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And I have the power and I have and I have a car I have a car I am a man I have a communication center the University of Texas at Austin brings you are traveling a series dedicated to the American Folk poet Woody Guthrie. Too many people he is a symbol of the fighting spirit that organized the dunes like rated westward from the Dust Bowl you know and the close to the beauties of a lawyer who seriousness a picture in sound of Woody Guthrie his music and his hard traveling burning at the Harvard campus. The mid 50s and early 60s saw an incredible rise in the commercial
popularity of folk music. It was inevitable that the revival should produce songwriters of its own and this group has been dubbed Woody's children. Like Woody they are concerned with getting a message across and do not care to pull punches. They come from different parts of the country but most live now in New York. Bob Dylan is undoubtedly the most spectacular of Woody's children. Here he pays tribute to his idol. Class is from my home. The men of gone down. Now see things. Their proper presents and Prince.
Woody Guthrie were what you saw. At a party. That's a common. Thing. And looks like. It's a diet and that's hardly. A Woody Guthrie but I know that you know. All things are the same many times more. Promising but it can't sing and I think not many man then the things that you don't. Hear is just golden and sunny and Leadbelly.
Good people will read. The hearts and the hands of the man. Right. With time like Gone With The Wind. I'm leaving tomorrow. Donna could leave today. So. I don't want to use a slate. Being hit so hard travelin too. Dylan started out by imitating Woody. You no longer sings or writes in that
style but others carry on the tradition. Jack Elliott has adapted himself to Woody style so closely that when Woody heard a recording of him he exclaimed that fellow sounds more like me than I do. Here is Jack Elliott. Where in Reno Nevada. Where the romance is blue man. They agreed with the mob and we. Will wander over the lights a sober aisle when you were divorced from your own and willing to get married while the meal was a gun toting cowboy at 10 not just car bomb
and all of that while Bill thought of. One as returning an MRI. The range then thought of the room. It was a slice as well as their shadows. One of the great melody maker of the bills all the. While And I was there last Monday and the moon and I over Bill and no one pick her up. Your answers are
burning your arms around. Me as well cowboy. Well then I'd back you know the answer right there one less better. There were a few women among Woody's children one of the most outstanding is a creepy Indian girl Buffy Sainte-Marie. She is deeply concerned with the plight of the American Indian and has written a haunting and bitter statement of this plight called now that the buffalo's gone. And.
Draw your great great grandfather from India. And you've been. One. Of. My. And you. I had.
One of these in. Washington signed a lady. Call me. But it's not. Hello. Damn I. Know that the money is gone. Eric Anderson like Woody has written of the land and the people. Here is
Eric with a broadside singers singing the plains of Nebraska. RATHER And that's where I think you ought to go. Where they go on the stands high school with great legends about you. In school I learned. But not of the. Land is drunk. Farmers. In. The plowed fields without sleep.
To walk down a tree to seek their fortune. And where are the father and mother in the snow. And where you watch the bank lighthouses down things I guess never know. Where the rivers around free. That's a place where you go. Where the corn is the slice of all the rest. You smile and say time's gone away. I guess my.
Word. Is it true that every. Heard of a country where the rivers run free. That's. Right. In our next program we'll meet more of what he's children and you have been listening to hard travelin series devoted to the life
and music of Woody Guthrie written and directed by Judith Adams. Produced by Job Walker May 4th communication center the University of Texas at Austin. This is and you are the national education or radio network.
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Seminars in theatre
British Shakespeare actors, part one
Producing Organization
WNYC (Radio station : New York, N.Y.)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program features British Shakespearean actors Richard Pasco and Barbara Leigh-Hunt.
Series Description
A weekly panel discussion series on the theatre scene in New York City, moderated by Richard Pyatt.
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Host: Pyatt, Richard I., 1935-
Panelist: Leigh-Hunt, Barbara
Panelist: Pasco, Richard
Producing Organization: WNYC (Radio station : New York, N.Y.)
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University of Maryland
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