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Some universities provide channels for publication of research through a university press. Yet some of the accepted manuscripts may come from outside the university. While I like to keep about a 50/50 balance it depends on the best manuscripts that come in. If we do 40 percent outside and 60 percent from Duke 1 you hope things will be reversed the next. At the same time we feel our first duty is to our own people and when their work lives we will give it proceeds. But the first question is always quality. The speaker is Mr. Ash Bell Bryce director and editor of the Duke University Press. At the moment he talks about his work. Challenges in education presented by Duke University. Here with today's feature is Charles Bronson.
Since its beginning the Duke University Press has stressed quality not quantity. Last year for example 25 or 26 books were published Mr. Brice director of the press says that no original fiction verse or drama is published by the Duke brass. Well we publish the results of the kind of research that a faculty graduate an undergraduate carries on. We make that available for a much wider audience and the audience hear it do you. By this means we make our faculty and universities known throughout the world. A manuscript accepted by the Duke press goes through a series of evaluations before it is published. The real test is is this a work of scholarship. It is first screened by Mr. Bryce. It looks good that I'm going to depend on all the experts in the field. The faculty told me he know most about this particular subject. They say it's good that I take it too. Editorial to advisory
board of faculty and administration we go over the lot of this together. We go over all my opinion of the manuscript we go over possible costs. The board has the final word on what we will accept and what we were shocked. One other thing that most people may not know in general we do not publish texts or text would have to be so experimental that commercial text publisher would not be interested. The Duke press is a nonprofit business and it actually has no so called best sellers. Mr. Bryce says that the books are so highly specialized that few of them will pay for themselves. We hope these is to sell. We don't always do it to sell out a printing of fifteen hundred which means selling about thirteen hundred fifty because a hundred and fifty have to be given away. And many of our books all printed whether the national printing of 2000
if we can sell that out we can pretty well break even. Will the press accept a book that might be something other than scholarly. Only in very special circumstances and depending really on one's definition of the word scholarly. If we think a book of many more laws which is not in the conventional slits these kind of scholarly work we are talking about had importance we would publish it we had published several we have won our British civil servant who was one of the important man in Nigeria in the last days the British were in control when we feel that this is a very valuable social history we would not publish a book called purely in local and federal interest and of course we reject many books many more than we except and some we reject as unsuitable for list and saw them as simply not successful in what they oughtn't.
Challenges in education
Duke University Press
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Duke University
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Program number 135 talks about the Duke University Press and what they produce and why.
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This series presents problems facing educators today.
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Host: Braswell, Charles
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