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I am here the representative of the Irish nation and in the name of that great that birthed war that brave and religious nation I proclaim peace don't know Naty in point of right to be proud of my ardent who stood by me a long time to buy me and iron and try to get me from. Daniel O'Connell's book and the world listen.
And the world listen program seven series dramatizing the great oration. The men and the aids that created. These programs are produced by radio station WAGA of the University of Wisconsin hundred grand from the Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters consultant for the series is Frederick W. Haven chairman of the department of speech at the University of Wisconsin. Here's Professor Habermann how many people gathered at Tara in Ireland on August 15 843 to hear Daniel O'Connell speak for Irish independence. The liberator as he would call himself estimated the throng at a million and a half the nation a friendly newspaper reported one million. The London Times said one million. A government indictment against O'Connell said. Eight hundred thousand. We have records of thirty two mass meetings held in Ireland between March and October of 1843.
According to three contemporary sources the average attendance was about two hundred and fifty thousand people. Now the population of Ireland at this time was a little in excess of 8 million on these thirty two occasions O'Connell is reported to have spoken to a little in excess of seven and a half million since O'Connell in the same period spoke on about 60 other occasions when audiences were too small to be called Monster meetings. It is not an exaggeration to say that he spoke to all of our land the Irish came because they needed reform. They came because O'Connell was a symbol of Irish independence. He was 68 years old in 1843. He seemed as strong as he was in eighteen hundred at the age of 25 when he opposed the act of union with England or in 1813 when he defended McGee editor of the Dublin Evening Post against the power of the British crown or an 18
29 when he won the fight for Catholic emancipation. The release of the Catholics from the penal codes was the victory that won for O'Connell the title of the Liberator. Henceforth O'Connell and God had their titles printed in capital letters in the Irish journals of the time. There was no cottage so humble no peasant so ignorant that did not know Daniel O'Connell. Hello mother to me Son of God to bless you. Aren't you destroyed walking in the wind. Here let me take away to boots on the court. Now I'm normally not that well September the far and warn them of the lie. How it was when you what a bit of a laddie with M. boots a tall and only one. Oh I did warm it for you in the cold in the green mornin and you were naked on the hearth. She had been like a weird law that's come from the beauty of it leave it mother or even I say
remember a heart of God. You know what I forget is it a storm coming and the sea is runnin high over the sand. There be no moon or stars a tall for the ships that sailors night most be a very full thing surely to see you on a ship and sooner or later tall in the sky overhead to the wide sea it is not no more futile going to work in the Black Hills in the night. Only there's a different smell to the sea here and now I've a mug of hot tea. Sweden with honey and the sup of the goat's milk for to color and now thank you much. And where's your own and one for her like usin blather. But I drink the tea and a talk in my throat whether to use it or ignore going to dark. Mother It is three pounds of tea I brought up about forty and all I saw in my three pounds 83 pounds and now you're saving into it without. Don't shout at your mother saw I did not drink it Tom has not gone right given a cup of tea in this house I'll drink it in my garage. Ted. Stay on I really don't know Shelton and brawl and I tell you in this house this house this house it is the
three of us grubbing like pigs not to live in its own existence. Your mother and me would fix up but I will say no more of a grand piece of money that's in the pot and fresh milk for the sight of this place. Herman always turn my back to doubling my ship in the morning. No shore no what did I tell you. The boy would leave us in the Snow place and British someone is at the dog and when the neighbors hear your shame to the brawling like dogs up with now come in come in there. God bless you could be you know just fall that old line you could even come in father sit down by the hearth. You remember our boy Sean when the twin to the sea fifteen years he was gone father and now comes home again. I'm glad to meet you and know you have had adventures and more honest
work and decent pay. You must excuse me if I'm going to spill the tea the mug and all with the sight of me eyes gone I'm all thumbs and words don't trouble yourself a good woman but come for the rain. Is it the rains and since when does the landlord send the priest himself to be collecting the rain for him I ask him how my mother in Tire the beast have been in this land. Ask him what he would he have them out of their mouths or their blood from their bodies showing you will not talk so. It is only a pity our young men are so bitter bitter and ignorant. So wrong you are gone and did you get no letters had to use it and ignorance. Where has the school for the likes of me in all Ireland. Me with a holy medal around my neck in my father and his father before him confessing to the Holy Church. I did no letters and I got no school because of the law and I learned to scratch my name
and no more. And that with a different twist put my fingers on your do not to the see I went for a living and what else. What's for a man like me on any part of Irish soil. To plow without a horse. Potatoes on land I cannot home forbid by law to be even a game keeper in the forest or order a watchman of the town. So. That life on the ships is a lonely life and his aim to use the wide wide seas but at least a man is a man on the ship send an iris Sawyer he's he's not put a sleeve on your right it was cruel but it is past and gone. Come on it's me who'd be God I'm gonna soon as my ship sails again. North strong. The trouble is God. The duties of your childhood the preacher days are gone. Have you not heard of €10 cardinal. According to this county security wouldn't come from the south the keen of the beggars they call him her God bless the good man a great man be down your
self a poor lad and a good Catholic who went to parliament in power off london town and he got the bad laws repealed took away took away entire pen your log Connel for our day. I collect the rent. There's no money for a landlord or for the English a car but money for the poor folk of Ireland themselves to use the repeal room he calls it money to get the union with England looks on his part a penny a month one penny and for Daniel O'Connell I'd walk ten miles to pay it. Here here father O'REILLY We can pay the money and gladly your man and his amazin how the pennies do grow you will not believe it John but we've raised over £3000 a week three thousand pounds. He be having a grand time with your money will tell you no time he'll not touch $60 for the call is sure handy and if he's a politician out into town a man with a quick tongue Surin and a finger in every poor man's pocket in a fist in your eye when he's got what he's after.
Oh yes I've heard of them lawyers and government your wrongs your own you have not got the straight of it all he's no government. He's been to parliament. But he's the first real Irishman I'm Catholic to go there and he's the tongue of a poet surely and a great priest of a fighter but he's as honest as yourself and as Christian as your money's took himself out of London boy and come back to the people to the poor pork like ourselves. And he says we must be men and not sheep waiting for the shearing. We must stand and shout in the peace of the English. Even the likes of you and me and the English will see not hurry they will be looking after every soldier down the barrel of his musket. You think this this bit of a village here a few hundred poor folk can stand up to the soldiers and chariots but not our village or Archons is the WHOLE no matter no matter how strong must see for himself. And will those great boots of yours carry your ten twenty
can but I have no money. Call me father all right. It's come home to watch the day but four days hence the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. We've been having our mass that morning on the sacred heel of this U.S. I would make no sense of a tall fairly good mother and. Strong my son. If you have any love of Ireland left in your heart. For all you've grown so bitter so you were until that morning and come with us to the Hill of Tara whose value will be in the south of Ireland. Good night all and God bless. Oh no hang on. Good night.
Listen to me. My poor mother down the road six miles we've come in her without a bit of food or even on her feet. Must stop the habit. Xan beast. You cannot be walking I can walk I can walk we must get this before cock crow. So use another walk or maybe to. A soft bed. By the right just to rest your poor feet put your head down. I wrap you warm in your heart and you can see me before the stars fade from the night sky. Promise me you'll wake me. The procession go and wake you up in this night.
But put company right to keep your strength up mother not a drop to drink since we've left and I will not stop to eat bread just over the hill side Tis morning. I hear the car horn at the cottage behind us and I'll not eat on our Lady's day till I take communion it pat us on the rooftops. Look you and I have a shot. It's the good folk the hop in the grass or we drop the poles move myself a bit of the music come on honey we didn't mean. The grand music the bands tell me how
the who are Townes madmen or does it just like it is only a hundred times grown as a band from one and another from kills all dressed in their uniforms and then home to the fight incitement of the way they be marching and across the road is one a great band of Ireland for the Irish shops ribbons and even the houses. And every week they pick themselves up with branches of law. I never did see such a doing. But every man is going mad. And and it will be who's on O'Connor This is the great man who's used to do then no not be here. This from the south who become and this procession will go to meet him at Tara here. Come let's help with this. But already we've walked on the night she said had all the other towns and possessions with me just like this one will come from New Haven and women in the city follow the music so the procession is one of the pieces
come back and carry it around. They're young and look up the sacred stone itself the only spot where stood the king's iron to be crowned in the evening where the great looking out of the eye can see on the sides of the hill and all across the place the people who thought
I was insane from a hundred homes and villages every cottage even the streets of Dublin the great city and the hearth fires. But the people are come to. Like the way of the sea itself they come they are all white. What is it what is it to look like a mother not going to school orders and a wife who walks like a kid and he's got plain clothes on his back. A proper man of the people but he walks like a kid on a great platform his mother and with him a grand crowd a great folk priest and such. The sun is shining and the gold chain has their whiskers. He's holding he's
holding up his hands now to quite a crowd as far away as I can see mother. The good folk are settling down. Some of them laid out on the grass with the children and some of them kneeling and and some standing for to see. Do you think we can hear him loud. We are old woman. We are closer than most. Even saw beyond the hillside will hear him. But you can hear your voice a mile away and it sounds as if it is coming through honey. For this ride to the people in the face so that I be thanking the Lord I came home from the sea. It would be agreeing with me to suggest that I have not claimed to be the leader of this majestic meeting it would be worse than affectation it would be drivel and folly if I were not to think of the awful responsibility that the part I have taken in this majestic movement imposes upon me.
Yes I have the tremulous nature of that responsibility. From one end to another her multitudinous population has but one expression and one wish and that is the extinction of the restoration of her nationality. Much. But on top of the king we are on the spot where the monarchs of Ireland where elected and where the chieftains of Ireland of themselves by the sacred played out of the tie of religion to stand by their native land against the Danes or any other stranger. I hear protest in the face of my country in the face of my creator in the face of Ireland and our God against the continuance of the young union
order to give the act the Irish Parliament had no such authority. I have no right to the authority which alone belongs to the people of Ireland no members of the Irish Parliament were elected as our trustees are their masters they are servants and they have no right to transfer us to any other power on the face of the earth. I can refer you to the principle of constitutional law to lock on government to show that the Irish Parliament has no power or authority to share our weight. Never was any measure carried by Spector iniquitous means as the union was carried. The first thing that kingship was the fraud committed in fomenting this chord in the country and encouraging the rebellion until it broke out and in making
that the rebellion and the necessity for crushing it the means of taking from Ireland her constitution and her liberties Ireland had no legal protection to Haiti as corpus was suspended martial law was proclaimed tried a by jury was at an end and the lives and liberties of all the King's subjects in Ireland what at the mercy of the courts martial knowledge among you who were all written up at the time. Remember when the shriek from the triangle was heard from every village and town and when the troops would march out and they desolate the country for nine or 10 miles around military law was established in all its horrors throughout every district of the country and the people were trampled in the dust under the feet of your memory army and told Joe Rogan picture captioned imprisonment where the agency's whereby England
endeavored to carry out even promise to be dying executions on the gallows for no other crime than that of being suspected of being suspicious of daily occurrence in every part of the kingdom. But it was that they endeavored to crush the expression of the people's feelings whom they resolved to plunder and degrade their next impeachment by bring against the union is that it was brought about not only by physical force but by bribery. The most on blushing and corruption the most properly get one million two hundred seventy five thousand pounds were expended upon the purchase of rotten boroughs alone and no less a sum than pooled millions of money was lavished upon bribery. The most enormous and most powerful that have disgraced the annals of humanity. Six or seven judges bought their seats upon the bench by giving their adhesion to the union. Twenty of the bishops are painting their seeds by voting for THE UNION.
Men want to make pretty generals admirals commission nos for supporting the ministry in this infamous resigned and every office in the Revenue and Customs was placed at the disposal of those who were basin up to save their country. What a mess of pottage. My next impeachment of the Union is founded on the disastrous effects which have resulted therefrom to our commercial and manufacturing interests previous to the union. The company made was feared with seats of noblemen and gentlemen. What a compress does its present state at present. Yesterday read happy Association published of the deserted mansions which are not to be found ruined and desolate in your country. The county of me was at one time started thickly with manufactories in every direction and an enormous sum was expended yearly in wages. But here
as in every other district of the country the eye is continually shocked with sights of that Amman temple became a which has been entailed upon our country by the union commissioners themselves because they are one third of our population is in a spate of actual destitution. I contend therefore to you on your own is a nobody. But do way on that account by you to turn up against it. No such thing. I advise you to act quietly and peaceably. No other way. Remember that my doctrine is that the man who commits a crime gives strength to the enemy and you should not act in any manner that would strengthen the enemies of your country. You may be certain that your tears today will be conveyed to England. Here is the overwhelming pinion of your motive to be taken to England and
will have a defect there. This is our holy festival in the Roman Catholic Church. It is the anniversary of the blessed a day when the mother of God a Daimler ascended from Earth to meet her son and reigned with him for ever. Oh on such a day I would not tell you of course. I hope I am under her protection. I hope that our sacred cause has prayers for its success. I told you that the union did not deprive the people of the right to have started legislation. It does not lessen the prerogatives of the Crown or of the rights of the sovereign the queen has only tomorrow to issue her rich and get the chancellor to seal them. And if he does not sign them she will soon get an Irishman that will go to via the Irish parliament. Remember I pronounce the union to be know to be
obeyed as any justice must be obeyed when it is supported by law. Until we have the royal authority to set the matter right and substitute our own parliament. I do like that having this day presided over such an assemblage on top of that burst from you know enough to record the kings and chiefs of Ireland. I almost made up the spirit of the mighty dead are hovering over us. The ancient kings and chiefs of Ireland from yonder cloud listen to us love the most beautiful most tired of the most abundant on the face of the day. Oh yes and where is the car that would not dare to die. I wish you could read my heart to see how deeply the love of
Ireland is engraven upon the people of Ireland who stood by me so long. Stand by me long and Ireland shall be again. Here again is our consultant Professor Habermann O'Connell announced that he would hold a monster meeting on October 8 at the Hill of Klon tar. This was to be the biggest of them all. On October 7 the prime minister of England process cried the meeting O'Connell's advisers urged him to be fired the order but O'Connell who abhor war and rebellion refused. Nonetheless the British government charged O'Connell with treason and found him guilty imprison him for three months then reversed the verdict and released him. But
his power was ended his health broken. He died in 1847. The dream of independence however lived off and almost a hundred years later became a reality. And the world listen. Program 7 and the radio series on Great Horatio. And the gauge that created. These programs are produced by radio station WAGA of the University of Wisconsin under a grant from the educational television and radio. Frederick W. Grammont of the department of speech at the University of Wisconsin is the
And the world listened
Daniel O'Connell: Irish independence
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More than a million people were said to have gathered at Tara in Ireland on Aug. 15, 1843, to hear Daniel O'Connell speak for Irish independence.
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This series presents dramatizations of famous speeches.
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