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And we the real eastern Kentucky series of sound studies celebrating the traditions heritage pride and accomplishments of the Appalachian people. This is Part 3. The art of the dulcimer a traditional folk instrument found in the mountains of Appalachian. The art of Goodall some are described by the people who make play
and research the Appalachian instrument were able to regenerate or opinions very proud of the way the and 50s and that's when we came in and I've encountered one of the corners of the doubts me getting cold being learning a lack of. The family of late and I think also Germany probably has had doubts man sister you met say learn to make these right here from an old man. Who lived in my neighborhood Olive backed car for four years Thomas and he was an old man when I was a boy is easier on a man you can trace back to its source. Come on we want to start making those movements as part of a kind of a brand. Years ago I thankee I really need a daddy himself. That's that's the idea I had about it because you need to tell the doctors. I read from the bench sitting here. Many
many years ago and he thought about going to Washington and getting a copyright. That asked me where I got information. Yes he wondered something in his own audience. I think it could very well be because he made so many I think it was Mr. Thomasson who said and made fifteen hundred laughter. And so it could very well be he can made the first one. I don't think anyone would ever know. You can trace it that way. I'm pretty sure that Mr. Turner and I was in town as was mine and the earlier you know us in America the earliest in there will be to hear of this story since I don't know who made the first thousand when the first one I heard with me that he made and I have one of Mr. Towns there with me that I've heard for about thirty years and it was old when I got it. So I am sure that he must go way back.
You're. The thing I do pressed on and asked for is to make Dr. Lee Rocker ambiguous and are inspired and I tend to want to make the artist prior to prayers and get them out of the way. The
peg barks and in rock rather in an hour at the end and then I did the top and back. These are a little hard to get down on as you say there are around eight of an inch thick and a lot of approach Ask me if this is the near her money or would not be good for a musical instrument. So we have to cut it out Alice and then from then on taken smoothing down to the correct thickness and what is a correct target found out her mind. Correctness or not only because the words vary a little bit and you have to kind of tone your words and sample it and tell how its going to happen back then it was made and the scientists and they are playing a more direct to the salad. Round three metallic piece goes across the top that holds the press or stops and then the cursor peg her Grail redeemed to the correct taper and then the pegs are made to fit the taper
and you crease after there were made I assemble a new printer where they had to be attack or a phantom or a top price they paid back for me in black and the car family owned each other in the back comes out then you have a dozen I would never try then and if our just plain nasty space in our drive it so an area and close instrument by putting aside van and man decides right in the Bluegrass irritated after hours then fan it and finish and. Then ask you where and then asked. OK.
I used a plectrum pic which is that plastic the Raytheon plastic pick after you felt you could later pick Now this is of course just round it with a strand of my thumb. Especially if I'm playing at a very slow time ham or
something like that. And I know it with my fingers so you can order it with a stick which is kind of a node or. Are some you just are playing slide your thumb along on the first string so the first ring actually are the one nearest the player is the one that carries the mallet usually And so I asked around Baghran forward and noted with my four fingers feeling this give me more. Time. And. Variation in music better than one direction for a slow tune. Go tell it Rudy. Wave and make you think faster. And if you're playing it with your own aggression played very.
Many of us wrong or just groan and want to carry on one string and three in this case our just ground and found the same mountain. Well. I know. Think now.
Across the street and then like a man. Oh I thought so and want you to know. Like many say there is something like that in that I felt like I was occurring to me. It looks like a cross between air guitar and a mildly stressed out guitar year.
So I'm like oh that's play land on the table. I know someone and then using one of three strange twists made from our sort of our photo I think it looks awfully Oriental face there where you get her like a pirouette. Think the bar is an old English from him. He's found that a present for all over England. The flowers have a certain meaning. For instance the announcement in doing law. You know well he did lousy.
The arm. The first one I ever seen was on man Thomas from not Kenya to Kenya and read me.
He come to their home and migraine people were just boasters were he in you look far a dream on coming weeks or staying are not with us and he had a right to say would say more like I figure you call me or say Oni back in here. But are those of Elsinore that he had made handmade for any. And you say I'm a matchmaker and tonight I have three dollars. In you. We bought Yeah. And well I think he gave it to because he has stayed around there about a way in and played music for our values and I used to live there. You know I don't know where it is now but he did give us the first time I've seen it but they are apart. Man. Or who.
You. Are. It was.
Fed lawyers for this country brought instrument with them they are a man of a sound musical and a lot weren't right. The fellow that brought them with some made sound like Rose and then others would make instrumented take out of the dulcimer I write that this is where the designs came from. You say in so many shapes and sizes a musical instrument called Alzheimer's or Appalachian or Belgium or that plan there always developed just because of the spirit of the now near craftsman. I guess he doesn't want to copy someone else so he was going to be different and maybe he would stand out in the neighborhood as having something different and so in Miami taps. So he comes in with a box like a may have a teardrop shaped rim and look like a pebble are in a number of things. To eat.
Many poems in the stories have been written concerning the dulcimer and how it's a part of the Appalachian heritage. Mr. James still is a native of eastern Kentucky who grew up to know and respect the dulcimer and the people who played them. He utilizes the dulcimer in his poem when the Dawn Summers are gone. When did our summers and when the dust rattling chestnuts.
And their lean fretted next plane maker stocks. Their strings no grades of rust. Where shall the mellow voice be heard upon the hills. Upon the right in a row meadow beside white rails. Rochelle but the gentle words in mild abandon saying. With a design in lowering melody as lights of swallows English school in the wing yet scaled as fine as that curve through yellow green and fragrant as Jasmine here to freshen the rain. Or made them hard to breath when the slender reed. Singing by a girl aims to match the Oreo. The tulip tree. There lie that one was he when the DLC was a gone.
When afternoon the tea and the silver under Lee poplars in the wind. This program was produced by Morehead State University in cooperation with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in the studios of WM K-Y FM in Morehead Kentucky. This is the national educational radio network.
The real eastern Kentucky
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The art of the dulcimer
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