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This is William Ewing Glasgow Scotland. Our eighth report from Glasgow. We bring you a wee bit of Scotland's history in song opening for this tribute to the Scottish soldier by a sing along group of Scott here singers. LOL LOL. LOL LOL LOL. Lol. Lol. Lol.
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Scotland has had more than its share of struggle and suffering in becoming the United Kingdom. There were just too many enemies to fight both within and without within the country. There was the fighting of the clans and the continual struggle for the crown. The outside enemies were chiefly the Norseman from Norway Sweden and Denmark and the English to the south. The Scots were quarrelling and fighting with the English more than five hundred years until at last James the sixth of Scotland became the king over both countries. A high point and a turning point in Scottish history was the Battle of Bannockburn fought in 13 14 A.D.. Robert Bruce heroic leader and King of Scotland had taken every
stronghold in Scotland from the English except Stirling Castle and the king of England had brought a large well-equipped army to relieve the castle. Robert Bruce with much inferior forces had chosen his ground not far from the castle so that the English would have to fight him before they could reach it. The Scots had this advantage. Their leader was a great general. While the king of England was not and before the battle Bruce showed his skill by the way he arranged his men and a recent visit to the castle. I recorded the comments of the guide as he pointed out the position taken by Bruce and his army prior to the battle with all the British in the battle of Bonnie and dede of that he's going to be released the bin is that. Right there you can see that indeed if you had noted down a mile a quarter of the it on the road to Glasgow and so you see you have a town site. I never begin to know that there's a
beautiful question start you've got all the roofs there. You see but the battle was in fact at that particular point that's where these army Stude. The English army was just out here a vision hidden by the mud near the castle. They were actually on what you might call the beach of the matches. You see that the glaciers went down both sides here. I just paid in March and it had a huge show on it. And he encamped on the beach. And. Bruces army came down and did all that all to me in the masses. Yes and the. Demand is colossal because the army was actually formed a half times the size that are all the bruises on me. He's won the classic battles of history. Indeed his only only two men get back under their own steam the king and what he's nobles. We actually come up here at this castle because it was so awful it might be and he's got us in the stolen here. Thank him up show for help the Moby in movies is good a lot of nothing I can do for you
you better be to the ones without effect. On me I can leave it to the king and his noble head you don't see the royal forest headed down to the bar that. A grave suspicions have been able to cross the border he figured that Bruce would send one of them to board up which he did do. So he spotted the spot in the room but decided to bow down and jumped into the room booked rooted to see across the board at its seat and get back into England at the Dunes de Neuilly do the did. The guide then took us around to the other side of the castle and explained the position of the English in their encampment on the night before the battle and the circumstances leading to their defeat. What happens at this second. Made a mistake at the office. Never have done. Comped on the beach of the match. Now let me explain interesting. There's a button comes down from the hell up they have another site I possess a deep Swedish swift wound
deep bombed and condoned through guards and little bro region to go on site and swift and deep in a drawdown all things are clear with it when you come down from the house. Now exist but met the incoming tide the CLI you know the CLI would splayed out along the beach. Wouldn't it be to the incoming data displayed and now it is just seated. At left all Lochley accumulations to centuries of that happening all along the beach. Now it's a beautiful day the 20000 due for bonding but in the afternoon the trend you thought had been camped on here was a clear run up the cost of. Bruce's up these left to my own News life and he figured a lot Tom rocked up table had put the council name on and I will take Bruce when you feel like it and it suits us. But when he forgot. I didn't knew this was how you. Fix it stayed sick so I was in so many minutes to go out in 6 hours and so many minutes to commend. It
debuts on the comp and the big KING SON not son had big dollars clearly. And it would cause government called panics you would call it you know ugly with the son of hoops and crack you would call it pancakes. Enjoy the same things Scott and Scott and I have by nix the autogen of the name the bannock burned. Knowing jumped on but overnight that day you didn't although we on this committee are you taught in under stead to be nice and dry with a wall and a boot up the ankles and muck and get and what's a by the minute. And finally was it that they joined up the very same deep and swift flow and bonnet but behind the wheel of the end and cutting them off from the Consul is the equivalent of us but the PLA and you know you don't spit out well you get spits I want to do our little rock I'm going to cut them off from the castle. So he was
boxed in. And Bruce swiped the whole lot into the mall. The victorious Battle of Bannockburn considered to be the greatest in Scottish history unable Scotland again to become a free country and made the Scots feel more than ever that they were one people and one nation appropriate to this battle. Is the poem by Robert Burns suggesting the words which Bruce might have spoken to his man before the battle got Wallace bled. Sc. 1 Bruce says Afton lad well come to you ought to go to bed all to victory. Now is the day and not as they are to see the front door battle Ahmadi see approach proud Edwards part of chains and slavery. Well I want to be a traitor on a walk and feel like card to grave was a basis to be a slave.
Let him tighten and free wall part of Scotland's King and law freedom's sword will strongly draw three men stand our three month oh oh let him follow me. By oppressions woes and pay by you our sons and sat by the chains we will drain our dearest veins but they shall be freed. Lay the proud us out but oh tyrants poll in every pro liberties in every blow. Let us do our D. Eco. School less
often. We're coming to a world. Look funny talk by the sea. It's probably not what I. Was. Like oh I was married it.
Was us Colton's key goal gross son told me. The musical performance by one of Scotland's great singers Kenneth McKellar. If the Battle of Bannockburn was the Scott's greatest victory over the English the battle of Flodden in 15 13 A.D. was their greatest defeat. James the fourth of Scotland and Henry the Eighth of and done were two of a kind in that they were always ready for the fight and the eighth was
making Ron Frantz and James a fourth of Scotland considered France and ally and friend and so he moved his army across the border into England there at Flodden. They were met by the English army and were defeated with great loss of life. The king himself James the fourth led his army into battle and was killed. The loss of so many men and especially the king who was greatly loved in Scotland cause great mourning throughout the land. Yet the fatal battle of Flodden has always been remembered by the Scots with pride because of the great courage of the Army and the king. The song titled The flowers of the forest is a lament far the heavy loss of life and the battle of Flodden in 15:13 kind of Mackellar sings it for us now. Load 0 0.
0 0 0 0 0 0 0. 0. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0. Lucky. Lucky. Some load of luck. Was. Oh I was oh it's was I was done.
I am home up close. Quote. Oh I was just quote it. Was a come I was. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6. 0 0 0 0 was. Good. Luck Oh yeah oh my.
Oh my son. Was home. Oh it was. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 home. And finally a third great battle in Scottish history the battle of Culloden. Prince Charles the bonnie Prince of the Stuart line of Scottish kings was ambitious to regain the crown of Scotland
he had considerable support particularly among the Highland clans. His army won many battles but met defeat at the hands of the royal troops in the famous battle of Culloden which is near Inverness in the Northern Highlands the defeat crushed the hopes of the Stuart family for recovery of the Crown during the brighter happier days when the bonnie Prince and his army were marching victoriously through the country and when their hopes were still so high they sang a song titled Well 100 pipers now sung by Alex Campbell one of Scotland's popular folk singers. Where young men literally were you know no way on the way but it's a no no no lumping good IMO. Blome lovely on that. Maybe that's a no no but I read up on the so-what the bottles all over the lot
of them. MAN Yeah that's never been all my life but I'm at the famous and all I've got all I need to find out something and I'm going to be vice versa. I'm now on my way I hope all of us for most of all as for Mr. Chan I came away on my favorites and the same as his grave. I ran from one place three of my
favorites and I won you know my favorite. Thing with this company and it may have been at the house. I'm really not going to let me because I know no way on that. No I'm not I know that might but they love the load on the way on their plate but then knowing. Finally it let's take a walk down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Ford in so doing we walk through much of the history of Scotland when she was still an independent nation down this slightly winding thoroughfare in old Edinburgh kings and queens have rocked all ridden great man have gone this way to their execution. Poets writers philosophers have lived and worked in this picturesque street
every yard of the Royal Mile has some history attached to it. Starting with a tour of the ancient castle at the highest point an old Edinburgh we can see the royal apartments of a succession of Scottish monarchs and where Mary Stuart gave birth to James who became the first king of England and Scotland outside the castle or St. Margaret's chapel more than seven centuries old batteries of old cannon and the Esplanade where festival tattoos are now held. From this height we look over the city of Edinburgh and look down the sheer heights of rock on which the castle is built with a little imagination and a few historical facts we can recreate the bitter struggle of the English and the Scots for this vantage point symbolizing authority and power. Crossing the moat over the drawbridge and across the Esplanade. We begin our walk down the
Royal Mile immediately on the right is the tributary street leading down to the grass market where public hangings took place. Farther down is James Court where Dr. Johnson spent time with Boswell and also the place where the philosopher David Hume once lived. Also along this Royal Mile are places associated with Gladstone Robert Burns Sir Walter Scott John Knox the reformer and many others. The old Kirk our church of St. Giles so rich in history and tradition is also here. As time permits we can wander down the stone steps from this high street and will be rewarded by seeing other historical points and interesting views of the newer Edinburgh. Finally at the end of our walk down the Royal Mile is holy Roadhouse the ancient royal residence a palace still used by a royalty on occasions and next to the palace
the ruins of an abbey a once visited by the composer Mendelssohn and which inspired the theme for his Scotch symphony. If you go to Scotland brush up on your Scottish history and then walk down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh from the castle to the palace. But. The border here. Oh yes. Go ahead. But you. See Iowa. Let me Scott.
Oh ok wow. Going to have me woah woah. Thanks to our power where you go OK. The old cold Khoa học back. To an egg I had the I'm home alone oh a hell of a. Bowl. Yes. I am. I
am high school be OK. I am just here for the St. Louis. Here. Go and cool thank you and to the airport to oa oa. Thanks thanks for the. But thank you. OK thank you thank you thank the Kohen showing us going to thank you to us.
Thank you. And thanks to a lower gutter going to am thankful ngalo God thanks to a crowd Thank you. That was kind of singing the Royal Mile and bringing to a close the program in our series about Scotland and its people. I hope you will be with us for the next program. When we examined some interesting variations in Scottish speed. And. The in.
The. The ear. The. The ear. This is what you're hearing among the Scots. This program was distributed by national educational radio. This is the national educational radio network.
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