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Were the following program was originally released in 1956. When these were the Valiant. From the four corners of the earth. We bring you tales of the greatest national heroes of all time.
Here was the lvalue transcribed series of historic adventures produced by the University of Michigan under a grant from the educational TV and radio center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcaster. Today. When you're a boring hero of benevolence. Why. Blame. The bad luck in the 16th century. Hollande paid a restless allegiance to King Philip of his big. Spanish troops occupied all the Netherlands Spanish generals and governors loyal to the Spanish king control the public life of the country. Yet this control was becoming increasingly difficult. The people were uneasy rebellious and the forces of rebellion began to surge around the noble figure
of William of Orange. The bad boy. Perhaps I can best tell the heroic story of William of Orange but William was my brother as the governor he was for many years loyal to the Spanish king who ruled Holland and then. What is it. Is this the home of emigrant I and II. In the name of His Majesty King Philip the second of Spain you are under arrest. Yes but I have done no crime. You have been denounced as a heretic. Come with us. What will happen to me. You will be taken before the Inquisition and given an opportunity to recount your heresy. I have committed no heresy so I cannot recall. Then you will be burned at the stake. She has fainted.
God dragged her away. Such were the dark deeds of oppression that drove Holland into revolt. My brother William torn between loyalty to his heart at the atrocities hoped desperately that King Philip would read freedom of religion. But the people knowing nothing of William's feelings concentrated their hatred on him. To them he was the governor of tyranny. Finally an angry mob gathered in the streets outside Williams home. Together. They have reasoned. With the smell of burning flesh. I confess I like not the king's measures. Philip has driven these people to vote. If they had been allowed the free exercise of their rights they would have been no trouble.
And now there are rumors that the king is sending the Duke of Alva to put down the vote. ALVA. He has dedicated his whole life to the burning of heretics. I hear he takes personal pleasure in the torture of helpless people may he be kept from the shores. The room may be faults but if he is coming what will you do. I have been the king's loyal servant but I cannot stand by and see these persecutions extended your turn against the king and the Duke of Alva comes I must. But rumors must not decide us. We have sent a message to Philip asking for moderation. We have actually begged for it. Wait wait I hear a dog that may be our brother Louis but the King's answer no. John. I was delayed. And I was in an ugly temper. I was forced to disguise myself to get through. You have seen the king. I have been received by his majesty Philip of Spaine monarch of this realm. What of our petition for moderation. He laughed at me first as a
beggar. I told him I was proud to be a beggar for simple justice. What then. Then he said that his most gracious Majesty Philip King of Spain had considered our petition. And had an answer for a beggar. He has refused. He has consulted his generous heart. He has considered the good of his people and his realm. And he has granted our petition. To me and he has consented. He has agreed to our demand for one of the Inquisition the Inquisition is to be dissolved and the Spanish troops at home. This is splendid. Finally Philip has learned that men's hearts and wills cannot be forced by any outward power whatsoever. However. Is there proof of his good faith. I have the king's written pledge complete with his seal. Oh this is far better than I dared hope. Do you mean you believe these wily promises we have the king's pledge this for the king's pledge. That was a foolish act Louis. It's true that we have received the king's pledges before and then seen them washed away in the blood of new
victims. But we must give Philip a chance to keep faith with us what can we do. The mob is growing violent. Perhaps the News of the king's promises will quiet them. Come we must get word to them. When you look out. For me where you drop that dagger you. No other weapon no. Quickly John Call the guards. There may be other assassins about or was almost in your throat when you're as close as they have come yet. Who are you. Regrettably I am the man who failed in his mission and not a Dutchman not with that accent in those clothes. Who are you and Sir and the light from your body. Well. I. AM The Spanish soldier. Murderous swine did you come here under orders his orders are clear when you. Signed pledges with one hand and your death warrant with the other and justice on this man. This man has information that can help us. What do you know of the Kings plans we would say nothing.
Do what you want. We will answer or don't. Give him breath to answer. I have an idea. Listen assassin. You hear that mob. They're hot for the blood of Spanish soldiers. Now talk to them. He won't speak. Take him out to the mom with me you know I'll tell you the peace. No wait wait I speak I speak will speak. If you fail to tell us everything. Or utter one false word. The people of the street will have their way with you. What of a king's pledge to cease the persecution. It is Heaven protect me. To keep the people quiet until his army reaches you sending new troops an army of thousands is now on its way. Led by Filipino led by the Duke of Alva he is sending that Munster TO HOLLAND No they will be burning such as this land is never seen is them. Will this satisfy Philip. He is condemned to death his followers whom he distrusts.
Your names are on the list when we are flattered by the King's interest. What else do we know if you lied to us is the truth. We'll make sure of that. God yes sir. Take this man out but in chains. This king has a violated. This brings terror to Holland. They are wild and violent. But there is strength in them. There is a power to resist the Spanish tyrant if you will lead them with one object to bring freedom of religion to Holland. My aim is to permit men to worship as they please and the way to success will be long and difficult. It is not easy for me to turn against my king even when he has betrayed us we begged for an end to the persecution and yes that is right. And for that he called on us which is our good name and the true one.
As the beggars. We shall make our strike for freedom. The fight for liberty the struggle brought bitter tragedy to William he was driven from his home and his estate to his oldest son was captured and taken as a hostage to Spain. Spanish troops under the Duke of Alva struck into Holland with overwhelming force. A council of blood was set up to take revenge on the helpless people and its president was the Duke of Alva. Before him each day passes a parade of trembling Dutch citizens. Next on the list and the list is the woman here she is the woman it is charged that you permitted the images in the church to be
wantonly destroyed. Is this true. You just force your grace. I could do nothing to prevent the actions of the mob. Will you in Amsterdam when the church was violated. I stayed in my home. The mob was made up mainly of men. They were inflamed with picture of what could a woman do to stop them. You would meet the Jews stayed at home and permitted sacrilege to be done. If I had gone out I would have been arrested as a member of the mob. Just clear that you did nothing to stand in the way of sacrilege. You made no protest guilty is obvious. But incitement to heresy you are condemned to die in the public square undersea army. The next name Philippe is he here your grace. He is not here. Where is he bringing the immediately. We have been in error your grace by mistake you was taken and executed with those condemned yesterday executed before his hearing before this council. We crave pardon your grace. You must watch these things Wagners. But no matter he has one
less day to contemplate his crimes. The next name is Peter De Witt. Is he here. Yes here your grace. It is charged that during the disturbance in Amsterdam the rioters attacked the magistrate. You interceded persuaded the rioters not to kill him is that true. Yes it's true your Grace I saved the magistrate's life. Then you are sentenced to die on the public scaffold. Your Grace I prevent violence. I save the life of a Spanish official. If you could prevent the rioters from firing it is perfectly clear that you are a man of authority among them. It is my intention to put to death every leader among the rebels you are condemned to die. Peter deal with it. Such was the justice dealt out by the Duke of Alva and his council of blood.
These atrocities drove the people into fierce resistance. But despite it the Spanish forces won victory after victory only at sea with a patriot force a successful Dutch privateers commissioned by my brother William one brilliant victories but the success of the sea beggars as they were called was not enough to change the balance against us. Finally a complete disaster threatened when the city of Leiden was put under siege by Spanish troops. The fall of that city might break the willow to resist even the bravest Dutch hot Williams headquarters were six miles from where he could see the city encircled by the enemy. Is that you. What are you doing here. This is dangerous for you. I'm thinking about what's going on in.
Them. If they must surrender. That means the end of victory for Philip. Rivers will be read with the blood of their words. Yet I heard firing on the other side of the city. Then it stopped. What can we do. Each time we are thrown back. But we must attack again. I'm sure this may be what we've been waiting for a message. From my brother. What is your business. I bring news of a battle. Your brother is nothing but disaster disaster but Triumph have been crushed. I was afraid of this.
Brother and if he is dead. How did he die. Fighting valiantly. But foolishly in the marshes of Louis would be very King Philip expresses his regrets. I am sure King Philip did not send you just to bring condolences. His Christian Majesty has a gracious and forgiving heart. He would be delighted to see William of Orange justify himself. And when do you mean you have come to bargain with me. In a few months the entirely billion will be less than Philip's attempt to crush the spirit of Holland. Give up this senseless and bloody struggle right now pledge your loyalty to him. You would be forgiven. Does the king truely expect me to desert my people. That poor deluded fool will be returned to you.
You will regain your high position he can't tempt me with such an offer. Tell him so. Tell him the only offer we want is the complete withdrawal of the Spanish. That is what I have heard quite enough. Yet hear me on this. If you pledge loyalty now. Your son will be returned to you. He will be in your arms as soon as you surrender. I can give no information. Tell me only if I can only say that if you pledge loyalty to King Philip the King knows how to reach my home. You have only the kings were never fear. Even if I could trust the word of Philip I would not accept this bargain. Tell your King that I have had a vision. I see a hollow from the grip of Spain. I see the death bell. The shadow of the stake banished from the lives of men who would worship God according to their own conscience. I would not lose that vision even to save the life of my
son. Man William of Orange. Nothing can stand against the might of Spain. Perhaps if you reject this offer you are condemned to death. The king will place a price upon your head. I wear the scars of his assassin bullets already. But I will hear no more threats. Sentry escort this man back to his own. You are a brave man William but I fear the Spanish officer is right. Hopeless. There is nothing hopeless so long as there is a living man left to contend for liberty but what can we do with you. Louis is dead. Even he could not break the siege we have. But this time the land battle is the key to our future. Leyden is six miles inland where you. Are. What are you looking at. The dikes. Thanks John. Are they in danger. We cannot bring light into the sea but we can bring the sea.
With. With. Our dollars. Strange words came into my brother's eyes. I knew that his brilliant mind had conceived a daring plan but when he proposed that there was opposition even from his followers. One of the town councillors spoke for the people of the area. So here is my information that you are planning to break the dyke of the river. Bring the water to light and that is right. But that would be disastrous. It can save a life. More important it can save Holland I cannot see how our attempts to save Leiden buy land have failed always on land we are defeated. Where have our great victories been won. Way far out at sea by our marvelous sea because of course our Dutchman isn't a soldier but he knows the sea. He's torn his very land from its grip. Put the plank of a ship beneath his feet and he's a different man. Then you're determined to flood the land to bring in the sea because
if we open the dikes they can sail their vessels into the straits of light and the land would be drowned our homes and our crops would be destroyed and better drowned land than our lost land but we gain nothing. People of Leyden a starving know they would still stuck with the land gone. I'm not thinking only of Leyden. I'm thinking of Holland if Holland perishes but if we defeat the Spaniards here we may defeat them everywhere. We can win back our land from the water. But we may never win it back from the Spaniards is beginning to be persuaded. I believe that you have suffered at the hands of the Spaniards. A wife was condemned by the Council of blood and I have lost a brother and a son. Land is covered with corpses ashes and blood. My heart just sick with it. But we cannot in this carnage until we have one victory and Leiden is the key. I'm sorry
I protested. I know you are right to speak. I have already sent a message to the people of light and I have told them what I propose to do and ask them if they agree to ring the church bells. But we can wait no longer. We will open the dykes with you as. With. With great adventure began behind those docks where did Admiral blossom when the sea bed is ready just say all those invading waters to the rescue of the people of Leyden. But an unexpected obstacle developed. I find my brother William standing in a howling wind as the work of opening the Dyke went on around him. Despair was written on his face. More we need one just to get the water through. What's wrong with your boots this when John Dykes
appears but the wind holds back the water. There isn't any getting through a trickle not enough for the folks of our sea beggars Baso is raging and cursing behind those dikes as only he can. We make wider ditches we must and pray for change in the wind. Men are digging and playing both. How long can Leyden hold out Oh I don't know they may have fallen already. The Spanish know our plans. They've intensified their attacks. If this wind doesn't change soon will you. What is it you think. Nothing I stumble that's all. Let me help you down I'm all right you're you you have a raging fever but it's nothing John William. You cannot stay out in this wind with that fever it will kill you my work is to open these dikes come what may. My brother I insist this church but the church bells of the city yet stand they received your message and they approved will you. They approve even though we ruin their land this is their pledge John. They will hold on until we reach them because the wind must change must keep at it. Then we must get out to sea beggars.
Where you know the sound of church bells is growing fainter. Yes yes I noticed that too for the people are exhausted they brung the bells all I can. No look at the trees. I'm looking William Don't you see that the branches of top waving Yes I see now it was the wind bringing the sound of the church bells from Leyden and the will to stop it. But this is the moment we've been waiting for. Despite a lot of flooding on the field but this is a sign your task is done when. You can go to your quarters and my task is not yet over but George you have not finished until I enter the streets of light. Let us go to the boats of our sea beggars with them which will sail into victory.
As he lay in the bottom of one of the boats wrecked by fever. What. What is happening now. We are approaching the next. One of the Spaniards are standing firm ready to prepare yourself for. Destructive power over our heads but they're loading again. No no they've turned with the running. Thank God no was always on the rampart the sea beggars are surging over them. The Spaniards are throwing away their arms but the ground is washing away beneath their feet. Winning William were almost alive. Paying. For. The great moment the Spanish troops led in terror were destroyed by the cutlasses of us the beggars and the siege was broken into the
city sailed my brother William I was strong enough to sit up pitiful creatures lined the canals down were troubled saying what they look like skeletons but I feared we'd never seen before I thought of the Dykes had almost lost you won a great victory when you know it is not I who won the victory. It is these people of an idea. They starved and died rather than see their liberties crushed because they stood firm. They have saved their city. They have saved Holland. Yon. We wish to acknowledge the professor Theodore locker of the University of
Leiden the Netherlands in the preparation of story. Here is Herman another student at the University of Michigan speaking on behalf of Professor locker the history of the records the days of many brave and valiant men. But the person who he was one of the most eloquent writers and speakers of his day. But when speech was useless he was wise enough to tell us the second name by which you may know him and we consider him a great hero because of the principles he held and because of the courage and skill with which he fought for those principles. As you have heard one of his major conflicts right here in the city of in fact my own university was established as a reward for its heroic defense against the Spaniards. More than anything else however William believes in the right of his people to worship as they chose to support that principle. He sacrificed his home his
wealth and finally his life. So today we honor William of Orange founder of the Royal House of Orange as a martyr to independence and liberty of conscience. Now here is Dr Albert Hyma professor of European and Dutch history at the University of Michigan. Dr. Hyman the student you just heard was quite right in his verdict. Well I was a German by birth and ancestry but he lost his life his extensor properties and many valuable friendships and the successful attempt to found a new republic separated from Germany in which the downtrodden Jews and Baptists might enjoy religious liberty and all citizens might be fully equal before the law of the land. He had a modern principle representative government was first manifested and applied on a large scale while in the Dutch Declaration of Independence issued in 15 81 under the guidance of William and person. It was
shown that even the most powerful thing in the world had no right to suppress ancient liberties both political and religious. Six years after the terrible seeds of light of the deaths people deposed the king of Spain as a ruler of the Netherlands and set up the Republic of the United Provinces as they were the model of the United States that no nation became a leader an enlightened government social justice and free enterprise and bodying the progressive ideals of a founder in the Constitution a fifteen seventy nine and five State University whose science religion and the Fine Arts arose to head the heights while beyond the sea is a huge commercial empire was constructed in all fields of human endeavor that leaders paid tribute to William of Orange who was partly responsible for the golden age of civilization.
University of Michigan has a value. Story of great national heroes throughout the world. His story was written by. And produced by the University of Michigan under a grant from the Television and Radio Center. Heard on the program. But Norman Hardwick Hoxton catarrh the lores messenger Steven Nelson Bob Reinhard Stevens and Don St.. And. Arkansas. University and another. Editorial supervision.
Tales of the valiant
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William of Orange, hero of Holland, leads the independence movement in the Low Countries.
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