particular would have done it.
This inability to establish normal human relations and are usually painfully aware of them say. Off base and therapy to help me train. You disappoint. The sappiness. Time to meet up for the patients inability to create an adequate environment of his own. Place him in a group or social club made up of people with psychological difficulties. And give him valuable training and experience in an atmosphere in which his social awkwardness. Or aggressive statements will be tolerated. We are finally
being created. If you are if it is of utmost importance of experience the necessity of providing a substitute. And so we begin our life experience in the past. He said. I'll. Accept that. I mean even in times. When we do. If sufficiently This will be able to move into a more normal does not for me.
Constant use of advice and encouragement provided to our. Family and friends. Really inside our normal jobs in the bigger it is the piles of suicide in the way offices and that is one of the pitfalls of Maine. Much is again if his kids are finally able to go and want a job we all need to feel that we are useful to society. This desire is expressed even visit. Who says he wants to be a truck driver or a fireman. Or a policeman when he grows up. And it is a big change of even other arrests and the clear. Never give a thought to what you want to become
indicates he's trying to perpetuate the child role and feel free from. The psychotic to me Love me a bit. Just men can be useful. In most instances. It is necessary to provide it first with the shame of the environment at his place of work. This can often be done by placing suppresion with a friend of his family when the stance is. At present. They are also now several of the most people's. Patients can be trained to grow and develop shops such. If I wanted to grow up shop in Oil City where patients are screened by experience and then science. In our for our clinic in New York we also have a social club which has been proved is very
important for patients who were on the resort far to find their place in society. They are also regular jobs which mirror present as a patient a compromise between his limitations and to normal expectations of society. So clerical jobs for instance which allow him to work behind the screen separating him from the public. In me you feel protected or is if you were in a pedo. With three. Sexually fickle. And sexual dogs. This also visit with difficulties for the main points of this fact with his sexual power about me. If he places him on a leg equal to
or even higher than him say the isolation in which this is a fine it may. Prevent such adjustment and consequently the sexual life is often a chaotic state. He feels being neglected or abused. And reacts to his sexual impulses as if satisfaction. Without consideration of his path. To him sex becomes something like an indoor sport. And his chief aim usually is to prove his masculinity. If a man or seductiveness is a woman about which an easel is faked as a patient. Nevertheless marriage is sometimes an end to the evils of base abuse is often and should not necessarily be discouraged
and company. Usually both parties have psychological difficulties of one kind or another. It is important to know where you're off before they even if they are there will be greater incentive to hit each other and to be permissive. If on the other hand the family as a patient can see past and present psychological difficulties from the past. You or she will feel deceived and will tend to be on top of the difficulties are. As would be true in any marriage. The feeling of having been intentionally misled is likely to really be into this. This is a manic depressive difficult disappear during suppresive face
and the patient cannot face going to be seeing friends and fees on her sexual past. He made them life in all its aspects as not being was living up for many is the part when elated you may feel as if everything has been achieved and Iran could not live in a better place. It is understandable that the depressed form everything is lost its value company bleatings. The therapist must be aware as it is. Danger will come in you as long as a patient Negley is commonly accepted. Back in May the pressure mounts for the assurance to the patient that you will be able to overcome this depression in due time. Where is discussion of his condition with his family will be of great.
More severe depression SEPA therapy can be used only as an edge of drug and shock treatment. If the patient does not he is of no value at all in the lap of time should be lost in treating subpoena the newly available anti-depressant drawn. It is questionable lapses of the manic depressive psychosis. Can be prevented or administered or after the break. In many cases however the patient undoubtedly becomes easier to deal with when adequately
prepare them and to gain some perspective on this episode. Maybe mention to draw is a recent promise of being able to prevent it occurrence of men. The president. Finally I think to understand the function of psychotherapy is essential. It's a center piece no perspective and adopt a rigid actual men changing ways of life. For me. For Iran each and one milieu not necessarily do in another.
For instance during long periods of the highest man the ideal was physical science and say ability to kill off as many as possible of one's enemy. And begin to be the feminine ideal of beauty at least in the West is a slender Arjan Figo is formally a boxer. And matron and when Western women begin to Will's life some 30 years ago they were officers suspected of murder. Our sexual mores are changing particularly as a result of the progress made in the field of birth control. We also are also now witnessing a great wave of dissension. Around banks of religious
organizations to control in detail the cumber of cement in what a mistake it would be to try to convince parents. That he must change his artistic fire in order to come to terms with the psychological. Time will take care of developments weeding out what proves to be of no permanent. There are other examples besides it is whirling to the therapy's against the danger of imposing value system in needy upon patients. We will for life be different from his own. No one is omniscient. And should not plead and be inflexible in assessing
value in a changing. In conclusion. Let me also say when the impact of of the German philosopher Emmanuel. Come. Easy to say Maxine your average we have to become. The foundation of a gentleman. From what I've said here it will be evident that individual Secours is a great comedy with his family back home. Our loss concept of song writers in particular offers too many challenges and opportunities in the field of psychology. Sad sack a sappy and song. And shoot is a guy
you know who we humans so sad think. Of of. Us. Well thank you very much Dr. Lerner. You've heard Dr. Alexander Adler speaking on the topic the impact of social values on psychotherapy. This was one of the 1970 series of lectures recorded at the great hall of the Cooper Union a New York City by station WNYC. The chairman for the Cooper Union was Johnson Fairchild. This program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
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