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Well there is no nation for us to fear. No king who could make war upon the Roman people. All foreign enemies have been pacified. But the Civil War rebase men reclining at their banquets embracing Holocaust weakened by Vice built in their conversation the mood of man and the burning of the city looks really madness. Crime are the enemies we have to fight. I offer myself a citizen as a leader for this war. Cicero spoke and the world listened.
Her. And the world listen. Program three in a series dramatizing great oration. And the Creator of. These programs are produced by radio station WAGA of the University of Wisconsin. Under a grant from the Educational Television Radio Center. In cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters consultant for the series is chairman of the department of speech at the University of Wisconsin. Here is Professor Habermann Marcus Tullius Cicero was born in one hundred and six B.C. and assassinated 63 years later in 43 B.C. by any definition he was a great man scholar writer politician philosopher or even poet. He is most celebrated However as an orator his countryman Catullus calling him the most eloquent of all the sons of Romulus. Fortunately for history he wrote
out his orations after delivering them not hesitating to polish them of cars. These speeches were a practical force in Roman politics and they are revealing historical documents for us today. But still more important documents on the life and times of Rome and US sources for information on Cicero are his letters. Nine hundred and thirty one of them survived. It may be that he was the greatest letter writer of all time. These letters reveal Cicero as a man of Gatty and good cheer a man of lively mind quick to observe an impulsive and reseating in reaching decisions bursting with knowledge and garrulous in expression. His letters his orations his outpourings and philosophy his extensive writings on the theory of speaking and writing all these led to call Cicero the springs of living waters. Not all scholars admire Cicero. Indeed the admirers of Caesar
are usually the detractors of Cicero. They quote from his letters to show that Cicero was a doctrinaire without sound doctrine but he was afflicted with blindness in political affairs that he faltered hesitated and preened when action was needed that he was guilty of boasting cowardice malice deceit and morbid vanity. We now know that many of Cicero's letters were deliberately destroyed and others carefully edited by Cicero's murderer Mark Antony even in death. Cicero passed on to the political steamroller. But even in death Cicero was still a danger to the dictatorship. For Cicero was an eloquent and persistent defender of the republic in which he had risen to fame. He had studied in Roman schools as well as in those of foreign lands. He had become the leading lawyer of the Roman courts. He had been elected to all the important offices in the power of the Roman people to elect him. Most dramatic of all the events of his political career and the one which we have here chosen to dramatize was his smashing of the cattle in Marion because
spirity to assassinate him and to seize control of the government by force of arms. It happened in 62 b c when Cicero was elected to the consulship. The highest office in the line. Husband Husband Oh my Cicero I am so Prawle and I was heard the news. All the house is filled with my friends and strangers too. They wait to honor the moment's peace first I need with a Terentia. What an uproar. Even before the ballots were counted the people screamed as if we were at a game of gladiators instead of the Roman Forum. Voting my cicerone not be a gladiator nor any part of the sweating vulgar
arena. Far too good too great too noble is I tongue twisting to the word noble. We must not forget ours is not a noble house. Not even though I have now chosen consul Cicero is but a new man an upstart from the villages and proud to be why not a new man consul. Why always the nobles the same names the same faces year after year keeping for themselves the honor and the glory. I'm sick of it all roll miss sick of it yet I have been hearing a voice in the forum just now in the streets even here in this quiet chamber. What do you say. The voice of the priestess at Delphi. Long ago I asked the oracle how I might gain glory and the god voice answered. I must guide my life by my own genius not by the opinion of the people. And now you have the glory. Why do you skull and suck your lip read Joyce. What greater glory for genius than the council but it was the opinion of the people who voted
the rabble and the nobles good and evil each with their own motives. They voted for me. Now I must deal with them. Words words words in the hope of them Greek besides. Why must you always make a crisis of words. Deal with them. Of course you must deal with them now you have Romanov and I may have a knife in my back already. Kaplan has declared he will stand for council next year cataloguing. He would not dare that. That obscenity that feel they would never elect my angry wife you do not know what a beast is Rome. I am a man of law. The old laws the Senate the power of the councils in the Republic these things I understand. But can a man of law control a beast. I have only words as you have said and men of action follow catalyze. Then this house this great house by all the gods we honor shall bring back honor to Rome. Pay homage with me to the altars of our household gods then greet our friends who wait they in the outer hall. I'll see to the preparation of the
banquet and also celebrate with thee the return of decency and honor to Rome. I don't that's the opinion of the people. But so be it. Rome shall reform and I'll be invincible if you say so. That was always a tyrant wife was a tyrant a virtue my love. I was told was to drown the planet and wind have to sell the tune of the flute player from the dancer she's already too drunk the band sings daggers into the phone and Sam roofless has found new things to keep it to himself. But I heard the story at 11 a.m.. Tell me don't tell me I know all about it and I felt as a member of the bar memo one you mock us what have you to do with gobs of from me who are from me I'm as bad a married.
Mind you when I came back from Syria. Yes Hell there was a little matter of a damp high old Rufus. It's a secret I owed him a debt about the taxes in Syria. Well I suppose the good counsel Cicero would call it bribery was honorable. Guy then I'll tell all the scandal of your debauchery. I know what happened last night. That would make the very cheeks of Cicero. Well clearly not at least not he might breach the moral gives himself. My God rises when I pass his house setting himself up in such style on the Palatine him it's no way to get the money for my house. The women then why does NOT the host the blame. How else can a man live as live without women and pretty things no games no show no bribes no profits. Money talks. But Cicero would
talk all money to death. Your father had the grace to die and leave you as inheritance lives. Down with the father's words living I've heard there's a tribe in the eastern mountains who manage this sort of thing well when a man's too old and his son's ambitious they carry the old fellow up to the snow line and leave his bones to the wall. And then there is poison poison is easier to come by in Rome and always it makes very little knowing that I'm not on. Oh yes again my friend you you might join our secret societies very secret very secret Drago mad very drugged with dense very mad at Sister ruler a man of the womb which is to say of Rose You know how these things are done in addition is very bad in Rome.
Nobody's happy. Time for action by men of action. Wipe the slate clean. I broke the cup but pretty broad all the way from there and never mind another pretty complex British cup with that. Marcus let him sleep it off is head in the pool of wine will give him pleasant dreams. Plain speak plain what did he walk What did he mean. Time for action. We we mean to set Rome right. And in this muddle of debts and taxes and interference from politics owns an empire now Empire isn't ruled by Senate councils and riffraff from the countryside. Voting and ballots. Rome needs us strong man catalyzed. I am naming no names Tis one of the rules of our secret society
but we are pleased if you choose to join us. Only men of guts remember the gods help you if you turn priggish at our plan I know purely and wholly forget you are a gentleman also. We keep queer company. Some of us saw our rough eons but we all do our man's work. When can I meet him where is he now. Who knows perhaps with some of our company in the gladiators barracks. Some brother Lord Temple mayhap in the wine shop recruiting. I am sick with patient then go find your sweetheart Fulvia. It is almost dawn and the pretty woman likes waking to her lover's sighs. Be gone then to food and take hot. Till we meet again.
And I just got it he hasn't come by the devil as he will call the slaves at dawn i'll be missed when you were in for a penny lying throwed down upon us. Open the shutters a crack you see him are his shadow not as all the other wine shops are closed streets empty Dago Roman can keep me waiting but he's no dog or man either but a demon of the goshawk that piping out wrapped around your neck. Han find you in. Leave him be strong. His heart is breaking for his lost sheep. Whatever you do if he's worse than the beasts in the arena nobody has a grievance as do we all thieves gladiators slaves Romans. You heard how the rich nobles buy up the land and work it with slaves like our friend here. While honest sheepherders Freeman with their pipes must go up piping in a begging and just leave stick a farmer as a
pig. I cannot think why land are Romans. Only that my sawed swing it if you like it what it is. Someone come quick little farmer you have the ears of a fox. I hear nothing. I can hear underground. But now comes one like a snake without feet. He is the door. Wait wait for the password. Is there wine in the shop a jar is broken. Unlock it is come. My merry nights watching you've given us this nice sun up I'll be misled like it not terrorists who are all taking my lord like you the whips better you slave if you run away with stomach pains. You thief they lop off your other hand next time you're caught or you brawny muscle man like you the jeers of the arena when the lime juice is you what are these wrongs to me I only seek to save you from them and for thanks you complained to
me overnight. Have you got to watch the new episode. Dogs don't have it I have a dog. All we hoped for and better. But you'll not get your teeth in it yet. Not the time and place until the last moment. Trust no man Prince or slave in that way guard against the common man and I know this I can tell you comrades and will. Without the gates of Rome waiting to march within the city outside the circles to cut off any who would escape work. My pretty city murdered to the gates of hell and cattle and will support your dogs and your master. I give the signal no one else so long as the House of Marcus like
a dog to his kennel till then avoid the streets. Drink no wine keeps silent if you love your life. To three days stand at the street and there my pretty company. With a house. I can see no one for the next three days. Going to the country. Tomorrow night I'm sorry I'm engaged a matter of business that's come up in the course. Of course I want to get my doll into Mike I must go to a meeting on the streets of Assize make us.
Parents you know tarantula my love do not be frightened there although they are gone. But you wouldn't they came to kill you. And I thought you were sleeping. Calm yourself dearest all is well on his way. Did you kill them or they kill where the gods would be murdered. How bad things are cause this summer I had warning the woman Fulvio she came in the night to warn me. But no time to waste now I must call the Senate to send. You're not going out of this house it's murder. What are you doing. Stay away from that door I must speak to the Senate. Lay the conspiracy before them to dispose of as they wish. He writes words at a time like this. You're mad. You'll be killed at a very gates. Call the soldiers the troops send word to the barracks but do not speak. Open the door wife. No by the gods you shall not go by the gods I shall not. Peace Woman peace. I must speak. To the home where the kettle and always keep an eye on the crowd tie a skate don't we
have not failed only postpone the day. Leave me I go to the Senate to hear forwards talk. How long how long will that cost. Is it nothing to you that the Palatine has it's nothing to do with the city is nothing the populace is in a panic. Nothing that forces nothing that the Senate is strong is it looks on all faces. Do you not see the conspiracy is bound by the knowledge of all.
Of us do you think it is called together. What an age. What Moros. The Senate knows these things. The consul sees them. Yet this man lives lives did I say. Name or he walks into the Senate. He takes part in the public councils. He singles out and locks with his clients each one of us for murder. But we brave man indeed seemed to be doing our duty by the state. If we have avoided his fury and he is shat you ought to have been led to death long ago by the council's order to have allowed that destruction which for a long time you have been planning for all of us ought to be
visited on you yourself. According to this decree of the Senate Catalan you should have been instantly executed You are live and you are living not to repent but to augment your a fronter. I wish not to seem likes when the perils of the state are so great. But now I condemn myself for inaction and remissness. There is in Italy a camp of enemies of the Roman people situated in the passes of a true area. Their number is increasing daily. But you behold the commander of that camp and the leader of the enemy inside the wards and even in the Senate plotting daily from within the city the destruction of the state. But if you forget a line I shall order you to be seized to be executed. I shall have to fear I suppose not that all respectable people may say I acted too tired lately
but that some one may say that I acted too cruelly. But for a certain reason I am inclined not yet to do this which I should have done long ago. Then at last you shall be executed when no one so depraved so abandoned. So like yourself can be found who does not admit that this was done justly. As long as anyone will dare to defend you you will live and you will live as you live now surrounded by many competent gods whom I have said so that you may not be able to move against the state. The eyes and the ears of many shall watch you. You may not know it as they have done here to fall for what more would you expect or scatter light if neither the night with its darkness can can see the curtain of assemblies nor a private house with its walls confined the voices of your conspiracy. If they are known if all is disclosed.
Review with me now. The events of night before last. Now you will know that I watch much more vigilantly for the safety of the state than you do for its destruction. I say that night before last you came into the street to the side makers. I would not deal in general terms. You came to the house of Marcus likely to the same place came many of your allies animated by the same madness and wickedness. You do not dare to deny it to you why are you silent. I will convict you if you do deny it. But I see here in the Senate some who were there with you here in our very midst come script fathers in this most sacred and dignified counsel of the whole world a man who planned for the destruction of all of us who planned for the destruction of the city and even the destruction of the whole world. I the consul see them and I consult them on
affairs of state and those who ought to be slain by the sword I do not get you want even with my voice. You were there at the house of like on that night. You were pushing the parts of Italy you determined where you wished each man to go. You selected those whom you would leave it row or those whom you would take with you were parceled out the parts of the city to be burned. You were to yourself would go presently. You said that you were delayed a little while because I still live. To Rome and knights were found who would relieve you of that anxiety and they promised that they would kill me on my couch that very night a little before dawn. I learned all these things almost before your counsel was dismissed. I fortified my strength in my home with more numerous guards I refused admittance to those whom you would send to salute me in the morning for those very men did come who's
coming at that hour I have already foretold to many eminent gentlemen. Since since this is the situation catalog go whether you had intended depart at last from the city the gates are open get on your way. Can you share with manliness as a way to its commander for all too long a time. Take with you all these friends of yours if not all then as many as you can purge the city. I shall be free from my great fear. Only when you put a wall between us with omen was like these. Get a life. Go forth to your house and weird wall bringing to the state the greatest of the benefits to your self destruction and annihilation. And to those who have aligned themselves with you for all crime and parasite.
Growth. Here again is Professor Habermann catalyzed departed to his army camp where he prepared to attack Rome. To the people gathered in the forum Cicero delivered two operations against Catalan and the conspirators and to the Senate another asking the death penalty for five of Catalans cohorts who had been captured. Having obtained permission to execute them Cicero wasted no time. He had them strangled that night emerging from the prison to face the crowd which had gathered. He delivered his shortest speech one word. They have finished living within a short time cattle and joined these five in death dying bravely on the battlefield where his forces were defeated in their bid to destroy
Rome. Cicero himself came to a violent end in those violent days. He had steadfastly supported the republic but was allowed to live in peace when Julius Caesar became dictator. He had no part in the assassination of Caesar but he applauded the deed and hurried to Rome from his country estate to establish the Republic once again by the force of his eloquence he raised an army against Mark Antony who sought to steal power. But Mark Antony won the battle and dispatched assassins to kill Cicero. They brought back to Athens Cicero's head as a trophy of their successful expedition Atlee had Cicero's tongue which had uttered those speeches against him and his hand which had written them nailed to his favorite rostrum in the forum. He quipped that more people came to see these gruesome remains than I'd ever come to hear Cicero speak. Perhaps the words of Caesar Augustus one who turned against Cicero when the going got tough is a fair and just summary of Cicero's life
Plutarch's writes that Augustus once came upon his grandson reading an oration by Cicero the boy was frightened and tried to hide the book. Augustus took it from him read a passage or two and handed it back with these words. This was a great orator my child a great orator and a man who loved his country well. And the world listen. Program three in a radio series on great orations. The man and the age that created them. These programs are produced by radio
And the world listened
Cicero: First Philippic
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Cicero - First Philippic. Concerned with the retention of the Republic and with the liberty and freedom of Roman citizens.
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