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Yet it seems to me there's a clear tally your half of subtle matches that of mine. What you tell me begins in harmony. I recognize the doings of the er tried in the disused I know I just use one employee is down on the bridge skulking Dale every rascality that could be brought to is you an injustice. This is not what makes me wonder but the day Jack's the elder should stand by see and allow it. He is no longer living never indeed if he were would they have robbed me of the arms. Is he to dead and gone dead and gone. Think of him as dead but not the son of tied us nor disuse. They will not die since they ought not to believe of course they are not dead. You may be sure that they are in their glory among the Greeks not of an old and honest man my friend. Nest of pilots is he alive. He used to check their mischief with his wise advice. Things have gone badly for him. He has lost his son until like us who once stood by him. You have told me the two deaths the most could hurt me. Alas.
What should I look for when Ajax and until it is a dead and stiller destroys lives that in their stead ought to be counted among the dead cunning Ressler still selected his even more cunning I sometimes tripped up hidden by the gods. Where was Patroclus. Who was your father's dead his friend dead too. In one short sentence I can tell you this war never takes a bad man but by chance the good man always. You have said the truth so I will ask you of one quite unworthy but expressed in temper with his own kin you mean except our descendants he there was a man who never was content to speak ones only. No no one was for letting him speak at all. Do you know if he is still alive and I did not know him but I have heard that he is still alive he would be nothing even has yet perished. But God somehow gives them most excellent care. They find their pleasure in turning back from death all rogues and tricksters. But the just and good. They're always sending out of the world. How can I reckon those gall. How can I praise when praising heaven I find the gods are evil for my own part for the teaches
of it from now on I shall take precautions. I will look at Troy in the atrocity both from very far off. I will never abide the company of those where the worst man has more power than the better. Where the good are always on the wane and cowards rule for the future. Rocky scare us will content me to take my pleasure at home. Now I will be going to my ship. You like TVs. I knew God's blessing and goodbye. May the Gods recover you of your sickness as you would have it. Let us go that when God grants us selling we may be ready to say or I am a lord why are you going. Going No. Yes the weather favors. We must look to sail almost at once. My son I think you knew your father's name and in your mother's in the name of all that you have loved at home do not leave me here alone living in sufferings you have seen in others I have told you all. I'm home in concern. Give me a
passing thought. I know that there is horrible discomfort in having me on board put up with it if you leave me here it is an ugly story. If you take the men would say that they stop you if I should live to see it come one day hardly one day's space that I shall trouble you endure this much to be put between a wheel in the hold in the power poop anywhere when I can least offend those that I sail with by his suit seems health gone to the inside. Beg your boy I say yes. Say you would do it. Yeah well I'm only used to your poor old crippled for all my lameness. Do not cost me always so utterly alone where no one even walks by. I think you can set me safe in your own home or take me to concede an in Euboea. From that it will be no great journey for me to eat I want to read you take it or to quit feelings but kill us. So you may show me to my
loving father for many a day I have heard that he is dead. Bring safe home. Take pity on me. Look how Mandy always protect is the balance between good and bad fortune. If you are out of trouble watch for danger and when you leave Well then consider the most jawline lest Ruhi take Aidan away. Have pity on him Prince. He has told us of a most desperate course run. God forbid such things should overtake friends of mine. And Prince if you hate the abominable or tried I would set their treatment of him to his gain and would carry him in your quick well-fitted ship to his home and so avoid offense before the face of God take care that your ascent is not too ready and that when you have enough of his diseased company you're no longer a constant to what you have said. No you will never be able in this to reproach me with justice. I would be ashamed to be less ready than you to render a stranger's service. Well if you were not a sailor
let him get ready quickly my ship will carry him. Oh may God give us a safe clearance from this land and a safe journey where we choose to go. God bless this day and then to my heart. Your friend how shall I prove to you how you will but only do all friendship. Just go boy was first kissed the earth reverently in my home this home of a cave. I would have you know what I COULD LIVE FROM. How tough the Spirit that did not break. I think that would have been enough for any one except myself. Your city has taught me little by little to suffer. Be patient wait. A man is coming. He is not of our ship. Let us hear from him and then go in some of the kids. I ask your shipmates those who are guarding your ship to tell me where you were. I happened on you. I had no intentions this way just by accident I came to anchor on this island. I am sailing in command of a ship outward bound from Ilium with no great company peppery there's a good country that for all I know when I heard all those
sailors were the crew of your ship I thought I should not hold my tongue and sail until I spoke with you got my reward. Farrow and doubtless apparently you do not know much of your own affairs not what new plans the Greeks have for you. Indeed not only planned actions in train already and not slowly. Thank you for your considerations. I will remain obliged to your kindness unless I prove unworthy. Please tell me what you have spoken I would like to hear of these new plans of the Greeks. Phoenix and the two sons of Theseus are on the way Pearse So when you're with us squadron they intend to bring me back with violence to persuade me I do not know. I tell you what I heard Phoenix and his friends in such a hurry to do the bidding of the two were tried it is being done. There is no delay about it that you should know. How is it that our disuse was not ready to sail as his own messenger on such an errand. It cannot be he was afraid when I weighed the end. He untied his son when pursuit of
still another man. Who was this other man that or disuse himself should seek it. There was a man who will help sure. Tell me first who he's his and say softly what you say. This is the famous feel like TT's. Do not ask me any further questions get yourself out as quickly as you can out of this island. What does he say. Well in dark whispers does he bargain with you about being the sailor. I do not know yet what he says but he must say it openly whatever it is to you and me. Son of killers do not slander me or speak of me to the Army as a tattler. There's many a thing I do for them and in return get something from them as a man may I am the enemy of the atrocity. This is my greatest friend because he hates the atrocity you have come to me as a friend and so you must hide from me nothing that you heard where I watch what you are doing so I have put the whole responsibility squarely upon your Suso but speak than those
two I have spoken of the son of Titus and Prince of deciduous in pursuit of fellow activities they have sworn so help them God to bring him with them either by persuasion or by brute force. And this all the Greeks who had clearly announced by Prince Odysseus for he was much surer of success than the other men. What can have made the a try they care about him after so long. One whom they years ago cast away work yearning for him came over him. Was it the gods who punish evil things that now have driven them to retribution for injustice. I will explain all that. Perhaps you haven't heard. I was a prophet of very good family a son of Priam indeed called the Hellenists. He was captured one night in an expedition undertaken single handed by a deceivers of whom all base and shameful things are spoken. Captured by stratagem you see has brought his prisoner before the Greeks a splendid prize. Helen prophesied everything to them and in particular touching the fortress
of Troy that they could never take it till they persuaded fellow teachers to come with them and leave his island as soon as the deceased heard the prophet say this he promised at once to bring the man before them for oen to see. He thought as a willing prisoner but if not that against his will if you failed any of them might have his head he declared. My lord that is the whole story and that is why I urge you and him and any that you care for to make haste. Did you indeed swear that he would persuade me to stay with him. Did you so that a devil be persuaded when I am dead to rise from death's doubts and come to the like again as his own father did. I do not know about that. Well I will be going to my ship. May God prosper you. Is it not tenable son that this or does you should think that the word soft enough to win me to let him put me knees poked exhibit me in front of all the Greeks.
No I would rather listen to my worst enemy the state the pit me made me into this cripple. But he can say anything he can bear anything now I know that he will come here. Sunday just go to the great sea may separate us from Odysseus a ship Let us go for a look. He stood You season shone brings rest in peace when once the work is done when the wind of our proud falls we can sail no sooner. Now it is dead against it is always fascinating when one escapes but the wind is against them to the pirates. Then they can thievin plunder no wind this country if you will. Then let us go. Take from your cave what you need most in love there are some things I need but no great choice what is there that you will not find on board about I have the chief means to suit my wound to lull the pain to sleep. Bring it out then what else is there that you would have any advice I may have gotten missed for not have they must be left for another to pick up and this is in your hands. Is the famous book. Yes. This is my hands and I see it
close touch and adore it like a god. You may have it and anything else of mine that is for you all good all I long for it only with such longing that if it is lawful I may have it. Else let it be your words a holy sign it is lawful for you have given me and you will know the sight of the sun shining above us. The sight of my job my old father my friends you have raised me above my enemies when I was under their feet you may be confident indeed touch my bow. Give it again to me that gave it you who claimed it alone of all the world you touched it and the turn for the good deed you did it was for that a friendly help I myself wanted for us. I am glad to see you and take you as a friend for one who knows how to show and accept kindness will be a friend better than any possession. Go ahead I will bring you with me the sickness in the sick stuff if you
beside me. In story I have but my eyes have not seen him but once were drawn. This is bad. I have heard how he caught him bound him on a running suit. Son of Kronos. In support. But I know of no other by hearsay much less by sight of all mankind whose destiny was more his enemy when he meant it. Than felucca TT's. Who wronged no one knock you but live just among the just and fell in trouble past his deserts. It is wonder indeed in my heart how how in his loneliness listening to the wings beating on the shore. How he kept hold that all of my life so full of tears. He was lame and no one came near him. He suffered and there were no neighbors for his sorrow with whom his prize could find with whom he could lament the bloody plague that ate him up.
No one who would gather fallen leaves on the ground to quiet the raging bleeding saw running in his maggots rotten for. Here and there he rolled rising always suffering like a child without the mess he loved. That source of easy would find on the heart devouring suffering gave over. No grain sown in Holy Earth was his nor the food of all enjoyed by US men who live by labor save one the feathered arrow shot by the quick bow got him flutter for his belly. Alas poor so that never in ten years length enjoyed a drink of wine but looked always for the stand. And approach. But now he will unfortunate he has fallen in with the son of good men. He will be great after it all. Pretty soon you see where the craft will carry him off to the fullness of many months to his father's home in the country of a million IMPs by the banks of the spookiest where the hero of the bronze shield ascended to all the gods a blazing holy fire
above the bridges of you to. Come if you will. Why have you nothing to say. Why do you stand in silence transfixed. Oh what is it. Oh nothing to be afraid of. Come on son he said the pain of your inveterate sing knowing he not just now I I think I feel better. Oh god why do you call on the gods with cries of distress. They may come as he does come with gentleness all the tears you tell me do not keep silence. You are clearly in some pain my own lost son I will not be able to hide it from you longer. O o o o. It goes through me. Miserable is a blind lost son. By God if you have a son. Ready at hand you did strike the end of me thought strike it up I'd tell you no. Do not spare my life. Could someone quit What is this thing that comes upon your suddenly that makes you cry and moan side or do you not know why. Terrible burden of your sickness have leaked is
beyond words reach but pity him What shall I do. Do not be afraid to leave me. She comes from time to time perhaps when she has had a pill of wondering in other places youll most unhappy man you that have endured all agonies lived through them. Should I take hold of you should I touch you. Not above everything but take Bible as you are asked to do just now until the pain the pain the sickness that is now upon me grows less keep the power gaiety safely. Sleep comes upon me when the attack is waning. The painter not a knew his name but you. B c wire me if they should come in the time when I sleep. By the gods I beg you do not give up my bow willingly or unwillingly to anyone and take no one trick you out of it just to prove a murder on your own and mind that need I will take care be easy about that. It shall not pass except to your hands and to mine. Give it to me now and make good
luck go with it. Here take your time. Bow in prayer to the gods then day that the bull may not be to you a subtle nod as it was to me and it's for my master. You gods grant us both us and grant us a journey Speedy with a prosperous wind to where God sends us in our voyage holds them to pet I'm afraid boy. Christy from its deep space. Thank you for something. Coming not the. Whole way from the hour the limits of what it did for your grace. The good times. The good too. What did were you are doing. The this a good long look. How is it that I can call on you.
Or do you need. To have to you can all talk to me. Boy they could take up this body of mine and put it on what they call a mini and. I had the resolution once to do this for another the son of Zeus and so obtain the arms that you know hold. What you say. But do you see. Where I you but I have been in pain for you. I've been in sorrow for your pain. Keep up your heart. She's quick in coming in quick to gold they are. I think she tried. To not leave me alone to not be afraid I will stay. You may be sure of that. I do not think it took to put you on the road. I may not go without you if elected slip your hand here I give it you to remain. The ONLY for me. What do you mean. What dead this is a. Big old let me. Make. A. Deal gets.
To my buddy dying as I am. The pit no longer on that list. And. You know a little while I think sleep will come on this man. His head is nodding. The sweat is soaking his body healed. In a black flux of blood in matter has broken out differs from. That of sleep and quiet for. Sleep that knows not pain or suffering. Kindly upon us Lord kindly kindly. Spread your enveloping radiance as you know over his. VOICE. HE No. Milord look to your standing up to your going look to your plans for the future. You see he sleeps.
What is it we are waiting to do. Ripeness that holds decision over all things wins many a victory suddenly. Yes it is true he hears nothing but I see we have hunted in vain. They may have captured our Corrie the bow if we said without him. He is the crown of victory. Him but God said we must bring shame shall be ours if we boast in our law is still a victory on one man nor do all of this the God shall look on some me gently. You know a whisper whisper my lord the sleep of a sick man his keen eyes it is asleep and sleeping. But to the limits of what you can look to this look to this secretly how you may do it. You know whom I speak. If your mind holds of the same purpose touching this man the wise can see trouble and no way to cure it. It is a fear when men want to
fare when the man is I listened helpless outstretched on the night's blanket sleep in the sun neither afoot nor of him nor of anything is a master but even as one that lies in death's House will do it. Look if what you say is seasonable as far as my mind mellowed can grasp it best is the trouble taken that causes the least fear required to tell you why your mad story. His eyes starting his raising his head. This is the life that comes after my sleep because the watching afraid I never would have hoped for this that you would have the pity of heart to support my afflictions that you should stand by and help yet Heidi those brave generals were not so they could not so easily put up with me. You have a nobody should you tell them us and no we all patterns. You have made light of
all this. The offense of my cries and the stench I know since it would seem I can forget my sickness for a while and rest raise be awesome raise me up boy and set me on my feet that when my we had a nice releases me we can go to the ship and sail without delay. I am glad to see you unexpectedly eyes open free of pain. Still with the breath of life with suffering like yours all the signs pointed to your being dead. Now lift yourself up if you would rather my man will lift you. He will spend no trouble since you and I are agreed. Tanks boy lift me yourself as you thought of it. Do not trouble your men let them not to describe him before they need by the flowers smell lovely living on board with me will try their patience enough. Very We're going to stand on your feet. Take hold yourself. Do not be afraid. We have a drill help me up. Now is the moment. What should I do from now on. But he said boy will your
bloodstream and you know what to say I'm at home long saying you're too nice to not sit still but it is indeed my case it's discussed music misses it he said. This technique you should from taking mall is discussed when a man deserts his own nature and does things that misfit it. He's not unlike Al father either an unwed or a neck to help a good man should be shown to be dishonorable I'm afraid of that. Not in your present actions your words make me his you dismiss what am I to do twice be prove base hiding what I should not saying what is most foul. Yes I'm wrong here is a man who would betray me leave me so it seems and sail away I will not leave you for your own pain I will send you on a journey that hurts me most are what you say. I do not understand I will not hide anything. You are to sail to Troy to the Akins to join the Army of the atrocity. Not what can you mean you not cry yet until you learn or not. What would you do with me or save you from your own torment than with you go and lay waste the land of Troy word
this is in truth for chewing tennis is a city of great necessity compels it do not be angry and I have lost time but why a stranger have you done this to me. Give me back my bow and I cannot just as an interest make me a BDM to those in authority do you every heart all most hateful engine of ruthless mischief What have you done to me. What treachery have you go shamed to see me that treated you. Heart of you Robbie of my livelihood taking my bow. Give it back I beg you give it back. Pray my boy buy you off how those guards do not take my livelihood. He does not say a word but he signs he will not give it up. Have a wild creature broken crackers. To you raise her. There is no one inside to speak. To her bone.
He knew what he has done to me this boy. He swore to bring me home. He brings me to Troy in his right hand and keeps my sacred by the ever tunes that song means to show it to the guards of the order. We had conquered a strong man though he led me captive to his he does not know where he is killing one that is. A kind of. A straight as I am it was crossed the did it. I've been deceived and I am loth. To give it back to your true self for Good Will you not know. I am nothing. Cut in the. You're doing.
Good. Things. In this space in giant shoes shriveled to death than the. Actual king of the ring and. Why you. Think. That. I reduce health and death and feast for those that he. Knows that I hunted should be mine. There's no. Life for the life I took a shot ripping. Apart ends of that mess. No no you are.
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Classical drama
Philoctetes, part 2
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program presents part two of Philoctetes by Sophocles, in a translation by David Grene. The introduction is by Professor Gerald Else, University of Michigan.
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This series presents full-length productions of Greek and Roman plays of antiquity in modern English translation with original music especially composed for this series. Each play is introduced by William Arrowsmith, University of Texas.
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Mythology, Greek--Adaptations.
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Composer: Bilik, Jerry H.
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Speaker: Arrowsmith, William, 1924-1992
Speaker: Else, Gerald Frank, 1908-1982
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University of Maryland
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