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Need the following program was originally released in 1956. These were the Valiant. From the four corners of the York University of Michigan brings you tales of the greatest national heroes of all time. I am. Tales of the valiant I transcribe series of historic adventures produced by the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan under a grant from the educational TV and radio center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters. Today the story of come I'll go to her father and hero of the Turkish Republic. The bigger.
Modern Turkey owes its existence and its present strength to the leadership of one great man. Mustafa Kemal or Kemal Ataturk as he is known today. We shall hear his story as it might be told by a holiday indeed a famous woman writer who saw Mustafa Kemal lead Turkey to victory. To go. To get. Bigger. It is an old poster and in one corner is a dark brown stain. I have kept it all these years. And when I look at it immediately the past is bright and vivid again. Once more I see that poster is
first I saw it was a hot summer evening in Istanbul in 1919. I was sitting on the balcony of my home listening to the chant of the more. I should i should I say what is it. When you start preparing the supper where do you want me to seven enemy. And then right here on the balcony we have such a view from here. Do you see Aya Sofia. Doesn't it look gorgeous in the setting sun and the minaret. Oh you look there. And across the street a young man is reading that poster. The French put it up this afternoon. No no he's not reading it he's tearing the poster down. Oh he's foolish if the French help us a car with soldiers. That was murder murder in cold blood. Go nuts run to him
perhaps we can still help him. He's he is dead. He looks so young. Look the poster is still in his hand. What does it say. There is so much blood I can scarcely see but it says Death to. Me. With. I look at the poster Nell. And I think of that young man dying in the street and of the name on his lips moved to Fox c'mon. To know how I feel. You must remember Turkey in 1919 a nation crushed by defeat in the world war a country divided among the victorious allies the English the French the
Greeks. Alone of all Turkish leaders shouted defiance at the Allies he vowed to drive them from Turkish soil. It was madness and yet there was glory in it. I decided to go to Uncle Rob will mystify Kemal had organized the resistance against Turkey's enemies. I arrived in April of nine hundred twenty. I went immediately to headquarters to offer my services. The great leader received me himself welcomed. Holiday I have heard of you and your writing patriot cause can you use your eloquent pen. I shall be honored. You've come at a critical moment. Rumors that the Greek army is about to start an invasion. Won't that violate the treaty treaty. What do the Greeks care about a treaty if they see a chance to smash Turkey into the dust. But the English and French signing the treaty the English and French will do nothing. We are alone if the invaders come only Turks will fight to drive them back. In Istanbul there are many who say our cause is hopeless.
You like it better here than Ankara there is a freshness in the air here that people have not given up their fight for Turkey's life but in Istanbul with rottenness and defeat. He does not all defeat even in Istanbul. See what I have in my purse here. What is what is this this is a poster put out by the French so they would like to capture and execute you. You've not seen everything on this poster do you see the stains as I see them. That is the blood of a young Turkish boy. He ripped down the poster in the states of Istanbul. Some French soldiers saw him and shot him. He gave his blood for you know not for me but for his country. The new Turkey but camel push oversea holiday and yes going to re-air is an urgent message. What is it the Greeks Yes Pasha. They have started an advance. Get me all the information you can all read direction and speed of the attack number of troops. Everything yes and hurry. This
is the news I have dreaded how today. Yes almost hoped for Turkey's most dangerous hour begins now. Then you were right about the Greeks in the treaty. They want to destroy us for ever. They would not let a mere treaty stop that you have mentioned the new Turkey Pasha in such a country women can play their part too. I offer my services. I accept your services in the name of the new Turkey. You are a famous writer Holladay whom you serve as a correspondent and Secretary I will serve gladly. Good. But now I must go. We are not unprepared for this invasion but now it has come there is much to do. I will give you your instructions later. Oh and. I watched him walk away. Tall erect completely calm. No one would know from his voice or manner that the enemy outnumbered us two to one. No one would know
that we were desperately short of ammunition. I followed him out to the front to his headquarters on the sick audio river. I saw for the first time the incredible inspiration he could give to men under fire with the noise of the Greek avalanche around me. I saw it happen. Will. You let it speak. Some speak something precious calling my mom. What is your trouble Sunny Sunny Mark Anish. Yes for ammunition come on. Tell him not to expect anything from here. Sorry Sammy you will not get any from us. How do you expect me to fight his ass pricks when my shots were almost gone. Some ammunition he says he can't fight without any initial problem he still has a band here. Oh wait. Give me that receiver. Sammy and your old sluggard gettin shaky hey what do you mean you have no ammunition. Honest watching us from behind you and look forward instead of backward. The Greeks have ammunition don't they certainly have. Then go and get some from them your old devil. I don't
want to hear any more complaints. He's a brave man. Yes hunted and hunted will he manage that man who called me passion is an excellent commander. He's like a block of iron. What a soldier and his men are veterans. No fear about that or a panic in that sector and they exhaust their ammunition they'll fight with bayonets he and his men. Why was he calling them right. He just wanted to hear his voice. A voice of Kemah. The voice of their hero. That's what keeps them going. This is going to be speaking. Hello. Oh I can't hear anyone. Hello. Russia calling talk tell us apart. They were telling us like talks on how to profit off the arc trench when after one hour says he needs artillery support the Greeks are pounding his sector with the Russians sounds panic stricken receiver. Hello this is most of us speaking. Hello what's wrong with you already have you already forgotten what I told you at the briefings. You
stay there I'll blow your head off. Ma'am I'm. Out. On a limb here for you to fuck her and fuck off. What's the use. You're either to follow orders not to indulge in philosophy. You'll stay there but. Time. Hello hello what's the matter can't you answer. Hello splash. There's a. Virus appears on. FOX or on. Another general loss of the seven generals and how many men how long can we hold on until we are victorious. Do we have enough men pressure or will they continue to go out there willing to die for Kemo like the others who get massacred for as long as came out once. I suppose that is the duty of soldiers it is the duty of every soldier to obey his commander. But there's more to it than that. My boys are dying out there
but some of them don't know what they're dying for a fight because their general orders them to. That is it exactly but that is wrong. They die without knowing that this war is not waged for most of alchol now what it is you they fight for those bargains and you and you areif and I we are fighting for something greater than most. We fight against the greed not merely against the Greeks either. This mortal struggle is not against something but for something for our country for our people for our nation for our nation. What is left of it. I'm not totally and I'm close it's hard to our enemies sought to destroy us by dividing up our nation among themselves. But they left the seed. And from that seed will grow the new Turkey. When I think about our dead and wounded and of our people suffering everywhere and I wonder whether the cost is too great a nation is not reborn without pain and suffering. But if we fail a nation willing to sacrifice everything for independence does not fail. Failure in itself means the nation is dead.
Are you convinced that it is on them. I am convinced because because I am a Turk you see now why the people follow Mustafa. I saw it before. Now I begin to understand. Listen the Greek artillery has stopped shooting our troops must be winning and the time is close for us to start after the Greeks drive them back into the sea and we will win and then will come the time to restart Turkey to the Turks to see how to handle Mustafa Kemal thinks not only of the present Already he has plans for the future to win this battle is not enough. We must rebuild. But the defeat of the.
Story. Would be strange too and that is a symbol of another great victory. I remember talking to him just after the invaders had been driven from our soil. I'm glad the battle is over this battle is just over the. Past. I will be a surgeon. I'll cut them out. But Turks won't like that. They are content with what has been. They want to stay in the past and they'll want to fight the surgeon. What will happen I don't know. Blood will flow again
perhaps but we must win this battle too. If Turkey is to catch up with the 20th century. And the USA. In 1923 was elected president of the new Turkish Republic. Immediately he began to make sweeping changes that would transform an ancient Turkey into a new and modern nation. But as he expected the reforms he introduced aroused bitter opposition. One day I brought him word of a visitor. And what is it that you actually know what to expect from that whining complaint even threats perhaps when you see him. And if I don't see him today he'll be back tomorrow. He's been but
persistent. I will see him. He. What is it you want to see May Allah bless you. What do you want most gracious Excellency I have begged you before I have heard your complaint. I have considered them and rejected them. I have not time or patience to hear you through again. I come again with deepest apologies. Before I have spoken for myself now I speak for others others watch others it prostrates me with grief to bring such tidings omit the nonsense speak. I peer with embarrassment to say it Excellency but your measures are turning the people against you everywhere I hear stirrings of revolt. Are you thinking of the tribes that cast among those. Yes I have sent a competent officer Captain to custom anew to deal with them. I would expect our great leader to act with promptness.
I am expecting word any moment that the revolt has been suppressed. But Excellency that will not end the danger. Even here in Ankara there are those who plot against the government. We cannot please everybody. May Allah forgive me for saying it Excellency but there are even those who plot against you. I would not dare take up our Great Leaders time. But it is your life that is in danger. It is your safety that concerns me. And what would you have me do is beyond God Excellency. But even better retract those measures that arouse the people. So my reforms they pervert the life of Turkey what true Muslim is not shocked to see a woman in the street without her veil. It is obscene. It is religious. The true Muslim must strike his Covered head against the pavement and reverence for Allah. He can only do that in a fests. Yes you will have prohibited the fests the true Muslim fears the vengeance of
Allah more than the fear of what before come out. Most Gracious Excellency I speak not for myself of course but merely express the feeling of your enemies. What if I refused to turn back. That would mean certain death. You listen to me. I have been in the death house. I marched into Allied guns at Gallipoli. I was sentenced to death but I got up. I fought the great death and I are old friends. You expect to frighten me with these threats. Most Gracious exigency you must understand these are not my sentiments. I merely warn you of your enemy. Then take this message to my enemies. I am tired of whining complaints. Turkey's only salvation is in progress. We must turn our backs on the ancient past and face the future. He who opposes that course is a traitor. Yes Pasha. I have no quarrel with religion but superstition that strangles us and holds us back must be destroyed. You have mentioned the fast fast
as a symbol of ignorance of fanaticism of resistance to progress. It will not be won in the new Turkey. I actually think we have just received a message from custom menu hits from Captain Kirby I know it concerns him. Captain Kirby lies did he's been killed in action against the tribes trivialise dead but the revolt is over. Our forces are victorious. My young friend dead. Do you see it is a battle and men are dying. But we must win this battle against ignorance and superstition. Our We will be lost as surely as if the Greeks had conquered us. Perhaps more will die. But the new Turkey will live. For every flicker of revolt will be stamped out. Now get out. Yes Excellency. Treasonable swine he pretends to speak for others and all the time he is the one that is stirring up trouble. What can be done about him. And I'd like to see his face when he hears
what I'm going to do next if I am not mistaken he will be knocking at our door again and very soon. Think. A visit to your Excellency. I think I can guess his name. It is the chief move to Abu Hussein. I have been thinking it was about time for another visit from our friend. You will see. I might as well get it over with. Send him in. Gracious. Actually a thousand pardons for this in truth what is it this time. There is a rumor flying through the streets your Excellency. A vicious story that is alarming the people. Yes the rumor is pure madness Your Excellency but the people are roused and disturbed. I have tried to quiet them but they demand the truth come to the point. It is my belief this insidious lie has
been planted by our enemies to destroy them right quickly. I have told the people that such a rumor is unthinkable but they won't listen to me. They demand a statement from our great leader. I have presumed on your time most gracious Excellency to hear your own lips give the lie to this perfidious and contemptible false hood. What is the rumor. It is respected in the streets that the government proposes a change in our alphabet so that is the rumor that the sacred letters of our Arabia are to give way to the vulgar alphabet of the Europeans. The people await your statement Excellency. I am ready to tell them that this incredible story is completely false that it must come out of himself has said so. Yes I will give you a statement for your people. I knew you would. I told the Dulfer ones that you would speak. May Allah bless you Excellency. I shall fly to the people with your message.
This is my statement. The rumor is true. You know your Excellency. My ears have deceived me. You heard rightly Aybar Hussain the story is true. They alphabet will be changed. No. He even must for Come-Outer would not dare profane our life and our traditions by changing the secretary who have asked me to speak. Now give me a chance. For centuries the Turkish language has been printed in Arabic. Never was a language in its alphabet more mismatched. All can read who find it necessary in the new Turkey all our people must take part in government to do that. All must learn to read but if you change the alphabet even those who can read now or become illiterate then send them back to school. The new alphabet makes learning to read twice as easy. This violates our most sacred tradition. I will not let tradition stand in the way of progress. A company is already at work once the new alphabet is ready. Every book every newspaper every document will be published in it and nothing else including the Koran
including the Koran. Just sex is a sacrilege to print a book that people can learn to read. If the Qur'an is the leader of the devout I demand a place on this committee. I'm going to surprise you a bit. You shall have that place. You will appoint me to the committee. With this change in the alphabet strikes at the very roots of our life. How much better it will be if I can tell the people that the chief must to the Great who himself helped to prepare the new alphabet. No that is not what I want. I prefer my name to be kept quiet. I know what you want to say you want to delay to a hamper to obstruct progress. But if you try that no matter what the opposition Turk you will have a new alphabet. Conquer. Is everything ready. All the preparations have been made Mr. President and
the committee. They're all here. They grumbled a little when you called the meeting for 9 instead of their usual hour of 12 then gentlemen of the committee. The president his Excellency Comeau be seated gentleman I have joined your committee meeting this morning because I have some questions I have asked for reports of progress on the new alphabet. You have sent me evasive replies. The committee has been working hard. It has been studying and investigating preliminary work will be done. Do you mean to say Mr. Chairman that you have been working all this time and have done only preliminary work to reform and it is a tremendous task it will take at least 10 years. You know as well as I do that if 10 years were allowed you would sit idle for nine and a half. Mr. President I resent your accusation it is my belief that when a good thing is to be done should be done at once. I want this new alphabet
completed immediately. Mr. President that is impossible. Listen gentleman you are to sit at this table and work on the new alphabet is finished. You are not to leave this room until your task is done. That is an outrageous demand. I will not submit to such high handed measures. We shall see. What are you doing. I demand an explanation. I have locked the door. The door was locked and the key in my pocket until the alphabet is ready. But there are use of work ahead of us. I can't persuade you to stop thinking in terms of years can I. Mr. Chairman whether it takes hours or years this room will be your home until the work is finished. Will you other committee members submit to this. I have no choice. I don't want a strong and it would be foolish to try to get the key for me. All our needs will be provided for here. I'm not a scholar but I will join
you. Now gentlemen I recommend we stop arguing and get to work. The. Week. Was. The committee has finished. They've all gone home. And here is the product of their effort. Our new alphabet. It is amazing only 48 hours when they realized I wasn't playing a game they stop dawdling and got to work. You should have seen those pencils fly. And now the printing presses must be changed over what will happen to the Arabic alphabet. Will it be eliminated. There can be no halfway measures. We can stand partway between the past and the present. There must be only one alphabet for Turkey. Can the people be persuaded to learn the new alphabet. It will be the law that every person except those over 42 years of age must
learn the new alphabet. I guarantee that our schools will be flooded with students young and old Perhaps but there will be opposition face was black with hatred money left is dangerous. He did everything he could block the committee's work. I can't expect him to give up now. But we must risk his hatred for the good. Look at this poster printed in Arabic letters. It is a symbol of the past that changed often at the risk of his life. That was the man who made the new Turkey who became come to Turkey. Father of the Turks his first great victory was to win
Turkey from its enemies. But his second victory was even greater. He won Turkey from itself. He created a new nation that holds its head proudly among the nations of all the world. He was our country's greatest hero. And. We wish to acknowledge the aide of Professor Kamau Bell account of the University of on Qatar and Turkey in the preparation of the story. And now here is Ozzie's ma'am at Lolla a Turkish student at the University of Michigan speaking on behalf of Professor Balika. If any nation can be said to obey its existence to one man that mission is to come on the tour was a brilliant and complex leader who made profound contributions to the military social and political life of Turkey.
As a general he saved Turkey from military destruction as a social leader. He introduced reforms that removed the edifice of customs and traditions. But the US Checkley Proclus as a political leader he introduced a new constitution to foundation on which the modern Turkish government is built. He was often ruthless in carrying out his objectives but aim always was to strengthen Turkey. He richly deserved the name his great people gave him the true father of the US. Yes. The University of Michigan has presented details of the valiant and other in the transcribed series of great national heroes throughout the world. The story of Kemal Ataturk national hero of Turkey was written by Andrew Eyre and writes an Edgar E. willows and produced under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center
heard on the program where Paul hurling or Gary Johnson Lloyd Kaiser Ruth Livingston let us rattle Dale Stevenson Don street and Dick watering and cellphones were Dr. George Hirani professor of Arabic studies at the University of Michigan and Professor Kamau Bell Khan of the University of uncaught Turkey. Editorial supervision by William Bender June. Tales of the Valiant is directed by Edward stature for the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan. Feels like it speaking this program is distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasting. Long and. Originally released in 1956 the program you have just heard is from the program library of National Public Radio.
Tales of the valiant
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Kemal Ataturk, hero of Turkey, establishes the Turkish Republic.
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Dramatic stories of great national heroes outside the English-speaking world.
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