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The national educational radio network presents the BBC World Theater these weekly broadcaster made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This week on BBC World Theatre the final part of an epic radio by Robert Graves. The Angola 3. 2600 years ago in a royal courtyard in Greece. An audience relaxing with wine cups at the elbows sat waiting for one of whom ER's story telling son. Why noble family asked a fan of Gloria's coma fill his
agate cup to overflowing. I thank you a noble king shepherd of your people your good health. Son of blind homer to whom the muse has given in what cycle and Apollos blessing on this hospitable city. He may go back hear me I am a kind I am a human shield and a noble servant to the gods. On this night of splendid most gracious King from the tenth year 600 years ago Prince Paris aided by the love goddess Aphrodite his wife Queen Helen of Sparta and Priam King of Troy refused to send her back.
I sing again young prince who had brought his fight against the Trojans. He had quarrelled with the High King Agamemnon of my Seanie the Greek commander in chief and withdrawn his forces from battle nursing bitter anger against the High King who had abducted his wasted slave. Yes implacability tonight if I may sway and. The capture of the Greek fleet. As he went his troops but the
Greeks. Combined to high Olympus splendid court. It was also as he sat with the chief surgeon of the sun and himself in battle. It was me going to an inspection. I will take this year and they're just keen bladed spear and say go to Mecca and drink to mostly the media has heated water and wash the clotted blood from a home.
Outside a shameful sight confronted King NESTORE the Trojans were over the rampart pursuing a mob of terrified Greeks. He paused uncertainly. Should he rally his comrades. Then you saw three wounded dismal Kings publicly forward to be with the battle leaning heavily on their spears young Diomede is once triumphant king of Augustus crafty Odysseus king of Ithaca. So do you try once and now no less a personage than the High King Agamemnon himself. What is this shield near the elbow turned against. Troops. Korea voting or direction. Dogs are just good we avoid bad ones to consider me.
You are right. Almighty's who seems determined to stay in the fort all of us. Painful. No this is my advice. Let us at once in the first line of ships those at the water's edge and then anchor until nightfall at a safe distance from me or later. If the Trojans though even doctors may not check them we might perhaps launch the second man to walk here. Surely Odysseus we need not apologize for beating disaster especially by night. The quick fix only to come on rattled not the good soldiers who has to wait in a succession of disasters. Really intend to raise the siege to so many years of struggle and suffering. Once the troops get
wind of your proposal don't break up the fight and Rush panic stricken Angela saw her catastrophe for which no one will be responsible though upon my word I was not thinking of a declaration against the armies which in fact I am quite ready to accept more bellicose counsel. But what does King think he was taught silent all this while you will be called Agamemnon. If you can't accept advice without resentment or I am the youngest man present I believe that it is our duty to appear on the battlefield. There we must stay out of range lest we be wounded a second time. We can at least spur forward those of Hilla to kept in a real. Forward and lead the way. And we're delighted to see my brother the sea god Poseidon disguised as the prophet
busily rallying. But a glance at Mount Zeus was determined to let the Trojans women kill radical has. I could make him change his mind. Why not visit the mound ravishingly dressed and make him conceive a passionate desire for me. And I have and I will use god of sleep to settle on his eye and his wits. By Posidon leads my Greeks to victory. Yes this can be can try and I believe God is here. Stop the boat. First I'll use this ambrosia lotion to remove every state he knows
much from my delicious body next time I run this Ambrose oil into my skin. A wonderful one. So penetratingly fragrant that I have merely to unstop with this flask anywhere in Paris for its send to spreads who have been on the entire. I looking at this same boy and on my head. COMBET Well plant these long shiny and especially in and around the one world and for me by industrious Athena. So staying the Guard is here up in the number of handsome jewels on the robe and fastened it across her breast with gold rimmed glasses. Then she hooked a loose and three drop earring into each lobe to make herself look even lovelier. And finally draped a splendid new veil bright as the sun over head and shoulders. Nor did she forget a beautiful pair of sandals.
Well satisfied with their appearance called quietly to the love goddess Aphrodite Aphrodite dear. You were and surely didn't I mean that just because you support Trojans in this war and I agree. No certainly not queen here. Tell me your needs and unless the favor is beyond my power I should be charmed to grantee where. Could you possibly lend me your magical God my God. The fact is I'm visiting my ancient uncle and I and king and queen techies who brought me up in a distant palace when I was virtually left a new one. I want to end that stale old current of the haves and have not slept in the same bed for ages if I can only reconcile them and arrange a second honeymoon they will for ever hold me in the greatest. So without hesitation unfastened the exquisite embroidery
which housed her enchantments namely. Love longing and love talk magical powers that food even the keenest intelligence to refuse you this little thing. Queen here would show disrespect to your husband. Here. Take this god why did you know father of your robe and your mission can hardly hear us smiled triumphantly and eastward over the rough Aegean Sea. At the island of Lemnos. She went in search of more use out of sleep took him by the hand. SWEET No fear. Please help me and I shall be eternally in your debt. Tell me more or so names use and I have performed the act of love. I want you to settle on his shining eye. And some new clothes they need us.
If you do that for me I would ask my son this made God a few steps to forge an imperishable golden throne with a magnificent footstool for festive years divine mind I could easily make other mortals drowsy but I did not Father Zeus and this I have his express sanction all but whom you all may remember I found myself in trouble a couple of generations ago after doing you. Is there a favor to her. When I took advantage on that occasion as yours is soporific state you were like it was a great tempest and drove his son head of his ship far off course. There. Are others also work and indirect for anger began to possible Olympians out of these bats trying to catch me. I would have been heard from the bright operator had to paid it to the people had it not been for dear mother knight with whom I took already to refer you
and do you ask me to risk my life a second time. And must regret crew decline or still qualms of who should grant me this favor and I will marry you to the youngest and prettiest of the Three Graces. To Passy. And you would have there. Under cover of a thick mist of sleep together to mount where he perched on a pine tree in the shape of a knight now wearing Aphrodite's girdle. Went on alone. As soon as you saw her the most passionate desire seized him. It was exactly like that delightful occasion centuries before when unknown to their
kind hearted parents these two first committed incest. But Father Zeus was puzzled by his unexpected visit. Do you why do you wife. What brings you here. And why did you leave your chariot for the steep bridge it just has been in my mind to sit on patching up that quarrel between our ancient uncle. Yes I thought you might have been annoyed if I'd gone without an explanation. I have left my team tethered at the foot of this mound. Surely another day will do as well. Let us make love at once. Never in my entire life have I felt such intense longing for God is on him and I feel for you this afternoon quietly interested on a the girl with the beautiful ankles on whom I've got the hero Perseus was nothing at all by comparison. Should only hope the same applies to the celebrated Europa on whom I got
my notes and his brother regiment as the judges of the dead that Kauai trollop. Indeed equal it supplies the simile on whom I got universally adored earnestness and to have meaning of thieves on whom I do not believe very pleasing it did it trying to get you killed remember and to our own sister Demeter the goddess with the beautiful looks on whom I got to 70 and to the famous Leto on whom I got Apollo in darkness. I would wager to say dearest wife. That I have never yet conceived so delirious a passion even for yourself. To my heart as it were a very bad Santa cry. What a shocking idea. Do you mean us to make love up here in full sight of all of us. Yes. Suppose some god would replace a part and tell the other markers what he'd seen. I should never have a place to go home after that. It would certainly give me a pardonable grievance against you know how our time
US humor you in this inconvenient pray take me to the Olympian chamber which I saw on feast US made for us we can be private there no more no dining here I. Have no fear that either God or man will witness our magical sparked I shall spread an immense cloud over us which even the brightest guy in existence the sun will fail to be. Almighty Zeus then caught hold of he had laid her down masterfully and took his pleasure rather. The earth beneath them was divinely induced to sprout a soft thick carpet of fresh grass tender clover Crocus is and Hyacinth flowers the grays the lovers a hand's breadth into the air. The words.
Were as so they embraced on the crest of a goddess covered by a golden cloud from which sparkling dripped upon their naked bodies and Zeus dozed off conquered by the arts of love and sweetness. Right. Now to accomplish as planned. Then he was headed towards the Greek camp where he sought out the sea god Poseidon. Retuned sports why don't. You always tell your seat to a turmoil. But now the coast is clear. He. Was tricked. Into pressuring her. And I have not ruled him to sleep don't help the Greeks as much as you wish. Joining our world of glory and
God of St.. I don't quote me quote well. Despite the aching wounds the three kings Agamemnon Diomede is under distress and off of their services to post it on the Earthshaker phone no longer disguised as the prophet wielded that terrible keen edged sword of his which resembles a lightning flash and which no mortal dares space in battle a sea wave came hissing them on the beach and that the signal They advanced with a resonant shot.
Season break against these bad shorts or am not such ever really so dreadful as that went up when the Trojan and Brigantes clashed once more. Spirit of great actors exposed breasts and struck it to the point where she played turned without taking the course. Then suddenly she. Had picked up on one of the many large boulders trucks for beached vessels rolling among the fighters feet it spun around like a pig. He clattered to the dust. And rushed up trying to drag her away but the bravest Trojans in the field
carried him moaning to his chariot and drove off towards Troy. At this moment Zeus father of gods and men awoke on the peak of darkness. He disengaged himself from Heroes leaped to his speech and turned towards Troy. There he saw a column of Greek champions led by the sea god driving before them a mob of frightened fugitives while at the ford of the river a group of peers around them. Get your medal in this fight. Check job leads the side of all that is man not to like to listen I'll like taker then my lovely you were trashing your exquisite white skin black once long ago. I trust you I trust your abs only when Golden joy about Jordan and and builds on your me
hanging your from the cloud it holds for all oh wait yes MARTIN Oh God why America where the rain might but not set you free. List. Hey Ira. He calls wife to arouse the view that this reasonable man in floods of tears. I swear but I. Can Tell. By the time what is the stakes. My own sake it is hidden by our body to bed to which I have always remained faithful. The Poseidon did not take the field against the Trojans at most just think it was but it was a little too for the hot breath creeps as he consulted me I should of course advised him to leave. Well. I sat on that back yard and I got mine. So is Zeus having a side and back to his underwater palace and he
reluctantly obeyed sent the god Phoebus Apollo to revive Hector and the Greeks. Spears suddenly became aware that Royce had taken the field again. Once every man's heart sank to his. Restraining hand in front of him flew the god Apollo Repton cloud carrying a bright orange shield which reduced the Greeks to impotence back into the camp searched the post over the bridge which Apollo had improvised from the broken. With equal ease and merriment Apolo kicked down and drove the panic stricken Greeks back to their ships.
Like you come whining to me like a disappointed little mother because Agamemnon the High King of the Greeks has at last been punished for his ingratitude to me up to the Three Kings. Agamemnon not even our surgeon Mackay are not all severely wounded but thanks will future generations give you your greatest fame rests on a refusal to intervene while our fathers are being massacred. Let me lead you against the enemy. Place them under my orders and lend me your arm when the Trojan see your helmet Quest. They are sure to mistake me for you. And then a sudden charge of fresh troops should drive them from our camp. But this black mood of mine as you well know is to my having been robbed by King Agamemnon. In carrying off my slave my prize have I captured
me keep me. Can't follow. Yet no man I suppose can stay angry forever. You were right. I saw I got Memnon and diabetes leaving the field. Surgeon Michail them too. Now I hear only actors yells of encouragement to his dragoons. They will take my famous arm out and lead out my mermaid. But listen to me. Once you were freed our camp of the enemy go no further. But all those use the time that I may crown you with glory it will hurt my on out if you will yield to ambition and take too much on yourself. Come back as soon as your main task is accomplished and leave the two armies battling on the play soccer one of our ship is on fire. I don't think he did once and got off or get out if we are ever to return. Take my good you know kind of harness my team of Aussies. Fifty cents per cents value.
But. They don't. Wasps nest by the truck just up there. I kid you.
The Ramadan's did all and more than Prince but talk was asked of them. They not only saved the ships but drove the Trojans out of the camp headlong and this time for good. Her. Father's us however who can fool any mortal encouraged metropolis to exploit his victory after inflicting immense losses on the Trojans. He forgot his orders. Mounted the chariot lashed to a gallop and tried to capture Troy singlehanded Prince but luck was met with divine chastisement by this presumption cloaked in mist the god Appollo stepped behind the
darkness and with the edge of his hand struck him on the neck. The Palos helmet flew off and rattled away in the dust the bowed spear I shouted in his grasp and Apollo unbuckled his course. As the talk was stored. Dazed trembling and at a loss. Hector of Troy darted forward and speared him alone with the belly. But let's see how our chilis has received your. He's not I'm not alone that makes a hero most of your daughter son of Priam. It was given you by Zeus and by Apollo. Otherwise I could have dealt with the score of champions as strong as you. But be warned if. I do you see death and hate harboring the way you were hit.
He will be raised to me. Achilles knew nothing of Patroclus fate because the battle had been fought fot away under the walls of Troy but his horses some throw somebody else which had escaped from the fighting. Stood weeping beside the river. As a headstone on the tomb of a man or woman each creature a stool oppressed by a shot but draw close to the base seeing that he was there. Once for him Ted I know you did use the mob.
Father Zeus now took pity on Sampras and values or emotional teammates you know what God meant man and upon my word I can think of no more miserable creature that draws breath and crawls in the face of this man. I promise you one thing Hector of Troy shall never amount to killing his beautiful chariot and become your master. Shook the dust and galloped away by the coolies watching the distant battle from the stern of his ship. I wondered why the Greeks were streaming back. Tell me I am
entrusted with a hateful message. We are bringing you a truck let's make this point right. Black ashes which he poured over his head rubbed on his face and let fall on his tunic slave girls saw him tumble groaning to the ground in an ecstasy of grief. They rushed from the heart and gathered about him. Their knees trembling. The son of NESTORE likewise lamented but was careful to hold Achilles hand for fear he might cut his own throat. Achilles groans was so deep and dismal that his mother assumed the pointed sea goddess that is heard them from afar off at the bottom of the sea. She swam through the salt waves and stepped ashore on the beach where a kidney's ships lay.
There she knelt beside her to come but why do you keep trying to tell me forty eight. A truck close friend whom I love as my eyes of. Today have trod on fat useless in combat arms while hack floor to the truck class. Through please don't nurse my grudge against our government. It's molded in my heart and was as sweet to me his tricking her. Now I shall forget my injury and exact vengeance on. The Trojans shall now to their cost. That I am fighting one small. Mother in her deep love. Do not persuade not to stop my.
Dear child. Who can blame you for rarely the aid of your distressed comrades. Yet Hector is flaunting your own fine armor. Wait until to morrow before challenging him. At sunrise I promise to bring you a suit newly forged by none other than the sisters the smith equal. Her. Oh ooh. But all of a divide then up my son and take vengeance on your enemies. Yes I know you. Owe me.
Yes let me know. Recent scandalous has profited us nothing. I heartily wish that my slave girl priciest had died of a Secondly an SS One of them caused the loss of so many of your company. I say. Let us henceforth keep a close eye on our time. I am willing to forget my anger since I keep you in active appoint me Commander in Chief I don't ave Raby silence as though I was standing keeps me seated even effective.
No OK. Right Eric. Now I shall address print second readers and call upon every man present to witness my words. Son of PBS. Others beside yourself have often deplored my considered utterances of fate. Should the Fury who walks in darkness are more to blame than I. They fooled me by suggesting that I should demand a certain position of yours. Pray show forgiveness. Now we mortals not always at the mercy of the immortals. I fully admit the error though not the responsibility of what I have done. And Eagle it is to make you amends in the form of handsome damages. I ask no return but did you will lead my army. Commission which you have anticipated. If therefore you care to wait
while the gifts previously offered to you by King Odissi was a place to gain your disposal I will keep my promise and issue the necessary orders. My lord king whether you keep your promise or not must be our own concern I have set my heart on immediate battle. And subtle speculations about the divine authorship of our dispute do not interest me any more I believe I am Lord activities nobody doubts your book. Do not take hungry men into the field. Pray allow your comrades to breakfast first on meat and wine. How can you talk a breakfast with so many culprits to the plane of your friends help tech to kill. I would have the army if I could so I thought it in to but I don't know I am not. Oh Joy huge feat in celebration of vengeance victoriously taken. Myself I would touch neither drink beer. Nevertheless my lord since I am older and more experienced than you
listen to me. A breakfast interval will allow Agamemnon to produce his gifts for you. I'm sure he will please you further by way of perfect appeasement. The hiking is prepared to swear that he has never slept with this slave go by Sirius. Thanks to the troops dispersed for their breakfasts the exact indemnity promised is. Tearing her breasts next to. The sack of this.
Truck. How many weapons from the sky. And his brother shook hands with. Rocked.
Please continue with his posting on the Watchtower. His terror stricken Trojan subjects streaming towards him with a shout of Allah he descended to the bottom and both wings of the gate and keep. Them dry me. The Trojans came pelting along how did Kitty's great and pawed impetuously into the city as fast as their legs would take the Greek army have followed with shields finding no opponent still alive on the plane except the Destiny compelled to post himself in front of the gate. We know
longer than you or don't know. Runs up like a victorious race horse is divine armor blazing like the dog star at harvest time is almost upon Hector brandishing the deadlines when suddenly pretended to be terrified of him and ran off darting a great speed close under the walls past Priam's Watchtower. Then along a wagon track towards two neighboring sources of the river skimmed past the massive trust you with my Trojan Housewives where they wash their fine linen in days of peace the god Phoebus Apollo so strengthened Hector's lungs and legs. But even swift footed Achilles failed to overtake the hope to reach the battlements cutting the gate where his comrades would send a volley of spears at Achilles. But whenever he approached it Achilles spurted took the inside berth and forced him out towards the pan three times they circled the walls of Troy and when they came to the tops on their fourth circuit Zeus grasped his golden scales and laid a lock to each of the plans. One
particular one for Hector and poised them carefully. It does not sank down at which side of the guard the bus Apollo abandoned him to his point. But God is Athena now appeared before him having taken the shape of his brother Prince Davis and pretending to have run out from the gate. She hailed him. Indeed if it was his voice he thought he has proposed. Come tell me its. Top. Stand and let us face Achilles together for Bush with the best of brothers still be and never more welcome than now. So you were alone then to come to my hideous problem. Let us now fight together like your homes. Come back east close to see what he poses leaning on his lap. Come we've been casting their stones. The euro must not buy did art. But first Let us swear on all that whichever buys he was usually kills under spoilers the other will not. These are not of the corpse but convey it to his own people probably go mad
Monday you bargain with me. No die left I'll probably make you pay for poising his great Lance Achilles hoe detector. I mean this. Has perhaps deceived your guard. May this be a cost free drawing of their worst turned out of this long war has brought upon us. The Spear struck the center of a key but rebounded harmlessly from the enchanted with my brother. They have all this weight on your hands. Because if you disguised as my brother. I'm to die without first performing a feat of posterity I have still. Brandishing his sword. How was he to know that the goddess of
the earth and restored it to his grasp. And come to shield him and sent him crashing to the ground. But one of my friends what we had last I can give him a splendid funeral and bring his dogs and I'll let you hold my God. My father King primer and some whatever to pry himself with a pair of scales you get a baby the weight of your comps in it. I saw nothing in the world can keep the carrion birds from tearing a job any other dog some kind die young men for see the future.
Since I cannot melt that part of top I know that my brother swell up and me Why don't I pierce your wild market spot. Oh yah right. The shadow of death life away and his ghost led to the gloomy kingdom of bewailing his lost youth and pride. Achilles freed the lance and stooped to unbuckled his blood stained setting himself to outrage the corpse having slipped the tendon of each foot from heel to ankle he looped on Rawhide thong through the hose and bound both ends to his chariot tail then he mounted flung the spoils of battle beside him lashed his horses down for somebody else to a gallop and away they flew back to his corpse trailed after them churning up the dust.
His dark flowing locks dishevelled and his once glorious beaches begrimed with the back of such was the fate ordained project of by Almighty is use to have his body desecrated in full sight of his fellow citizens. Queen Hecuba screamed tore her hair and cast away her bright veil moaned pitilessly and his subjects wept and howled as though Troy tumbling and blackened ruins about them were. And even Queen Helen though every Trojan woman patriot ventured on this heartbroken. Oh.
RUTH. Yes.
But does wife knew nothing of his death. Note in lab a message even of his decision to stay outside the city walls and reached my house. She sat at the loom weaving a pattern of flowers into a wide purple cloth. Then. At the sound of the distant and drumming he started so badly that the shuttle fell to the floor. She rushed to the throng battlements her breast heaving. Then she looked down. And all went black before her eyes. That evening. Is built Patroclus a tall Pyaar 100 feet square upon which he and his myrmidons are evidently placed the.
Next they slaughtered a whole flock of sheep and a herd of cattle. Achilles flayed the carcasses stripped off the fat suede but truckloads in it from head to foot and spread the pleasure about him. He also leaned against the bee a row of two handled jars full of oil and honey sacrificed for the gallant horse is groaning aloud as he did so. And lastly. Twelve Trojan prisoners whom he had kept for this occasion. Adding their bodies to the Holocaust. Then he kindled the fire and boisterous the winds kept the flames morning all night. Achilles tramped about the pyre emptying on the earth a two handled company which he contemplated. It is from the Golden moaning how winning and trying to put chocolates goes. Through quite
a lot I will not mention. Well it was a week about oh over Patroclus ashes and funeral games were celebrated in his honor. But Achilles green remained on assuaged. Again and again he would rise from his couch at night to drag does naked corpse tied to his Chaldea tail three times round about oh. Then he would return. Leaving it lying prone in the dust. But still he could not speak. And he is in Premier League. Oh my God. Wanna eat.
Activists. Like to. Do this. This group will be the death of you. Why don't try. To address. Even sleeping with the snakes can have might be helped. But here is a message from Zeus himself. He and his fellow gods are angered by your denial of the score to the pen. It's a father's use commands me to surrender Culp's loadout run some must know must. Said Hermes message of the gods to King Priam. This was his message. Oh I agree. This used
to ride on a desolate. Drive which he was gifts up. To. Wow OK.
He's a king. Brian Klaus you only use as a supplement and you can plot and see in the name of your father King. It's like me years old and still he can be had sometimes new words comes to him that you are alive and aware that he could always cheerful again. Thinking one can only last an hour such hope can sustain me for in my own head. Got a date at your spear point in the depends of trolley and I have come with a load of pleasure at all and some use body green Stuckey's for the sake of your father show me compassion. Oh god can you. Yes you must have suffered. Sit down quietly beside me. But how can a sit at my ease while my son try to score relies on Barry didn't you allow humans accepted you would your mantra might have brought with me
better of a prior I decided to restore actors call you even before you came I received a message from Zeus and now I am convinced that some gods must have led you to me. I will place your son's body under the tilt of your cart and you may drive him home. You are generous prince suck Eastern I use in my heart so be it. I return called Croix at dawn. Make up a bed for me and let us Court sweet sleep I have not closed my eyes since you killed my son. Toward my Lord King you would be well advised to spend the night outside my heart if some counsellor should come for the midnight conference as often happens and were to recognize you imagine a former High King a man who would show a deadly make. The rants here but tell me how many days will Hector's obsequies last.
I undertake not to resume the battle while they are in progress and mistress of my Lord Achilles would be most welcome. Mourning will last nine days 10 3 burden the corpse and celebrate a funeral feast on the 11. We raise he's bad. On the 12th we do battle if you attack us but it will with this clasp of hand and wrist I pledge myself to keep the Greek army in camp. Until the twelfth day. And now my Lord King let us turn our thoughts to stop or. Eat and gain strength to lament your beloved son as your home to a cross. Then they shared a succulent meal together. And when they had eaten and drunk enough. And his head all lay down to sleep. But outside the hut. Inside Achilles acting on his mother's advice took lovely Bryce's to bed with him.
You have now heard the tale of ruinous anger and of how it was assuaged. Then I hope that it is please do go to bed take your rest. And good night to you all. We've heard the final part of the anger over Kelly's three part epic for radio by Robert Graves from his translation of Homer's Iliad Agamemnon was played by Maurice Dunham Achilles by Robert Hardy or deceased by John
Slater Nestor by Norman Shelley Hector by Gabriel Wolfe and Zeus by Francis to world. Famous son of Homer a bard was spoken and song by Dennis quickly. Roberto get a hug composed a special musical score and Raymond Raikes directed the BBC World Theatre production which won a pretty detail Yeah these world theatre programmes are produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Their broadcast is made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Next week for Holy Week listen for the true mystery of the passion by the Brothers great translated and adapted for radio by James perk up. This program was prepared for broadcast by W. R. v r the FM station of the Riverside Church in New York City. This is the national
educational radio network.
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