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Peter you have the power to say to the world what would you do. Or. I wouldn't change for our own Europe but. I would include you in your world and I would lead in America and I would be with voices of Europe. Milton there are American author and broadcaster lecturer and professor of social research from the University of Frankfurt has been traveling throughout most of the countries of Europe recording the voices of Europeans who speak directly and candidly of their own
feelings and their own aspirations. Here is Milton Mayer. At the hall in norther. Interviewing a man from European countries one of them is an Australian. One a Frenchman one a Greek running a Yugoslav and one a Spaniard. They have come to England with 30 other young men and women from all over the world who had planned an international summit in London of many steps some of them sponsored at home and abroad by the American Friends Service Committee. The service organization of the American Quakers Peter Welch is 23 years old.
He comes from Breck Astoria where he is a student of history at the university opens for Peter. If you had the power to leave the world what would you do. Or. I wouldn't change it for our own Constitution. Our Europe perhaps. I would introduce in your world and I would lead in America the democracy and the in Asia. Perhaps I would introduce. This but this is because one of the greatest man
of the last hundred years Ruth said he was glad if ever in his life he was right. 75 per stands. This was an American hero. We have. To differ in our democracy. We have generally two big parties a concern and Labor Party a socialist party and everybody every president are saying that everybody of the other party is completely wrong. There's hundred isn't wrong. This is our opinion
and this opinion or in order dictatorial as we have had already in art and so on and by this reason I think it would be best remembered for her it would be perhaps too big to change the world with this man. James you're correct to change that and I think it will be possible to change the to make the people from the outside what is considered. As for our
most everybody subject even if it is almost impossible. Impossible for them to follow this. I wanted to call him Marc Maron comes before the ethic of India for instance or north and then it may be generated from the Bon husband or from this. Because this goes further. Everybody will always be demoralized and we could have on the air and Marvel and then I'd pull
what I call collective moral about order. I always do. I also prefer everybody who is born to a woman because a man who is born like a man who is set out in the wilderness. And is eaten by the buyer or is starving to death not depends only a bone. Once the people will be able will be able to be born whether to be born or not they will be much
more responsible for our lives in the same way. I could change the world. I would also to give the men the possibility to know where is this going after there is a Middle East there are many beautiful flowers in the light but these flowers are not poor on a napkin then for instance can never pretend to care very beautiful. Or And then I'm happy disposition of the planet. Then that means you are the liar and then very happy and that I would that I like you. James do. Thank you very much from France. Was
fired. It was 26 years. His father has a text pass the role of a student of international law are at the university here. Well there you had the power to change the world. What would you do. When. You show you where. No one could be fun but only. When you were gliding to gather the people or. You don't do them. The first would be present at the crisis men upset
during World War ended before on the second I would list. The sacrifices to be helped to keep away war. Then I might well do you own the one I am you have in the war and war because you have prejudices between nations and you the most. Your insecurity isn't facing the mosque. You hain't lost the support from between you and others on that one. The most you here are the most. You believe that
nation must issue. On both of them you have the possibility to prevent war by organizing a new society based on them and the police. Depending on an international organization with and for. And I think the man who roam it is a war between the nations. What you have in your own country between people with justice and the power to make just this you must accept that
from there is something which is the man and that this man. Must be defended against prejudice is against nationalism of the ballet's rock dangling left in our societies and the human society of man. Internationally other than that. But. I could leave Meghan to decide whether they won. Now I don't know. Then when they leave the sands the sun's light is freedom. If you want the freedom to commune. Thank you very much for all there from northern Greece.
Clowns John. Because he is 26 years old. The son of a government official. And a student at the College of Agriculture in happened. If you had the power to change the world what would you do. As soon as I would be given power. And as soon as I hear the word change I feel that I can't escape. I have to say something about it. And I feel. That. I would become a power given to the person without me or any
other person that. I have seen people committed to the first thing to do would be very cool with my self. Then I think it is well understood that there's a world of total number of people living on this earth. We have some out. There and I think that generally accepted that the world has to be changed somehow and somehow we fail to change it. Personally I think I would see and see their revolutionary
change. Or what seems not to have changed at all. Well at least not the have obviously never met the man himself. Human nature. I think we least want to give human nature a chance to show to us what's the norm. Pessimists think. It is the rebel It is the rural nature of it. I think Moon you. Have. Just a little time to change substantially but we can alter our attitude towards change. I think that that change cannot be done.
It cannot stand it cannot exist. It comes only to modify the environment of man to modify legislation or to give better houses. I think that the change also in with them the individual itself in every one of us and I think a change would go hand by here. Those two. Man. This environment. Perhaps we might succeed something better than what we see today. Thank you very much. Sixteen kilometers. Away from Greece kept me in Macedonia.
In southern Yugoslavia is 23 years old the son of a house painter and a student of journalism at the university where they operate. Even if you had the power to change the world what would you do. First of all I have never had such kind of dreams. And because of that its my belief that one man one person cannot change the world. I think our world has its own laws. And the only
duty of every man is to understand them to grasp these laws and to coordinate his personal wishes and efforts. With the extremely logical development of the humanity. But nevertheless as far as our world is concerned I have my personal wishes. And this is my. First of all I consider that every man has a full right to live is to live. Our life. He prefers us. Consequently. I would have the right. To see the world
in such a state. Where all the rights towards other countries nations or man would disappear. This phenomena I would call the desire for exploitation of nations. Second. Another thing I would rely on to be changed is. Existence of exploitation of man by man. To my modest opinion these are the fundamental things. I consider. I have to be changed in what to big
and how they will be changed or violent or nonviolent. I would not like to speak about it. But then. I would want to see the time I'm really very proud that live. In the Yugoslavia. That it is. My personal wishes. Fulfilled or are on their way to be who killed. Thank you very much. And finally. From Barcelona Spain. Cones. Out for a. Great out 32 years or
years. Chemist pharmacist. And the son of the manager of a small building operator. You had the power to change the world. What would you do. You just left him. There's been an obsession throughout my life. Is police beating you wore a can of self policing. Bottom West you essentially buy cool on their war in a theocratic union asked him back. Briefly speaking to this terrorist ticking down or walk on the air that is to say any work or school be
erected. Age group Brotherhood the be all to degrade this idea or humanity. Because. I think that they are only thought to be at you for many years. Their faith in Jesus Kingdom. We are as humans to chose between this period or happen or not. And that of course there is no way. If we use size for one of them and do for for instance. I can see where unnecessary
questions but these offers the reason of his kingdom. And we were all in moods where it was really just like in stede of it really is an M.P. do you live in or are they can resolve the world that are to accept it dueto labor or they're more ready or lying or like these democracy is not only became better than bad everyone can carry less care of. Being crass form of living is not at their right or it isn't. These were all will all be or
as or as and if you will but. If we believe this nation of Maine be healed an awful lot. There is no all else is the only policy that at the height of the only barrier in his fortune and still easier than evasion the high or rightness of much unity of history that has arrived in all four hours. Of the validity of self-destruction. We are
talking we don't. The structure of this new war will have a basic consider them their faith on the building is sorry about their faith for anything no light and brought me out of here. Thank you very much. Peter. Inspire of course. One last question. Among the people you know best. Your own. Are most of them at the present optimistic or pessimistic about the future. And I should like to say that if you can say it in one
sentence they are optimistic or pessimistic. Please do so. I'm most of your friends optimistic or pessimistic. I think the majority of my friends are pessimistic and we have our own reasons because we have the occupation troops you know it's seven years after the end of the war and they have their women and their children and their with them and they're occupied. These are houses and we must pay for their homes. Americans believe their cause for them and we have children that there are feelings in the end and we must always feel that we are separate. There's an opportunity to get an iron curtain too.
And many of our bear fires are in most of your friends. Pessimistic are optimistic about the future. And why are you my friends. Because music groups they don't know where you are going to move forward to his or her true self. And. Don't throw couple of most of your friends optimistic or pessimistic. And why. I think most of my friends. This is mystics. Who are added to on the scene a lot.
And even the chefs of us or most of the people you know best that call optimistic or pessimistic about the future. Some of them are optimistic some of them on them are pessimistic. But personally I am optimist and I think everyone have to be right about your friends and spending. Are they optimistic or pessimistic about the future and then the rest of my friends are busy mystic. Before he wouldn't deal with it see if I have explained it before that
Voices of Europe
Five European students
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This program presents an interview with five European students about culture and world politics in the early 1950s.
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Interviews with noted Europeans on a variety of subjects, conducted by Milton Mayer, American author and broadcaster, lecturer and professor in the Institute of Social Research at Frankfurt University.
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Global Affairs
World politics--1945-1955--Public opinion.
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