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Now resuming the conversation with Peter Mog here is your dog. Did the did the midnight performances continue the country united still going to get it now. Are these midnight performance is limited to the type of program we did live. I'll be fine. Not that one act passed by me and we began an often back second who bus gate success want to act up press by often. My parents told me not TV to meet. Did you direct these before which you yourself are suddenly in the position to engage other conduct of you know at this time were you also presenting concert performances as as general music directors you were responsible for
the entire musical like of us. We had 2 toolboxes in mine and he made the concerts are prime then of us and Autobahn with another conductor and other large music live. But that time I began and I made to again begin it outside of the Scala and and Italy and and so on. Let's pinpoint this in time. Was this mainly in fifty seven. Again. Was this primarily operatic. No I began the concepts many many concerts in Paris and London and so began to NATION. Demand began to be August so that I began but to suffer and
beyond and I had to cut down the sky because I had to conduct 20 used film and some not and but to fly. And so it began to be a bit to me. I thought I have to move out and to get an Audi international experience. To get it sent so I stepped out and 59 I left alone and became I just think I think that yes as a freelance conductor. Have you been. Equally active in concert and yes yes. Do you have a preference. I think yes. Recently I have a preference for the concert because you are much calmer. Having me and I mean it cause you want to have time with the technique person and beat it at this stage Berkman. So its a person would be impossible to get to get that.
So even men we have to call this an orchestra and everybody agrees about our person. Some electricians dipsy insight we have into mission and cuts of the light behind a dark really to the end and I think and then match Thomas now it aligns because the singer is you have just in and out. And so instead of studying cause I have to studies skate you know what sort of problems do you have so far as selecting programs when you when you appear as a guest conductor of the symphony orchestra. Do you have a particular type of programming that you do know these guest appearances. What type of repertory do you select. Days mainly so that concept manages Tammie we would like to have decent days from you'll have Mozart maybe or some
friends of yours but so what if nobody came up that I couldn't tell if it was in my pieces. Do you recall your first concert in America was this person's in Cincinnati. I have done I think to many times pictures of an exhibition. Now between us has being something I don't remember the program concluded with them as orcs. Yes I think there's an amusing story about you and Cincinnati which mean you are any famous starry eyed lady. Your habit of taking a walk. Oh yes oh yeah I don't think Professor Parsons is heard this would you recount it for his benefit. Funny stuff because I have to
do have every day Balkan because I like to study walking through and by far. I think a very real and I mean I like so I took a taxi and I say to the taxi to have appeased I mean some of the Ohio. He wasn't very enthusiastic. He wanted to know exactly who are you know real well how you ever was and she was about to give up. I think look I want to have all you want to have I want to have a book. So he looked at me like I just jumped out of a zoo. He drove me to Ohio and then he said to me. So here you have to walk and say Would you kindly Batesville me half an hour he was very mistrusting and he asked me I have to pay him in advance 5.0 beta and five to that. And then I began to walk but I didn't come in the
fall because after 10 minutes them as a man with a Big 8 dog big dog and he asked me about are you doing yet. And I seyd I am having a ball. You're having a lot. Do you have any identification papers. I didn't have my passport you know. So he said and he said Me Me Me Me Me. And I say that I have a taxi you baiting you have. Well I haven't texted it. Come on boy. So you want me to he's caught and he stepped in his car and he's leaving me. Downtown police when you said that you were a conductor and wondered if you were a bus conductor. Yes he was a I conduct and he had a street car.
And I had to telephone to the symphony and they had to send a sick kid to to tell them that's my telling. Absolutely tool. He's only just reached he's not only a conductor and he wanted only to have them. And then when I stepped out just just came to taxi that I and he said. Do you think the taxi driver had alerted the police. Yes because I have you or have you overstepped the $5 and he thought I might be some gangster. That was my hawk in Cincinnati Oh this must have been an interesting experience. Perhaps doing some freelance conducting but you have also a full time position in Vienna No. Yes. And what does not mean that is me small enough to state theatre as we have three states to get this Vienna State
Opera reaches for the stars and so on. And then they have booked out of it just play it. And this fucks up a bit just for the like the Opera Comique in Paris. If some of mine a g d and some strange things they can do in the state up I like Bailey. And the mod.. Actually it involves somewhat than smaller resources instrumental and perhaps vocally. We have no way to say I'm not of the same Outkast and same the same Seeing as this ng is who I engaged to start somebody having that contract to be
twix us all be have the same on the food castings. Lots go and and. And we have also many Americans that I'm glad George longed and based in Watts and and thaw and Evelyn Lee and Thomas to a lot of the orchestra must do triple duty. Oh yes yes. And money or money and if they have spent there you never know who you have now and now in debate today you know they out anomic. So are they just playing at a concert and you update it fucked up by and you up. I haven't anything to say about it now about the magazine as I
had last year he did fall given bass and the first European. Performance not performance there have been just two of the Americas. Yes but he had a not an eagle cost but produced by my opera house when he was an American conductor leash Anan in English in English. And conducted by Shannon and produced by Nat Mary Lee from the Metropolitan and savage and really I'm bored I'll leave Morefield and all of the American. Then you get success as interested on this trip to the United States you made a point of stopping by Charleston to take a look at Catfish Row is that connected with your performance of Porgy. Yes I have some idea to make some
sama Academy and festival and on Hilton Head it's an island off of Ana. And South Carolina which is very charming for all the architects landscape and Vonda friendly friendly alley gate. And oh and off this place the fool me into Charleston to show me the ducks to this very charming and I'm on the street it's the harbor. And not to forget as you have seen I also kept the show a bit. He was disappointed yes very disappointed I caught of cheek from some women's shop. I don't know. It's good that he would and has captured some of this atmosphere that that has must have being continues an absolutely different. That is
Mr. Mugg you have been making recordings both operatic and symphonic I believe. Could you tell us something of your work in that area. Of course of the recordings go way back to early this week for a month used on this cycle. What did you record to Mozart. No not not commercially. Some of some pieces still today. On Demand Mozart symphonies 28 and 29 points taunts her and took Kate 20. There were two other serenades I recall a wonderful performance of so not a no two and yes just two or three to a complete Midsummer Night's Dream was among these wasn't it done symphony
and with the choral writ large piece break up it was very charming once to listen to it complete not only on four pieces. We now have just received recently the Mozart 39 and 41 which you did with the Japan Philharmonic. Did you record more than those two with the ban or not. I made only the stool. Calling for walks and turn about their Masonic music. Oh yes and. Some planning to do some Debussy. So I think we come out some of the things doing this coming yeah excuse me and I was going to ask if you're doing the complete Masonic music.
Yeah absolutely complete and even including life recordings off launches in memory of thoughts handed and 70s and of a sea and a vast very off piece they discussed last December and they called it Life books off the lots. A few of the lots and lots recorded at the lodges. Yes yes. Are you getting into the Mozart concerto repertory with your recordings. Yes I do some piano concerto was very clean very outstanding and you nice brainiest and what I have and I think that a clarinet concert line up in the fall.
Yes and I have checked for an Armani binding kind of shit and she had a young German man and he's to teach had big success in the United States. Yes yes yes she played here last year and she also did the gun with you. Yes on record are you getting into Haydn. And I'm not doing. I. I have done now will just this four seasons in the example of ostrich Stephen. And Steve wanted me to do Hadn't I didn't. I didn't have much confidence to do it and now I must be right. But now I saw these two books I am just going to do very much more because I think I discovered the key.
Afraid in what sense would you. I find it's very difficult to do because you had some kind of extreme. J knowing now that he's very naive and but in a so human such sense a few. Defined these mixed to being and believing. It's very difficult to find. And and I think the name isn't and he's kind on shot speech and it's by mess. And I found it very strongly in out. I think this Nansen mass is something extraordinary It smells of see and smell
it. He was he was very inspired by the sea and he liked sea battles and in his Hauserman he did one found all our maps I see and models of sheep speech natives and you stand he he even natives and because netizen of us gets to count. And this was the last time he was out of England. So I found this man I think you have done the Haydn symphonies. Yes certainly. Years and years and years. I wouldn't I think this is the same kind of naivete of which you spoke characterizes these works as much as. Well you cited the Admiral Nelson mass. Now you could in any case yes. Very ok to beast and very well you all
are. So I find it's so incredibly Frantz to do a second to do it so that I am very difficult to find the key at least commie People in me go in. Absolutely. To complicate a man probably was to mark a moment ago you mentioned the festival of X and previously you had spoken of the Prague festival this year. You also have been quite active in Salisbury I know your line born and plans to have a festival in Maine you know it is Madge I'm with you can you find that audiences differ greatly from one area to another guest. You have spoken of the very demonstrative attitude of Italian audiences for yes fantastic author and it's Publix in Buenos Aires so I talk your Japanese audience are among the
famous base. It can happen to you in Tokyo that sort of east away contact in the same performance. Has basically called one peace and applauded the incredibly ha now that I think that's very outstanding public. How's the audience in the opera house Mr. Mugg. The first night in the skies something many elegant like and witness I was married. But then comes the second form Unst you can have really stones in the theatre. It's a different level East level East Fanny's audience I know Simon Cowell I did once a believe Ah so I need to do by hand sit there. And at the certain point it has to seeing I am tired and the whole Galloway screamed.
And then he has to seeing I go home the whole girl using got sort of on the whole idea. Are you are you conducting it. Parma this year did you say yes I am the things that come in the holy city and to the celebrations of Toscanini. That's I think I really are I have a vegan try on B just by tomatoes and two because you can only love what you do at Parma that time yet. Yet it should be very interesting. Yes with your funds for exercise do you do you find time to walk in Vienna. Oh yes if you and I still host most fabulous Volcan town you have you have to you have to make payments and I would let
me know about the city and I live on the back this is just an overview so to do it with her since I walk down the road a vignette stood a little village seeing and take a tad off my own calm down and go to the opera. But I'm walking very much. You do drive yourself. Yes and I made my license last big travels in Switzerland troubles. Oh it was a very amazing and and that the famous study about my having license who even appeared in the end of Viennese and speeches and newspapers tell us about you know be in Switzerland we can make that live in these lessons in our own car. And I am leaving in streets and ending it in a
village which is very high up in mountains in the so-called And this is all in all I'd Italian popped up so it's not but 6000. And I was ordered to make my license in the morning six o'clock on the first of the same. And this was the first morning we had a big big snowstorm so I carefully down to the post office to meet inspect and expect it was Doc and Ted it was not stopped and inspected baking and steps in my car and I said good morning good morning. I said version I and I and he said gone. Many nappies many nights now a very high mountain that stood to pass between Switzerland and Italy. About five miles from the Italian boy. All that about.
So I looked at him. Stupid. And if they're serious he said to me no comment. So I stopped at about five miles an hour and carefully making all curbs and I have done the top 5 A After 20 minutes he said Now Dr. Beckwith back. And I think that's it's all in reverse in a mess. So I said is that serious he said no comment. So I mean behind us School of snow I turned down and decided you know and I definitely have been down and out for curves he said. You didn't made you out.
Yeah you failed. You failed to you and you failed the test. You have a detentions. So I said why. He said you should have stepped out and cleaned. I may be a peaceful man who's just gone. But I think this was too much. I get I got to be I feel as I opened the door and I say to him Beast about you I guessed in my guy and you know I'm not the baby come get he said is that serious. I say the comment. So he stepped out it was a big snowstorm and of us 7000 she had to do it. Nobody understood it and I was furious and I and I and then Tom and I went in my bed last few days. So after two hours telephone call a lawyer Mr. Mr. Gates I'm just I'm I'm just to tell you that I am making you would process to expose exposed
public person on the street in a snowstorm he just came home the audience be feeble. And he make your deposits felt tempted. So then he called the police and said you have a fine because I had lived without life. That's that was the first thing I think he was picked up by some talk going coming from Italy and driving him in to village and the police gave me through B to A fine. Of $50 to have David in the past without a license. I think an afghan on the jots and he's my friend he comes up to me and say Peter what have you done and that's a testament study you can do can land in jail. So I don't mind that I haven't been to jail. Then I sent flowers to the lady and sent a cake to him the
bottle of whiskey and go to visit him. After he convinced me to do that then the inspector they announced to prosecute you you're going to make it next year I was on. Also in December I was to make my license again still no lies yes. You know what I said. And I stepped in the end to meet him in the meantime. It's a new law. Yes I am I forgot to tell you that I've become very popular in my belly. Everybody both amazed about that stuff. I'm very like pissed and it was made by you or me. So when I went in a flower shop it gave me extra and I wasn't and it basically. Thank you very much it was just time you do that a new helmet was nice and I was just of for months arised really imitated
and then I mean I stepped in and then it was forbidden to make the license into Owen Cobb you can't anymore because of that they call it like smock and then now I stepped in the sky and it was the same inspector I had just collapsed. You don't you felt defeated before you started. Yes. Then he said Do you see that placed on there. I said yes. Something I have today it was about 300 Yeah yeah. So it is you pocket he's part. So he stepped out and said let's have a drink. If you had a long thing get five things get things get being completely time and he stepped out and I said now you would die. I say no I don't think I can dive because I have drank. So he said you made you an ice. That's merely subtlety.
A conversation with...
Peter Maag, part two
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