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Munich seventy two to. Five minutes of pre-Olympic information. Volleyball is quite a new Olympic sport. In actual fact the International Olympic Committee recognized it as an Olympic sport in 1957 but it didn't appear on the Olympic program until the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. Together with basketball volleyball is the most widely played sport in the world. In Munich we talked about the volleyball tournament all call from the man responsible for the volleyball at the Olympic Games and we asked him where will the volleyball tournament be played and how long would it last.
That's only because of what about the new year that is you but if I did come to doubt it. If they can. Well it will go on for 11 and a half days and both the women's and men's matches will be played in the sports halls of the central sports college in the Olympia park. Will any centers be put at the disposal upper teens so that they can get ready for the games. Yes all teams will have ideal conditions 30 minutes before the beginning of every game. They can go into the special hall where they can warm up and practice their various moves during the matches. Two rooms will be at the disposal of the reserves so that they can also limber up. These rules will be fully air conditioned and fitted with a walkie talkie system. There will be one room at the end of the hall. In other words one for each team. When a reserve player has to be substituted he can be called by his trainer over the intercom system. Something new has also been followed up from the referees who like in tennis sit on a high chair about the net. Yes that's correct. We've developed a kind of cuttable chair for the referee. He
won't have to climb up the ladder any more. In Munich he will have an automatic hydraulic chair. All he has to do is push a button and an oil pump lifts the chair up to the required height. How funk the German Volleyball Federation is still a relatively small one of though it has tremendous expansion possibilities. Up to now West Germany hasn't achieved any major international successes unlike the East Germans who are world champions. What will the German Volleyball Federation be doing to try and get a strong national team together for the games next year. Well during the coming season the six best teams from the national volleyball league will play in a newly formed Limpia league by concentrating the best players in one league. We hope to build up a very strong side because volleyball is not very popular at present in Germany. Isn't it likely that the hole will be half empty during the games. No I don't think so on the contrary the volley ball hole has room for three and a half thousand spectators from the advance sales it looks as though the semifinals and finals of
both the men's and women's tournaments will be sold out. So you certainly can't talk about a lack of interest at the moment you are picking between 24 and tried to win 30 40 now I can't even argue with my men and found you to smile and for a host of Asian. And he took a short news item about basketball league Olympic basketball tournament in 1972 will be held over a period of 11 days according to the present time table on the official rules. The 16 teams to reach the finals will be divided up into two groups of eight. The draw for these groups will be made in Munich on the 3rd of July 1970 to the group games will be played from the twenty seventh to the 30th of August and from the 1st to the 3rd of September there will be new images on the thirty first of August and the 4th of September. The two top teams from each group at his group a first against group the second and vice versa will meet in the semifinals on the 5th and 6th of September and the final will be held on the
8th of September at 11:30 pm that is in the evening. Doping controls will be carried out during the tournament and any player found to be dubbed will be punished by the international Basketball Federation. The FIA B.A. the actual form of punishment has not been laid down. This is being Munich 72. Five minutes of real time big information won't do you'll buy the transcriptions of his old radio don't you about live in Colo. This program was distributed by NPR National Public Radio.
A. Munich took. Five minutes real in big information. When the venue for the 1972 Olympic Games was decided in the Grand Hotel
Excelsior on the view of the neato in Rome in May 1966 a good looking man in his late 30s was sacked with the Munich delegation led by its lord mayor. Once you working for Bill nervously awaiting the decision of the International Olympic Committee of that timely well known German actor you're working folks beggar who now lives in Munich and loves sport couldn't have dreamt what an important function he will have six years later at the 20th Olympic Games because folks Berger who is known here in Germany by his nickname Blackie only met the Munich group in Rome by chance walks by has acted in 70 films and more than 12 television serials many of them detective stories. And it's these which have made him so popular. But now he has another very important job in his hands and his connections with the Munich Olympics are more than just a chance meeting with a delegation in Rome at the beginning of September this year Vinod Ahmed the president of the German MP commenting Sant that folks back almost to be the chief announcer in the Olympic Stadium.
It was really dumb his idea to engage folks. He got the idea when he was at the prelim big athletic meeting in Munich a few weeks ago at which the announcements were anything but good. Really do not discuss the announcing problem with his colleagues he said. Your home folks bag is the best man for the job. What his job will be either has not been decided by the responsible people at the organizing headquarters in Munich. This still has to be planned but it's almost certain that folks Vaga will only do the announcing during the opening and closing ceremonies because one thing is sure the individual federations which are responsible for the holding of the competitions have their own specialized announcers who know all the various terms relating to their own particular sport and so the announcing during the actual competitions will be done by them. They are receiving special training for this job since weeks. But this doesn't mean that your working folks bigger has no idea about sport. On the contrary he's quite a sports expert and also an experienced announcer because
after the war he began his career as a newsreader at the Bavarian Radio station and so knows how it feels to sit in front of a microphone. His three favorite sports are flying judo and football. One of his many friends is friends Beck and bar by Munich's and Germany's world class sweeper. When Bion are playing at home in a National League game your home folks beggar is nearly always in a stadium so Billy Delma could hardly have found a more sporty and popular Olympic announcer than Blacky folks beggar. And to conclude has a short news item on volleyball the German volleyball team will find it very tough going at the Olympic volleyball tournament. The groups have been chosen by the international Volleyball Federation and West Germany will be in the
same group as the Olympic silver medalist Japan world champions East Germany Brazil Cuba and the six team which still has to qualify for this group be in group A They'll be the soviet union bug area. The winner of the African zone the European champions the Asian Champions and a 16 which still has to qualify in the women's tournament. The teams have been divided up as follows. Group A. The Soviet Union. Hungary South Korea and West Germany. And in Group B Japan North Korea Cuba and the European champions. Thank God. This is being Munich 72. Five minutes of real Olympic information won't do you'll buy the transcriptions of us all. Radio will do it to about live in Colo.
This program was distributed by NPR National Public Radio. Munich do you do. Five minutes real in big information.
In about 10 months time the 20th modern Olympics will be opened in Munich. The Olympic site only Oba Beason failed with its Olympic stadium holding about 80000 spectators. The swimming hole the Boxing Hall the hockey stadium the cycling stadium and the Olympic village is still one huge building site. But already it's possible to see that this massive construction site will soon become a wonderful sports park. Some people in the Bavarian capital are already wondering how this tremendous center which will cost over a thousand million marks can be put to good use after the Games are over. Well I hope the managing director of the Olympia park company which is responsible for the running of the sports centers after wins has already got some definite ideas. The Olympic Stadium will be the home of the German national the club buy in Munich. With some stars from spec and by God Miller and Sam Meyer the club should have no difficulty in fitting
the terraces. And naturally this stadium the most modern in Germany will be one of the venues for the 1974 World Football Championships. In fact both the final and semifinals will be played in the Munich Olympic Stadium. The sports hall will fill a large gap in Munich sporting facilities. It will be possible to hold international athletic meetings indoors ice shows and ice hockey matches on an area measuring 60 by 30 metres and also cultural programs. Tennis courts will be lead in the cycling stadium after the games. This is an excellent idea because the Olympic Village will become a living accommodation for more than ten thousand people including many students and naturally many of them will want to play tennis. About seven to 10 million marks will be needed annually for the upkeep of the centers. It will cost a million marks alone just to keep the parks and gardens in good condition. Willie Dahmer the president of the Munich organizing committee has asked each team taking part in the Olympics to bring a treat from their own
country with them as a present. And these trees will be planted in the Olympic Park. Thought. And to conclude here is a short news item on the Olympia Ronnie 1972. Well the 1972 will in big games in Germany will be the reason for holding a long and internationally important rally. The 3200 kilometer long Olympia rally 972 will start at the Kiel Olympic harbor on the 13th of August and finish on the Olympic site in Munich on the
19th of August. And this rally will count towards the European Rally Championship. This is being Munich 72. Five minutes of real Olympic information won't do you'll buy the transcriptions of It's all revealed Don't you about live in Cologne. This program was distributed by NPR National Public Radio. And.
Munich 70 took just. Five minutes felt real in begin promotion. The preparations for the Olympic wrestling tournaments in 1972 in Munich will be an hands off man Fred Miller. The press office on the German Wrestling Federation for five days the rest knows will be battling it out in the freestyle events and then in the classic greco roman style events. We talked to a man friend and asked him about the fact that in Munich the rest most will be able to win four gold medals more than in 1968 in Mexico. What was the reason for these increase vend
on us through league form. Well we've introduced two new weight closes up to know the featherweight class has been the lightest weight but in Munich they'll be a paper weight class which of course will benefit the smaller issues. But there's also an extra clothes for the heavier wrestlers. The super heavy weight loss is a close in which the very heavy European should do world. Model MMA wrestling competitions and to look like in Munich from the architectural point of view. The Wrestling Hall will be the most attractive hall on the Olympic site. The hole will be the scene of competitions for the whole of the Olympics. The five days freestyle wrestling will be followed by five days of judo and finally five days of wrestling in the classic greco roman style. The wrestlers and you don't because we'll have 40 dressing rooms at their disposal and there will also be enough massage rooms and first aid stations. The hole will hold five thousand and thirty two people. There will be two hundred forty seats for the
press 192 seats for the guests of honor and also a room for two hundred eighty eight wrestlers or judo because to watch the bouts while they themselves are not competing. How many wrestlers do you expect in Munich for the Olympics. About 300 in the Frisco class and between three hundred fifty and 400 in the Greco-Roman style. Well finally let's talk about a novelty in Munich the Russians will fight on a sarcoma mat. Why has this been introduced. Well the wrong moment with a diameter of six metres replaces the old square mat which measured six metres by six metres. Now this new mat doesn't give the wrestlers as many chances or opportunities of getting away from an opponent as before. Which means that the bounce become livelier level and more interesting for the spectators of heat and camp the common Condor. When I get a ticket get on board.
And finally here's a news item about the muni going to power company and its plans for the future. Off the Olympic site the Munich Olympia park company which will be responsible for running the sports centers on the Oba vision felt the Olympic site after the 1972 games are over has written to the German Football Federation saying that the Olympic Stadium will meet all the necessary conditions for the 1974 World Football Championships added vicinities. After the Games would provide no problem the stadium will have its own landing and takeoff area for helicopters. There will be more room for guests of honor covered stands for the trainers. Officials and reserves of the various teams more seats for the press dock rooms for the photographers working rooms and within a radius of 2.5 kilometers. Parking facilities for about 25000 cars.
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