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I would spoil it on books in the news. A quick look at newly published material and books of current interest. Your host is Alex Boyd in the serials department at the University of Illinois Library. Before my first turning trip I had visions of spirited walks to cool colorful autumn woods with birds gathering overhead for the flight south for the winter and of games playing from behind every bush. The trip itself couldn't have been more different. It rained all day and I caught a nasty cold and we didn't see any game and the birds if there were any were probably seeking shelter in the tree tops as I wished I could have done it home. I had romanticize a hunting trip because that was the way that movies books and TV only references with which I could relate represent a tidy and spy stories especially those of the James Bond John this less than noble profession has also been romanticize love affairs secret codes and weapons and narrow escapes from the edges of clips and not really what
spying is about. JOHN LE carré in his new novel A small town in Germany published by Khalid McCann tells it like it is the role of spies a seedy unprofitable world because buying is a vulgar dirty business. Any type of espionage degrades not only because the spies breaking the laws of his own country or another country but also because he becomes fair game for the Countess by who uses the same sort of no holds barred tactics. He must use to be successful to be willing to risk this much. A man must have few scruples. A lot of Honor and quite a bit of intelligence. Alan Turner the protagonist in a small town in Germany is a British Countess by and he has these traits and more. He is tough aggressive professional and thoroughly disliked by everyone he encounters. But it gets the job done. The square is little Hardy who as it turns out is a most elusive. I might just buy the plot of the book is
just assume genius and well wrought as another to much admired of books by look at the Spy Who Came in from the cold and the Looking-Glass war briefly so as not to divulge too much of the story. The scene is set in the recent future Britain wants to join the common market. West Germany provides the key to admission but is held back beset by internal problems. The crux of the matter is that Harding and in any significant manner official in the British embassy in Bonn smalltown the title disappears with secret documents which expose could be disastrous to Britain and Germany. It is Turner's job to find Harding. Hopefully before the Germans the climax is of course uprising and I guarantee that you won't guess a solution before before this point comes some brilliant dialog and an intense enveloping mood of suspense that look at me as a master of invoking taken at another level the book provides a vital comment on today's world. Nothing in this story is beyond possibility
or belief. And this lends a spine chilling note much like that that came from reading Neville Shute's On The Beach which is describes a bit early. What would happen if an atomic war were to occur. The idea of the major nations of the world only restrain from one another's throats by weak threads which could possibly be snipped by men like Harding. Makes a small town in Germany an exciting slightly unnerving yet their early enjoyable book. This is been books in the news prepared and presented by Alex Boyd and sponsored by the Illinois State Library. This is the University of Illinois radio service. This program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
Books in the news
A Small Town In Germany
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In program number 390, Alex Boyd talks about John Le Carre's "A Small Town In Germany."
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A quick look at newly published material and books of current interest.
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