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There Frederickson What is it to be a Dane. There's always a great difference in the Hans Christian Andersen the road narrows and the run. We know he was here and he personally thrives in his own life as well as in these fairy tales. Some of the most constant factoids voices of Europe today Milton mair American author and broadcaster lecturer and professor in the Institute of Social Research from Frankfurt university interviews to Danes Denmark is a country whose most famous man is a teller of fairy tales. Hans Christian Andersen and the leading authority on Hans Christian Anderson is Emile Fredrickson of Copenhagen. Besides being literary editor of the oldest existing newspaper in Europe the Berlin Scot Tina Herr Fredrickson is editor of one of Denmark's oldest and most distinguished literary magazines Gosse. Here is Milton Mayer.
There Frederickson. What is it to be a Dane. Then he said of a difference in the Hans Christian on Gus and the rod knows and the run we know. Hear him he personifies in his own life as well as in his fairy tales some of the most constant back to us of our national character here represents the talent of picture of the poor Barry that dumb arse culture refused to let the last in the proletariat that was true in his time and it is true in our loss. That you may say is taken as a serious point
of view but the most important inference Hans Christian Andersen has had on us Danes is that you must do what he's amassed offset Tyrell. But off satire that the hour I don't want to use the lacking in bitterness foreigner of good will and good humor in this respect. He'll was that Dame and he has made the Danes Danish. I don't suppose that quite insults you a question but the Danes have I think this a happy Falcon. T all over by Langston Steele use proper names with gate but Herr Fredrickson.
What's the evidence that the Danes have this happy faculty of balancing serious problems with Getty. We Americans think we're pretty funny ourselves. Well let me try to give you some examples from the rock when we lived under Naisi tyranny which was serious enough to tax and the people as human. I remember about after three years of Nancy occupation the job had to riot and try without success to make us be the leader of France. That fact really decided to stop playing and get tough
ads on the air cost. Twenty nine nineteen hundred forty three. They're on their tanks into the great marketplace in front of the Copenhagen town hall. I didn't go to a bar on his bicycle. We called them ice asked for car buyers came to adjunct Jarman saw your ad and said to him say Does your mother know you're out. You know professor that no Nessie brain could sing an arm saw to that. Or another example from that same day. You must know that we are often a referent of atom
abuse in the same market place to raise money for social welfare and everybody buys changes on their automobiles so on that day the same day you know the next is brought their tanks into the marketplace. I'm going to be woman who knew exactly what she was doing went up to the young officer and asked him if she could buy teams on it and I think I begin to understand a little about Danish healed Herr Fredrickson. Is there any difference between you Danes on the one hand and the Swedes and the Norwegians on the other.
Are you all just Scandinavians the fruits of course that they are people and they're only an American would ask that you see the no bid you have to say that this should be PTS. I can tolerate this reads I freight of the day nice Danish sarcasm and we Danes reconcile them with each a lot and ourselves. It is all it is also said that aswell eat and not vigin can more easily take a friendly drink to go along if there is a Dane with them he doesn't need that ring to prove you know what you want. The Dames you know e's a hippie extravert
because he's interested in other people. This sweet is that melancholy introvert because he takes himself too seriously. They love each room is both intro and extra of us who wasn't gay and grew on me because he knows he is important. S Wayne is best himself when he is out of himself. That's right he needs many things before you can be relaxed and charming that Dane likes to train but doesn't need to because he is by nature are
relaxed and he doesn't need to be charming. Then I'll meet him. Can't be nothing else but charming nice nothing else but relaxed. Therefore you can't drink more than you. We are lost. We and value he's qualities but the Norwegian or whether US. Oh Herr Fredrickson so much for the differences between you Scandinavians. What about the similarities. What is the Scandinavian character or is there one. Well seriously the differences between us are Mandy's but are superficial. The similarities are fundamental and important.
That is the metal in us the nut shell. Well the art I've seen Scandinavians have proved their ability to collaborate to se Mulay and to be in the lead. The last you in american know better than most people there are reasons for this fact. I suppose the following felt first and foremost the Scandinavians are a Viennese sociality as well as politically and as at Dane I will permit myself to say that my people are not a nation off fairly.
Secondly almost got in a Guinness have this same respect for democratic principles and none of them that or men are created equal. Sadly every Scandinavians have the same understanding of justice. But I was going to name him as having the same sense of goodwill toward or a man can without reach. This a misuse but cannot achieve that real peace or love. This is also true of the scenes.
Let's follow the power of the Scandinavian pincer that have similarly democratic government in the way of life. These two things are heavy Tavish from their long connection with this week. But there are fundamentally different language and that present political situation at Ballyards which makes Scandinavian nice MM difficult for them. The necessity of a good edition shipped with their nearest neighbor which is Russia prevents them from collaborating
with the other lost Indian here. I know you have friends and I are you have to ask me what it is that's going to do that again. But when you come meet me to ask you and then have an implant and question one which is not only important to the Scandinavians but to the whole bar. You haven't guessed it. What is an American and American. Yeah yeah american Herr Fredrickson. Well I'd say that an American was as good as a Dane
in the old day. But an American in Europe you know we have been a pretty is so elated people and I sometimes think that an American in Europe at least I was sort of a yokel at a county fair a farm boy overwhelmed and kind of confused by the big city. So I think you missed my all. You have really sought my question. Thank you I have for other action and now also in Denmark Milton Mayer interviews Eric not clim. You need to know that at the very northwest tip of Denmark
I am interviewing her canoe the clam director of the Naval Museum of our Iraqi dead duck a DAT doll redshirted ration fruiting full fare and well I took the for the ride back here Clem. Is this actually here in Cronenberg Castle is this actually the tapestry through which him what. Stabbed Polonius it is very probable because we have very rude histories in the castle kit from the days of Shakespeare I think that is a possibility that probably was was living behind the curtain.
Then her clam I think we should enlighten our audience at this point by telling them. That the Royal Naval Museum. Of Elsinore which to our director is housed here in Kronborg castle the castle of Elsinore are in which the action of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Is supposed to have occurred. Herr Clement was Shakespeare ever here himself. We do know he seconded. Maybe he has been but we know that many of his fellow players has been here because many English players were performing the plays at the call of the King of
Denmark in Hong Kong. Especially one of them called William. Kim is a very well known in the history English in the theater. He has been in Cornwall and he was a fellow of Shakespeare himself. One was Kim playing here and under whose auspices was he playing at Kronborg castle. He was playing in and the English company is in the service of the Danish king of the sick and in the Eighties of the 16th century a few hours off of the cornball castle was built. There is there is however no actual evidence which proves that Shakespeare himself was ever in Denham. We cannot say it is excepted but we can think that he has been here because. A few things assure us that
it may have taken place but it just knows we cannot use the take it for granted. Right you say a few things what kind of things indicate that it may actually even actually have been here. Well because some things that are mentioned in the play she seem to be things that he has seen here in the US you know especially that chap was too easy. We spoke before long and whiter than the sound of the name of the town where she and all of those is a bomb thing more long and then there is nothing as seen in the hamlet where things happen on a killing in Denmark it is to the US and the that parks in the
wild that is this roundings the near surroundings of the castle was just call the plane you know but there it is and some of the few things may be a problem that he has been here but he has at any rate he had heard about it. There Clem is there any basis in Danish history for Li action of the play of Hamlet. While those in those little ginge from the early Middle Ages which tell us about the killing em nurse of Juglans who who his wife was who she had a wife who often was mad it knew his her brother in law and some of the same use some of the to it is which we find in in
Hamlet we find in this legend. And where was the did did the legend involve a family's skin. No ladders is the king's supposed to have been killed and where's his brother actually supposed to have been the lover of the Queen. Yes just as it is in him and is it supposed that Shakespeare was acquainted with the legend. While I don't think he knows he knew the Danish legends from Denmark but he perhaps she has it from Thomas kids who made a Hamlet play you know which was performed by the same company did and which should be I'm sure of it was a player. And this Chalmers kid she got his sources from a French story about the elipse legends which has been taken from the Danish in the
Middle Ages she's Dorrian sexual who wrote that legend down in in Netanya. What do we know about Terminus kids Hamlet the play itself. Very little because each as it is lost now. But we know that it has existed and that moved of the things that happens there that happen they are we from them we will find them's in Shakespeare's world too. Hair color would you say as a Dane that Hamlet the Prince of Denmark this legendary Prince as he is deal any hated by Shakespeare was a Danish tongue is there anything Danish about the prince himself. Well I don't think that we can say that he is the special Danish type. It is he is to be seen everywhere.
Perhaps his new is a part of the Danish kind of touristic in him but in the years later well known in other countries as the Denmark body it is specially the touristic for the Danes. Would you is there is there any evidence that Shakespeare knew anything about the Danes is there any internal evidence in the play as the setting or any of the other characters suggest that Shakespeare was actually portraying. Danes are trying to. While I don't think he used it to efficiently do the showing Danish people but of course you know he has. These people perhaps from the show sites from his own stay here or at any rate from his English fellows is his Hamlet that is the Prince a better
suite or a Norwegian than he is a Dane here. While I think it is it is one of the last fish of the Swedish or Danish I think is to be found everywhere. John the man who has his problems and they may be as well inclusion as Irish and Swedish in the region and in what language and what country you will find them. Here clam do the Danes in general and the people here in the US in our IN THE PEOPLE HEAR ABOUT Kronberg castle the people in the neighborhood of Kronberg castle show any special interest or attachment to the play to Hamlet. Yes I think they do.
On account of those performances we have here every year during the last years I think they have and auctions of interest especially in this town and Denmark in the Hobart Cornish has been listening in as you know when was the first. Performance of Hamlet played here or is that no. While we had the first performance at home boy in eighteen hundred and sixteen two hundred years after all that the days of Shakespeare and I think the next long was in 1960 in the street on the years the jubilee. But then in the years before the last song that was made accompanied in the ancients you know which was especially to perform Hamlet here and we had the first performance in nineteen thirty seven. A new performance was on The View and the BND years and the new view
here claim you've seen the play performed here at Belsen are in Kronborg castle in how many languages. Well we have had nine performances and I think it must be six or seven languages six or seven. Nationality is. We have had english american know the German Swedish Finnish and Irish mong the last yeah. This is somebody and like take it you know the play pretty well. Oh is it your opinion by virtue of
living here in the same castle in which Hamlet lived and died. Although he may never have existed is it your opinion that Hamlet was made he had erred by him or was he only pretending to be. Well I think that he only was pretending to be a mess. What what's the basis of your opinion. My little especially because he arranged to play in the play. It shows to me that he was a very clever man who liked to by the weight of this play to find a little truth of having his father's death. I don't think in Mad Men will be able to do this and a lot of things in the play that shows that he only pretty change to be made especially when he tells us that he only is mad when the wind is
west northwest s and as far as I remember it. Yes of course she does. It really interests that you cannot accept and see if he is mad or loss so you at all times and in the Balkans are still can discuss the character of them. Would you say here without any particular local prejudice that Hamlet is the greatest of Shakespeare's plays. I don't think so. Would you go further and say that it is the greatest player ever written. I think it is. Would you go still further and say that it is greater than anything ever written by a Dane. Yes I think so and Sanderson because it is written perhaps just as small as shit and next to the Bible
these releasing these are the moves. Read books in the world. Thank you very much. I have. In this recorded program Milton Mayer has been interviewing in Denmark Herr Emil Fredrickson and hara cannot claim this program has been made possible under a grant from the fund for adult education an independent organization established by the Ford Foundation. These programs are prepared and distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasters in the interest of better international understanding. These programmes are introduced by Norman McKee and this is the end APB tape network.
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Emil Frederiksen and Knud Klem
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Interviews with Emil Frederickson and Knud Klem that discuss elements of Danish culture.
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Interviews with noted Europeans on a variety of subjects, conducted by Milton Mayer, American author and broadcaster, lecturer and professor in the Institute of Social Research at Frankfurt University.
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