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After this did you return to playing the violin and viola. No no no no no and you know conducting never time to play myself. I understand that there was a newly established opera company and yet more yet and you became me. I became I became the comeback that I know what Opera Company was that it did us cause that Oprah picked off me. This is the day of the liberation of our country from from down. Now she's a device the Jumpman Oprah the Jameco. I had to conduct this living in America that she contact us and that was about this now and Pete's book and jar sat really believing that this was the German opera before the wrong cause. After there was this over a big
team check on her and now it's called the smith fantasy at that because there's just the one. Also what leads to artists last fall the opera houses. But as I stopped that we had our own hold on. That's the type of repertoire. Did you do the Opera House the standard German French Italian. Yeah chick. Yeah probably Russian. Tchaikovsky nefariously. Yes Chuckles you know I conduct of the dom margin on a game and then of course my my my great to slough and death to conduct more trouble. Do you still conduct you no no no mom says I'm married with a
check for how many caucus that I will never come to. But you've done it before you've even dog what about the other operatic repertoire. You get into the French repertoire for example and know I was to Shaw that I can but the pooch in me and and some of Czech Open House of cos my gun and walk and so on I just want to please she's into practical prowlers and then I came good last night the chief conductor of the chain Van you're listening to a conversation with Carle on Cherelle with air and parsons and George St.. We paused ten seconds for station identification. Now resuming the conversation with Carl on Sheryl here is George Stone.
Let's talk a little bit more now about your orchestra. The check for my money as on this tour I had a marvelous notices. And one finds many references to the to the great warmth and glowing sound of the orchestra. Is it in your estimation an adequate description. Do you think that that you have a large sound I think felt rich. I try to get more wish to reach the sound of the day that God made just all of I try. You know here yes indeed we will. And we're certainly looking forward to it. You have how many accompanying you on this tour. You brought the full complement. Oh yes. No just the one hundred and five.
Yes one hundred and five. I guess I'm Hampton 50 myself. I wonder about programming on this tour I know that you are doing here in Chicago you're doing your job you know from the New World the Ninth Symphony. That's how you get it out of the store took a pre-chosen leave and then you are doing that by talking about a country orchestra. Is this representative of the programming that you do on the tour or are there other types of programming that you don't know why they haven't. I think pipes too. It depends on the local man I'm lucky. Look a minute you're an op. What type of program me. Yeah. Will he or perhaps I don't know but I'm not sure if they see a government that I think interesting program because they knew I
think holding his hand on to the tax cuts a couple of years then bought a book I'm sure that Chicago Symphony orchestra plays mopped up too. We do however show a very very interested to see how the Czech Philharmonic does a special envoy Jacques Yes as well as the new way by top Well it will be interesting also because I think quite friendly can be described as having been one of the specialties of Dr. Reiner. So Chicago audiences have had the opportunity to hear their orchestra do it under what we consider very good conditions. This will be very interesting. I was interested that for example here we don't have any new young Czech composers represented. I would be very interested to know what some of the work of the young Czech
composers What is the general style that has been developed in Czechoslovakia. It's not the special style. Just like all of that if you have half a Tardis you know nice and very much damage. I'm both very fat yeah electron me and I don't want down composing cos i contrary that I just be just like a big child. I can't imagine how to play me cos you see it. It's the same you know mantra is yours it's the same all over the world is there is doing a school of nationalist that will be in the tradition of Smith and I'd want you to know I couldn't say.
Who is nowadays it would be difficult and yet who are some of the young composers who are being played. For example what Czech composers have you program to check that are money and god not. But I think the best of all may have got that which is the name. It's a very serious man of that intellect and delicto and his compositions out obsession. They have a son now half an hour now and then die. For instance he hurled a magnificent symphonic poem called The Mystery of time for the great bus a crowd with a few in the meter in the middle section starts with thought if a
peony see mind and within the band he says that the buff you use part to see and I get them. Now here are some of that improvisation. I doubt Tori but found it interesting that he called them that. The very young. Generally they're there every off of this you get very young people composing in his own own style and the style house who found that I can describe it. Would you repeat the name of the man you were speaking of before there was a I think that great the composer wasn't marked you know he died in Switzerland about five Yes six years ago
and now that I'm a man called Bach's Quiet Hero of the mob fleecing One is that a lace or brass and it's a church and now classic classic I think. You mean Bush is a kind of successor to Bush love Martin. Yes you know in his position a little vision in me I think. Then we have a lot of composers I don't like them probably see another day. They have they didn't bring anything new you know dollar living from the music of Smetana Lost Ark Phoebe and so on. Absolutely right thing in making your programs safer for Parag. How do you go about building these programs in relation to the contemporary music. I just get in the program one
one one. Manuel when you or I try I mean we are studying about 14 Scarth. That's a lot. Yes it is a lot of fog considering the amount of time it takes to be tolerant of those so it's double a learning new Haydn symphony for example with yet times as much it. What kind of rehearsal schedule do you have. We have six we have. From my modeling did a lot for far slick mouth. Just a thought of me and Friday and you play it and you play the cards that we have definitely our own.
It was about 22 hours a week. Rivers Yes. Yeah I think a lot. Of course I myself I have a house sometimes eight eight hours a day because I do it half a thief each section separately. You do that. Yeah. And when you have a soloist what happens to your schedule then. So Elise various plays you and me you are. Very well known solely that Dara parish I that is coming to I guess and of course when I'm in the Far East comes with a new me and you know you competition then I must hustle on today small will be possible to us as the typical programming that is very difficult to say
and I thought maybe I like it I like to make it something psych FISONs Messiah. I'm out Asika door shocks I go in one season yes in one season I prefer one of the the basic composer I add should defecate half of the program into five five five I try to be there to connect my down. That's really modern. I think I read beyond this something you invariably put the modern music first saw that perhaps those who don't care to hear it would arrive a little late and hear the version they want to hear the bit over the Mozart or whatever. Our our property that if the special property that check for Jaime
Dobbs Ferry if they have very awkward property. Cos they have that ball fought to you both. And that shocking crime happening and you think going out of the hall. But never mind we have a bath already now thought the Pheonix public and I think that and I'm sure it's changed. Because the old Audi in our hour and our confidence and a new audience for this audience take Stravinsky. Yes yes I mean it's very interesting. So I mean if you can break the two. Most banal composers of our public to offer Oh probably this is interesting they would probably not
to gender not as much fun as was out on back a successful show about Valerie. I think the high radiation was there. Thanks. Without a doubt sex and that has no effect because the public likes very much at the fringe music be bad. What about the twentieth century Russians of course the obvious ones of your Shostakovich. And so on. Does this figure importantly in the repertory in Brugge know it off the public eye likes very much Perkoff you should think of its behind the coffin by me and not mine. They like it very much I switch from the Norse.
But it's just too often played to him because we have a lot of fight action. Guest conduct and they bring mostly action and it's taught through check off and check out the Tchaikovsky shuffle beat the shit beat up our coffee. The whole plate yob ration can pull it off. I'm not that I think about it now and not excess for most Ranchero. Would you tell us about this Prague Spring Festival which more and more seems to be attracting great attention in this country and certainly is attracting some of the greatest musicians in the world. This sounds like a tremendously exciting event. When is it how'd you know I think that this is a very interesting
question. It's tough and that there of from me you know that they need some that I died or that I was at an end and it ends up far a fall off of June July. Yes the fall of June the 5th You must have met an awesome icon to me and be there with nine things funny that you thought provocation and between DISH two even with you you can hear about thought the Kong South and Bart perhaps 25 or perhaps a fault with us. You know in one evening. You can chew to young open chamber music. Symphonic calls that a shall we say every site. You can choose and I think the most interesting think.
Prox prank is that the West and East musicians come together and they are performing together instead of one with us and I'm with I told you they're feminine but not all of the stock I stopped playing during the Prague Spring just to check through our money the municipal orchestra them just some problem but now that it's the second to greet this lot yeah but I think of money as well then if you have a lot of off off guest artists. From that American arc of fighting thought that could even doctors thought that the box was the way and we hope to have around your office that particular scene find out if the two are this season or the next
season with that concept. Oh and just a MA I am not sure if it would be the holiday arc if the two are free gift I guess are like a sister to him doing to progress to out of cough. The ending got Philharmonic to Moscow when it comes to Prague and so is it your day Nick. Of all of the on musicians of that unfortunately divided on how involved are you in the planning of this festival programming. Well I'm not sure I am. I'm not sure I am the member of the committee. But this season I was very seldom improv and I can see a lot of what about that is new with those. You have been traveling more in recent
years. You and your orchestra. Oh yes he has everything too much. Yeah I was going to ask if you find this touring businesses is really terribly tiring. It's terribly tiring and sometimes I'm f right because that's not enough time for a house thing but the development of the office. That's why I try to show a bit top that touring the haka. Imagine the feeling we started in darky that guy. I know her along you know ma'am we are. Going weeks now in the five it is six weeks six weeks in the United States sometime about then we are coming back in
and off of February starts a man used to less than John. Then we have after that we are going mostly to fester sods for grands and so on. Now we are in of IP to lute sound and then in the summer we have a tour inside in the south america. It's too much of a touring about five miles from here and you will be on all of these tours are you. Unfortunately if I am I am I am the chief conductor. I think however that you are fortunate in having a wife who will tolerate this kind of travelling all over the world because it must make it more pleasant not to have to do this. You separated from your father.
Of course sometimes you say I'm happy because you have to sign with and all of that but one is 22 when the technician 19. Are your sons musicians. No. They have no one is a very gifted painter you studying can breath and look at me for being a painting. And if I'm the star of the matinee at TED about twenty two years and he mad at me. I do have an interest in anything also as a collector I have a job. I have some very nice paintings my dad being especially from a very interesting for you and one painter who is playing the peak all through our crystal. And he's a very modern and back a very good brain that he is is he a painter who plays music or is he a musician who plays he plays a very good but I think
he's a great painter. And his works are among those he likes to play in darkness. Therefore you want to know because having two gifts was really something. You know with this kind of taurine you're constantly beset with making new programs. This means that you not only conducting a concert after concert travelling but you have to study call yourself because how do you go about tackling a new school or when you win. When you're on the road and I'm standing in the boxes for instance now I'm studying the sixth Sinfonia for how mom should be very soon there will be time to plot and then that of I never conduct at the punch out of the
Meet the con chair of the fatwa that I'm standing here. How do you go about studying these scores. Do you conduct from memory most not all. Sometimes when I have for instance all program of these two I'm connected by memory. Exceptional Bartok week off I had not and not enough time to not. It takes about of God fortnight build on it by AAP. I have been up these days. Jeff I think if I know it by heart but of course I mean I don't forget it. Yeah I feel much more comfortable and I'm sure I'm an am. Sort of like Myra Hess who played you know in the last years you played with the music before her but she really looked at it. Yeah. You know how do you how do you go
about studying a new piece used to Hartman. Yeah and you open it for the first time. Yeah. What do you do. I read it I never thought he asked the piano. Never never because the sound of the piano the stops me. I have an image a nation of the sound of the orchestra and you know sort of and sometimes the very much am scholar and I can't imagine that. I caught them and played the piano but just to to to to hear them. The new the new sound of such a car. But I don't like it and I studied absolutely for even imagining
the whole scar. I already did two on the floor and then I studied every line separately. Every instrument because I must know what the instrument has to play a note of the things that is very important for doing that. How did you how did you get into this way of course study noted. Did Tali study a score this way. No I've heard that Molinari study to score in this manner only you know that it made us conduct piano on the violin sometime with me. Do you have absolute pitch. Yeah and so that actually there's no problems with the hearing of this. There are some problems that I often program but other than the problem of a human being because I find an
hour hour and he out a lot fot the 405 if you 440 America to know how to party. And at this moment. Do you have trouble making the you know. Yeah sometimes that way. Are you in this country. Are you tuning a 440. Are you tuning forty three I think. Forty three. You think you don't change and you can't change because of the air. What is the tuning in Vienna understand you. Hi hi hi. Small that an hour of its fall fought the fall. You know that's time because due out it's very hope for singers to use it. How was Toronto. It has been a great pleasure to have this opportunity to meet you to spend the amount of time we have
spent with you during your visit to Chicago and we will look forward to another visit from you and your fine orchestra. Hope to see you here soon. Thank you very much. I hope my you need to improve a bit. I promise you I mean really because this is time that I can explain right express myself. I think you know the rest and very well we thank you much for this opportunity to talk with you. I think you know this has been a conversation with Cotterell on Sheryl conductor of the Czech feller Monaco orchestra and long time champion of contemporary music participating where Aaron Parsons professor of music theory at Northwestern University's School of Music and the program annotator for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. And George Stone program director of Zenith radio corporation's radio station WEAA FM this program was distributed by the national educational
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