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The national educational radio network presents the BBC World Theatre. BBC World Theatre presents a classical comedy from row one of Terence's Comedies. Translated by Kenneth McLeish. The Eunuch. BBC. 6 1. Oh aren't you going to Congo is the problem for me. Want me survive your service to the parts of rather a shape that really made you
greedy sponges in the comedy reprieve she received posters and repeaters primps Howard to work on the show you put an old man like yours truly MBBS stop your turn. The great Turke told men to try to present a new comedy called your dick and written by publishers to Sci-Fi you tenants and know that I told you the author's name. I should tell you who wrote the Greek original if I didn't think you most of you know it already. Then don't of course. Yes but there are people who have been seeing that our new young author makes one play out about not to go Greek one and he doesn't deny this. Today he has taken no sponger who flatters and a soldier who boasts from another of men then displays the flu. And we'll do them onto the unit. But and here's the point. He ducks if you'll notice the joy he offers you one to play for two old ones and if you're complaining that you told been done before then
there is nothing new under the sun. And here comes the Play pig music on your right hand type tread. On your left the base tapes of tire Servian pipes matched pipes and pipes packs the 110 tapes of the first pipes and papers of unequivocal warrior co mingling in the music specially written by Flaccus of Claudius for our comedy of the eunuch who behold now is St.. No longer in Rome but you know since Hoover here when your right is the door to the house of thieves the coach is sadly who further up the street to you. The countries presume you're coming with me over to your left. Yeah I hear there's a respectable go for the numbers to your left. Then you would come to plant
us above. The door of a man like you see how she's coping and how to cover the sun with the chief of his slaves. Well then let me see. Oh yes I've tried. No he said oh OK not yet. At this point you need action. I become dovish and it does not come into the house of the man that is where I belong. The please. Pass it to your flutes. No not yet. She slammed the door in my face. Today she said. Well it's no use. She can go down on have bended knees.
I'm not going back and very well state said it's not enough. Decision you keep away from it has everything to do. I never set foot in a house again and I go straight back there to tell us how much they are there you are so you may be out there even when you decide never to see her again you got to go and see her again to tell you I never hold out in a couple of days you'll be telling me you can't stand it any longer your love won't give you any peace you got to see her whether she invites you around and I don't just say so she's got you where she won't you. You're not just fighting and you're fighting love and you can't win what's the problem you know what can I do I can't help being in love with the only thing to do is to try to forget or make a fresh start get a clean break. She comes out of her house Now's your chance. Microphone stand finished with York you'll never see you again and good riddance to every penny should be giving me uses for your present. You're my heart's constant and soon as you go near that little far you'll warm up again.
Yeah. We only have a convenient memory it was a different story yesterday and I know you guys but no one else. I'm always welcome at your house. Least my dear don't torment me. You don't have half the torment that I do every time I see or speak to you but my own sweet love the only one tormenting you you yourself I have to do what I did yesterday I swear to you you know me man I've ever loved you ever will. Oh yes funny way to show how much you love him slamming the door in his face and me No darling listen. My mother came from Samus but we lived in rooms while we lived there businessmen lunched with us. He gave my mother present a little girl stolen by pirates game raiding and I think that wasn't easy to find out for certain. She was only a child she could tell us nothing but the names of her father and mother. She didn't know what town she came from or even what part of Greece the businessman wasn't much help either. He said the pirates told him they found it so.
But that's not far along the coast from here over there. Brilliant. What you do with a child when my mother decided to adopt her and bring her up as your own daughter. In fact everyone thought she was my little sister what happened to it. She stayed in rooms when I moved here I made it so you know and he brought me here to Athens gave me everything I owe you everything you want as my young master pre-trip in loving you with presents ever since you were really present equal no photo other pommie No let me finish that's not important who. Almost as soon as we arrived in Athens myself you had to leave to join his regiment Kariya and that was when I made you my darling you know that ever since then I've had eyes for no one but you. I shared all my secrets with you when no one else will and I mean a quick and direct with pleasure. Listen my mother died in droves not long ago. I'm sure now then headed to small savings and all he was interested in was money. As soon as he realised Pamphila was beautiful and good again everyone thought was my sister. Soon as he realized how much he could get for you so to the first person came along well that was strange. My military friend he bought him brought it back in just a present for me. You know he didn't know
that she was a complete stranger as bad as he was concerned. When he got here and found you on my doorstep he began making excuses not to give it to me. He said he couldn't trust not really the sooner she hand her over I'd leave him forever marry you if that happens you chose to keep her for himself. I'm certain that's what he wants anyway. He's much too affectionate with me for my lack Surely he doesn't know he hasn't had anything. But what's all this got to do with me. But to see I've got to kick Pentel away from here I can't you let him take her so that you can marry me because I want to find her mother and father and give her back to them. You see I've got no friends here now. I'm not surprised if I can do someone a favor. I'll get to know one family here at least you can help me. You want me to. All I want you to do is they are away from me for a day or two late cannot face I think he's the only man I love. What do you do it. You're crazy of course I won't do it with my partner you know next and of course you liked what was said so you show you are a man. Do you think I couldn't see this coming little girl part
it's pretty got back to happened already saying these threats I was back in favor of mine from our dream is that it not affect the interest you think you found someone else and or callous not true not true. You know how to live always presents that photo you know of course it is and I want to think it was the only one of your presence what about me. Have I ever refused you anything when you said you wanted a unit because of your Arabian princess It happened when I got you and you've got me as you look for her to go to pieces. More time and money trying to find you despite the way you treat me. And what do I get in return. But all so I'm not fake. Well said. Well Siri do you really think you're my darling I do whatever you want God to get Pamphila back and I still think my plan is best. Listen I give it up and follow your advice just as long as you still say you love me. Oh I thought you really meant well why don't you wait one word and he's done for with so I mean it. Have I ever refused you anything even in fun. And you still won't do what I ask. Give me true to you all right. I do love yes it's horrible.
I spend two days a week for you you know disappear. Yes go back into the house get some clothes for the country. Yes and bring the eunuch out here yes. There's just one thing we know with this. ACT is that you went there to talk with me. That's all I. Think of. Nothing you could write to her and she's gone. You're nothing. I thought I'd have to bring me my clothes for the compressor will I be up there. Yes. You want me to go to
them to understand. Yes I understand I get on with it that's not the problem the matter with you. I'm just wondering sir if you're going to get as much out of this is you going to lose by what's that supposed to mean nothing nothing to do with you anyway how anything you say you say is your bundle of country that we want to know and when you take on my present make it seem as magnificent as you can. Yes sir if you can keep this rival of mine away from that you don't have to tell me that. Go to go off to the country for a couple of days. Yes. It's just that yesterday. Now do you think I'll be able to stick it out. Come on last to her never. You'll be back before you even get there or any right as soon as you spent one sleep this night you will know that when I worked so hard to tell myself I can be sure I don't let them sleep. That's ridiculous. I made up my mind and I intend to stick to what I want to give it two days. Maybe I could do what I can for free retiree so be careful Saddam tempt fate I made up my mind I know what good luck to you sir. She asked me. To stay. Home
each night. The sponges on the pillow and Andy's got the girl. Things are beginning to. Go she know that even hope beautiful than scientists. Oh I'm not going to make much of an impression with my tattle though you look at all this information so I just don't know. How. Bad. And feel how tense here. Well I hope to be listening to ALL I SAID SO value the shot. I think the pull of pretty things I hope and realize I mean the difference between me and ordinary people the difference between intelligence and stupidity. But I'm not stupid I never said you were a child. Too pretty by half of that and I I tell you that they still way to success you need to wait just for things very simple. You pick your picture some food who wants to be liked and you follow him right to his face. It tell him how clever His laugh is a joke even when they're not funny especially when they're not funny.
Agree with whatever he says and when he contradicts himself agree with out tune your lead in very very bad. If he says no you say no if he says yes I should still say no you wouldn't. But not to me. I say yes always agree that's the way to get pretty things. One day I can make lots of money. But here we are chattering away and I forgetting I'm supposed to deliver you to say it and give her candle three soldi protégée should not come along time feel warm This is something you notice here you go there but you know have died to see you. How very very nice. OK here it comes goats the human relation. How do we do today. You come over here and I'll tell you come over. Oh a joke. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. It was much the better I something upset you. Yes you hope that all you know is you look at happy. Oh I'm perfectly happy you are good and I feel
like this for the prison for 10 years from you know by ditches Pamphila. Good morning palomino. That's what he thinks. If you think kids here soon like my little pansy life I suppose nice how you're trying to tell me weeping thrown out a new one. Oh well that's life. But we were only thinking of you Mike Yeah you know one side to this little past one song and it's a new term of endearment. It what I have delivered PEB fear that you can't come you won't have to run not in a bar cutting presence of right with the middle of the night where your mouth to sing salivating with is we know I was only thinking of you. Thank you very much I always made pretty sure you don't have to take a bit more of your time. I'm sure you've pretended to do it somewhere else. Oh oh oh. Perhaps she would mind hearing we have the flute player guy right away for that thought so that I could not abide.
Still nothing easier Madia further. Well he did use very good for this. Oh I misjudged the crowd of 3 so with love he will be coming to me. Q Or perhaps not you know there's someone inside I could say not to speak to you not all you white two days that's all. Now all you do is push the door with your little finger and it happens you won't be able to get it with the battering ram once by most of redirects back. Up. Oh god I'm so good you have just started. We have intercepted the secret messages by Colonel spiritual sense is very good. You must keep throwing fits of people now. If you're just let me get my bill Palomino let me get you out of your here
I'll go back the way I came back to make a good mother you are saying to you. Know who's coming. It's carry a mom also young brother. What are you doing here. You supposed to be on guard in Paris harbor today. It was the matter with you but what's he looking all about him for damnation. I'll never find and I'll put it away to start looking a little to ask you where to go. With this one. When it was she can't stay here long. Oh she's beautiful. I've never seen a woman like that much more of a look at another woman and yet another. The babbling of love with the poor Oh father I'm sorry for once this one starts to make freak reasonable about some sort of innocent guy not helping. Back. Me too about letting him silly on Twitter all day but no. Hello party what are you doing with your brain. Where have I been. No idea I can't even remember what I'm getting. What's the matter love. Well now's your chance upon a chance just to watch your chance to show me what sort of a man you are I think. But how many times have you said to me all you've got to do is
to decide who you're going to love. I'll do the rest of it was in the days when I used to creep in to see when the middle of the night with juicy bits from my father's line. Now you're judging me because I'm not joking. I found someone and your chances come good but more I want you to do it to get it for me Parmeno any way you like I don't care. I gotta have fun. She belongs. No idea why did she leave you know why didn't she come for oh no I didn't. Where did you see her then. Ministries of course. Well that's something at least now but then I lost out how. Well that's what I've been moaning about all this time I don't think anyone's ever had worse luck. It was really fantastic You won't believe what happened but you know my father's old friend now can be as easy as a coach well. Well I was following the girl when I bumped into him. Oh word. I looked around for the girl and of course she disappeared which way did she go this way. As it happens down the street. But when I got here. There was no sign of it. Was there anyone with her.
Yes your little greasy man you better give up so you're wasting your time. Do you know I know she is. Well you know I mean you've seen I've seen right now she's under which she comes from but you know where she is now in a way I would say his house over there she's just been given there is a present what who by some millionaire some millionaire going to throw your brother's rival Oh my brothers had it then you can say that again especially considering the present day you got it. What present you look. Oh not that CDL woman of a man he bought yesterday that's right. This is slam the door in his face you said it was this place anyway. I don't know if the neighbor called to say she moved in a few days ago nobody knows anyone in Athens yet except Carolyn your brother but she's quite right sitting yes it is not like mine here not now not in the same class I mean oh I got to find mine. You can help me. Oh yes all help you get you Saki you like anything you like but if you'll excuse me you guys are going to fix it you know like the fact that you know how lucky you are when you get this house so why why did you
sleep good on a walk with me. Let's suppose if you wash your face you know how. Change clothes off to change your eating you think you get it. Maybe you can do all the things you thought about with over the top but they say what they want to write and a few days ago now an analysis of a singer we fall but I'm not. I know you all know your ages. Oh thank you. Can you think of any other way. What's the goal in its own right. Take me inside dress me up take me round there I'll do it to do it up you know I was actually pulling your leg to back you know I mean you're going to yes I want to get out of you know you can no yes son cannot not really go would have done it is time
come every year you will never be able to. Yeah yeah. Now oh yes you will. But often they want to get the plane out. Yes I mean it's a crime anyway. One thing it's like you cry when you mean a crime it isn't a crime until someone finds out and no one's going to find out the hard way. Well then the whole right all right. Don't blame me I don't blame you. He's sure you want to go through with the sure I'm certain but telecom company will never harm his mother. It's because you
are sitting here such as you think I'm trying to convince. I'm not in love with quite a big THANK YOU country. It's obvious you know like a startled rabbit. If it mentions a chance to put a stop to it when she mentions feed you talk I can see that she will soon give it up. If she loves Joe she loves your presence here. I never thought of that. I just might just
come to headquarters shall be nice for the long haul. Nice guy San Luis. How do you know I'm tall you must go yet I'll bring you Phaedrus president we're told the police said if you don't mind well let me give this lady the present we've got for pressuring her to live to be a match for mine. We also eat St. George. Doubt. Doris. That's right overhead. Good that's right. Now. This eunuchs from Ethiopia you know you're there now. You don't see a unit like this every day do you Tyson you know he's very good looking What's your name and my name Doris. If he's not I don't star me. It's mine. I'll ask him anything you like music literature at the Dixie Chicks but at the moment young handsome intelligent. The man who
sent you this unit as a present like other friends doesn't bore you by going over all these backlogs. He doesn't jump out at you and force you to admire the sky was white not black some people we know how much longer might a way to not yell I just take Doris inside my snake. Do not be in the audience. Oh yeah. Look at me I am going to dinner you wait for us here. The Supremes come out as afraid to be seen pointing out Saudi's lady friends daughters have nothing to say you go back to your master. That's what I think of you. Oh show me. Well after that all I'm going. What you said to Bob you know they look scary Are you going to go and get everything ready to go off and if you sue me and
yes I was asking to call again. Yes and they're asking asking when all else fails be facing me I'll never tell phrasing was anything years. Oh yes make sure you can feel is looked after no one doubts till I get there. I have oh yes my dear let's go. You and I have courtrooms. I don't like you I don't know. The more I think about
something funny going off I believe that this woman faces playing some kind of trick on me. She was much too charming when she first asked me to come to see her. I hope no one asked me what's between is no. She said I'm beside me. And before I knew what was happening just me how do you go my father mother died. Whew. Years ago I said the job if I am in a land far from the sea it was Nick she wants to do sister who was stolen from them who was with her what she had when she left and was there anyone who could recognize me now. This morning I get a letter from her asking me to come round at once. Well I have had enough of it. I will she tell me what she wants so she leaves me alone I'm not coming back. It's creepy. How do you think I don't know how great you know. Where are you calling us. Yes. Well I think I'm
right. Oh yeah. This way this might just if. We can't get there. Today. If you have young young men I know what an extraordinary woman. Come home or something.
Well this is the house. Who got a car. Oh no oh yes. What did you dress like that. Well you see how do you do it but I must say I have what on earth's the matter with you I'm good for my deah fellow there's no one I'd rather see what it's all there is this is the happiest day. So you said I was tell you everything that happened please do this and you know my brothers girlfriend they assume. Yes that's right. Well what about what she was given a present of a young girl today. Yes but not just a slave girl I developed what a face for a figure who are. You know me and women. But even I was satisfied with this one. As soon as I saw her I fell for it. But a fantastic piece of like my brother just bought thank you as a present you would like but he hadn't been delivered yet so possibly you know have come on after a sunny day inspire me you know isolate palming the lot was the mother's idea or stop it or bugging him you'll hear he
got me to change clothes with the eunuch and go to the pace he's so you know that's right. It was not going to do what you want to do with them to see what I could see. Whenever I wanted to either walk with them talk with or wasn't brilliant anyway. I was delivered to a place who would be pleased to see me. She put the girl in my chair. Your job that's right. I don't believe it she told me no one was to be allowed near the girl I was to stay by her side at all times. I stood by with me eyes on the ground and not it might think you did so good she thought I'm going to do you know. And off she goes with the colonel leaving a few young slaves to look after the girl. Yes what happened. Well I began getting ready for a black book. I stood by telling me to get a move I bet you did a lot of running the water she stood there looking at a picture of the juice and then I guess you know the one oh yes you do with us comes down through a skylight and sleeps with an eye. Oh that was not well so I thought to myself Well if
God could play that game from the sky like why shouldn't I. I mean where the gods give us a little good reasoning. While I was turning away serving my mind as she finished about I thought about it. Put her to bed. Well I stood there as she wanted anything. One of them is comes up and says I do want to take this fan and fan her gently all the while we have a bath and then when we finished we'll take it over while you have about. That I'm Perth's million and look like a fool but you must look the real idiot waving your hand around like a hawk would you donkey. Oh yeah well we can see they all went off to have him by chatting I mean I could tell things had gone out and the girl was dozing off either Stice I peep over the top of them. Yes I guess I look around and make sure everything's safe. But the door yes. Well then what do you mean then what do you think this was a
child's name million the moment I've been waiting for if I hadn't I'd really have been what everyone for your time was true but what about I do know right. What do you know the one we planned for tonight. Oh that yes it's ready but not in this way. At your place no it should discuss what is miles away Oh come on will be like a train. Oh yeah look I can go to my own house them up at the Fiji that might be what I thought a lot of got back in the country by going to London it carries of I think sort of like come on it right or say some place it looks like a good day meeting to talk you know how my OH out of time they are going to write. Care nobody. Is going to do more of this just say I think she's that do you will what you will read and spell that I thought. I thought you were going to choose to go to the gallery. I think everything I can't believe that I was who people thought I would propose to follow you know so I was several miles past but I noticed at all the way back I
started thinking two days two long days with my place. Is it really necessary. KANDEL stratosphere is with not just now so I don't have time to come rah until he's out of the way I just want to see him from a distance I won't go near her. What's the matter there are no credible threat to her and of course i do we stay as these minute recess. I mean your dad you know this all too matter you know what you mean when you think I'm just not getting the popular product in about the one he's getting from my mistress the crazies from Simeon 10 Do you know we don't know I'm not missed just exist 20 years. He turned up and you should see he's well you know Carol right now with a couple with right. Let's talk. To you do you want some sort of ride puppet master to like it there. OK he said he would send me one of these tapes to put one thing for sure is what he said that made my mistress you are if. You come to Mecca That's dinner party she said I can not I will that kind of threat so that my miss just took off. Why did you do that with this one is a big bright star was not. I told him he. Was
really extraordinary. Ray Ray that's. Right. Yeah. Well going to that why make it where you see me. Not kidding when I finally am not satisfied with what you did. He has to tell us how stretches her eyes out if I can try to minimize what's happening region yet you are here. Well you and your charming president before to find question that eunuch you gave us one of our ships and the Kill the Colonel gave us. Well he's he has he has already come on Cannot he had to kill us you must be crazy your brother which I was like a human how could he how do I know how. The fact remains the government stopped trying not enough to tell us what happened and then you next thought disappeared never to be sitting at the spa.
Well there's one consolation he could get from out of the real thing in his condition. He's probably gone back to my house just a minute. I'll go in and see. But I want. To. Always have that insatiable love as they count but I never expected How could you think I even got to know. Who won Oh yes I am. Don't you want nothing to do. How are you going to then have your own real gun. Ready to get married as ever only to receive movies you have never seen before. Watch your not trying to tell me that this is the unit you sentence of course it is the completely different the one you sent us was young and answered that way because it was over. Now this camel too and that one you sent it was young and thin. This one's old in fact I've never been spoken to like this before. Shut up don't listen tell me something. Yes yes today oh yes can I ask him something. Did you come down to our
house today. No I did not dare. What did I tell you the one who came to us was young. All right. And Doris tell us what happened. Come on say something can't you what the devil's the matter with you. Your brother came with when did don't want I know you are good for your medical. No I have never even heard of it and how did you find out who was the problem you know tell me. Then your brother took off all my lovely clothes and they both left. There you are i wasn't drunk. Now do you really mean you believe this these loud barrels. Lol there's no need to believe the facts speak. And so we had him and he told us to remember that we we have a house you might tell me again. My brother took off your clothes. Yeah what about himself. It went from there instead of you know you see you know we've been tricked you know I never get over them you still persist in believing him but you know this one over here I don't know.
This time I'll get the truth out of him even if it kills him. Did you really see my brother carry about oh no you see I mean he says he did the next he denies it because I don't want me to get the truth out of him. Talk show me. Let's see who we have this solo solo hope most gets into the heart you know you go oh oh oh. Darling child. Mean is at the bottom of this. I'll pay him back when I catch him look at what's. Going on about the guy tell me tell. Me nothing at all about. You. He's gone. Run away. That's only just you know. What I mean. Not coming inside. But this time I'm
drunk. Funny legs all right you guys sitting down. No you don't seem to know we're good. Well. It's all all this is all well though. Oh you are. Crazy. Me that this is the good of the kids help you much prettier than when I saw you mother when your drunk passed through you know although you say I might sue me on the spot. So drink brings out writers and we've got his photos back yet. Hey she left the Colonel's dinner party hours ago years ago. Let's all quarrel thinking Gee I'll ask you to go with me or not. Well it was not enough for you. Those who love through
man's to occur will show me he threw me out but it was you who hit you. Few here who are quick to race will be any need to take back to the pinger on a raft. I been waiting for you call screaming as I was hoping you'd be here you know this is all your fault was that it's all because of your sister. Since I got your sister now how your long lost sister. All I want to do is give her back to all very calm fears because how do you know she's really in my eyes to see she was wearing a locket when she came to a locket with the pictures of your mother starving. Well our ideas just go ineffective here would you. Yes I indulge the honey otherwise we'll lose it with what you want what we what you mean is the kernel slave girl now and. He's coming to get her back.
And the yes campaign look out look like you are look at the army is gone. You know you're not afraid of here Afraid Of course not when the nobody looks like we're very cool. What sort of a man to think I am a member. He can't do anything to hurt you. If he beats you up you can summons him for assault the Lowes and you also want is a great help but I don't intend to let it get that far. It's easy to avoid to fight them to have to pick up the pieces afterwards. Well you know what I know exactly what to do you hear side and I'm going to the Law Courts that I know of the lawyer that I'm going to help with. Oh no this is the only way to hear me. All you need to look at least she's your sister when you're taking. That's so him that look this is how you frightened me back inside. Yes and I never let out to myself Who are these just show this
locket to the K.. But suppose he tries force as I say you can have him up for assault and back tomorrow charming but he's here to do with you have to get back to watch you. Yes which a human exchange I think I do. He's not the man I juice in a crisis. Inspections are always your good ideas. Come over here. SPECTER You see there he's crazy. You're going to blow the door I'll tell you how did you meet him you know he's nothing but a bag of wind so we ought to get one of those big seach kept posting their tits ring and I'm sure you look over there
out north yes just remember diplomacy can live a fighter you have to get off without a battle. Good hit job right to have got a brain. I learned something from you every day you say to Sean. Yeah. One question I want you to go to so you keep the next few days free from your low years what LV was offered what you love or did you know my how something might really know what I did. But when you slunk off with him leaving me alone I wanted all right only to give me a pen for my back. We don't want to have to use force if you know so much was left to guard cuttable but watching what's going to be one way. The first thing I want to know Colonel is that this girl isn't a slave. That means she's a free born Athenian citizen rather than my own sister. This locket proves it. So I warn you your kind all just leave a list of many just nobody
but you from putting your touch of your own property. Exactly. You walk out of that. This time you've got your eye at it and if you watch me you'll find me in my house. Come on please. Yes and you tell people. Yes well listen to me through what next. Go home. Well she'll be right. You must be joking. No no I know women when you want something if you always when you don't they're all over you. So I suppose you're right. Mary Mary right. There is just a couple who think if you just tell me what's in that. Letter I can't believe that it really wasn't that suppose to me yeah right you tell me something. Tell me Fred I was trying the drugs shopping in a bedroom with her dress a little larger You won't see anything. The
unix disappears my lats been girl oh my god I don't have just started. They say he wasn't to you because you want that young man who lives next door and their previous little bit of a heart yet you jerk you know it's true they help he I don't know. You mean he thinks oh my God woman you just have to look out of the house and I'm not there didn't I warn you want to become a Jew. You don't believe in charge of the you that I'm human. Madam. Madam. What. Was saved. He's coming with these county men. Well yeah and this movie has very little of meanings have him arrested could do that to you we just look at it in the impudent still dressed as a eunuch. He says gusty. It was easy and they're easy. The first thing he sees his mother and brother sitting by them. Why has it been stated purpose. I rush into the street and me I see someone who knows me. I thought into the inside to the next and the next looking in doorways
darting in and out in case anyone recognizes me oh I cannot say. Now why did you do you always my dear. Nice to see you doing as someone told me you were trying to escape. Yes you surely didn't think you'd get away with not knowing how much you realize you big money. Oh Madam please forgive me just this one can never do it again why did you do it we were afraid I'd be a cruel mistress. Why had you done nothing oh nothing my nothing much. You call that nothing much. Three golden girl an Athenian citizen you know with a smile. Go back before I dare is values less and not control yourself and go in sorrow Yes I suppose I better leave him alone or you'll sue me for assault I suppose. They specialise in season really your slow All right all right. Now listen pal you tell I don't know what doors to do stop using that silly voice. You've made it very difficult for me to decide what to do next I was planning to give pantsula back to family. Well it's rather difficult now that I've lost an excellent chance of making some friends in or out of school I always been your friends to
see hopelessness. I did this for love not just to insult you. All I ask you to do is help you think it's real you won't die and that's why many have put your hands on my father won't mind. If she isn't a slave then you've got his big you have brother. What brother. He's in my house now. Very dimly Surely you don't intend to invite him back into the house after all that's happened why should not morning you are sorry. Oh no don't you see the sort of money. Everything I fight from I see you have probably driven off me. GOOD PEOPLE KEEP YOU ALREADY HAS YOUR HEALTH. Quick. I'm just creeping out of that house. Yes this late next door he's at the bottom of all this. Listen can you keep him talking here for a minute I thought of a marvelous way to pay him back for the tricky play don't watch the show you see.
Just keeping you every moment while I go and get ready. Couple who might well be that I promise you Pommy. Darrius So I hope. Oh fancy meeting you. Yes. Yes. Well. And again you tell me Dory is that young man I brought round this morning you see. As he. Didn't really hear you somebody please. Please I'd give anything to the fact place at this moment. Hey how I hate to put or why you know this older woman last fall looks like let's stop doing this job now. Oh it was nothing really. Oh no no. I can't imagine anything more difficult. Woman like that. Oh of course the affair had its moral aspect but it was the educational value that appealed to me. You know for cardio I mean. Well education you know. Well we all know what we may not take as a lark in public. Sweet well-dressed charming well turned out
that what about their private lives. How many young men have had the chance of seeing behind the facade of a mean trick or designs Homan and seeing that the sordid realities of my life the dirt on the floor the poverty the stale bread dipped in yesterday's grazing. You. Know I consider myself in all modesty as a liberal education at least these facts must be made public. And if I open the eyes of only one young man to the dangers of going around with this sort of woman I shall sleep easy and not. Move the lights are coming out all over Africa and there are only a few of us left to carry on the fight against the moral We need a. Wife you know. Well happy few we know bode very raw. Are you are you. Why don't you be sorry you ever played tricks on us. I suppose you thought you were a very clever man once about that unfortunate young man may have you thought what's going to happen to him what you mean. That young man you brought us. Oh I had to come outside I
couldn't bear to watch what they're doing to him what. Oh for heaven's sake woman what do they do with all the poor young man brought here dressed as a eunuch. No you must wish you'd never been Beaux-Arts going all on going along you know the girl things was given today to the slave girl a girl she's a free born to Kenyan citizen but and our brothers are no woman. Why when her brother found out Louise got the finest temper of a sea What did he do first of all he tied him up to tie him up and now he's going to stop him from entering but God is going to get that yes we're right. What do you mean. What for remembering you know her son. How can that be can for life. Not ever you not according to the previous list. That young man today wasn't a eunuch. No really he was my master's brother you see was the young man who was going to his.
We've got to do something. I'll have to go in and see if you can if you're not coming no but I wouldn't. Well I have no boy and it would be silly for both of you to the heart both of these three they think your at the bottom of the business. What's to be done now. You bet I think I can see your old master coming along a street that actually know what you're going to tell me. Well everything was crazy. Yes saw no you take it out on me but I've got to help carry out what got him into these I'll have to get him out. Well excuse I. I. Do you. Really doubt it this time you. We owe you our next holiday
I've had here so it is a brilliant idea to mind buying that farm in the country. If you get tatted White House you simply go stay at the other for a week or two magnificent idea. Yes and it well we'll see what you are getting to say something to me. Oh but it's good to see you back so I had a good holiday. You know what I'm saying. To know how to start. Don't know how to stop while you wait for somebody I don't know sudden noise shivering for I want you well or something what's the matter. So I'd like you to know first of all that whatever's happened here is my fault 80 A good questions a very good question. You see your other son feed rebel to you but yesterday you didn't want to give to the lady next door for us. What a fool I want to be paying for him to go pieces he was robbed. Well he said Oh I know your youngest son's girlfriend lives he sees how the other sounds. I could go for Conny his girlfriend lives yet in that house she got one of those women that I should have a little talk with cutting their children grow up so fast these days. Yes I mean yes sir it's all your fault. Don't look at me now that I had nothing to do with the later I still want to know what all the fuss is about. Carney was
taken to the U.S. House instead of the UK do you release them later when they found out what he done and that they could talk him out while another going to punish him for philandering. They've got to get there. My God you see what it is he's like well it's not all nothing else is there. That's what settles it. What are you going to do some good. There's no way out I'm done for this talk. Well at least he isn't going to get away with it either. Michael Musto Lucky's won't let this one go that's for sure. He's been hunting about for an excuse to shut up their house for some time and how he's found it. Let me give him. The chance. Would you mind telling me what a joke. I mean you never get a look at your mind controlling yourself and tell me what's going on. I'm getting rather tired of it.
That's me yeah that's what I had. You know you have me. Yes you're. I've never seen a big a photo. They are kidding themselves and then you know you with. Cameron. It was a really. Nice time what happened. Every word I said that Brother shares everything you know me. You got car you have to do all this and then you rock and Dodi's father will want your magically fell about. I would love to be you by the job they give you. I got that still read you what you'll be sort of oh yeah I'll pay you back you all again I'm going to be interesting the doctor who said that during the game. Do you think you know. You. Now know that. Stuff. Where do we go in the truth I want to know what are you planning your white flag have to be some well I'm going to surrender
like you don't have to talk to her group who's more true to what my. Tactic Not just don't want to fight because I am no one is happy. Really don't bug me up. Jack thank you thank you object types. But if it hadn't been for you I would let you live and you might feel is not a slave girl I had to let you know engaged. Congratulations all right to my brother Fiji It was my father's taken face on because we wanted to go friendship. These little turtle dove it goes at you like a shot of it. You mean she speech you can speculate about strikes me short of actually choking. Now what was going fine for you to tell him the good news. He's in the house. I'll go and tell you what I've done for here. Tell me how I love brother. It's true this fantastic story of power you know absolutely. I told you said I'm just the service you read here. No one's ever done more for the home families and she has always got me to tell me that
a partner has got to do something bigger when she if you ask her what if you're like me we want to write you mean if you like my how do you know savants might have a job as my pearl your assurance only right to come over here with me. Excuse me gentlemen may we hear you go home for example. Good afternoon. You know yeah right Larry on me call if you don't get your size 99 books out of this even if you say I was only passing through on my way somebody else is going to rely on me all right good I'll beat your brains out. Sorry should show you something. Yes. I mean you know this thing. Look I got planned but exposing the body. Will you get straight so I get that way for a couple of
minutes. Need to pester me. You know Jack you know I make it worth your while. All right then I suppose you were a little further off but I know I'm gentleman. Oh what the devil is it. Well now I want to make it quite given Assad that the only person I really thinking about it all this is me but it will do you some good Joe. What will I have to let go I'm thinking he's very dry for what. No no no listen to me my stuff. You intend to keep up with his stern show naturally when things are going to be a bit tight financially. She needs rich girls presents lots of 7 yes but that's all I got to do with two things he's rich richer than anyone in as yet. And also he's a fool. The last of the great forwards. So let him think he's still right. He goes on giving presents he's so slow he doesn't notice
anything. You can stroll about whatever you like. What do you think brother. It's certainly useful for a bit of us that it seems rather dishonest. Would you rather have even looked at Mrs.. How do you have to have here. You've got to considered it his way. So long as Circe has a few kind words to every so often he's in the seventh heaven. Yes but look in any case it would be too long before you find someone else you know what these military types are like. All right good idea I agree. Thanks very much. Yes there is one other thing. Please don't forget all the hard work I put in for you with at that mill stone and. In return for your friendship. Yeah I give you this. The universe will provide up you can call it back. All right tell me though. Bring the colonel back. Oh oh oh. Thank you guys. Now who is your friend.
Well as soon as I told them I'd just soon as I let slip a few words about you gave way. Watch. Oh my dear chap I don't look this he is the Prince Philip part. And that's my thing. Are you serious harm done to me last night. YES MICHAEL TURTLE. If you were to take my horse this way. To me it's Doris this. Morning.
Translation of tendencies the music was written by Thomas Eastwood and production was by Raymond. These programmes are produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Their broadcast is made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Next week listen for iron hand by John Arden adapted from
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