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America Street USA. A series of programs produced by Radio Station UK FJC FM at Foothill College Los Altos California and I think that I'm really sorry but I think I get thrown that I'm that marvelous. Yes now people feel that I get my ear is going to be worth the worth it worth thinking Well I think if it your way. Oh I don't know. We were in the city of Sunnyvale California. There is a street named America street. Families of many different backgrounds live on the street and in the immediate neighborhood. It's a melting pot of America in miniature. What are the feelings the attitudes the texture of life on America street. What do these Americans think about America as it is today. For if we are to approach the reality of the American experiment in democracy we must know understand and respond to the
opinions of America street. In this series of programs we ask you to imagine that you are overhearing a discussion among the residents of America's great as occasionally compared and contrasted with informed opinion from other sources. Today's topic the war in Vietnam. The war in Vietnam has occasioned the greatest division in America since the Civil War. The public debate in the past few years has reached every citizen as a participant or observer for today's program. Further expression of public statements would be superfluous Today we focus entirely on the opinions of America Street America's most immediate dilemma touching the lives and souls of every American. What do we do about the war in Vietnam. Unless you want to receive orders. Well I
fill in the other kind. What if its near neighbors or friends from a distance. That's one. Think the facts department is running out of Vietnam War is threatened. They fought the French for 25 years and. I think the list of things that we. Just made a mistake and then. Wrote for The New. Year to try to make up for a real situation. It's hard to go to the local population. I actually support the government.
You can tell. The Russian government. Surprise surprise to take our guard down. I think for Colin having that will be advantageous to the Soviets and to any other. Group. My theory to certain areas I think is true Marxist no question. If you give them absolute control. I still remember Pearl Harbor when the stage was backed up to
the Philippines and all the rest of us. Warmongers. I don't tend to like or for just. That. Were there. I can't quite see how it. Feels. I. Just sort of discouraged. Nothing seems happy that's sure the right thing to just get out of it. I'm certain we'd just be because it would be which many will be here.
They sure do. Well it was it was really a choice for the way. So I think maybe people are better at that. If we really fought a war we wanted to win but the fighting people out here who are pilots will get one week of this in the next week. They were all quiet. They said it was really even there really are any characters at all just like we did during the last wars. So they say under present circumstances you can win wars just we just rule so in what way. So maybe I think I was right
you know it's not perfect I think that if I was sorry to be said. Well let me ask you this. You see Richard Nixon is a gradual reduction of troops is a sincere we want is for him to end the war. Can't make this for for for play political gesture that he's growing and in significant numbers that will affect the art to a great degree. Yet it had great psychological effect. And he's counting on that by helping main picture of change. That you can't leave. Great. Well I think that it's our place. But she's right. For some of you know oh I hope it's the same thing that happened Korea I think it will be a very satisfactory peace eventually that will prove that
historically that we were wrong to be there again. It's true that we're fighting. But you know just having nationalism and were destroying a country that is nationalistic and it is natural I mean it's normal for it to be that way and that is that it's sad that we're doing. On the basis of butting out because they are nationalistic enough to even not want communism of China. That's the hope. I am a selfish interest in that country and I'm not sure what they have but I feel I want the control of America. At the cost of one or two hundred for days. We've. Tried everything gets fuzzy thinking in our government that has gotten us involved in this approach. Here again I say I would
start with you. But let's just stop and say Now look just what are our problems. What are really no threats. We have no i'm not attacking you know what it states North Korea the first time. OK so that's obviously not the situation. Is there enough of a possibility in Europe or Asia I mean this domination. To war are going over there and try to put out every grass for a grass fire wherever it may flare up I say this is. This is. Going to take. I would say up through our intelligence. We should be able to tell what that should measure in the businesslike way what the possibilities. Are of exposure and threats to this time. To evaluate in terms of just what what we can possibly learn and I think that
they have gone overboard in trying to become and be too involved in what's taking place in other countries and in areas that don't really concern us. And which even after control are really not going to pay us any dividends. In terms of control over the European community or South America or of Asia I think it is and I think this is this is my whole position. It's poor judgment. By fighting all over the world and supposedly backing up all these people we're going to win friends we're going to win support in the we're going to have real strength and I think this is actually happening. So literally an error of judgment to follow this one. I think. I don't believe in being an isolationist but I believe in being realistic about the rewards for spending money and lives in a given part of the world and you have to be selfish to the extent you say if we do this we do have a real war here and we can see it.
I should change my mind when I look nasty. And Michael Well when we started with some little piece of paper that says all right you fellas going to Petrograd up we were committed click play and be kind of. It's kind of one of those corners you get into. Not necessarily anything to get into a war making an alliance or a commitment that you go ahead. That's where our way. Will protect you. And. I maybe this was a big mistake. Or maybe it wasn't I mean. Here we go I want somebody to play on your team you have to say that to your. You know help them I never had I don't think that they had Mormons help themselves I mean I'm sorry I just can't I just can't say that if somebody isn't going to help themselves or make a matter where they go to the time has really don't go to the Congress apparently the people running that country they're not in this kind of like the different we've the
Teton Castro I mean the kind we've come Mr. Dictator. I mean all right now apparently there have been a fairly dictatorial government over there strictly military competitor prime minister only as far as those people are concerned. No there is not a great deal of difference as far as we're concerned. At it. Hard we've got. Millions and millions of dollars and so more important how does a man over there and they're going to prepare when they're not doing just spinning their wheels. And they are worried they can't when. I think anybody can win it. I think the best you can get is a deal like career where you're just going to a stalemate you're going to get another nation but then I literally got to know that Korea Germany. And pretty soon you're going to have that enemy. Three and on the way we're going next to Africa be split on the little. Good guys in the front of it goes the other. One then where we go next to race but the Mississippi Valley into your comfort zone is a good night here.
I think it's kind of. Communists of the bowing to the Russians you know that's part of that's. Supposedly part of that's their program. We're going to take over the world I guess. I don't really know that we can just do the United States can take care of everybody. Oh. Yeah it's a nice theory because originally I guess we were in some sort of a treaty with the. Vietnamese and other Asian countries you know that regardless is gonna make it we should pull out of it. I think so. When you play with your friends already I think we should do what we can salvage an. Act. And get out. I think it's time. To try to stop thinking so much terrible is a very selfish for much about the Vietnamese a little bit more time to start thinking about our own country. You know what I mean a card starts out as just a floor when it becomes infected then you have a serious then you have something serious. And the possibility of. Really
I think this is what this started out. I started out as a foreigner. And something could be very damaging. That's another bad situation. We should live in the first place. You just pull out now. I think we're going to be the solution. I think if we. Do it gradually maybe. We're just awesome. Back in the first place we had no damn business in there you know that to me I mean this Vietnam thing. Same with the Korean thing is it's been a very bad thing because all this cost us is. The lives of our young people who lost so many young people over their. Young fellers that never had a chance to go to school here. And. Just.
Absolutely a waste. I mean and figure out how our government got involved in this thing and B and I think if we a lot of events have Vietnam. Gradual like. And let them take over their own situation over there if they want to come in this would never put down. I mean. Is trouble the United States we spread our troops the damn thing all over the world and eventually we're going to get we can do ourselves and we don't want you. In. We can do. For you. You're saying you can't. You can't bring the whole world you can't raise it or you can't do it see. If you were president it's a tough question but if you were president what would you do in Vietnam. Well if I was. Going to give away. I would be there for all their graduate like right go there and shoot it with every last thing and
putting out right now. Like. In World War 2 I mean you had to go and get into it. To me. And the first time we got to Vietnam Korea this is what they should have done. They should have walked right through them and cleaned it up and got out. Still trying to. Push the foot along for years. And that's what has been we've got to go where. Our country has been for him all the information all the material that he. May have given the go ahead. Now I was in the Marine Corps during World War 2. And I went to quite a few campaigns. And I know where they. Are government and they give. The Marines and the army the other forces over there. I think given what we have been back on they could see that ending up a long time ago. I mean I think a lot of this. Drag stuff out. And this is.
Really a very. Bitter idea. I think it's. A lot of it is just a. Damn political stuff. Prisoners tomorrow say for instance tomorrow for wars and all over. We probably have depression in this country we have this big slump. And I think a lot of this is created I mean. To keep prices and keep the country going keep working on this stuff. And frankly had received a questionnaire with all these people dying over there for nothing. So I mean it might be pretty bad for a while you. Know I mean whether this will be printed before rather than give up you know already on people's lives and stuff like that if you're just a regular reduction on the part of President Nixon was a sincere effort to have the word well I think that. That week he faces a very important election in 1970 there was a majority of Republicans. In both houses of Congress. He's got to do some things that are going to make make the voters of this country
happy. I'd rather look the politicians within the area. I think one of the most immediate things is start bringing some guys whoa this is a very popular thing. On the other end of the stick. I really haven't seen this anywhere. Will there be a real reduction of the Vietnam. Or are they really some people you know wholesale returns from. From Vietnam but also some wholesale shipping all over people after that election occurs. I mean I would love to see it be told You can usually just see him get a settlement out of the door they can force back because you know it's bad for the world. They're rooted kills you know but. I spent too much time in the Musharraf there near the war did They've been committed over there
and they can't pull out now you're saying to me we should do more due to it shall we say didn't. Here's a victory for you know. Because well I always thought it was a political war in the way you're going to bend it a long time ago. They really got in there and there were some people feel it. We've got to have a military victory. People knew for sure you're sure that it was now they were in there to begin with it was just to try to get some. Greenish between the two to settle something you're saying. That the military victory with it will help you know if you think you're thinking just get settled here without military action. If they get enough forces they can settle it one way or that two. Or three they could share with you or we should do
what they do. I think as long as they're there oppressing. There will be the one person. One person. That Wants to Be. Heard. I believe we're right in being. Noted for whether they are for war or just for the sake of war. Anytime you oppress one person. You do hurt me and it should hurt everywhere every United States every American citizen. You guys should realize that you've got something that you wish everybody here the freedom to choose. I think it was a gross mistake. I think it was an absolute. Horrible error. On someone's part and I think it was an error that has cost us dearly. And something that we've not been able to. To recall and we never will be and I cannot justify in any way. The. Boys that have been killed over there. And
injured for life in their lives taken away for any reason whatsoever that I can find not one justification that I don't think that the enemy's legal care and I don't think that I don't think they fought their own war. I think we're going there and. Taking it over and I think it's a shame that this is happened it's more than that it's a it's an absolute tragedy. We're not against it positively. It was a terrible miscalculation I think we underestimated what we're walking into with the short sweet and so with get out. We underestimated Ron the people who used the North Vietnamese and. Underestimated the support that manger would receive from China and Russia. And I think you know as tragic as it is with the number of lives have been lost the only thing we can do really is get out of this thing and we are turning over the problem to the south the amazing withdrawing just like you know throwing good money after bad just to get out in the. Trenches not popular I think that
every day the thing drags go is just getting worse and worse in the. Public opinion generally I think is against the war. Do we pull out of Vietnam. YARDENI it's worth it to stick it out and save or he's perceived to be an ongoing threat and say that I can say to people that's more important I think this. If anything can the state. And people have made a mistake and learn to acknowledge it face saving. It's. Just pursuing their own course. Correction that. Very killing. People.
Would you think would happen to people who may be in a minority. What do you think would happen this minority of people. Who are pro. Us. We don't have to go to that extreme by the way. Just pulling out now. There are so many compromises of the refuse to take that with never. Situation. Just. Supporting a government. Which record is more representative of the. The government has put. A man. Second to him in the election for neutralised government that is interested in making peace. Once you have a government there and we. Come asking for a government. Other than the. One to have a government that represents. A representative of this. Condition. And
the calling out where you don't have where they stand this protection. For there's no reason why should be one extreme or the other. There is there is a position of compromise but what we're trying to do now is win the war of the table that we haven't been able to win. In other words. We want the same government kept. The same type of government kept in control now. I mean. This is. During elections and we know what happens then and their action when a certain group gets control of. That election. We want the same thing which is. Going to give him that remember what this government represents. And. Second. That. Quisling. Collaborates with rights again. This. Government is the government and the people.
With the French. Against. The people who are fighting for the. Poor collaboration of the. Type of people. Who asked that. The bigger place some pay to. Pay. For your own way eventually what happened. That's something that S.. That's what Eisenhower did wrong. The elections that were promised in the. The louder the handle. The subsidy for coaching and word of warning. The time here is the great national hero. Now we talk about. The first line of defense. The country of Vietnam size and economic conditions.
When the people themselves. Do not you know pose a threat to the United States. When we talk about. You know the industrial nations like we had a war with Japan. This was a declared war threat on United States security and it bombed Pearl Harbor. Vietnam. If the people want our ideology a war between two people the north in the south. For as I'm concerned who is to say. About the form of government that the people there want to know. Now we have to take a hand into the free elections. We're. Pouring billions of dollars there. We still haven't found any solution for the peace of the country. One other thing that one of the saddest things about this war is that it is destroying fearless and people. That are not. Really concerned. About which way the country should go the Me
I'm speaking to people in live outside the major areas like the neighing and sag of the villages. Maybe you have to take another sharp look at this and figure out another angle. If we. Are really trying to represent. Democracy. But what really killed me. I mean we can't really tell the people. Who were core can we really tell them over there. That they must. Live like the average American to television sets in their home. Or well-to-do home and well-to-do home furnished well. The Best Man can you can be there for like we do in America. When those people have been subject all their life to just moving forward. Pitiful Me. So how do you bring your ideology to them. Do you how do you sell it to him. This has been America Street USA one of a series of programs
investigating what Americans think about America as it is today produced under a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting by Jeff Osborn at radio station gave Jay-Z FM college most Altos California interviews were conducted by Robert Weaver aeration and technical production by Bob Burke's dresser and the executive producer was Professor Stuart Rose. This is the national educational radio network.
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