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WORLD PREMIERE Yeah. Big college radio players present the world premiere of a patriotic play by Bessie college. Grand jury. Today's script is one of a series of plays produced by the Grinnell College radio player. Under a grant from the National Association of educational broadcasters through the fund for adult education of the Ford Foundation. That's today's story openings. We need a process server as he goes his rounds this morning. Just before I left I turned said to my wife. I wager is off. How is it that you know so well but people act the way they do when I go to their door was the resentment when I say to them that they've been called to serve on a jury. You said just yesterday there wouldn't be one smile and you were
right the day before. Oh it's my living. Why should I concern myself with complaints. But still I wonder how you know. It had better be important. You woke me up. Philip Cook Yes that's me. This is a notice of jury duty. What good devil you say. Nobody's for helping me into this thing. Oh pull some strings OK. Who do I know. Who can I call there must be someone who just my luck my golfing dates next week the meeting of my lodge with new elections coming up. Well I have to find themselves another man to serve on the jury. Let me think. Yes Eleanor Brice live here this is the residence of Mrs. Brown. I have an
envelope for I'll take it and deliver it when she comes down. She's busy now. In fact she's almost late for an appointment. You can leave it here I'll wait. The law says I must turn the envelope to the person who's been called not to a butler or where Also yourself who wasn't Susan. The Messenger. He has an envelope that he can only do you know he said it's the r o bother. Just when I saw her I'll be right there. Well then my man what is this business of an on duty notice and indeed I'm much too busy for that sort of thing you know. I'm on so many boards. It will be quite impossible I'm just you know have to tell your troubles to the judge. I'll telephone my husband instantly. We'll see to it. You. Yes that's me. Yeah. Notice for jury duty jury duty. Impossible. How can I leave my store. It is enough
I say to pay my taxes. No they want me to go off and leave my store clerks so they can come for even more than they do know. Oh no impossible I cannot go Look mister. Tell it to the judge. I'm just surprised. Not. For what is someone with a radio going I just heard the doorbell say the U.S. Oh Grace yes I'm Mrs. Greystone I've got a jury notice here for you how exciting. Thank you thank you very much. You mean you're glad you think it would be very nice to say. And I called off my book this morning scuse me. What was that you said. Oh nothing. You'll find instructions all inside. Good afternoon good afternoon. Was it you know something for me a very special something I you know the butcher with a $10 stick food all you can think about it seems is food
guilty as charged your honor. Did you say guilty. He almost seemed as though you read what's in my head. Watch out for me. I'm psychic. I didn't die from all the world choose you know the world's best cook best housekeeper and wife with nothing more to guide me than my instinct and my second sight maybe. What is this maybe business. Are you not without a pair and all these things stop the joking. This is serious. This paper comes from a new world. It stretches walls reduces all those things in which you call me period. Let's have a look. Well I like that a Joris. I like it. To you what I rather like the thought of jury service is that wrong it's crazy. You will ask to be excused of course of course. I'll ask for no such thing. Now see here see this thing has gone too far you cannot sir I can't I Joe. First David can you leave an 8 year old all day. And what about our home and me.
Simple David goes to school all day instead of coming home for lunch he'll bring his lunch to school and eat it there. Then after school our neighbor I'm sure will take care of him. You've got it neatly placed almost as though you'd thought of it a long long time. Oh I know what you have done you've got a pretty picture framed and sparkling in your mind you will be glamorous important just the way you have seen it in the movies many times you'll have a chance to wear your hats and maybe carry on a harmless flirtation with your fellow jerk. I might well let me tell you something my dear auntie had to take on this job and you take on responsibility for life and death and you will see a side of life you'll wish a thousand times you never stop. Why can't you leave things as they are I'll get you all I'll say. Now just don't manage let me get this straight. This note is one of the grand jury. Oh no I am sure you will not. And why there is no audience my dear. No glamour. It would be quite dull. Just you your fellow Joy I was in a room together every day for a whole month
month I thought you'd say the life I thought a week. You say a month. I have to think it over then good. Now that's finished what I bought some food. Now that you have all been doing this one I will point out a solemn duty that is Younes you want to filter the great said through which the cases of this court must purchase. You must decide if there has been a crime deserving the attention of a Qantas owner if the matter could as well been served by lesser magistrates or dismissed in entirety by our courts burdened by a mass of work which you do citing and radios. I urge you to be just to listen well and do your duty as you all have sworn to do. Now if there are some question Your Honor just one question how are we the housewives and the merchants the clerks the office workers called suddenly from home
and desk and untrained and untrained in court procedure. How are we to know what is correct and what is just. The courts have faith in the intelligence integrity and common sense of those who serve in your capacity as jurors. This great country guarantees fair trial by jury to all those who ask. And Jerry's on made of such folk as you from every walk of life. Thank you Your Honor. If that is all the guide will now conduct you to the room where you will sit. I'm so annoyed. You think that si would let us know she couldn't come. And now we're short a hand was the merest accident I did find out. I called last night about another thing and then she told me of her working on the jury. Imagine a whole month of you'd think she'd find a way to get excuse me ow meow. Let's not pick on poor CEO who probably got trapped into this thing. I really feel so
sorry for the girl. Well we'll have to look around for someone else to play. She'll never fit in somehow. Too sensitive all heart and the thin skinned look are we here to play Canasta or to analyze our dear friend seal. Well I simply got to win back what I lost last week. I'm hungry. Do you know horse and elephant and all go. Don't hurry ya dare mother boy. She works so hard all day performing civic duties. She's a little slow with can opener when she comes home please Joe it's been so hard today. My lunch was dry. It was so dry it stuck right in my throat. I'm sorry dear. The milk outs are standing out all day. Oh David Darling I make it all up to you. Just wait and see the fancy lunches up a pear sale why don't you call it quits. Tell them you are sick. The boy is all right Dad it's just my lunch was a lie. Tell them then that I am sick it won't be far from truth. I'm sick of this whole
business. You know places here right in this house instead of in a dusty room and coming home with tired eyes. And in those eyes a look I've never seen before. I've had enough. It is a dusty room a dreary room in which I go day after day and when at last the day is done I'm tired with the weariness I've never known before. I'd like to do just as you say I can't. They need me you know that's a good one. Best I ever heard. They need you. Let's all laugh. Don't kid yourself they pick join em out of a basket. All real. You were an accident a chance and no more indispensable than any other whole nature perhaps. But this I know I'd be deserving if I begged off now. You really need it really think without you. They can't want but watch as you said they do pick out a name and that is all we are at first to name a citizen without a face. And then we go and sit with others who are only names and earn a face develop eyes that see and ears that hear a sad
parade of shameful and be draggled things. I warned you it was dirty work. The worst of it. The wretched ones the snare the trap the beaten ones. I think we are clean and wise and good. We are supposed to know so much. The clerk the housewife the retired men the grocer and the carpenter. There is nothing wrong with that. A jury is made up that way all sorts of trade and frighten Joe when I look at the men and women who serve on the scheme with me. There is one a colored man so shy so anxious to be let alone He never says one word but nods for yes and shakes his head for no I've never heard his voice. And so you feel superior. You're hurt and angry so you sneer at me. I understand. No not superior but needed. Our foreman is so all that he can hardly hear so blown up with importance after years of being shelved. He hams and haw is to hide stupidity one housewife speech consists entirely of CI and that an awful thing
and ci a chair pays to be a good one. At least I'm not afraid to speak ask questions when a point is not clear. Oh Jo They need good people for this work but educated people find excuse they can't be bothered. It's not worth their precious time now can you see why I feel needed. Do you think all the bad guys off to jail. No just listen with the rest. Try to decide if certain cases go to court or not. I think that's no fun. Not a bit of fun. It never was. I never thought that it would be no glamour nothing like the movies after all nothing like the movies. But Joe if they should call you you would go. I feel it in my heart. You'd go. Don't count on that. Funny thing I do that ever since the day I set the bets were off. Well things have changed. Oh I still get
sour looks from SA but every once in a while someone seems interested and pleased. Somebody broke the chain. I can't remember when or who. And no it's sort of interesting to ring a bell and watch your face. The jewelry business isn't what it used to be. I even get a thank you now and then. It makes me feel important that it does us do a good day's spices do so that it tastes like steak. I wonder who it was that broke that chain. The Grinnell College radio players have world premiered grand jury by Bessie F. Collins. Curtis seal was Nancy wind felt
as Joe was Jim Leavenworth as a process server Bob stare at as the Judge Perry ailing and as David Sally Osberg. Others in the cast included Nancy not America. Eleanor Douglas Eva past Charles Haynes and Gerry Tomlinson A. Grand jury was directed by Herbert Prescott production was by Tom Reed and Bob gallops ingenues. Grand jury was presented under a grant from the and be sponsored by the fund for adult education of the Ford Foundation. Fred Thompson is your announcer reminding you that this is a Grinnell College Program. This is the end E.B. paid network.
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Grand jury
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Grinnell College
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
"Grand Jury," by Bessie F. Collins highlights the virtues and challenges of jury duty.
Series Description
A series of 13 patriotic plays by professional freelance writers as edited and directed by Herbert Prescott with the Grinnell College Radio Players.
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Jury duty--United States--Popular works.
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Actor: Weinfeld, Nancy
Actor: Leavenworth, Jim
Actor: Tomlinson, Jerry
Actor: Osborne, Sally
Actor: Douglas, Eleanor
Composer: Carpenter, Hoyle
Director: Prescott, Herbert
Funder: Fund for Adult Education (U.S.)
Producing Organization: Grinnell College
Production Manager: Reed, Tom
Writer: Collins, Bessie F.
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 54-1-1 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:14:35
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