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And I will walk the road again my boy is rude again. If the weather be fair I'll call my hair and I'll walk again. Washington State University presents they wondering balancing our very token with songs that vividly describe the history and folklore of a pioneering country. And oh. Yeah. It's hard to tell what the Cowboys were really like back in the game days of the Golden West. To listen to the accounts of tourists who could afford not to be cowboys the riders were uncouth dirty shifty gun happy hard drinking underhanded half men who seemed to have escaped for all time the bounds of the human system to certain cowboy novelists the same men were all courageous clean shaven soft spoken their spoken at all and upright champions of the law who spend all their spare time chasing villains who very much resemble the tourists from the city. The cowboy thought of himself if he thought about it all as a sort of a victim of
circumstance and created only to ride well to shoot accurately and not lose the boss's cattle to be lonesome to be in awe of all womankind and to spend his rare spare time in shouting Yipee and chasing greenhorns who turned out to be tourists from the city. Here's a picture of the cowboy life given by one of these tourists who decided to try his hand at writing her. One day I would have some fun and see how it was done. So when I had begun I'd tackle the cattle king says my Foreman is here in Venice. His name is Brown. If you're here show you around. That's just the way. As we rode out to the ranch next day jollied me all the way news is pungent Collins was on it was nowhere got on. All I gotta do is ride it's just like you're done with
THAT SON OF A GUN know how he lived he certainly had his gone and sometimes those kind of would make a break. And across the prairie they would just like it was good for us and them and with nothing but play and sometimes they'd stumble and sometimes we couldn't get them out on by like a cannon ball below ground got in our way. Will they saddled me with a great big mast on a bank patted him down with a gunny sack that was my home when I got him in the ground went up in the air circle around then I come down and I bust to the ground and had one terrible on the rug made down with an old man. They are all big and you're
doing fine says Brown. And tomorrow morning if you don't die I'll give you another horse to Gerakan and I walk design says Brown Yes back to town. Now I've traveled I've traveled down I've traveled this wide world all around. I've lived in the city I've lived in town and I've got this much to say. Boy a dry cow pungent get your wife a great big insurance on your life. Then cut your throat with a butter knife for it is easier done that way. Here's a more recent cowboy song I picked up from a cowboy in cayenne to Arizona named Buck Fisk who had learned it from an Idaho cowboy with a pick up truck instead of a horse for consolation but became despondent finally and in one cowboy like style he hanged himself over his unreturned love of a neighbor girl which has been a lost both in the field of cowboy folksongs in the beer
industry. His songs like most real cowboy songs were sprinkled with cuss words and I'll leave some of them in so as not to emasculate the song it's called way up yonder in the Sawtooth peaks yonder in the sod to the digs where the fire in the pine grows tall bust their gangs and sagebrush Sam out of the way lads any old Cap'n with blah blah ears that couldn't stand by and has long used his old and his old hide sizzled in the most part just says Buster gave the sage brush and as he throwed his long leg down. I'm getting tired of the augury of bein so I reckon I'll jog to town. They started out on a right smart globe for the one no sign of them was the days when good Cowboys good all at the very end. They headed out Morgan Duckie bar at the end of whiskey road they wound up sometime that night and 40 drinks below the
house went around and slapped them out so they started in the other way. Honest to goodness to tell you that the boys got drunk that. Than headed out for the Sawtooth just going up a good load and when they need but the devil his self Come friends and down the road down you aren't Cowboys now you'd better head for the devil from the El Rim Rocks come together as bus boys you know I'm kind. But before you get around my cowboys so it'll sure get a hell of a mouse. Sam was a lariat man with it got rubber coiled up he made him a road and he dug a hole and of the devils they laid him down and stripped them out while the sizzle in irons grew on his horns with the horns on bended.
In the old boy's tail and left them there for a joke with a banner and the devil took God allowed through the blackjack and now if you ever go riding in the SOT do you hear one lone some way of it's only the devil is he howled in ground with the knots. Here's the old favorite again the story of the young cowboy dying before his time but with a full life behind them. As I walk down the street I spied a cowboy wrapped in white linen and he says buyer out look like a cowboy.
He's weird. As I walked by Gunn sat down beside me and hear my sad story. The breasts must die. It was a once in the saddle I used to go down one in the bus first down the road and then to the car in the breath then I am dying to go get six big Gand learned to carry my common 16 birthday made me a song and do that and later in the room. The drum slowly and play the
Dead March carried me go along. But bunches of rows were my common ruses to clog as they all go the drums. The Bible of the Dead March as we carried him but bunches of Rose. The club as their own walk in the park out in lower I spied a cowboy rap Wilen Wilen and the goalie.
And still another one about the incessant tenderfoot he go under. How about the hairs on is just a word to you want to do follow the hero. And do as the men do. Red green and many colored hair tonic can erupt on is just day and night when he the next morning. No one who cares grew inside it. Will be a battle for retinal is honor. He cleaned out a whole load up the mess and. He died with two six guns ablazing but only two hairs
on his chest. This last one seems to give the best picture of both the cowboy and his thoughts. It's called I ride and I will paint and I know he was gone and throw no hurt and the good news there were harder in the draw on their backs on or off or off. Ride around ride around on the slow boat of the snuff. Bill Jones the son
son went to the doctor went wrong got room by a thing and. Oh over the bar. And the number. Or the number. Well I work in the city. Though and my blisters on my left on my hands and I go just
to throw. On 0 0 0 order the. Mice from the will put it on my own in my bomb to his back. Her sister though and the very bad the bast around were the little low in the snow.
That's about it for the Cowboys more of balladry next time and I'll walk the road again my boy. Along good road. You know if the weather be fair I'll call my hair and I along with it would listen again next week when very token day wondering balancing her returns with more songs and balancing the preceding was transcribed and was produced by the Radio TV services of Washington State University. This is the end E.B. Radio Network.
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The wandering ballad singer
Songs of the cowboys
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Washington State University
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program takes a look at some of the folk music created by and for the cowboys of the American west.
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Folk music series hosted by musician Barre Toelken, who collects folk songs and has worked as a dance band musician, a Forest Service employee, and prospector.
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Host: Toelken, Barre, 1935-
Producing Organization: Washington State University
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University of Maryland
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