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I value animals lives patch up you have to pick out the mangers dog you can find one of your. Own look at what will people think when they see a funny looking to unite around the whole ride. Don't look I know he's a nice mare I don't want to be on top of the ordinary. I want to take care of this little fellow is what I want out of my mind. I have mine. But it was then transcribed in cooperation with the State University of Iowa the National Association of educational broadcasters through w o s he y presents the family and the family follows the family.
We certainly hate to see you in the family leave. We've been like one big happy family the last eight years. It's been nice for us to hear. Usually people aren't so lucky to find such good neighbors and duplexes. I just know Mr Murdoch will NEVER rent the upstairs to such grand people again. I thought the old skinflint had read it already. Oh he has but I have met the new tenants yet I'll never forgive him for not painting this house last year. I hope for your sake he does it this summer. Ernest says it's not so bad. Certainly not the most attractive house on the block. Well it's not my worry anymore. I think I've checked everything I don't think Oh if I find anything it belongs to you after that you get it. But after the way you scrub your place I don't believe you left even a speck of dust. I wouldn't want people thinking I'm a poor housekeeper. Oh I would have done the same thing. I'll go out the back way I want to take a last look at our apple tree. The yard looks very nice this summer. It should the way your husband worked on it. Victor's
like me we can't see any sense in deterioration. I still think we have the nicest looking yard in the neighborhood. I hope Ernest manages to keep it that way. He will have victory here to set a good example Jerry. If I were you I'd I'd be sure that Ernest Moore Look here Jerry. Look how big it is. This is a tremendous yard. Look at all the room. Sure a lot better than our old apartment here boy if you stay on the sidewalk there don't run on the grass like there who are they. I don't know I've never seen them before. What do you boys want. We're just looking. Look here's a tree. JERRY Yeah look at the bushes back there. They're lilac bushes I bet. Do your country this is Jerry. That's an apple tree. Is that right dear. Yeah don't jump for the branches like that young man is d n. I don't see any apples on it. Maybe we can put a spring upon their big branch it's not only enough you now see here what do
you boys want. Nothing we're going to live here. Yeah we're moving up there today. Is your name. WILSON Yeah I am buddy WILSON That's my older brother Jerry. Do you ladies live around here someplace. Turner Bernie you know there's a group for everybody here to stay on the sidewalk please. It looks like your new up stairs neighbors have a rock will have got to go. I'm meeting Victor downtown at 4 I can't say that I'm envious of you. Well they they just came. Perhaps but I wonder how much tearing around like that you'll stand for. If this is an example of wrong buddy let's see what the insides look like. OK let's check the basement first XI where we can put our stuff stay on the sidewalk. Even with all this grass. Yes.
What's so funny. I was just remembering about what your mother said last night about women's reaction to the wealthy but there was nothing in the least funny earnest about what happened yesterday afternoon. But in general they were talking to you. My I mean you didn't know you left your telling me last night told I'm sorry. He wasn't rude just honest please or just how do you expect Edward to learn politeness if you talk like that in front of him. Well at least I can hear this consolation when I walk out of the car this morning I can look up the second story window and Wendling won't be there gone Ernest. Let me go where my bright red corduroy jacket this morning. The one Gwendolyn doesn't like grander than say you says you look just like you're going Fox I think every time the way home doesn't live here ready for the journey. When will you be home after supper. I don't know yet why the grass needs mowing. I just mowed it is no man will never who might every other weekend and those spent alternate weekends mothering the yard that's not enough. Sure it
is. That's how often I used to get a haircut just because the window the Invicta left isn't any we stop talking about those people I had for 8 years they've lived in fear of that tranny hotshot who looks to them for dust with white gloves already looking maken have big ears. Twelve years old. Finish your breakfast dad. I got I think a whopping Tommy. No it was too early for that. You better wait until we're sure the neighbors are up. OK Jerry Wilson gave me one of those Boy Scout books to read. Why do I have to be so careful we can't talk around when Lynn and Victor will probably never see him again. And there are certainly no one in this house who has any use for them. I like them you just put Quentin up on a pedestal and forget to take her down. And now you want to admit that you wasted eight years worshipping that Old Crow Gurn. Dad's right mom. If Mrs Patty couldn't find fault with somebody she was while Glen was a very particular person and an immaculate housekeeper and an old shoe.
True dad. Both fit you two better. I'll be right with you Marilyn and wear something else. It's not really a jacket that your tan ones back in the cleaners are honest. Honestly mother I don't make that red thing over and what hope for Eddie gives me the shivers every time dad puts it on. No I'll give it away one of these days. We don't want people to think that we can't afford new clothes for Edward. We don't know. Here now. Help me move this box over here in the corner. Side of the base months. Since come down and clean it up it's arguing Edward now left. OK now there are only a couple more. Why don't you Mrs Wilson down here to help you. Because Mrs. Wilson is probably still in bed. She obviously doesn't care how the basement
looks. Been like this ever since they moved their. Fire. This was the song you you going along at the end don't say anything about helping me down here don't worry yeah here I go I love basin this is what you're doing. Hahaha I'm just cleaning up our recreation we were there. Oh. Mary. Jones. Was the former tenant and my husband and I made it you see. Oh I see. But you're welcome to use it any time says Wilson. Well that's very nice. Please call me Charlotte. I was wondering if you'd like to have a cup of coffee. I have a fresh batch brewing and well I'm rather well you know as I imagine it is hard on you with your husband away so much. Well it is but I have the children and we're such good pals. We do just everything together. Still it's nice to sit down with someone older. Well I'd like to but I have quite a bit to do at the apartment we used to have then a whole bunch of us girls would have coffee together. I'd like to
get better acquainted so die. All right in a way I'd like to see how you fix your place. Well you know we've been here less than a week. Movie men don't realize how hard we women must work to fit into new surroundings. Isn't that the truth. Well at least you have the rugs laid in the furniture in place. Would you like another cup of coffee. Thank you. More than one cup of coffee makes me sleepy it keeps me awake. It was nice of the women who lived here before to have everything so spic and span. We just moved right in I mean this is Perry was a writer think she must have been a little crazy. All right. Why do you say that. I've expected to spend just a whole day just cleaning. Well Mrs. Perry was about half a studious. I know to Charlotte you're a washing machine hasn't arrived yet. If you have something to wash you could borrow mine. But think you ride but I've never used a washing machine. It's much easier to send off our clothes to the laundry. Except of course those
things that Conny and I do by hand. I see by the way how old is Connie. She was just 15. She's only a year younger than Marilyn then really. I thought Marilyn was older than that. She looks about the same age I did when Conny was born as you can tell I was quite young. Yes well I think I better get on downstairs. I'd like very much to see the recreation room. I'll probably get down to the basement one of these days. Well you don't plan on using it any time you want. Well thank you. I will. Oh it was nice of you to wait up for me dear the sandwich is good. I want to talk to you honest is something the matter. You've been acting very strangely this past week. Me What have I done. You haven't been home one night. Well I'm working on that blueprint of mine I think I've come up with something that one of the good invention this time can demand is to work on it at home. Not too much work to put everything up and then take it down again every
night. Well I might agree to let you set your drawing board up in the garage. I tried that before but it doesn't work now on the fly. Never tried drawing in the garage sure I did a couple summers ago after you and our dear friend Gwendolyn kicked me out of the recreation we didn't kick you out and you made it quite clear that my drawing materials were not welcome down there. All I know is you haven't been home one night this week is worse than ever. Got something for me to do. I just mowed the grass last Saturday. There are other things around here besides the yard. Well I'll get them next weekend. Who are the Wilsons making out. I've never seen such a sloppy woman. She was still in her house coated 11 this morning. I have yet to see her dressed by noon and her house is a mess. You go visiting today. She asked me up for coffee and you went to talk to. I guess I can take off 15 minutes once in a while. Sure sure Ed and I were down in the basement stocking some of their boxes this morning too. Don't you think you might have been a little presumptuous I don't want to tall somebody must keep this place orderly. Well if it has to be done leave the heavy stuff for me to do it. Did it ever occur to you honestly the children and I might like to see you once in a
while. Oh aren't we that important. It's not fair I don't. Sure I spend a lot of time at work and then I come home and look forward to doing things that you and the children. But what happens. I no sooner get in the door and you give me a dozen petty little duties to perform even when I'm here I don't have know now it's my fault. I'm not blaming anyone but. But if the shoe fits I don't wear it. Let's see what do you say if we put it right here. It's a swell place Jerry. You mean right under our apple tree. Sure why not it. Yeah but my mom might not like it. Why not this isn't her tant. Well I don't know. Come on let's go get it down the basement. I think you should ask my mother for this is as much our yard as it is hers. Yes but she thinks an awful lot of cream. We aren't going to hurt it.
What can attend do now apple trees specially one that doesn't have any apples will be nice when it does have apples though I will have to do is just reach out the tent Fred Astaire. We shouldn't hurt the grass ease or stop being a momma's boy 80. We aren't going to hurt enough and let's go get the cat. How does that look on me. Oh very nice. I never had my hair fixed that way before. Could you show me how to do it again sometime Marilyn. Sure. How about tomorrow morning. Okay by me. Maybe I could teach my mother how to fix it that way. It's easy once you get the hang of it. Maybe for you Marilyn but not for my mother. I get so mad at her sometimes she'd rather learn a new game with Buddy and Jerry than learn anything new about styles or or grooming or anything like that. She just doesn't care what she looks like. Well I don't know Connie. Sometimes I think I'd rather have my folks be a little like that
I think I'll go right up and show mom. Thanks again Meryl I'll see you tomorrow morning. Well that should come down about 10 All right. Look at this rug dear. It's all full of hair. I'll clean it up next time you fix Carney's hair go out in the backyard and do it dear. Better yet go up stairs. Mrs Wilson probably doesn't mind having loose hair around. What's half noise sounds like something down in the basement moving boxes boxes. Well we'll just see about that. What's going on down there. What are you doing Edward. I'm not doing anything. Well what's going on down there. But again Jenny I'm looking for there. He. Has their wad their hand. They're going to put it out in the backyard under the apple tree. Well all things are. I told her you wouldn't like it when you just go down there young man and put a stop to it. I
could do anything Mom they're mad at me. We'll see about that. Who gave him permission. Nobody. They're just doing it this is a job for your father. Wait till he hears about this. All right I don't like I'm going don't push you go up stairs there and tell that Wilton tribe what's what. All right give me a chance. First they run all over the grass. Then they suddenly decide to put up a tent and right under our apple tree. Nothing to get excited I'm going to lie spend a lot of time making the landscape something special and I don't intend had its own. Then why don't you go up there and you are the head of this house that's your job. Since when. Stop quibbling in get up those steps. All right I'm going. Mr. and Mrs. King were. Where do you come from. How Kania are you going out. I just down to the store is Maryland home. Yes but she's getting ready for a date. Oh oh well I guess I have to go alone then. Bye bye.
Where Ernest. Well run time on my way. Oh I missed can a little buddy money and you want to borrow something. I don't sugar. No no no I. Is your mother around. She's in the bath tub. What. Do you want to see her far. Oh nothing is your older brother here. He's outside someplace. Something I can do. Well the reason I I came but I hear you boys are playing to put up a tent. Yeah. Do you suppose that I could wait a couple days I mean wait till I cut the grass. What's the difference where you see To be honest buddy. I'd rather you boys didn't put up the tent yet. I like some time to think about it. What for. Well you see we're proud of our yard. I mean it looks nice now and
well you know it might hurt it. It's not a very big demand. Well why don't you put We've put up and when your dad comes home. Mom's going to help us. She knows how. I'm sure she does but our tent Mr. King. Oh I know mom said half the house belongs to us. I guess that would include the yard to win it. Yeah I guess it would buddy. Then what's wrong Mr. King. I'm not sure. I think I'd better go and think about it some more. Good morning Ida Ma isn't it a lovely morning. Yes it's beautiful. I just couldn't resist putting on my sun suit and coming down here to dry on the grass. Hope I get a little tan my washing really dried in a hurry out here this morning. You've got to be careful you may get burned but Condi is going to call me in 20 minutes. Are you going
stepping. That's a becoming dress you're wearing. A little subdued for me though. I'm going downtown with several friends. This is nice. I'm sorry I missed Ernie last night but he said he dropped in. Understand he was in quite a did or did there something to do with the boys tend to tell us about Eddie mentioned it at dinner and I'm afraid it's got a little overwrought. You know how men are. I can't see any harm in their putting up a tent. Can you. Well no I hadn't think so after all that's what he yards for when we lived in the apartment the boys didn't have the benefits of a nice yard like this. They're just thrilled about him. I can imagine where I've got to hurry my friends dropping by to pick me up. Well I think God just I hear in the back. It's shameful. I wouldn't even let you wear that sun seethed. It is kind of daring. How. Bet she's every bit as old as I am. What Will Grace and Mildred think when they drive up and see are
sprawled out there like a mermaid. I'd better go up and wait for them on the corner. It's not that bad mothers who drop some pretty obvious hints just now about that tent or I'd go down and tell her off again. I've half a mind to talk to Mr Wilson about that temp business when he comes home this weekend too. Sometimes I think you've got a split personality. People's faces you're sweet as pie behind their back you turned the river. Just listen to that noise Ernest turbot who gave me permission to give these words intermission to use our recreation room. I didn't expect him to keep us awake half the night. I thought you and when Lynne had picked him from the first stop throwing gun in my face all the time if you were the real man of this house why were a real man I'd have a few parties like this in my own home why don't you. I'd never hear the end of it and I'd probably have to spend days scrubbing up the place. Probably Well anyhow I doubt if they'll clean it up afterwards and I'm not going to nag you again ask
him to do it either. Hi again I suppose you're referring to that ridiculous affair over the tent. I got it settled didn't I. Mr Wilson agreed that they put no more tents up in NE. I'm glad someone in that family has sense leave me out of both wills and I agree that that's the only way to keep peace in the house. Did you have time to discuss Charlie Wilson when you add it to. You like things messy Why don't you post somewhere. There's got to be a happy medium. You stay home more often earnest. Why should I when I don't feel welcome here you can't mean that already. I do mean it and if you had any sense you'd see it took had you here you want to really think. Frankly my dear I don't give a hoot. But not that. Boy it sure is a fine thing we can even put up our own town in our backyard. Yeah it makes me want to tear up that oh wow apple tree. Oh I've grass too. Hi fellows what you doing was it looked like you were thinking mama's boy.
What's wrong is if you didn't know. Go on back in the house Eddie we don't want you around. What to do look out your standin on the grass. It's your fault we can't put up our tent. I didn't do anything so your parents aren't day. How were you going to give me back the skull book I gave you. I read it all yet I don't care. I want to back and word you better go back in the house before my brother or me get good. I still don't know what you are. I know I know how you must be but there are other boys to play with besides buddy and Jerry. I've been so nice to have kids my own age living upstairs. We're just getting to be good parents too. Well I think it's very mean of them to treat you this way. The idea. What's the sense of having a big backyard if you can't use it mom. You never want to use it before. Sure I did lots of times but I couldn't I didn't.
There you and Mrs Lee Harry don't just leave Mrs. Perry out of this I'm getting sick and tired of hearing about Mrs. Perry is the Wilsons of bother me. We've had nothing but trouble since the Wilsons moved in. Oh I wish they'd never come. Mrs. Wilson is so busy trying to act like a teenager and oh I don't know what to do. I suppose it would seem you have it. What if I just let this house become a pigsty like that one upstairs. Maybe it's my fault maybe I should float out of it. You know what you don't. What is that Marilyn. When I came in just now Connie was right outside our door she heard what I said. She ran upstairs crying oh ma What did you say mother who I'm sorry I didn't know Conny was they or what did you say. Well I I just said that well that Mrs. Wilson was. And she said she wish we'd never come home. I just said that. She said We lived in a pigsty. Oh mother I feel terrible. What must Marilyn think. I CAn't BELIEVE SHE. Why would she say anything
like that. Because it happens to be true. Just look around the dishes are washed the beds aren't made yet there is light on the floor. You're not dressed. It's terrible. I don't dare invite my friends up. It was the same way back at the apartment Well as far as that goes I did King wastes entirely too much time Mrs. King says you're trying to act like a teenager. I'm so ashamed mother I'm so ashamed of you canI. I don't want you to behave like my sister. I just want you to start acting like like a mother. What should I do Marilyn. How about how much I do about Buddy and you don't bother me with that Noddy dear I suppose Shabd will think all I do is talk about her for heaven sakes mother. That's not the most important thing now. That's the trouble you're always wondering what people will think oh no I'm not anymore.
I'm beginning and I don't think it's fair to ask her to let herself be influenced so much. Look at dad. He won't work at home because he's afraid that you'll mess up the house and make you mad at him just as soon have Dad mess it up and be home once in a while. Me too. Then there's Eddie mother. He's even lost a couple of pounds because. Are you listening mother. Oh yes yes Marilyn I see. Then let's look at it from my standpoint to mother. I think you've been right many times but once in a while that's all the same to you just to soon drop the subject for now. I'm sorry mother replied No not at all Marilyn I want to know what you children think but right now I'd like the chance to find out what I think for a change and decide what to do. They are Christmas tree is all trimmed me I don't like it. Why don't you wait till your father comes.
May we commit now come a head shot as if you can find your way through all this Christmas tree debris. Say just look at the King's tree ma. It's beautiful. We're not going to trim ours until Roger comes home tonight. Have you noticed Charlotte's new outfit mother. I was just going to say it suits you very well Charlotte thank you buddy and Jerry are waiting for you upstairs Eddie. They're making some popcorn. Oh boy am I why they remind the Maddie to stay in the kitchen. Popcorn has a way of spreading all over the House particularly in the hands of a young boy. You're getting pretty strict lightly aren't you Charlotte. Whoa. Well last summer I would have found this mess in your living room either I'd better clean dad's drawing board off at least mom. No hurry can he. It's my turn to serve coffee as Miss Maryland. Read the way Ida girls may I fix you something. No thanks I can use going to show me how to knit Argyle some of it I didn't know you could not counting. Mom showed me how well come along and Charlotte you know I'm getting more used to coffee. I can drink three cups not it does make me a bit sleepy.
Now here to comment on today's program is Mr. Wayne basi director of Social Work at the State University of Iowa. As you have listened to this program you may have been moved to great sympathy for the happy go lucky Wilsons with a carefree pattern for living and at the same time you may well have felt extreme compassion for poor old Ernie unable to stretch out in his own home and really live. Your sympathy may have reached out to include Eddie the unfortunate little 12 year old him doing as he is by the maternal strictness of an overzealous mother. Or you may have been moved by an intense empathy for the strict mother who struggle so earnestly to maintain a standard of decency and orderliness against the inroads of a careless family and heedless neighbors. You may have felt a stirring of sympathetic disgust towards the Wilsons. So blithely disregard for all of the rights and standards of the neighborhood. After all you may say this is a civilized country and people can't just go around flouting all the
conventions and customs. But every year some of these you can see a lesson in this. It is a lesson of the danger of extremes too much attention to what people are thinking too much knowing anxiety over the impression one is making is not healthy and can easily lead to the strident domineering person who takes pride perhaps in the macula rather than a livable home. This does not justify the opposite extreme either. The utter disregard for other people's opinions the lack of discipline in the home. The unhappiness which comes to children when they feel the social pressures in the attitudes of other children whose parents are not so unconventional. The drive to conform to be like others is likely to be very strong in our children especially the adolescents. Now there is a happy medium between the extremes represented by Ida and Charlotte. This is a healthy respect for public opinion and awareness of the opinions of others of what
How's the family
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