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Voices of Europe Milton Mayer American author and lecturer broadcaster and professor in the Institute of Social Research from Frankfurt University today continues the discussions of the SAR in this program he interviews both a silencer and a Frenchman heritage Heinrich Schaffer was born in the principal city of the SAR SAR broken. He has been in the steel business for 40 years and is today a supplier of high grade steel for plants throughout the SAR. After his apprenticeship in steel manufacturing He worked over the years in France England Belgium Italy and Spain and for 20 years up until 1945 he worked in Berlin during the last war he was the manager of the Berlin offices of two privately owned steel plants in the Ruhr. He was a widower. He had two sons and two daughters. One of his sons was lost in the German army in Russia at the end of May in 1045 when the Russians took over the section of Berlin where Herr Schaffer lived.
Having lost all his possessions he came back to the SAR to his native city of SAR broken on a bicycle and began again. Here is Milton Mayer. There Shaffer crying is this tiny little lady and called the song are. About the size of an American currency Why is this little land so important politically. Why don't it just important but educate me in consequence. I thought it was a canonical important nation patent lice on its clothes. And Steam industry which. Makes about 18 thoughts on what's a totality of Ceasar economy.
Your move I have to understand what it means. Complaining this is it based on just on this not off the city of Pittsburgh. You will not have no time to take to cos this is out territory. That's when you cross the checkbook and the value of the SAR to Europe compared with Pittsburgh to America back to the day this is the same design Patuxent on Kettle and steam. Maybe. Compare pissed about that some of that spoke.
Make may mean the same what Pete then spoke. Means. For all your nine it states so so it's not the Society for your look and to what extent. Is agriculture an important factor in this sorry company. I think culture is he a tradition but it's less important if it does not look not hands of us off but it was saucers off the neighborhood. Rights of domain always on the ballot you know it would be only. Come up and to do the
supply itself. For all three months of the year. That is her Schaffer for our agricultural production. The signer is really completely dependent. On the produce of either the neighboring section of la Reine in France or I hate Palatinate in Germany. And that's all I meant. It had been searched before the ball as you kept being in on the time. Hinge. The felt love between Pons and Johnny that is to say in eighteen hundred and seventy cents a bottle. The I could control what users. Had been taken.
Sometimes from the name brands of French influence. Political team prevailed and. All that been taken from Germany especially on the planet can happen. And Biden meant the German political situation the loss prevailing here it makes no difference whether the zeile is dependent for its back to country or put yourself. On laying all on the Eastham neighborhood of the German state their chauffeur is the curl and steel economy of the Saar completely
independent of outside resources. This is not. The case once is up the. Name one direction is made by you to Thomas system. This means by adopting and implying there is no coming from no rain in Germany underworld. They are still dependent on soil coming from the rain. But on the other hand. Design is dependent on the
book thought meets him blowing in a cloak of good how quality the coke. What you post on the sun. Has not in this quantity to sustain the Bisons but invading into high fantasy hero. It is also a fact that learning in possession of the auto is dependent from grain Dean Ornish or higher quantity of Coke coming from the 0 4 conclusion. It makes no difference. Causes are let off.
So design is just economically attached to the three month range economy all through the job an economy that is if I understand you Herr Schaffer D. There is sort of a circle here. Germany France and the star are all dependent upon one another that's sold for the manufacture of steel in a great deal because of the ones that are under under under one hand cloak is Tony's fundable tour stop in France by actually goes to a lot of rain. Way out the steam develops running like that on my systems. No it's a false line and a bit of a tongue. Love rain.
It's only just to Zaira the ordeal for the thought of this but don't often and. We can all just outlined no reason. Right. There's around the plates necessities of oh and cook. Would not go on in the same line with Germany as she goes now. Visit threatens economy here Schaffer. Why it is they start me such a bitter political battleground. Under socialism and blame of combining your repeating
them and stealing my sauces that you meant to say to France looked only became Kristie it would not be economy. But it's a chip and if that should one plane dove down or if their way of war and fines could continue to who insists as she does now. Frons look take the team far past the end of the code and state ourselves us while Germany would have done five plus one on the line and insists out production. What Celsus is to stop protection of ourselves those who would come to Germany to its own kind of thing. Itself arrange not so silent. Then. The
economic situation would be a bike to. Because for arms. Length then have only 27 percent of the comb and speed of Celsus that as Germany would tag forty two of them. Then the siren economy in effect in case of war really makes the difference between on the one hand he quality of steel production resources. If France held the star it would have equality of production with Germany and on the other hand if the star production goes back to Germany the Germans would have an immense superiority
over the French in steel production is do I understand that clearly. Why that's quite clearly up to them all as to me the range of opinion. Runs in that way that this is a ship Tell your meeting in case of the war. Could not be common sense by the Grange opinion and by the brain's sense of economic or military. Paul what in your opinion here Schaffer should be done about the SAR economy
is the Schuman plan the answer. The Truman plan which is a polluting of Sir Arthur who would upset your beam steam and clearly myself and what didn't. What's the sense of polluting means to distribute. Disregarding to what Condi Rice said to the other one off to far flung countries rather than projects to the UN can't think of her own products but use it to his own country. Dig a snowball.
Because I want to say what difference it would make and what importance it would make to France. If you happen to be up it's to have a super unity or at least a gun duty to the government good to John but acts upon the action of the softness in the case of settlement line becoming effective. Then again if I understand you Herr Schaffer he should women plan what not really represent an advantage to France or to Germany or to any other country. It's just that human line is made up of many cunning can be seen no
advantage north of one country not quite another. Not for the South and it is then in your opinion the Schuman plan the best solution. Well that's a question because although my authority in the opinion of. The son of personalities you find of course there was one of the more it will be a very good con con to the construction of a claim to make up on the one hand. The production went to late
when the same plane. Foreign countries. So to avoid certain protection and to regulate my dish back on point use is in a bubble and economical way. Thank you very much Eric Schaffer and now also inside our broken Milton Mayer interviews Missier shock shows L. chief of the information section of the French diplomatic mission to star broken here is Milton Mayer. Growl and cross. From Germany. To. Our At the. Moment in the. Paper. And
I would like to report to you for your observation following form opinions I have read on without talking very long to them that the German him and the country that are part of Germany and I don't like the name of the print for that matter the Americans or the English but especially with a friend. Now I know that I have an article reported.
From. The government of the Rev.. German political party on tour they played their adherents to the independent from Germany and integration in the French economy. Part of the growing to the new labor report are the Christian Democratic Union naming and shaming. I am quoting the newspaper reports are similar to the government party of West Germany's chancellor Conrad out an hour and that the other party is the German Social Democratic Party the party of opposition in the German parliament. Now I'd like to add
that the representative of the French government or rather the government of the bar. Represent the people of the world by the bottom of the hour. The mentoring of the stronger party got the bout going to that of the vanity of human bread on the ground that they were in line.
Real good friend. That's because you are on the ground. You are correctly principal op of the election with the present government of the far from the party.
There are only. Recognize the pride and they are in favor of the Communist Party are in favor of the return of the German and other legal party in the thaw are bought and bought at a new job but the party though they are in opposition with one another. Favor of the Independent of the vote. Enough that the power of thought would be an independent united with then the Communist Party alone in the in the Parliament of the
thaw represent the position of favoring reunification with Germany. The Communist Party of how wrong. People are big but trying very hard. Now more than representative of the party who have had to represent the. But then one of the resigned from the body and then the pendant.
The bar comes only one wrapper. Are becoming the priority in your own opinion or in your government opinion that the opposition to the independent data of the far is really represented by will pull one home in the crapper that they have now or will you tell me. To what extent there is political freedom in the rate of a crap and the fact that the government that I've run. I think human right convention of according to the convention. The thought government led to
the freedom of speech and the. Are there a court in that that are part of the press right. LeBron for a governor allowed and are given a reprieve. Abandon the gantry over from the member of the record to bring them in on the ground at the governor of the human. Well if I understand you correctly any party which favored reunification of the far will Germany right of
course but represent a threat for the in the plan that that the brother. Should the Darby and Frank government expand with the thought Governor that well but I'll go down with a bang. Or your brother. What I think but we're not that bad thought governor the governor would. Well at the root of the problem
I have to have the economy with authority and that of the brand but. Without. You are very much with your Milton Mayer has been interviewing Herr Ernst kind Rick Schafer and Michiru Jacques shall sell in SOD broken in the next program to complete the discussions of the SAR Milton Mer will interview Dr 8 of politica and Herr Harriman triplets.
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Herr Ernst-Heinrich Schaefer and M. Chazelle
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Interviews with Ernst-Heinrich Schaefer, a Saarlander in the steel industry, and Jacques Chazelle, a French diplomat. Current issues in Saarland are discussed.
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Interviews with noted Europeans on a variety of subjects, conducted by Milton Mayer, American author and broadcaster, lecturer and professor in the Institute of Social Research at Frankfurt University.
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Saarland (Germany)--History--20th century.
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