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Us. State is it not as if I go mad as. A stranger when he travels called must have done anything towards our common us. He's going to make is a risk in the two hundred and thirty guineas every stitch you shine you wasted to make a lady take a present without putting it to the blush. Oh she's ready. You were indeed pretty was dark gripe. Let me try if I can persuade him to be trouble be mind not so hasty he's gone into his casket to prepare himself for a quarrel I have advised him to with his wife what to do to make a stay at home. Now she is resolved to do it beforehand. You must know said I. We intend to make a marriage of our card table and get a good pretense for the merry companions we in and out every nicely. Truly if I asked but it will be a happy time for you when it comes to master the colonel. Always welcome. Yeah I know many facts of what you paid for this letter. Kindest little rogue there's nothing but she gives me leave to hope.
Happiest man in the world has limits. Not so happy as you think for neither. Perhaps you have a rival sir I can tell you that right. Oh yes and a dangerous one too. Who in the name of devilish than I one Mr Amla. And. I know no such man you know the man's mother though you met her here and there in her favor. I can tell you if I have no other rival because I believe I shan't be much the more I see could I don't know she's always some of her masters with her but I'll go in and see if you can bring you. Brass which my old doubling mother hadn't been blabbing something you actually should not do. I'll fear nothing or sight for myself. Yes but how speaks young Mr. Spicer was soft and tender as pen can write he goes well as my old could with sure I sure don't. Well I ceremoniously you and I must have a little talk which was what drove me. Now look you to a few words you were in a smooth way of making your fortune roll on
and I do intend matters who passed between you and me in this business Mr. Merrick I can just tell you what he's what a time to talk about that or be trite you have already heard in the Ouse of one Mr. Rand. It's about wine sure looks smooth and be a good prince. I mean you've always said yes and then I'll confess I was schoolfellows you made me carry your books your exercise and your rogueries and sometimes like I would be in for you in our scenes too. I must own you still kept me under you sought out to adultery with our mistress when I was at home but fornication with need and I want the brawl however. I cannot consent that you should at once fix my life and I do well in my humility is for the rest of my days. Mr.. ROSS If I do not know snow play party on the dog and when as soon as I put on that a pox on you mistrust me. Do buy me $5 off my friend and companion.
So what is open to me as a Dominic was You robbed your mother over even my friend. I insist you want it. Well their taste to spelling out with it. When I finally get to do Mr I'll give it you again. And so the trick to being finished I strike my flag before holding to my respect just until I'm here comes for me to wait a little. I could not help but just go on. He's been showing a prince Eugene's much into Italy. They let me come to a part of the world he has not I found humorous. If you listen to the backstairs he did acknowledgements I was thinking about as hard as you could and you finally brass may not so they don't see he's not surprised.
It was your post mistress used but if you don't care to share that you even though it was following someone else to do. Yes I know one of those spares me a quick Jack a dandy. It's not a serious mistake to throw. Every possible but it can also I think why are you here. Recently you don't see you on a list. I think you brought us out I fear I'll give you time you know he's become my sweet career now you must consent your child consent. How can you leave me thoughts upon love I come out nobody loves you to that excess that I do that you love me so that I'm satisfied even for you it's what you do and I'm so pleased with it I'd find have you do so as long as you live. So we must never mattered but not not him. Why what I love good for if we don't matter. Try to be good for little if we do why do you think so because I am my father and stepmother Nedda mean too and her husband and twenty other married folks I saw him from morning to night. That's because they are bad husbands and bad wise but in our case there will be a good husband and a good
wife. And so we shall love it whew Sure sure there we are very good now. We shall be so when we come to the pater quite like an ounce of him I so badly wish you could answer for me to you know the Plain Dealer said I hope you don't not me the West who by no means there's a sign of admirable models and I hope since you practice it yourself you'll approve of it in one word that follow my resolutions fixed. I am not a oh I die. But when Christie. Have you want to know how absolute is your command a word from your you'll see dissolves me which. I have over him. Price sir let me have no more of these refs doings though perhaps I might be always in the sight of you human. I'm sure if I'd let him stick himself I should have been ended by one of my days in the town. Well madam have I been no promise you'll make me the happiest of mankind. I don't know what to say to you but I believe I had as good promise but I wanted to see me do we to then let us see all the contract.
He was taking away my previous kisses purely talk. Somebody comes. All know now that you know me now I will just cite and cam if you agree the matter If not you must and it's now time for your father's emotional so pray kiss in part kiss. And part I do you say that you know that there is no. The approach is this why don't you kind of you know my husband I mean hell yes imagine that I'll see him yes that too. But here is news for you. I have just now received the restitution the restitution and how much is he restored. Two hundred thirty. Ritchie Oh but cheat your masters coming to be with him call it wings run. Oh I oh oh oh you then watch your humble stop but I'm very glad to see you but I thought I should never have had that time really good.
Mario Mancuso has been. How'd you do. The banker says you were out of you mother and you have a mind to quote always me. Is it true. Oh I have a. Pen in my head. I give you notice sound before him and have a pot should it be otherwise. It's a wonder you're not dead but the life you lead. Are you not ashamed. Why do you not blush tonight and your child to crack my brain stuff a national voice. Say what you will be in an agreeable tone madam. Don't tell me of a time with you where I will do it with temper let it be cool even as if you were not moved what you say. And when I hear you as if I were not moved with it neither had ever man such need to patients. Madam madam I must tell you mad another key our walk Oh don't don't provoke me. Shall you not my dear I know remonstrances. Yes madam and very long but I have to say it's not be express briefly my complaint to do New going to. Warped my idea. Have I ever given you subject to complains My
double box my deah and my doc find folks now with my expressions of affection and respect. What have you in the world. Just whatever I did list tempt me I have you deaf and dumb and yet now he's away as you should never accustom yourself to such words as these Indeed my dear you should not you mouse always full of dumb Ted from dumb not dumb. Oh I will not become a stylist that I live downtown I you that always hears a provoking death before you put on. But you know me. What is your name I've just met you race the neighborhood. Yes your master and I was right for us and no mortal soul can tell for Waldo Coppola watching all my life I have begged him to tell me his grease and then ease whereas God her Lord how he does swear. Oh you know we keep track you're hearing about that you don't want to hear you say praise. Let's know a little what puts you in all this fury with a standing army band there's an art rock about his Miles looks as if his boyhood were going wrong I'm
afraid he'll got all the white kid woman for the pants off of him a little knowledge of relations and what that will do you figure be patient so you have a great deal so yes he is never content Pantra What shall I do. What a reasonable man would do yourself in the wrong and be quiet that he has fame Tanta has understanding. I'm willing to make her the judge of our different you do me a great deal of honor madam but I tell you beforehand I shall be a little our master's son I write to her St. complex her decide Have I not reason to be in a position tell me that you must tell her for a walk out my life I want for that trade you Dr. Marsh keeps prate. Make things right. I know madame does fit you a little now and then that's true but at bottom she's the softest sweetest simplest lady breathing let her but live entirely to our own fancy and she'll never say I'm glad to you from morning to night but stay at home and she'll do what you will.
Now I must be on master's side. You say yeah we loves you he designs only your company where I agree now knows that I don't live to greet him. Let him be only a single man and I'll always be a kid. What would you have. Well let I keep my word and don't quarrel and I must not tell us so far knows the merit of my consent and to make you think I'm weary of going abroad my idea when I do it purely to oblige you which I may be able to perform without a relapse I'll invent what ways I can to make my prisms supportable to me I hope. Would milk juice or ask a question. I did not expect I've had as a recent book soon or late wives come into good humor has been dismissed and we have a little patience to wait for it in the sun quicker diversions via the actual content myself with one big chief
and company all point to employment. Your time chump lie upon your hands. Now if you have a mind that for such a companion does the PC yet out of there probably you saw shop became big with you from morning until then Maggette to make our home pleasant and well have current sorts of music soundtrack music in my hand yes has been and we must have music all the house will be sold out I should get this plane and going abroad again so I must have music every day Matt and me. Oh no no no no Bless me no. Back three sortes a week three days more with a payoff to dinner at the college and so forth and close the evening with a handsome sap and a bowl a bowl and is this kind of life so so so small as need to invite a vast deal of company to partake of a club unnecessary. Have the decency ever Poulter God all you know I'm a script and I have
a point and I can positively want to spread the message at them if I had a point to what Bible you were there for a bit of nonbeing story for having the most mind affluent parents. Have never disputed childhood but mad about all these various positive yeah. Without that the treat is not a nightclub brawl at this moment. If I do so advantageous a piece but a difficult one I shall be coo keep the boys from stones of my porter. Besides where shall I have money for all this expense my own asks you for money and me don't be a fried chicken Don't you know Frank by the book the book where I sign Madame Plays think that women that play have inexhaustible mines and wives who receive least money from their husbands on many times those who spend the most part the Banda says content you go my knife drove over yourself with nothing but let me do justice IP and all will be aware. I'm going into my closet to consider of some more things to
enable me to give you. My card. You owe me. Made it difficult and he's patented so well so as you are the happiest of all husbands an ass and a miserable dog for all that. Perhaps Madam Coles I can. Imagine. You have goals take money. Oh I don't know that all I don't know that but this I do know that an obvious man was married to Jade. Whether she's breached to spend time at home or abroad. Had better have lived a bachelor. Back downstairs to meet closeted gay folk some of Roger thought Who's that cross. What's the matter pretty. Can nobody here rest. Speak quickly. You ain't seen I mean data since I last checked I callate it from you after I go prudently. I don't prey species like a young far bred lubberly
But seriously so are you very much in love with her as mortal man has been I'm sorry for it. Who was her due process if you were never to see her more now. Suppose such a thing. Do you think it would break your heart but speak what miserable story has probably died rather the devil and flown away with it quick then to see you so much in love as I perceive you are. Since Since want Adam into David now how they were so prove it broke she is portrayed in a most unfortunate situation of affairs but I've said too much. I know now that is very sad but here is why I say you can't conceive that you can't conceive what Adam meant as Privy Purse requires only a Privy Purse or by a chair IRA pain money play money that China and its charity will consume. Here's a great soul of the great sell but what's the end of all this. I'll tell you what the end is and none of it.
But no no no no. In short she is attacked with such a battalion of Dons that rather than tell a priest and build the world to do for a large yellow peril. But but but but but all the bats and I won't say I won't stop that I am now going to call her a Coke or the coach but she resolved to step over that saying a word who makes visits you receive so my friends will be through a melancholy grate with a veil instead of it must not be but the powers that must not fall for woman you've got no way to cite now can she be. Why she I was about £500 who owe five hundred pounds and she's not to be saved indeed. And go and call her. Hove. Does think poor brass one has to compound those debts for a twelve pence in the pound and I've
already tried it with ten shillings in a pound and not a rogue will pick up easier actually £250 300 plans all in glittering out now I could set the chaps that watery all ways that's Riyad with honor as the things are solid color codes. Oh run small. I have a note in my pocket for two hundred. Call it 50. Go and give it a miss so how you will. Very genteel truly dash and often a woman of the group was money but you know a face well I might as well offer a scorpion and she'd soon touch it to a creditor's then a treatment then that's a rare thought for her. So he wound it when convenience by the way as how they are your wife's creditors as well as all that's it might not be able together so well to see you clearing the debts of your neighbor's wife and leaving those of your own and all that's true now. Wise you seize to God by the book of birdwatcher we did a lot of thinking that if you give me then I do
see that I promise to give you an account. But look your brother look you know why would you think I am a pickpocket do you think I'd tend to run away with you will note your posts you know I don't say so I say only the cage space where there is no case but the case I'd put you and since you heap cases upon cases where there is about two hundred fifty pounds in the case. Oh go cool curly be so tasty can noble words Follow me to my cause it's a no ball or not I'll get beat the money and that's what they say oh I'll follow you thoughts Ross. Yeah yeah I know. Well so it is not well set is but it will so we shall be all blown up. What we fried in Clinton said with an officious slut that will spoil all in short as Buchanan a mistress and I mean question but the young gentlewoman truly to oblige me they had resolved to propose it and follow my star devil haunted that this very day to propose to Pat are carrying out and I'm sure my uncle and I would attempt a coat and I marched that she would deny them what damned
lucky cease to be your dad not not mine. I've always seen it be freeze in spite of your powder pox take your yang get lost. Why don't you even now try to carry out all I have no money you don't you know you're strictly on my last penny by taking me Dominic less damned if I'll venture one cargo more poignant rock bottom high. All right a hundred pounds for your use by this time. I remembered I would have things fail on two at that make place I knew now you were great at eyes yes yes and I words now about your business March. Get out of the screw in his house and stay for me the next time I will take what I prayed God last year. Now let me see. First I'll go to fifth peg and persuaded to let young Kareena loose to the whole who waits for out in the street. If you will most of the colonel has the a stake he talks of why not do we don't want Bob
Dylan in public though I know much of his mind on much and his interest and left him in his own way as Condi said and I believe I shall be one of these days with as pretty a fellow to the eye as been for right to Jack a dandy business by. When I'm doing my duty. What's the matter child. Obviously with you with my stepmother and Anita unassuming So what do you rely on is that if it frightens you so you tend to have just going to speak to him about motivating the Commonwealth I so so much the worse that you might stick to beat it on purpose you must know to give him an opportunity to you know get you in again immediately and prevent it. I am told I never see such a wife never in such a right to marry before how he's not that good supportive and that's before I come to it depended upon the very spot do but feel my heart with what somebody found because it does make a filthy boss a letter to the child. But I believe I shall make at least one other way when I tell you are unclear really afraid your father won't
consent after all he will be the death of me willing folks are cruel but we have a trick for him. Oh Ross and I have been consulting upon the matter and agreed upon to show our way of doing it in spite of your part of the teeth. I many that were something but then your father must not know a word of anything till wanted to know. So if you want me to be a provincial stepmother speaking on it well. Do you. Know now who is at the helm. Think. Yes. Well my best friend. Now go matters as the restitution we received. Well she pleased with. Yes generally will that is she was pleased to see that was so honest a man in this immortal may well be dead. It does you know that it was I began to give it a little soul to the hand. Today she comes standard now. But don't be afraid to carry. His must.
Yes madam. This is no small piece of good fortune. I've often endeavored to invite the man of war whose company I think is most of it is that it complementary when I tell you so sure madam your poor servant however stands especially with me for a vile trick I doubt he has played me which if I could prove upon him I'm afraid I should punish him. This is my do then protest you are just messing about. That's not a knowledge of the truth of this business. Make me very seriously and just really shouldn't say no wrong type of Sushil for I mean a good deal of heat when I put things calmed. If you walk into the next room out for you when you're old enough to manage to find speeches get you into the next room in the house a little something for you while she's warm for a moment just think she may hope that's 12 months away I say.
He's gone. Yes madam. A lot of which he never was quite such a beast before all these monies finally laid out truly I suppose they may have been to another scene between adamant on my idea. It is impossible he can have parted with any money or face but he has better too. He presents his humble duty to Adam and center this. Bill from my husband for two hundred and fifty pounds a month. He wouldn't part with Painter save his lawful wife from everlasting torment to me Never complain exasperates madam as long as you have his money. All but he not to be flip and I think the restitution looked better by the man's beast enough that certain but which way will you go to receive his beastly money for I must not appear with his note still. So for me that's a woman
we should have to dispose of the necklace without. But I stay here. I was in the next half an hour ago. I'm like yeah. But I had to happen. What I think why to tell you the truth my dear. Does the joy of seeing you at how very gallant truly you know has been to watch your rights lawyers know he's never to be otherwise hymns for plates.
We have come to an agreement about why my wife and I have been just upon such another treaty to every note there I mean we have now only what I say is true and so true that all quarrels be now at an end. I'm willing to be content with the friendly conversation about two good neighbors who didn't spend old bike towing as I live with mice but I truly I think married these good women pleased we might make up the prettiest little neighborly company between our two families. I'm not sure that she did well at the Johnson. Well just remember only what you want to see. He's Mr clip the goldsmith decides to speak with you. So perhaps some news of your neck to establish some idea that for the news indeed has been let even gummy Jessamy Yes or this oh Mr clip your set up that the CEO how do you do yours that them all here.
Oh well mystically no news yet to my wife's necklace if you please to let me speak with you with the digs through while you have subject to you. I with all my heart. What chapter daughters. Well in use Mr looks it yearly said Nicholas who ought to be to sail at least pretty large deputies could like to be the chief Rick Perry certainly. Oh Martin do you. But but but who provoked it you you should to see he's doing it with the young fellow the dog though. But he is I believe to be done to show a brother developed right and will call upon me and I'm presently wheedling hit that directly he's my neighbor money trap and the House he's a justice and will commit him at once to the judge. They did nothing. Oh my friend there are some old. I think that's a joke I went on looking for Mr 7 just being at your job is to God the dickless you lived mystic right. You understand Jules I thought you were. You
don't even go where I look you don't trouble yourself about that it's in commission with me and I can help you to a pedophile anywhere from Dylan. You'll sell a pennyworth about the new stolen from me. Why if you jump a day as a very many effects upon you know you're better than I could be and I can tell you it's totally Dorough never kind if you please don't carry all just too far. If you and I buy the necklace you may let it alone I know how to dispose on get a map. Don't shop at the top of the embers to kape you may leave the necklace here at your shop and thank you for that. Oh no Mr clip if you please site is all you've got are British from your by your leave Mr clip but I expect you may expect you to make an escape to your but I have other accounts besides this to make up with you to be sure you dog. Well you've already cheated be a 200 pound bill and give me an account of the I count of. So give me an account of my necklace be wise and I'll make a noise of this
if you all might no noise. Oh my I'm noise and I damn noise to get me going to be more deliberate. They found no hanged on the last try go back that night. Night I was a matter hero matter to him makes me cry I guess for your husband might have a robber you know he got me whatever I don't like how do you see what's the meaning of these great emotional meaning is present I'm quite a brick. This son of a horse got I met respect told yeah that's a good law on their side. Totally impossible madam you see your husband's little tops to that sole 20 ounces of logarithms would set all right again naked body type. Here go a constable this instant will commit you to the trial. Do you see how riled you look so I'm down to do some missed you don't want to become a taker. Oh oh my god damn runs. And it has cruelly into the secret of its rehab a rap sheet.
Well that's where that picture why you must know but all have a man hanged. You must know that he kind of missed a clip to miss to keep the dog paid with a necklace to sell so mystically Peppino just before the act that you had lost your supply brings it to me. Look at it here. You know we did good. Well madam do you know your necklace. Wow. Rudy in my idea though as you may or imagine I should be very glad to the cover so valuable to my neck. Either time must be just one of the lovely This necklace is not my son our Mr Justice your mom or necklace and satisfaction of him before I part with it or keep it a happy marriage her idea and then not be able to judge rightly of S.. Don't go blech. Oh good bloody hell but don't be afraid to fuel the Net plus not even to the man again and come drink a dish of to lose it you with your rabbit don't know your own jewels are with my so me one do bring fun grin like you know probably belong keep on it.
When your son and here comes runners are misusing family. Mrs. Abbott you are coming up a very good time. You lost a necklace to the day and you think has got it not I wish I did I that is Mr. Gryce as it and swears disease rife said so I do said the mistress have it. Do you pretend this is your not for the round world I would say that I only kept it to do madame your wife a small courtesy that so quick to see what Curtis a little money a little madam my present wife is this true. You live in a humid present laughter believe anythings I won't take the pains to convict. Are you not ashamed of these ways the ACLU or exposed white before your best friends yeah. Now to blush I do flash my idea of a kiss for you that he had it would appear to the world to keep me so that out of money and postponement you or you were in Britain carrying their year round rather grown up. Sheikh you might have prevented this by giving me the two hundred and fifty pounds you sent to
adamant heard the musician drew one year. If you're going to present a £250 pray what will you return for these pounds wife. Oh nothing my dear. I only took him to reimburse you for about the same sum you sent to prison. Now why didn't you receive money from my money trap. My it was only in GST. I knew who'd give it again to his wife but the man stole this tin tomorrow I don't get a word of my underpants. Is it Madam go pay me. Oh must I pay for their own little kill Medea madness a part payment his Hamlet a monk never. And out of the give you the wrong you intended my bed without I have. Am I not a good wife but just with right and not get rid of this new stuff you know. I did. Look in your playpen tekkies the cover come at last I
ask your pardon I stayed so long but was on a roof. You know it's fish remember how I got the good from the let me just for now mother I would yeah why you want gracious Roscoe's What do you think but with the end of all this might not however forgive me but I have a great mind to handle talks to. Very to me may think I'm a stupid look at my dame's he has the confidence of a campaign but it's a row he's how he's the meaning of all this the meaning of good black wanted a soul to be proud of rascal he is my son. Oh I know your son. Madam that road takes time so often told you of with tears trickling down me over cheeks a woman. Can Never Be speak broke I'm not I mother what you wrote about were jerked around him oh I'm sorry you are sounding good machines I'm going to have the assurance to put upon us all this while I have the confidence to think of marrying Korean Hyundai producer Harmeet for your servant. Indeed I think he should be
corrected Indeed I think it deserves to be cut you're right Frankie will be that had a good laugh. Just don't need to be smart about him either. Come hither take a shot from the mob have done had they can tell them the most of them that is the mother. She can make the amends with ten thousand good hair styles and power. Yes pursued. Yet you can't tell me how no longer I have to see the young men abused and so Dick if you please all your friends have a good what's mine is you come to him and went out of state to put together I don't. We should do is what is the best of the space to my little queen. Why are you very much of their mother won't give us her blessing the parson shall give us attack our store our grandchildren on our merry house row make up of the pretty pair the pretty. Look how the new year for my blessing rise much. Right right. And if madame doesn't deign to give our consent a fig for the day and the girls you
know pray Missy is Amlet. Don't be in a passion the girl is my husband and if you can have his consent upon the word mind you know this piece again but we have been more lucky than wise. And I suppose were as curious as we are to go on without a deal as we used to do just in the same time. For this late treaty of agreement with the most so unnatural you see it could not hold his astray a word from us. But while you live everything gets well out. But our house. We've heard the Confederacy a restoration comedy by John Van brawl the BBC World Theatre production was adapted and directed by Raymond breaks. The cast was made up of regular members of the BBC drama repertory company including Gladys Henson as Mrs. Amlet F. need done as her neighbor Mrs. Claus get
Tom Watson as her son Dick and Jeffrey Matthews as brass His companion of the two rich money Scribner's the part of the gripe was played by Carlton Hobbs and money trap by Norman Shelley gripes wife Clarissa by Valerie Hansen money trap's wife Araminta by Elaine Montgomery griped daughter Corinna by Beverley Dunn and flip parent of the maid. By June Toben the incidental music was composed and conducted by John HOTCHKISS. This has been the final broadcast in the current world theatre series. The programs were produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Their presentation by national educational radio was made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and they were prepared for broadcast in the United States by WITF FM Public Radio in Hershey Pennsylvania. This is the national educational radio network.
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