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I'll try to describe the minds of men situation to say you little world. Ours is a century of complexity and to mouth disease by the momentum of war by gargantuan events. Matter. Individual man. Threatens to forfeit his sense of personal worth. Personal power. Or accomplishment. To reaffirm his capacities for effective living man needs to know more intimately the mental and emotional forces at work within him to perceive more clearly the community of his own mind with the minds of man everywhere. Thank you.
Here's our sales reports Mr. Adams region 5 0 and Mr. Smith says August that door will you. Oh yes. A little late. It's 22 minutes after. Yes sir. Lucky to get him a tall though this morning I guess. What was Mr. Crenshaw Renshaw. What's he done this time. Mr. Crenshaw got himself a drownded drone. What are you talking about is this some kind of a joke Rusty. No cross my heart. On a family picnic yesterday. One man after a boat. You mean you didn't know Mr. Adams. Gosh it's all over the building. You mean you didn't hear about it when you came in. I don't chat on my way to the office Rusty. No sir. Welly drownded All right. One minute they was all there in the boat. Is wife and her sister and the sister's husband and he was swimming along. Mr. Crenshaw was quite a ways behind but they could see him aright. And the next minute he wasn't he was gone out of sight just like
this sounds odd to me. A man drowns right under the eyes of three other people. Yeah and they didn't even know he was in trouble. He didn't yell LOOK or wave his arms or anything. Only one way I can figure it Mr Rat is watch that happen in the way it did. And he didn't even call for help. Maybe Mr Crenshaw now. Maybe he didn't even know he was drownding. Radio-TV. The University of Texas resigns the minds of many a series of explorations into effective living. Written by the Durham twins and
directed by Jack Dee some of. These programs are prepared with the assistance and counsel of the Hogg foundation for Mental Hygiene under a special grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters. They aim. A keener understanding of the forces universally at work in the minds of men. Common safeguards for Old Men who want to live who want to protect the people the things the values they cherish our lifes normal and natural fear fears that urges to avoid recognize dangers to proceed with intelligent caution to prepare our defenses against real and vital peril. These are the fears
the wise man welcomes. For they are allies constantly alert to his best and truest welfare. But some of us are not so wise distrustful of fears devices unsettled by momentary paralysis ashamed of retreat shaken by violent aggression. We see fear as a foe a ruthless tyrant driving us to action we cannot accept or tolerate. Thus there begins the fear of fear itself. A mushroom ing force which can engulf its victim Kemah flushing every life situation every human relationship with the dark hint of danger. Cut off from the rewards of creative living. A man can drown in the fear of fear and succumb to anxieties of his own making. In the midst of his own safe little world. Are you at the door Emily. Where's mom. I don't know she I called
speak to her about this Emily or I will let me see yes three times. Ample time for her to get from any part of the house she may have been outside. Even so that's what she's here for. And there's no need for you or any of us to be at the mercy of every salesman solicitor peddler whatever you know of course is the study for where all the children are already clean and they've gone over to the park there's a playground supervisors I thought we'd talk this all out. I'm a lame. I don't want Nancy involved we're going to turn in our materials and tell them she kept every rag tag Bob Taylor little urchin. You never know where they come from or what they'll bring with them. You forget things. Why do I mean your home at this all wrong. I thought perhaps you know I don't forget things I am a lame. Only the untidy minded to forget things. When a person is well organized when he knows what he's about. It's a simple matter to have what he needs
where he needs it when he needs it. You've heard me say that I'm sure yes many times. No I'm home through no fault of my own I can tell you I'd much have preferred staying at the office getting ahead with things as I had them lined out what's Crenshaw. Crenshaw that young muscle bound food products development. Always going off half cocked about some new wonder drug some visionary cure all a reputable company has my business stirring up things shuffling things around. Well he won't do it anymore I can promise you that from now on maybe we'll see some order around there again. Maybe we'll handle things the same way two days in a row. And what is all this what about Crenshaw. He's dead. Dan Brown yesterday swimming after a boat they've closed the offices for a full mile it's inconvenient. There were a good many things I had in my family. I don't for years a wife I think somebody said a horrible thing. Well it could be worse. They'll be well taken care of in any case. That's
where our man is smart to affiliate himself with a company like our marriage and sons not astronomical salaries perhaps not a quick and flashy rise to the top but compensations death benefits health and accident retirement security all the way and they close the offices when you die. Yes. Well that seems a little Quixotic. However I suppose there are people lots of them who welcome any excuse to let their work go begging. Luckily I'm not one of them. These Tramadol reports they've got to be on the caller's desk in the hall Surely he won't expect you to I don't know whether he will or won't. I do know the tri motel reports are due on Tuesday. They're always due on Tuesday. Nobody's going to say they were holed up in my own bed as a circus by dear Emily where McCall is concerned there are no circumstances. I won't pretend it's going to be of course not but well it'll be quiet in the study and I'll have Martha bring you some coffee to do that will you Emily and tell her I'll be working through the
afternoon and I don't want to be disturbed. You want lunch. No yes well lunch of course. The children will be eating you're not going out just not feeling very one of your headaches again. Tiny one must lie I know I just I don't know I feel weak issue little drag at all Emily why don't you see a doctor I talk to Mr. John doctor friends out of town for two weeks he's going to call me. Well see him then by all means so we'll know where we are either sick or well but not this perpetual in-between. It's not very efficient is it. How's that. Nothing. Now who could that be. No no we let him off. It's probably Mrs. Gray Mrs. Gray from next door the new neighbor. Whoever that is Mrs. Adams and I are not at home not at home. And this is Adam and I have in hand I'm not
well I just don't know what this. Invited Mrs. Gray. She's here at my invitation. Well of course in that search. One thing though in this work I'm doing it's important to know and it takes concentration so you'll do me a very great if you'll get rid of this as soon as it's decently possible. Guy the salesman see yeah he gets his finger hung in the file back. So when the old pot Devereaux buzz and says show me that you never saw anyone. I mean you are bowling in the sun. Beg your pardon. Just a minute Rusty. Yes can I help you. Is there a Mr. Adamson in this office Mr. Eskew Adamson. Well not in this status quo. Sure that's his office. Well over there that grade the forestry. What did you say his name was Samuel. Crazy but I thought
you know keep things like they are or were that'd be more his speed. Don't never change nothing. Why new product name comes across his desk is Bill use for 3D. I did you have something that you want to do yes. Yes please report Mr. Adamson left and with Mr. McCauley some time ago and Mr. McCauley says there is an error of Y. Aaron You're kidding aren't you. Aren't you. Tell me you're kidding. I don't believe our status quo made a mistake or say it again would you would you say it again so I can hear. Oh no please. I'd better get used to Mr. Adams you're going to take him you were taken in there all by yourself. Mr. Adamson you made a mistake. You're going to say that well yes I hope maybe you're too young to be arrested. Hush. OK all right. You take you taken baby and I'll take you home cause I wouldn't miss this for anything. Step this way please rusty restrooms personal escort service seizure right to the jaws of death. Don't go in the cage tonight.
Mom my guardian with a live look for lotion fan made by Mr. Adams surname I mean. Mr. ADAMS. Oh it you're asking for a yes sir we've brought you something sir. Close that door will you. Yes sir. And this young lady Mr. Adamson. This young lady has something to tell you. All right I'll. Marry you. That's what we're trying to do a scrupulous conscientious job against all odds. Two weeks two weeks it took Macaulay to read those Tramadol reports. Now he won't remember that I had to haul those things home that I was slaving away while everybody else was well. Being off to a funeral all he'll run as it was only one tiny little mistake. There are no tiny mistakes.
A mistake is a mistake that everybody makes and not me. Not Eskew Adamson for 30 years just don't you see with a record like that my daddy that's practically perfect practically perfect is a paradox Nancy. If you can say that you don't understand perfection Well you know what they'll say don't you. Adams I'm slipping that's what they'll say. He's got careless sloppy. We need somebody else. And how can you think. Listen you don't know the kind of thing that goes on around there Emily here at home youre protected from all that thank Heaven. The gross maneuvering the vicious backbiting. Crenshaw's job now you want to see the jungle that Crenshaw cringe. If it hadn't been for poor Crenshaw I wouldn't have made that mistake that's ridiculous surely you can't. Well what I what I've been trying to work in a madhouse with everybody and his dog popping in and out it's little wonder a man can't think can't concentrate on important papers. Does it ever occur to
anybody else around here that this house is getting more like Grand Central Station every day. Not Syria hardly ever have any body you don't need anybody. A family ought to be sufficient unto itself Hamrick That's right. A self-sufficient unit. Families used to be. Look at a family of 100 A hundred fifty years ago. Their day had more and so is their way of life. Times have changed. We are pioneers isolated in the wilderness dependent only on one another we are better off if we were a home shouldn't be a thoroughfare that it shouldn't be a prison either. It should be a haven a refuge a safe impregnable little world the people who live in it ought to see that it is. They ought to devote their full time and attention and energies to each other. To being a real family that's where we miss. Well we needn't miss it just takes a little firmness pulling in our rooms discouraging intruders like the Mrs next door neighbor and to see it takes more than that
so much. Well whatever it takes that's what this home is going to be. We'll make a start tonight. A good sharp beginning. We'll all stay home together just us nobody else. How do you know what do you mean Nancy is the idea. It's coming. Ben who I told you about mother the boy I met at the park at the park. There you see that's what happens. Nothing has happened. Nancy has met a boy a perfectly nice boy by all accounts he's the nicest boy I know I suggested she invite him over some night and tonight the night is coming it's all planned then it can be planned. You just call the young man other player do no such thing Sam she's already obligated to her family. That's where our obligations lie her only CNN has a meeting. Yeah dandy organizing a weightless janitor jury. Fam nothing if you're not there you're not going to be there but I might not get any and there's so many boys that's quite enough. I have had a hard
day of trying and vicious today. I am going to relax in my own home with my own family if they care to join me. But in peace and quiet What ever the circumstances there will be no one dies out and there will be no one coming in. Is that clear. What do you think what a lie. Tell her it's not for a. Family this is some. Family Plan. I won't let you do this. It's senseless it's tyrannical you can't Emilee Please keep your voice down. Do you want to truly hear me shouting. Yes I don't care I want them to know somebody cares enough about them to shout enough about them not some pat perfect little family diagram was no mistakes I want them to feel they are the only thing you know. No it isn't all right. It hasn't been alright for a long long time. You've had a hard day have you. Well let me tell you something. It was a hard day in the doctor's office too. And you made your first mistake
30 years or you made so many mistakes in those 30 years but they don't count and they won't spoil your record because they were sins of omission. You don't have to answer for them not to Mr McCall they are everybody. Nobody can nobody ever say well you know what is what's the matter. You call the doctor Dr. Fred. His numbers on the head say Nancy help me upstairs to let me know I don't watch you Emily. You don't know what you're saying you're sick. Isn't that isn't that a relief. So you should to be to be realistic. No more of this. This perpetual in between. Can I get you something Mr. Adams.
Some coffee maybe your now nothing nothing. Thank you. The children they didn't hardly eat anything for their supper now but good food Ms Gregg said over just nibbled a poor thing. Well we're all very much upset. I don't understand I'm not taking her to the hospital. When my brother was sick last fall it was a year ago they felt I thought that I wanted Mrs. Adams and here at home where I could be sure she's looked after. But they got everything to do with hospitals I knew it. In the latest just because a thing is new math or that doesn't mean it's desirable. Quite the contrary. No sir. But still doctors coming by later on Martha. I'll be in the study I brought some work home and say I'll be here Mr. Adams. I thought I'd stay right on through for a couple days. Well that's that's very kind but. But I don't think than the nurses doing everything it's like I told my husband I said
I can do nothing for Ms Adams. Poor thing. That's in the hand of Providence to say and you now Mr. Adamson. You got your work but the children they got nothing to take their minds off now I can see. And nobody you folks have been always kind of get yourselves to yourselves so to speak. Yes we are. Well I've always felt. Now I'm not saying it's wrong Mr. Adams. Folks live like they see best to live. But I do say yes I do say when trouble comes. Bad Sickness and the like sorrow. Well they sure don't leave you much to draw on Mr. Adamson. Yeah I am. Yeah. That's the upshot of it saying she's holding on.
That's all just holding up well isn't that there are things going on for a long time Sam. Too long the made the children say she's complained of headaches yes of feeling dragged out. She called it but nothing serious. Emily knew it was serious. Emily now let's put it this way. She was afraid it was serious. She told you terribly afraid at the last. I didn't really talk to you Sam. Well yes we talked a lot about the house the children money my work what people talk about but not about herself. Emily wasn't much of a talker. Maybe she didn't have much of a listener. It's hard for people to admit they're afraid Sam. Under the best of conditions hard to admit it to themselves or to anybody else they'll do anything to cover up even my chemically to endangering their own welfare. If she had faced up to it sooner if she had come to me.
If there's no use saying if. What can we do now. We've got to give her something to hold on with Sam. The things I've tried the old standbys they're no good in this case. Why not. Too tricky. Too many complications. Well then what. Well there's one thing. A new drug Excalibur and I haven't used it myself but Dr hope. Well the reality is that my diets Crenshaw's latest rave no no that's out of the question What we don't have the full data on a skeleton doctor we don't that's right. Your own company. Well then you know I know I forbid you to use that drug on Emily. I'm not going to take the chance chans. We're not taking a chance. Emily's dying Sam faced that. Face it we can't jeopardize our life it's in jeopardy. And this is the only hope we've got to save it. Are you going to let some idiotic squeamishness about new this is a new that. Throw that hope away. Do you want to lose your wife.
No how can you say that no. Were you thinking it wouldn't make any difference that you had already lost or really lost a long time ago. Yes. You're right. I stay. Right in the stone was this was. The White. House Excalibur was Excalibur was. Drownded got himself got himself drunk was told was that the dog was. Telling.
Us tonight in the state you made a mistake he made in the state. You may be. Right. For the record possible tidy minded wife Mr.. I know my wife at the hospital lives. Yes. Good morning Mr. Allen. I hear you know what his last made a mistake in last thing like that. Was the way to the office.
Family life. Family. Like the state. Listings I hung. On was. Close that door do you hear me. Close that. Oh yes Mr. Adamson not the observer. Why you did what you meant the front door didn't you Mr. Adamson. I just closed that when I let Ms Gray again. She just looked in for a minute to ask. She's been so MS Gregg has over and she's been
so good Sinan things over. I didn't thank you man. No no I'm just sorry I missed. Oh oh well I didn't know with your work and I'll feel I should think. She's been very kind yes or so's other folks Mr. Adamson. Nancy she's been taking the phone calls. You didn't hear I was afraid maybe they'd bothered you the phone the doorbell. Who needs you can tell you better knockin Mr. Anderson but there was a Mr. McCullough I know said to tell you you wasn't to come down any more to Ms Adamson. She could spare you said that was an order calling and I thanked her. Just wanted to know if there was anything she could do. It's hard. If anyone else should call I I'd like.
Well maybe I ought to speak to them myself. Oh well all right I'll tell the children and ask them as Nancy and Tim will you please to come down here to the study. If they will but your work Mr. Adamson. What about your work. It can wait. Yes. Well I'll go tell him I'll call you and when you go through. Yes. Was there something else. Yes. I don't know it just suddenly seems a little stuffy in here. When you go through the front hall why don't you open the front door. Thank you.
Thank you. Safe little world. One of the series of explorations into effect of living titled the minds of men. The presentation of radio television the University of Texas consultants for this broadcast. Dr. Bernice Melbourne Moore director of the state and community service program for the Hogg foundation for Mental Hygiene. Mrs. Burke Kruger Smith director of the foundation's mental health education through mass media. And Dr. Oliver H Bal OG foundation consultant and assistant director of the University of Texas testing and guidance bureau. These programs were prepared for broadcast under the supervision of Robert F. Jenkins
technical effect by Bill Berger special music by Elena Paige. Lose on law was heard as Eskew Adams. And a cook speaking. This program is distributed by the National Association of educational broadcast. Radio Network.
Minds of men
Safe little world
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University of Texas
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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The fear of fear itself.
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A series of explorations into effective living, combining dramatizations with commentary.
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Actor: Law, Mouzon
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Advisor: Bown, Oliver H.
Composer: Page, Frances Eleanor
Director: Summerfield, Jack D.
Producing Organization: University of Texas
Producing Organization: KUT (Radio station : Austin, Tex.)
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