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We are boy. Boy. Yes not just right there boy deliver this letter but do it while it has not provided before last if I was able to carry me and I thought perfect unlike business most to John's point you need not fear a man already for you there boy. Take this money. I fly under my wing we can. Go and be happy. Now my latest hope for sake may not fling the anchor out and let it hold stand fixed our Rolling Stone July enjoying my dearest hear me all your powers that rule the men say less fuel on my ways now are just trying to spray does have a really not
one to master John spoke understand nor the end of the phrase look say no less. Besides his father you know Joe you know one of the best you can get me up like a few chill and sing bowtie sounds upon me. But you think if I give George I mean no sweetheart. Prologue and what shall we have Rafe do not watch. Why so should I go fetch me in that and let the song come on. Well just before the Red Bull play I wasn't sure which travel tales we come to the king of copious house filled with. And yet the Kings don't want to stand by me and eat and fall in love with him and come down to it and carry him into our father's house and then talk
no more. Next time you will imagine all this to be done already. You shall hear them talk together but I cannot present a house covered with gold. Well a shopworn that's how did you come then how did I write. That. Mark you. Know it's like. You think. Oh. It's. Just the fashion of the country I want to. Welcome you will come on to my father's coat to meet his
daughter. But so you believe you know it what is my name is right I am an Englishman as true as steel a haughty Englishman and prentice to a grocer in the Strand by getting bent over to find out if you will come to my father off to tell you we're drinking a pint to which driver was on the flight it is true you need not let your lips to a better part of all the other is you could you could be on am I not your religious order. Well that's a bit of a lady that trusts an anti-Christ and false tradition. Well said raids against. Besides I have an idea of my own in marrying and for whose virtuous cycle to please arms and Susan is and I accomplish my Didn't Milk Street for psych like pestle lot. That would probably do it for my
DD. Fam. Well I may just take Molly hockey or if there's money for the future something in the house be a lady before I go. I must remember your fathers officers who truth to tell have been about me very diligent. Hold up dos now we had that princely my. There's twelve pence for your fathers and another shilling for his cook for by troth the goose was rusted well and up two points to the boy that bought my boots and lost family ID there is for yourself. Three pence to volume. Keep him safe to be all that way home fam puppy out in the sky you look. Well so. I follow my squire.
Oh my God. She. Comes. And. Comes. I take this house from him but he can't read it. My
bet is that just by bringing the body just I don't know. Why. Yes some men have. What I would say I know not to give you notice. This might. Lead me. To one side. So I'm going to cruise just back against I still punishing the for what I could have. No said my
dad. And that's your week to live that. Way do not fly me fair I am no spirit. You look better on me. Do you know me yet. Oh dear she I know my dear substance I swear I am no shadow feel my hand. It is the same which was I am your Jasper. You know just where that yet living and yet nothing. Why do you come in as to me first to see them to come for you hence cannot be for I'm not. That is impossible for me just a nothing more possible within this coffin do you convey yourself creep in the cold in that they presently convey you hence few nothing dearest love I'll be your second my clues. So all goes well. You know when I color the with the sable boy. That hands. Away the coffin and be wary. He's done
already. No I go with. My. Kindness boy. Oh here's a crowd of. People in the body of his fellow caddy. Many fall and salute him from callers. I will not lie with a right door of company at the wedding of my daughter loves to young. We're a couple of neighbors and their wives and we'll have a caper and brawl with Maddow and they're going to be stuck with Rosa Parks and I just. Was.
Anyplace but I was with God. What was which. That's why I like ride of the day. Trust. Me. You. Just might die do. Repent. Right. But George ghost would let folks speak.
Oh right you've got to have this ends with I can actually type that. Oh my fault. I followed up then or some. Don't. I hope not. What shall I do. I have been beaten twice and missed just loses. God help me device since my true love is gone I never was tied to the sky but in the dock Auto Show. Go to Humphreys and not sign it and then he comes in the Martian I'd love it but now I will have Rafe to a very notable match to the eternal honor and glory of all grocers.
You'll that boy can one of you here should a promo look come out on May Day in the morning and speak upon a country with all the sky was about him and his feathers and he's rings and he's not my fault. What will become of that then. Why should I care not what become on it. I haven't come out or I'll fetch him out myself. I'll have something done in honor of the city. Besides you have been long enough upon adventures. Bring him out quickly or if I come in the mugs you're right he shall come out. But if Bob play miscarry aside you know what I've done this week. Maybe George shantytowns to Maurice too for the credit of the story. Oh no sweetheart. It will be too much for the boss. Is No.
I do present the merry month of May. Let each true subject be content to hear me what I say and by the Common Council of my fellows in the Strand with the mayor here I stand rejoice only rejoice rejoice. Rejoice so City Town and Country Rejoice every. Now and the fragrant flowers do spring and sprout to see the little buds do sit in the same way the lambs do make fun sport and now the birch and tree bod that makes the school board cry the modish rains while hobbyhorse duck footed free to slay the lords and ladies now abroad. Call them to sport and play sometimes upon the grass and sometimes in the. Now Little Fish on tender stone begin to cost their bellies and sluggish Nile's that when you do creep out of their shanties they're rambling rivers now do warm for little boys to paddle the sturdy
steed now goes to grass and up behind you saddle the every art the bellowing back the lean DIA and the Pricket are now among the yeoman's peas I leave the field full thicket and be like them oh you I say of this noble town and lift your velvet heads and slipping off your gown. March out and show your willing minds by 20 and by 20 to Austin or to Newington where ale and cakes are plenty and let it never be said for a shine that we shove London late ramming of our caps at home and left our custom undone. Then I say well you know both man and my mate with rhymes and guns allowed a man to marry.
Now with my heat pump and the keep and and for the big ones and the friend with the right little time and there we go.
The. Old old saying. If you would. You would have. Missed. I'm just.
Warning you sir of ghost. Very. Good. I want. To know. Yeah I take it up again.
But you're my friend before you went there for the Spector song and I know what you. Call it. I must face and I can just come in wouldn't tell you. They must have enjoyed seeing their single I say here oh by the many octagon I mean I come to the wrong. Forgive me. Why you said I do forgive you want me.
And if my son is like trying to play the knave can you actually how do you know she was good. That came out. Come out me if you want to get to the end of the matter. I do not like everybody just come join in but we have nothing to do as you've done with the rest boy come. He didn't come out to
die. I did a comedy thank you no cattle. It's not his power didn't end think you when he's doing it to come up on the roof. Oh oh yes oh I have a full Kidero through my DBA Donny boy died when I was mortal but this my cost of corpse did lap up figs and raisins in the Strand. We're sitting by a spot a lovely dime straight did her love for Me Tender sprig to follow for each of our arms and warlike watch through one time Desert where I did perform many achievements and did lay on the ground. Huge Bob also consulting giant Then on a print me from my native soil into Moldavia where I gained a lot of Pompey owner is beloved daughter might yet prove constant to the black family Susan and scorn it can't be I don't know why then returned home and thrust myself in action and by all means chosen was loaded the main when I did fill out a sheet with scarves
and rings and poesy in my hand and only used things on the right. Did undertake only for my beloved Susan psych to 73 in Geneva they took out my bio and shafting and walked into more fields to cool myself. By their grim cruel dance. Did meet with me and shot these four good arrow through my aid hand pain now I find her therefore will be warned by me. Marcelo's everyone all for PJ Jason. Then. I'm down the house. My painting Oh my oh well.
Thank. You. Did you. See. We've heard the BBC World Theater production of the night of the burning PP-ASEL by Francis Beaumont edited and directed by Raymond Drake's the part of the citizen was played by Francis De Wolf his wife by Vivian Chatterton rife by
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