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Didon had good odds the prince that I quote was behind because he just people see him. As if he's really done cos Who's that. The friend you. You have sold me. Oh that's good of you. I had a notion that Carlos might be needing his old friend. You thought that thought of me that touches me deep in my heart I knew that you still care. I have deserved that you should know it. Yes I knew that too. We understand
each other. Oh yes I know quite well how much you suffered victim and priest I know I understand as you prepared me for the sacrifice cutoffs sacrifice which I would contend. I know that you are complete the mighty work I was too weak to do and spared you shall have a golden age again but not through me through you. For when this fatal fated love destroyed me as God's instrument and yours and chance o God himself offered the king you bought him with my secret you did well for I could not be saved but space could be perhaps through Philip's feeling for you. So he has nothing to condemn in you or me except my dazzled folly that refuse to see that by betraying me my friend proved himself great indeed. No no no no. Never reckoned on this Miracle of loyalty that cloaks my plots
with its divine excusing. All I built collapses Karlos your heart. Had it been possible to spare the queen these miseries then Roderick you would have known what gratitude can say and do. But what's my weight against the general good forgive me. I'm just not only on this charge. If this reproaches then all of that so I should not stand before you as I do. Here are the letters which you trusted to me safe with you. I thought the king had read. And who told you that. You trust him and he told the truth the king has read your other letters yes.
But can you think he read the vital list you choose once more to make be able to be your confidant. Yes. The king has sent me to set you free. I am instructed to return yourself to express how gratified first time made prison in me why then I am set free again none tells me why. I understand your highness. That the King was for a while misled by what the king ordered my arrest when the king the king should make amends. I would not take my sword from any hand but if I may bring him to the king he will I'm very sure. No I stay here until the king himself. Or else the people free me from prison. As your Highness pleases. What's all this explain explain the long minutes no longer.
But how did you hear the plan succeeds. Thanks be to Him Who let the plan succeed. My whole life which I climbed to this divine moment of time. So I. Hope I never saw your eyes so bright. My last we must say goodbye. Starting but it's goodbye in my car those fools would say we part for ever. Let's Carlos my friend where are your thoughts. Come back and you will hear it. My interview in private with the King and how it went to the world. But that someone had betrayed you. That the Queen's desk had been rifled and your letters taken to the king that he himself told me that I was his confident.
Yes Carlos I hate. To let you fall until this point I'm blameless but I knew it. But partly that the case was delicate but I confess it partly out of pride singlehanded my boat. I did not tell you of my secret plans. That's where I overreached myself. It was a madness of self-confidence but based upon my confidence in you and your confidence in me. So when the queen was hurt and when officials lay out about told told tales of me I still said nothing. You would be lost to you would get you unable to think of nobody close by naked guilt for such it seemed to you in room and then abandoned by our only friend you would turn to Princess that devil. Trade you call us to the King and I were the king. I saw
you what her goal alarmed I followed to find you at her feet begging to see the queen that told her all oh no she pitied me went black. What could I do no help no way at all to say if you were able or you had heard the truth. She must not hear. But I drew my dagger Carlos cos I thought so I could trick the keeper if I could make him think that I myself was guilty. You would go free. What did you do. Sat down and wrote a letter to a friend among the rebels. Oh no I love the Queen. And now I had leave to visit her at will. That you had sought out able to bidding her warn the Queen against me then to stop your mines I had ordered your arrest to give me time to get away to process the letter I had dispatched not by the post context his head is all it has. Every letter is censored by the King of Texas no doubt it will do
his duty. Then I am lost. And why the kid will not endure to know that he's been to see you. Tell him I will wait. He must be told at once. By God my God I linger here and all the while the king gives orders to his killers. Let me have no loss when you played the whipping boy and save my skin was I so scrupulous and conscience ridden. Save yourself for Flanders. Truly is your affair to die for you. Is mine all wrong. He can't resist death both I'll bring you to him father. I should say father a friend did this to save a friend. He'll look at us and offer me for my father is not inhuman when he understands. Yes he will suffer then forgive us both. That man who was it called.
The king acts with glee. I had hoped for longer. Plus you're skinny you're too skinny. The queen has all in her hand. Columnist. I can. Not. Pay and I granted your requests. And come to free you. Rise. Saud come to your father's arms. You may love it there. I've come to touch back. I say fear not. He's safe from me as safe as Mark is on his folly.
God Himself has branded him look this is what he did. This man of blood. This is his masterpiece. With my gentleman here not for me. Are we not son father and await whatever the new enormity. He's new to a church forgotten murder is the word. Look here. Look murder was innocent until this hour. Is there no God in heaven. To toys so cutely it's all for you too you know what you have done. He'll never know this thief of life who stole away the beauty of the world who blotted out for ever in one man more treasures of the Spirit virtuous truth than he and all his century can show. If I get to rationally with him you should not judge me.
I defended you defended me. God still does not know. Oh tell him someone help this old wise fool to understand. This was my friend and he is dead because he died for me. It was yes you were fooled. You who know men so well. Youth was too quick for you and took you away and yes we were brothers. His whole life was love of me of all the world he died for love for while you played with him he played with you. You were a tool to use in his design for universal freedom. The idea of a prisoner is part of his design for when my fall a shattered it and once he planned to save me wrote that lie the first he ever did to his friends in Flanders then arrange that your doll I should read it. Thus he
flung himself on death to save me you whom you loved. You offered him your favor with your scepter for a toy. He flung them both aside. To die for me. He was so easily deceived by such. A thought him good enough to be your friend. But when he tested you were not good enough. No no our subtle code was not for you were. And he was not your man as well you knew when you rejected kingdoms Glory's powers and you you could not play upon that knew your iron fingers broke in spring training you could not use him. So you murdered him. So. This unnatural silence. We are here.
Speak to us Majesty. He could have given you much happiness. He was no need God. You who rob Joss and I. It is my soul. You are one small my soon kill me as you kill him and seek another son amongst your slaves. Let him in a garret Hiram and not have my ride. Bike. While I speak. My. I stand condemned by now your subject. Stormy weather. Well OK but very well this time.
THE KING OF SPADES. No more no no you cowards. Richard boy when he gives the time you will fall away. I had betrayed by rebel. Oh my King this is something I just say shows respect for the mice. The young and hopeful are not. Helpless doddering old man. Down on our knees before ya king and I am on your job or my crowd and lift him. And trample on me. I was caught. I was the King Kong himself.
That predatory has changed his nature we dare not speak to him. I doubt I must. My people have uncovered the whole plot cannot escape when I shall let my past take the truck and I say here comes Sparky and I was happy to hear it. I cite you hate it and despise. I need him here to mend his pity. Don't tell me your Majesty. Those who read his wife's nice clothes of slaves I am no noble or crazy. All of you know work because one man despises me he. Oh my King no more of him. I guess they are going to be threatened just from today. Just my son he had a friend who died. You like them like that. He called them to be
hearings up under throws. No not such Rai I want him back a lawyer. News for him comfort Lesage official departments but cannot stretch an hour down to the grave and brought back to life. I've blocked it out to East today. The valley is not a gal who calls me happy a man who would not all know me he's gone into the grave. What other living to me this century has known but one free man. Well no he despises me and I have done a lot on one hand that he had fellow rounds just hocking it came to me like you're here let me see a new deal he couldn't change the fate of Europe.
He was my first love. You don't make us play. Let's hear it. Looking at the e o be graphic you would just what the colonel who says he gave his life to save the lad my son or not believe it. The heart of such a man most he is warmed by the opinion flame of friendship. Now about his passion was humanity itself for generations yet unborn he's sort of grown and lost it before friendship say you know him that he did not sacrifice Pilate to Carlos but he sacrificed the old man to the young man. Carlos was he did a story of a son say. It's clear enough they wanted me to go
but it was very good. I am Phillips too. I became a name and not stop. I will greet you she's virtues and he's greedy twitterings of lunacy. It's all not his friendships and his century. I don't he's to my grave. Here are lawyers doctors who market me to serve mankind. Mankind shall suck up all right. Let them French the cardinal Inquisitor got the scape goat. Where did you leave the prigs oversight. I hear scapes tonight but we will see to that. What brilliant really. Tell me yourself globe or sort of 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 like him into question here.
Michael Reese and report a rumor that the ghost there Your Majesty knows of the Roma but my father's shade walks in the cloisters foolish Kailash is new. They say that he was seen nearly the Queen's pavilion her whole room still like that up of darkness. Strange they tell me that her majesty dismissed her late is that it. Let the dollars be watched and call my guards. I want myself interrogators and back to stay out of the loop because it all is calm with these details. Let them wait for him to be active outside. But Carter goes like I had forgotten. Let them bring him and then withdraw become a cardinal even quit it all.
I started to before beginning before we came and I never expected. I knew who was once your children to seek advice. I trained your part of the great Emperor never devise happier he. But I have done and indeed Cardinal murderess D. What role of your treachery Hun parallel the Marquess show you know for yet as we love only that fellow talk and he was never took large. We gave him a rope. You let him leave our shows. You let him go beyond your reach never beyond my reach its purposes when oh why was I kept in ignorance. Because you never asked. Why did you fling yourself into his are
types for me. Shawl look to the bottom mask the hypocrite. But no you would chose to treat our office of its prayer. He's punished now not so. A murderer's hand has robbed our house the man was ours. Well actually the straw is the careful work of years. A heretic escapes the flames and you have mother covered. No my son I am not. Please do if you'll forgive me for my passions were too strong for me. Have also meet the Philip whom I taught and I.
Passed them was what was the matter to you. Oh you so draw but you walked by and not by one really Moses and that boastful grave. You have your so easily seduced by gods. How dared you send ten thousand men to the stake because they to be seduced by what you had wanted. Kind. Yes these Domingo you will none of what humanity to you. Numbers and names no more are you orbiting. Must I go over it with you my great scholar. Too big God on Earth. You all must deny yourself
all human tie. He's too small a man. I cannot do it so. Or saw you weary of all partners through you have got me all freedoms the man your clock to act was himself your punishment. And so your lot. That's not how you come when prayed to be bought out. Had I not been called to do this night by the living God tomorrow you would have been you know Lenda by B. I quizzed cardinal controller saying if you go to from such words and such a tone to need I know to do it I am not your to see my whole life's work just straw I divide my oh
well you're called Matt what do you want of me before I go. Very short I know you are God. I want before I let you go from me in peace. I want but we are reconciled if Phillip bows before us. My son is heading a river walk where you go. Nothing or everything by everything you mean. I mean I must let him flee or I must let him die. I can't turn you. Invent for me your creed that justifies the barbarous murder of an only son to satisfy eternal justice.
God didn't let his own son crucified and you will say as much to Europe to go. Same against nature. What you would try the case let me be with your entire life. Leave it alone. Who then have I labeled death. Yeah death. Received from my own hand. The children sacrifice. I mean what. Kind of Being with.
Good. News. He said to Gus we need to get. But no. We must not tweaker cares up for a little lost is a huge loss is to us. But I vouched for you my God. Yes that was his consolation on his way to be today and I will keep your vibe Flounders redeal tro be his monument. I've come to say goodbye. He left you to be. He knew love was get this before God. A deep I love you is it. I am He's And you are mine and he's the only third in our great fellowship a friend for ever. I'm leaving Spain and I shall never see my father's face again and never again return to him and
duty whilst I strive to save my happy people. If I come again I will come as king and you will be my father's widow not my life. And now the faces the lives embrace this is farewell for ever more. You have this strong gun now am I not strong Elizabeth. I hold you to my hots and wave I'm not a tool. All of that is over. Last. I heard of the midnight strike can be done. I'll write to you from grand and openly as I will tell him Philip you wear his cloak I will be my last to see. Your God and my duty to.
Leave you to do who yours. Will you heard Don Carlos by Freidrich Schiller translated and adapted for
broadcasting by Clemence Dane David Peel appeared as Don Carlos Leon Quartermaine as King Philip the second of Spain and Christine Finn as the queen. The part of poser was played by Laurence Payne Princess evilly by Rosalie Crutchley Domingo by Miles Madison and the Grand Inquisitor by Ernest Melton. The production was directed by age before time and music was composed by Roberto Gerhard and played by organist Charles Spinks and harpsichordist Hubert docs. These world theater programs are produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Their broadcast is made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Next week listen for the life and death of King John by William Shakespeare with Robert Addison Alec Clunes Maxine oddly John Johnston and Ernest Milton. This program was prepared for broadcast by W. R. v r the FM
station of the Riverside Church in New York City. This is the national educational radio network.
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