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And now on the road again my boy as I walk the road again if the weather be fair I'll call my hair and I'll along the road again. Washington State University presents they wondering balancing or Barry to open with songs that vividly describe the history and folklore of a pioneering country and. Ballad makers folk singers and authors from the beginning of conscious composition have been interested in the problems of infidelity and so have their audiences. Here are two ballots from England that give differing aspects of this topic. They appeared indicate that unfaithfulness is more common among the upper class but maybe this is too hasty a judgment. By a whole a whole holiday. The last month of the year little Maddy grows to church goes some holy words to some home
to her. He spied three ladies dressed in black as they came into view. Milord Arlen's wife was gazing at the flower among the few the flower. Grooves her eyes cast down. Come with me stay. Oh do I. As you passed through the town as you look through. I cannot I dare not stay. I feared it would cost my life or I buy those little rings who are there the great Lord Arlen's wife. Oh ard off.
That maybe falls that may be true. I can't deny at all. But Arlen's gone do cons agree. KING HENRY O Henry on. Her little page was standing by. Heard all that and there the song had set again upon his oil palm on his way. To Kames highway he'd run and he swept against the tide and there the sun had risen again and he stood out. Laura darling agree hold off. What news What news my bullyboy And what news do you
bring to me. Mike Castle's burnt my hand and. There's been no harm done to your house and land this little girl has been endowed with your fairly with your fairly. Lowered Arlon call is marry a man and bad with him. Oh that's not a word to say not a hardened abode. But there was one of our limbs men more Mattie grows you know if you saw the news born here below a blast
blast both loud and shrill blast. What's that what's that matter. What's that. I think it is Lord Arlen's man. The ones that I do go on so that I fear that Arlen's wife and keep my back from CO. There is nothing about my father's man driving the sheep to follow me driving to my own muscly. And when I hear of Laura darling who was standing by
his beat was standing by me. Well how do you know like my fine feather bed and how do you like my jeans. And how do you like My Fair Lady lies in your arms asleep. Just. Like you were bred and well I like your show but best I love your fairly lives in my arms. As you are right you are the Lord Harlan's rise you are just as past as you can let it be said Nice Lewis leavin man. Then.
Well the first stroke the little Mattie struck me and I heard Lord Garland soar but X broke Lord Arlen's Little Rock no more. Little matter as strong. As you want to rise you up and merely put on your pretty fine clothes and tell me real love me best or I love you. She picked up and kissed it from cheek to cheek. I rather have a little Mandy Rose than I and I and all his kids. That are on his kin. Oh it was me.
Why stay. Not. For a do have you know the fairest you in off of the in Monterey. The next ballot deals with a king who dresses up like a friar in order to hear his wife's confession. Just like that and she has two friends to calm me. Down by one by two by
the Queen and I. Oh no no no. Gaining that gun number being four of the Queen heard word of this cause me to be from you know you put on a grey friers gown and I'll put on none other and we will wait a fair London like both. Oh boom boom boom. Both are Omar show up on bended knee. That one here the Queen may say no harm there of me I swear by the sun and the stars and by myself and my crown are we shall not die.
So the king was put on his grave friars Goneril marshal O'Donnel none. Another and fry them and when they came before the bell on bended knee what matter what matter are you are two friars of France then welcomed you and you are to Lord to hang it I'll cause you. Are not doing less large but two friars of France are. And we sang the Song of Solomon as we. Then the first Biles that ever that I will do
I fell in love with Marshall as he brought me over the sea. Oh that was a vile sin said to her get it big girl Mars and a very bright man was the next that ever our own Mars my mate and this cloth of gold. Oh that was a bargain with very heavy hearts. Oh the next. I've kept this poison seven long years. Oh that was a great but very good end.
Still a frightened. Little boy playing in the fair one of Mars sun and I love him the most of the in the worst of it is like a black bull's head. What matter what. So the king's throne. The king looked over his left shoulder and a grim look look at
Marcel they said. If it wasn't for my own knowledge hanging on the Lotus tree. That's all for now until we meet next time don't make any rash promises and go on the road again my boy. As I walked the road again if the weather be fair I will call my hair and I will walk again from New York City and up by phone. I have tramped it all over slept in brick yard on old log barns until the break of day and my clothes were talk my feet were sore but still playing. I get up but I must have my turkey and I walk. I work one time for about a month until I got some care
when upon a spree my boy is money I went to this man not one red cent that I have left. But still I didn't complain. I got up and I was to Turkey. Listen again next week when very token the One Ring around the singer returns with more songs in balance. Maybe sitting was transcribed and was produced by the Radio TV services of Washington State University. This is the end E.B. radio and I walked the room.
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The wandering ballad singer
English ballads IV
Producing Organization
Washington State University
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
In this program, "English Ballads IV," Barre Toelken plays a variety of infidelity-themed ballads.
Series Description
Folk music series hosted by musician Barre Toelken, who collects folk songs and has worked as a dance band musician, a Forest Service employee, and prospector.
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Host: Toelken, Barre, 1935-
Producing Organization: Washington State University
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 60-33-4 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:14:20
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