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Music Hall in Cincinnati we present the second of three concerts of the 1970 May Festival under the direction of Max Rudolph. Featuring the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the Festival Chorus. Combine courses guest conductors since. These programs were recorded during performance by W.G. U.S. radio voice of the University of Cincinnati. And produced through the cooperation of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra festival Association the Cincinnati musicians Association and national educational radio. This is my runabout. On the second concert Max Rudolph conducted an all day to the program commemoration of course of the 200000 a verse three of the composer's birth. We hear the calm sea and prosperous voyage of Opus 112. The Hallelujah Chorus from Christ on the Mount of Olives Opus 85. Both these works featuring the May Festival Chorus under the direction of Elmer Thomas. Rudolf Serkin as the soloist in the Piano Concerto Number Two and The Piano Concerto Number Four.
Final work on the program is the L.A. overture. Number three. The program begins with Beethoven's calm and prosperous voyage Opus One hundred twelve which dates from 1814. It's a setting for chorus and orchestra of two poems by these titles kongsi and prosperous voyage by Goody. The work was first performed in Vienna at an all Beethoven concert conducted by the composer for the benefit of the citizens Hospital Fund. Shortly before this. The ANA had granted Beethoven the freedom of the city. Quite an author and he probably chose this way to express his gratitude to the citizen. The music both choral and instrumental closely follows the poet's words slow and quiet opening suggests the calm and immensity of the sea. Then in the bridge passage we hear the first suggestion of the breeze that will pop the mist and move the ship. A jubilant crescendo expresses the gratitude of the sailors as they near the shore.
We're waiting now for the applause greets the appearance of Max Rudolph. Thank you very much Rudolph conducting the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the main festival for us in the calm seas and prosperous voyage across 112. Thank you thank you. No.
Oh. You're. Oh.
And. Yet. And. Yet.
Now. Thank
heavens calling see a prosperous voyage Opus 112. Thank you Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Thank the May Festival Chorus. Max Rudolf conductor. Thank my stars Rudolph returns. Thank you ask the chorus to acknowledge the applause thank you. The opening number on our concert. And next on this all betoken concert of the May festival is the chorus from Christ on the Mount of Olives Opus 85. This dramatic untaught it was composed in 1900 in three and it depicts the sufferings of Jesus as he awaits capture by the soldiers. A year after its composition. They've been made extensive changes apparently in the belief that the work in its original form was too dramatic in character. The Hallelujah section
which we shall hear is a four part chorus of mixed voices. The climax of the can talk the music is appropriate to its theme which is thank rays of the heavenly people. Thanks Rudolph once again on stage conducting the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra the May Festival Chorus. Thank you. Probably a chorus from Christ on the lot of offers by Peter. Us. You. I.
What. What.
What. What. What. What. What. When. Oh oh oh. Oh oh oh.
Oh oh oh. Oh. I oh. Cheer. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh oh. Oh. Oh. Oh oh. Oh. Oh.
I had only a chorus from the can. Christ on the Mount of Olives will perceive you five five feet seven. That's Rudolph conducted the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Let me first of all quote. Doctor Doctor turns to the podium. One applause reading Mr. Rudolf on one of his final appearances as a permanent
conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Next on our concerts we will hear Rudolf Serkin as soloist in Beethoven's piano concerto number two in B-flat major Opus 19. Chronologically this was Beethoven's First Piano Concerto. It was published as a Piano Concerto Number two. He composed it in 1794 and 95 Beethoven was quite unhappy with the work he revised it substantially in 1798. And it was published after his other concerto so its number two. But even in its final version Beethoven presented the audiences of the ANA with a vivid exercise in the formal classical style of Mozart. Even though the work is thoroughly charming and gracious in the manner of Mozart. There is a strength which is incontestably with. The first movement is definitely Mozart in flavor. The slow movement is relaxed and graceful again in the manner of Mozart. But in the finale
multo allegro the character of Beethoven. Comes through. It is filled with charming syncopations that are not. In the style of Mozart. We're awaiting the parents of Rudolf Serkin. And Mr. Rudolph. They are now. Good also on the on off match Rudolph conducting the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. We will hear now the Beethoven concerto number two in B-flat major for piano and orchestra Opus 19. Are.
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lot. In. It.
Yeah. Yeah.
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I am and.
Thank you all so I could. Not through it all conducting the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra can play be made of the Piano Concerto Number two in B flat major Opus 19 by Peter. The audience in Cincinnati has always been extremely fond of feudal circumstances performances here especially of Beethoven. They greet his return to the stage for certain.
Hours. On the second half of the concert. Mr. second will play the Peter Pan Piano Concerto Number four quite different in character from this second one. And one which will show the difference. That's about eight years can make him a composer such as the age of. The second returns to the stage once more. Much too good a life beyond. The dull second piano box Rudolph conducting the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Well the applause is dying down you can hear that there are still some who want to seize Mr. Second once more. I think the bigger risk here he comes now. Of course to you congratulations Mr. second from the founder Meister Rudolph the concert master
Sidney duffer. And now it's intermission time at Cincinnati's Music Hall in this all Beethoven concert from the May festival of 1970. We pause now for station identification. This is the national educational radio network.
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1970 May festival
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