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This allows anyone to see that that they has a bit of grammar. I've learned a little since the others when he goes I mean he got. The memories and he was an evil son but I'm a little startled when he goes on many panels and is the butt of them almost as much I don't know if it was your own study of those battles with. The city the program has been easy on the lonely but I see that it has one of these things if you don't see it otherwise which as you're not you're not in their ideas. But have a lot of that a study of the last battles and your daughter David Trimble probably sort
of the story of San Antonio in San Antonio take us going was that is and Doug Trimble you study along with dolls for me those last 30 last dance for me those cos I see them they see the battle. When I was young basic act that he supports accomplished without. If he says they are not part of the US adults will need also point out that many guns. Is it a case up on appeal by the Annals is equal. Dollar cost us a lawsuit also need also to look at those who put up a great deal of money that they lost a thousand needles thought and action and he said is one moment our mental approach as you Knoxy and doubt if they see it a bit I called two documents in a heap the enemy of the empty set and yet I with a Geisha it all man I would up oxy and down people look what I see these as your money nomic I thought I'm going to see them. It doesn't if he kept it and I see in America the Internet encircled inner city looking see less evil is
as you know but don't people the mocking s youngest at the ABS on ya when I'm gone way will ya don't belong to me they're going to cement that I hate you now either because I mean to take out the bottle. One of us numbers the bottom of the can I see the two studies on this and then if you need to go along get that weighs in on Ices the other permit there are many features economy cost particle may set off at a subway a bit odd project though. But be sure not you America and I promise Somebody's gotta laterally set on black yellow they can all see them. Most adults will need a Masonic governmental program I say release as your next Anthony Kennedy out she nodded I call doing less and part of the latter Labadee medical I mean lace up in mine and establish a longer than they fecal deicing to Kenya immunization dossier at the humility they were appealing you know Knoxy then delicate on using laces. Well candle can beat us over us. Marco and I would give up abortion and believe that they went on Raeford might it be that your money now they got RC had proposed in it that it daddio mean us to love our will I say
without burden on the many gun laws. Jack and I don't need silos a year they place on the sea as yellow a semi-military 30 yrs I can see to be a particular so many keep on I have been there they see me Monson in food oh. When I say would you boy took it also your same friend then Corny Well if you call diet is he going to identical problemas gentleness so she dances I would Okon our force and be threatened don't sice electorial money down I mean not the employee i don't last in thier say so you know I'm not the one I know about via Nakamoto also in laces see no one of them had a gun us. I'm a wreck it was almost I want I want to see a lawyer. They come by the angle Arsenio but I put on a suit everybody you know senior on up we don't receive the phenomenal Genesis he really says you only read the A.C. that CBS eyes yearningly efforts with the treat upload OBM made out of our community in the nightly saga on
this if when the anisotropy or the Bears and I you know really that is calling us English I mean you and I mean a cost basis in London as a Lemanis or land they says he fancies I was one of these might that assume what I meant was last dance with us I would almost seem like that when I leave it does go into the Impala calling us English doesn't that maybe got me going also to tango down the dump and also as you recall Gable the Omega saying I say yes you know what another the inlet there. That consequence set up an awful lot of well as you know many gun like latch on in their brain they see it as it does for me though for me set the scene for us at the end they say is a tsunami or comment that I thought I said reopening and when I went back at the time begins you see Vasily there they can go be a must if when they're constantly meant those who read novels because you have an Austen and H.O. I really are sick one silly Gabi and I counted on you like one of the most important that I glad I see on
a cycle point on they said easy game or seen because better than I see in these dollars somebody Sanzio catalyse Wiley's I don't see you only can say I also carry a lot of C had already chosen drunk. He entered a tossing wonder that it should be that I only want to tag along I laughingly see that. It people don't see them in the apartments I mean to mock at the core of the many Gano they while downtown L.A. basin might get to know even a separate analysis. Last I mean they have been coming frankly likely to Thomas Paine he presented us NCDOT need of a George Washington event I like colonial house independency last dozen earphone a filter that I will learn you take a lot each of the laundry when I reloading they've been then shot it probably my most important take a six month deal for a class a hobby and most idiotic while it come on the radio and you natter say Dammit I meant and what we have been coming up I said well a privilege here not to add those on my visit I thought I could are gone we woke up I had already been on south. I can count the
money that the report that I don't have a lot of attacks on the Constitution of the many gonna carry on what we are known but I would rather they miss it they seemed as such and they see it there at the place and sit on the comment I see meet them which are places then with a mental case or a you know particle blown out of the many gonna talk umbrella when I was a Parsi me. You get a yes eat us you know about us already be it a local Mental it doubly sure where we are now might have been more got the call and that I was a dilemma crushing out the many Ghana you have on my wall as it does for me those. What are you what a dive yellow that each of the loam is the my Jefferson press Jasiek wonder legal. It whodunit out that of the US at that or no combat digital I lasted on yakking tendin operator Salem into mana and so see the anchorman I couldn't stand up was he really I mean what I did. Break they go but not allow the market to come in and I get I mean I just seen the glossy LA home as it also needles will be on the new welcome but the condom
rate than you. It always brought the richer are you had it bad they call me to see you westing let that US and you got a consulate a gentle walk on neutralising out the matter. I feel now that I got I lost a thousand years they want to be on the pilots I would open a commision on video and seal it up with a dick I mean look at a sport in our own grow in me like Josephine top and race down the loss it doesn't mean they clowns on me. That's nice Unicom in the medical I've been big on the indemnity kind of class with Ella but I knew I could only see him as a little bass cantin underseas opposition or colonial evil city on one third of an eon ourselves on those who would obey US law probably most that I could offer nearly 70 km is someone I have equal title crazy Internet you know. I made a lot of the many can assess it but I load up a Yoko plan they say this will probably advance you. It really means isolate them and sort of be them in the last also need a comparative piano a meter race Friday I mean I just think that you see maybe yet Gideon are already gone. Immediate as in the
one in places they play when I get up in a million number and they make good at it I was who the immediate just seemed according to your job. MILLER There aren't that many cannot pin it down minute utterly incompetent Continental going to be any children as you need them a goddamn summer loss in a perceived economy not just doesn't go and they're going to buy soon I said I think they should up our last Young got a data analysis Federalists you know we are here when I don't have them any kind of what I see on it all and if you look at all your most important they lost a thousand needles in the impulse of evolution in that you have probably any luck Deborah. So income we don't mean port on this one a man of Arc to data. Pollution and city law make any sense human but immediate and we brought the lawsuit also need a calm but they're going to let that are in operation the Assyrian approach but if I thought they came or send their property the economic I think they can see it hourly. I mean not the important measures then you are right
America I would walk by a lake I know he and I mean I don't have to make anyone I see nothing about an equal not a cow in the suit he don't break a comma legal letter a car then I suppose it doesn't link all this yeah I love it but if you put a dollar but I guess Opus ya wouldn't take a dollar. I mean what the improper as it does when a profit on economy commenting swim across to sit in the mic whatever else it dials for any number of AKC doesn't lock while a damper as he's out there may knock on the generally heals US economy class but up where what up is him being employed this year if I got the idea you know me now and I've already got a case of what he did for my important operation the literatures with rakyat also document called sick so my calling him across yes in what he's up 100 Jack some month to Juanita and I see you've been unsellable up weight loss. North America flipped on being gay on dot when I called the Nazis has young prob Yes it seems you may Xena mentally Miss
Young. Let's not die many progresses. The analysts are going to see the same but I think without a cunt that I mean does he the opposite also colloquially by the Iraq war you know what the employment element if he's her brother. So we did at that I mean Chris you know Herman Melville got Alan Paul Wild with for him to become an American also no way la Quentin up way CIA George Bancroft William H Briscoe and Francis Parkman see Procope break out of that the powder I thought L.A. you know somebody got us. You want to mend their mental concept Don't money that in North America no good conceit then we're not a Good To Me Down deep I mean you know they know me. Lemme tell ya I'm a critic I know what down there when somebody doesn't know it on this is I don't I mean Bernie what I mean to last a thousand needles sit up there and underwrite the gun do non-Rave up local question what on it on Americans he says yell it out loud they'll dog they'll see it on the lucky Groucho pollo gushingly brain. Lotta latency know that each
animal. City by ways allowed by law to the laundry either like Greenfield evolution I don't know that many can only while the other lost somebody. Now for those of you not to many video if they don't say interleave more that Ralph Waldo Emerson when I feel most of the optimist of our sanity too is young you know she probably benign a lumbering killer councillor beyond perfect you and I would avail am paramount in this you know what I absolutely hate Arcanum one don't say we're equal. The thought reform I came born yet on our conscience you money like it or Michelle is it also neither How does word racist mass on the US for that petition the gift when I will you're likely to use a lentil endotracheal committee look at the here now property that Alice does for a needle so I mean it in the upper limits young country without a doubt. Voices were obviously those in the phone them and their mentality qualities were going on yes he was in a democracy club was likely to turn it
into jumping in a bike a sake of a councillor or die they lumbered Everest will tell if we like it received in our time we gonna let But he said my three vehicle born are them a gun are we up I see them when I enter my last into a seamless for when I get around earlier time progress so likely to continue when I get up I simply must economic until I recall drilling in their mouth they beat up waitress. Right this is impossible we don't like the late 90s and yup I'm across here and I'd recommend call IQ sleepers and then operating on my leafy the Pantheon I see on the team play Washington. They got upon the order and their independence here. I say we're not going to be a lot of Bordeaux where the Burley but I don't know but he said I'm not the editor they predict what I thought I would but I get I see we like how can I tell you that we have not done. Look while that they're meaningful to early 30 American national team a complete financial Akali into Johnny million
economically RAM I think Id could do it. Yes Ponce jungle commercial. Well I think I mean the IT tech addict they think US market Full do it all. But I think Daniel cnt they said the real presence of an operation those it's also me looking when I saw him play the last song sort of be the main thing that I hear about by John that I get to learn time and again he runs up to me money if you need to get in on can unseat the enemy that's running one property took a sound erratic out. GRACE You know I meant that particular family often know when ourselves come up out of a meat action it would appear that you are likely as young Muslim men take up lobbying US going to Boston and Philadelphia as you know I mean they know me call center and I think I was their guy was always some fancy a late this ickle Milton or not but that he does it also needles that up we'll get you political might adopt me Yana the dollar is in order. My jurors who mussing gotten me quitting and they kill in Dutch I mean a lot and I don't you know but I really could do it for
the money nothing beyond the one I played honestly Lloyd the ice I mean I was a complete totally sad about it when I say we are not American and Genesee the dial somebody cannot then come where there is one who work on the show and I have either. So like quality numbers Anabelle USA Damaris unless you let them look at the US in doing you. When he took what was in those I knew I was see I bet but I would open the bottle as it also needles on that front there seemed D-cup audience was deeply elephant there at that early on. Unless I look at when they meet at U.S. interests and they seen go I mean no AC in those simple here and I mean all of them any kind of Gumby of my DLC pitiful knocking up a deal of the day. Then I see one economy and tell us if you gonna take it up with us and that is if you know CEOs and we impose economic on the Bendel decoding meant the plantation the records and at the rallies they say law had just been set up and I don't feel good on the pin you want to mend it up in the last you see there might be more
opposition in the acrimony last year than my copy data delectation that Ahmed got a no. They loudly in their federal carry lives you don't know my mother what I got out there. C'mon consequence Yeah lotsa times when you're not around not only will they be the muscle Yalit thought a moment not really meant or not but I don't call me master. I mean what the employer you know to make an Afghani for Mundo see a controller for a course on how to release it based on mental help it draw your they've got a warrant and the last radio is the law my data but someone ought to not focus on race when I lack or what I see on these NORAD guessing that Jellicoe may tell you he cannot last in a watery cause you don't know me you're not here to convince and I compare Proby that is cool dude. Come Brian called me at my game based on my own I don't know we lost in Dawson They gosh I meant that I will be on all counts so party while it lasts and I lost a thousand needles here live on our mental on what our gifts are going to mean there's a quote I get out there can we just get out a salami there aren't that many gun as Will girl in progress see
don't if we plug in the monopoly the comedy gonna end without a miser can go hear Trey Parker. They play like I see we'll pull on our time any kind of don't I'm afeard o Sophia Bragg might the phone then and then they say they don't underwrite out Cindy if you got a good night a host so I meant to put KC theater though. Well yes it can be a double Yes important delay. Library that laid out a lot. You need the hassle of bodies you went to Iraq on a second pro-US would believe that it will tell a practical but I could do I lie because of the radical more fully I'm either going to have a solid video seein that I get to see real light I mean trick case it that Brown don't take up or take them into a lobby they already marked Troy Henry James and Henry Adams said I love you and are to me can I get out in my cell might the A-lister. So what a lot of muffled up records that I will come you say Lanty Casey meant there was a thousand needles where they like it I see we'll see only myself right below knocking the team but I doubt it's your will so tell me what the boss am proceeding
they're going to kid I thought it over a lot of cases I make it and I'm one of them when you know it but it's on us and then we don't know when. I mean I was into these yet think I'm a crush and ultimately kind of what I say when I first got here was I was a tenth into the medical are going to see though I thin in the celebration of the many gonna I will get book and I see the NCAA Cup was that he said. The missile you want like I want it for my Iranian but I see a cleaver line duty very good to act equal though I only meant that I would argue are so many are also battles as indeed mentors who are a lot is suing me that I'm going to my fourth about it will only go as you're seeing here. Yes he only really muscly well and I think in all of the advice cyclical poker a mass sport a big team and also see that probably medicines you're meant economical in Paris or will I be acutely sentimental openly when we tell my family when I get ready. God gave me I said to be deployed to Iraq I will project the Interpol police my last
one your not when you probably see my I mean I see you learn really what I want to win some Europe back to the Franklin Roosevelt who will continue their action either prop on see them. You can't I won't impose it does when I was out on video. And I see you're not a pro by Apple has on those who rebel ceases and brought the heat up off again to fit in here but I made a comment that a woman they cicle merits you don't learn how to make an offering that is on the same Asin about this Will the observer which may sound based on you on the lawsuit is as you know demanded he leave it under a lot of the Army a lot of idea how to wrestle dollar for like an odd time he can I mean I just seem to not enter your Joe daily with aqua blue softly you never come up with this you know what I'm really gonna act like I bring the younger non-supporters he saw us he already can own up political reporter yet a packet of watch ina did I threw there like conservation out there many can isolate what IBM Intel barely lets a thousand emails is entirely on the national mood and have a second will see them when they are meant to conceal his heels.
They're being imprisoned there aren't that many cannot because when they close it doesn't need on the other foot Our crews will get off in nearly all of that out. We're not going to be up on a outdoor hurt them any gun you get what I represent that I like what I meant there was a thousand needles in my confidence here who got this job or that a lot are going to surprise also premed like honestly mean though and I've done what I'm on their land brothers in law politically consider all of the girls and I'd rather they learn as you will tell me they won't which a model a court the program up a receipt he says you don't sit on my chair before mass. Glenn I see you now you don't. And election when I write that he feels like those shown there are part of the apocalypse and dined as a PC Allie's he aggression don't know there was a demo and got a nice you know like the teacher was yelling up out of there it down let me know that many can or you will be I'm not the one thing I could come but at the same lean either long for it I mean they were there you at least that Wilson I say class doesn't need to worry and that is as innocent something then
as you know Alice Dep. lover who I mean don't they operate so sort of b.s.. One dog him you know he took up darts a thud you're lucky I get around the nice he mocking Oculus was a civilian name what the Navy but there is a new math that I don't I see I thought oh Gemini get up but I got on I get like get up US I don't wind up on a limb across here I'm always on the sea. Police in the cellophane saw the whole thing. With some pretty good all I mean all around are busting big bro thing I did I get I think there is a void they lost a thousand needles e. they would all pilot wrote that on your hard time any kind of work going on. Amy now as the rain dance on me and all these illusion I look on up on that make up what they are up and I get I'm on the outside but as you know a lot of these IOC until I get a seat in a muscle question I say broken only import on they come in the nick of Commerce Yannis human and part 2 data going up property up there mean that even if he meant the little boy but I think without that political shit I don't the one when that opening up an easy by lease based I mean they like racing
them and us out there that he money drop ins here. You have declined to Dion off when we have the other. Well hard to make out genuinely well they read them a subtle move on can I get a lot of where I will comment on any physios. Yes I was a dainty cause when I say the affair and I seen them off beat out that I could accurately they left me what the book I mean I saw s.a.m any kind of preparation I mean to Romeo had not part of the they call many guys you know I said gonna hurt them any kind of mocking and I mean I was in the brain to logically see happen on me now right you know so that is you know I follow you but I've got ideas one idea really and I felt them obvious but I'm going to sit on that money thought upon those accommodate the enemy of the report the political advantage of the new mentor but I must say appropriate IP laws that also need all support and who will put out. I thought Michael didn't know that many gun laws on your brain think the jobs it out are based really perform them like I did it become a significant they'll pay Diogo in Iraq to put our collaboration on the ground by Saddam. Briefly how about in 10 days as have the more
you let up so you need more and not be doing you late at their loss at the other anyway. Louise and I may do. That CEO that Greece's economic I mean I was just drained. I mean as a long time when those who say they want those yellow embrace we knew that it was a dozen years with beyond I mean a patient only ended up on one of the guys on operationally remove massive aid. Frankly Rosabel he soon we won't become a New Yorker I thought our life but I said I was young and out the door of the many cannot get delegate and young kid they managed to sell me the army the army he gets the Democrats have it was about as you're not handing us your own enough way part of this and I've been on my own line of grass you see now what they call humans likely because I leave it at that clinic but I said when I look at the matter really they are not that many coming friend Douglas I feel like they preach on 90 minute Dunlop. I soup Willie I mean what the employee for Sam laws and what we end up with sellers who Forza. See ya seen that response I landed on my Idea him look at the US and well coming
out of formality to my loss and even God knows he McArdle we're not quiet and I feel I like it or I don't have a lot of bigging appropriate that you're really want. In my brain thin also meant there was a thousand of those you know by a place he really has unisex in. It to Work on to do that but I think it a hobby and I thought I'd die of heat up or i remind me of how to sew it up by using the McGrath because I mean I said I need the yellow Hollywood Bellemont African plate that last a thousand years ago and we don't call the US they only check on they throw salad leaked out or is the day that I meant get the goggles and both are more in a line you mean I was the one and they are back on their feet in the morning I can let that out of Franklin Roosevelt for paradise you know and yeah I mean yes at dial condo call him on the levy I would call if they don't sound good and wonderful to us am a quarter when I would leave it out in middle it I see that when I really would have but I really doubt I sound and I really
like it I thought yeah like get us a random Eagle massive blackout a lot in Baltimore that announced for the novel on him a good idea. I conclude you're lucky Kelly want them any kind of hold out that women could I love somebody thought that I made it doesn't you know he thought here and then thought I would have no soul I meant that with the lifers and money on those you know the rally the early morning Leopard on size who called me nasty on it I copied I see on Internet you're not going to touch on their nice you know so neither effort by the U.S. Now the escalation I breezy Brown meant their policy Thousand Needles cases for such people Monday lip balm on the anti consulate out in full time as you energize the tent this character meant a time I see in the. Well as it does for Neil somebody else would like to do is intentional thing in the accounts earlier to him but lean in got a dollar logo ticket for any society you see in the money three check up as you'll go and look at us yes. Let my gentleman as I can't really read it that they lost a thousand needles. Elaborate them to a more class yes I see the party they mean always into one and they seemed barely to be made about with Delanie at our local sheriff.
Committee called Churchill I think on the end is in the don't belong there Seattle let bunch generally meet guys who pull their look greenhouse. Now I come in and done Tacoma Forza people are nasty and they may not believe that but what I did a little prescient the Truman Eisenhower he kenned the last US when he lost oh man our friend then a month early Woody. But I'm a co-production economic I guess is that I mean took thing equal don't we not Terman Browne-Marshall point awkward thought yeah separates all those it also needles NHL frame delicate easy thenew drop out genius that cannot be in the US I made I thought I had to learn that the Aussie at the attorney says you're going to tell so many gunnels see our all political money welcome but about the only that is what Arny's atack Lisi Sampras in Doug local My young guy without counsel and as I got to do as you like about them. When I leave they lied hourly. I mean two out of the many can I said rather sequel
I make up for they can get back on the call Also New York and I mean to Darcy know it going to see them coming up way said the Chelsea and if you look at Iraq on a daily bus you get a CNN bought a car saying we will isolate the addressing Kong beat us last a thousand only last game you know it does the same Taliban aren't never seen touching them you know why we don't take it all sounded funny Will they be that you know we are not my leader and moan don't sink went down our economy deals in a model so. Known by their that he got I threw Shaun the lead at Belmont up by the beneficiaries who put it down like got a daily pass your loser but I will but eventually go beyond Nollywood into Armando like I did it up with a bit of fiction I mean the last out of Michael gave her friend that I really saw. So not a tandem a prosecutor you raise you know solar loss it also needles. So you know it by going to the cellar co-production there was a thousand needles going down and I seen a someone there earlier that is the I see the little program of that I said blunderbusses doubles in emails and in program either way as
David Trimble probably sort of the story of the college he was and Antonio in San Antonio has. Put it in your arsenal right there rather than have you see on the one you got to see the other day has the answer to your nationality but I like what I see on your but I was there is when I meet will be on way back.
Speaking of Mexico: Spanish
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This series discusses issues related to Mexican life, government, and culture. This is the Spanish-language version of Speaking Of Mexico.
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