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Yeah. College radio players resent the year of the patriotic play by Francisco Emerson Brown the educated school nurse. Today's play is one of a series produced by the Grinnell College radio players grant from the National Association of educational broadcasters through the funding for adult education. Today a story for children it's about children surely and it's about a schoolhouse and the schoolhouse talks but it's about adults too. However let us hear for ourselves. Here is Nancy one felt to tell us the story. The little schoolhouse in the valley was a red coat trimmed with white corner posts and white corners in his front Gable high over his doorstep. He holds a Blue Shield with gold letters reading know that I sell. My. Very first red
coat was still tacky when Miss Shaw got out of her buggy to teach his and her. Very first first day of school. She had one armful of books. Her other hand patted her pompadour settled her boss and rang the bell. She was so pretty. Her smile so persuasive that the little red schoolhouse decided then. He would devote his life to learning. Good morning children. How many of you are here for your first day of school. Raise your hands six seven. I must raise my hand too. This is my first day of school as a teacher. Hash park schoolhouse should raise his hand if he had one mad tell you a secret. We are all you to get an education. Isn't that true. Yes. The secret of getting an education is to learn one new thing each day.
So the little red schoolhouse learn something new each day and each night he reviewed the day's lesson. On dark nights. He added and subtracted his rafters and worked multiplication on his own square feet. Moonlit nights he winked and blinked his windowpanes at the reading charts until he knew them by heart. The little schoolhouse was determined to get an education. Duty comes first though his duty was to help the children. That very first day he greeted them at his door. All the winter he folded them snug in the spring he sheltered them from rain and hot sun. Most important of all he taught them by his own studious attitude that this was a place for learning. He set aside one of his corners for restless or on heating children. When Miss Shaw said of the boy or girl there under the tall dunce cap he comforted then inspired that child to try as only a good school house can.
The years passed every graduation day departing class one splat above the newly painted motto. Know thy self. Every fall the new premier class came to me to make friends with the little red school. Long long ago dear Miss Shaw had married a redheaded farmer long ago their six children had patted the little red schoolhouse goodbye as they helped hang the graduation flag. Twenty six grandchildren had graduated here too yesterday. Another first day of school. One of the granddaughters had come in all grown up. She had one armful of books and the other hand dangled the record album and the basketball with the new teacher. For goodness sake the little red schoolhouse Neuwirth once she looks so like her grandmother even with an Auburn poodle cut
instead of a brown pompadour. It rained that September night and the little red schoolhouse grumbled creaking and cracking talking to himself the way old buildings do makes a body feel 0 0 old and decrepit. What's this. A raindrop running down right across my motto. No highest self that day. I know myself inside and out. I'm an educated schoolhouse. But where did it get me. Knowing where all the years and what does it add up to and the little red schoolhouse tripped raindrops all night. Heat of sod twice as hard. If you'd heard the announcement at the school board meeting in town. Consolidated buses will begin to pick up the country children. This is a big step forward in
education fellows members. The end of one rule one teacher is getting a little red schoolhouse didn't know yet. He did notice that there were lots of grown up visitors all week. Grownups who had come to school here as children they all gazed sadly at the Little Red School that whole week was rainy and a good thing too because the little red schoolhouse simply had to ball every night. Whoa with the wind in the walnut trees. All my old pupils looks at me that's why. I don't amount to anything. Friday afternoon Friday afternoon the grown ups flocked in by the cars full. The little red schoolhouse was wildly excited though we only snapped his flag in the brisk breeze that was blowing away the clouds and stretched his walls to make room.
It's like graduation day. The Christmas celebration. And here it is only the middle of September. Give me strength. I must stretch that corner a bit more. Somebody is trying to squeeze through. Well it's the president of the board. I didn't see him coming up the path. He's going to make us. This ought to be good. Maybe he's going to announce a special edition to my library. I do hope. Well I kept my high school house does like to look nice especially with so much company. He's been getting quite a shiver my Sinbad is schoolhouse on you. Consolidated building with yes excellent staff the largest library in the county. The swimming pool was Little Red Schoolhouse. Yeah it's best after all on own land owned by Ed..
One room never got past a grade. Well just crumble away unnoticed and the shot is getting up. No no not miss Shawn Of course it isn't. It's Michelle's granddaughter. She does looks so I like my idea of a SHA back in that very first first day of school. Probably this one has a job in the new consolidated school and glad to go. While she will never be troubled by me I can promise her that squeak is floorboards and wish the rain clouds could sweep back with a thunderous roar to help him express his feelings. But the weather waited to hear Michelle's granddaughter as yet knowing that that happy confident expression meant something good for the valley Valley children have been coming to this little red schoolhouse for a long time ever since my grandmother's day.
They've learned to read and to write and to spell and to do simple arithmetic and to know their world through geography and history and civics and so have gone on from here to high school to college out into the world. Might I stay right here and go stuff that you want to create stops moving down my string goes to your branches to yourselves. Oh I'll be quiet and listen. All of us come back to the valley all of us have come back to the little red schoolhouse which is the heart of the valley because we had been so sturdily built the little red schoolhouse would have been rocked on his foundation because this little schoolhouse is the heart of America and I have a plan. We'll make it the Valley Center. We'll even call it Valley Center if we can remember. Some of this is brought chicken and noodles. Don't worry there's enough for all. We thought
we'd see if you'd like a chicken noodle supper here every now and then and we'd use the money to buy canning equipment. Keep it here and have canning get awful tired of my own company in my own kitchen come get him to do it. We make a novel put it in lockers and have a freezing party. Father Christopher has been happy to learn get asked a great return of the article covers it shows the Tejas platform makes a sort of stage. I love plays in college and if anyone was ordering Americans or one is a fine place to practice with friends why not. Lassus after all this is a schoolhouse Valley. Answer This is do our school if we have adult and extra curricular classes. They're doing it in other places all over. As long as you're learning you're growing but touring I mean not growing. Staying Young. Education is living. It doesn't stop with formal schooling. We can have just as many classes just as many kinds of classes here as we need and we want American English to start with.
I mean. Some of those laboratory farmers from college would come down to talk farm Driggs any planning meeting books discussion groups I've heard about you I just heard questions make no politics I don't want to get into a political argument with you on politics. Let him shoot it out. If you look at it from both sides. You can take a look at communism. But what I like is a place to leave Jane and Pete Townsend Belushi say they justice and practice their teachers training and the kids will love. If you believe he has a hospital bed she won't need anymore since her father passed on and I have that wheelchair in crutches Jim can walk without Thank God. Couldn't we keep stuff like here like that here so when someone. A neighborhood like this big telescope down in the attic in the star charts if
we can have an astronomy club we have here every one of us worry just think this whole clubhouse Jean-Marc church congregation in a small too small to build a church for some years we have been meeting in houses but it would be nice to go to Norman with mine on Sunday morning. The little red schoolhouse fairly buzzed with ideas for the evening was over he was booked up for weeks and months ahead. He really did not see how we could fit everything into his schedule but he was happily sure that he would and this was only the beginning. Only the first of the Chicken Noodle suppers after they'd all gone home under the starlight. The little red schoolhouse winked and blinked the last rain drops from his shining windows and reviewed this new lesson. No dice. Haha oh I didn't know myself. I don't have to go somewhere and turn into somebody else to matter. I just have to be ready to welcome everyone shelter and help them as I always I just have to remember that whatever it
is we can take together. Do together. America. Yes I remember the history lessons that isn't. Now I know myself and what I am. I would like to. Just look at me. Read my great coke. Why. My white trim and blue my shield. I'm as American as the blonde. Grinnell College radio players of the educated schoolhouse by Francisco Emerson Brown educated schoolhouse was directed by Herbert Prescott as the narrator in today's story was Nancy one time Michelle's granddaughter played by Sally Oz bar. Robert stared was the voice of the little red school house. Others in the cast included Joel Tam Jerry Tom and Joel Prescott Norman Cohen and soon Adam or Darla Williamson.
Gregg Williams and Jimmy sheltie and Cheryl Williamson production was by Tom Reed and Robert gallants engineer. Educated schoolhouse was presented by the Grinnell College radio players under a grant from the end be sponsored by the fund for adult education of the Ford Foundation. Special theme music for the series was composed and played on the Harry chapel organ oil carpenter Charles Haynes is your announcer reminding you that this is a Grinnell College Program this is the network.
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Educated schoolhouse
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Grinnell College
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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"The Educated Schoolhouse," by Francisca Emerson Brown.
Series Description
A series of 13 patriotic plays by professional freelance writers as edited and directed by Herbert Prescott with the Grinnell College Radio Players.
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Actor: Weinfeld, Nancy
Actor: Tomlinson, Jerry
Actor: Osborne, Sally
Actor: Williamson, Darla
Composer: Carpenter, Hoyle
Director: Prescott, Herbert
Funder: Fund for Adult Education (U.S.)
Performer: Burroughs, L.C.
Producing Organization: Grinnell College
Production Manager: Reed, Tom
Writer: Brown, Francisca Emerson
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 54-1-8 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:14:38
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