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So you see the problem of diplomacy just like men. You have not really need to meet them in diplomacy if you know how to wow my new body all the people I didn't know you had to eat how the universe didn't call it in this country and I'm very impressed by the Indonesian and of the student at least Gandhi because too many of his likeness want him. We should not mind gauging and he has been sent and sent to fall by many. How many going to Lida never engaging in a land war in Asia you Lotty something new you have one ways to keep in mind. Never under any circumstances N-Gage douse them in the land war in Asia and the biggie begin them in mine and beat in and soon be all right in the pews. Thank you very much of that thank
you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Mr. Denny asked me when we start this question and answer period to recognize that people will stand up and ask the question so I could repeat the questions he feels I might be able to understand what their are saying a little bit better. So at this time we start off with our question and answer period. Yes. The question is are many people feel that if we leave Vietnam of the widespread retaliation he wants to know why factor how much retaliation will be brought to those people that are our allies and so.
I'm very grateful and got his question the only question is a very important one not just why I do not advise America and the back of my leave and I said that we are sorry and you make a mistake and he leaves. But how we can prevent this from happening. Because as you know Vietnam was in a period of 25 years less a lot of hostility among a faction of the Vietnamese society. You just take one community say the 100 most and yet now when there wasn't all that you would find in that community say 50 people who have been with the Vietcong about 20 people who have been with the child don't go out I don't know. Relation with the Saigon Goldman and American troops I know about I do not belong to any political so Nanami hostility among these people. How it would prevent a pic on a boat and its holders in every house to control anything. So last two things we do in order to prevent this from
happening. And I know it might not happen but i'll let me sure we have a way to prevent it from happening. I happen to minimize the importance of that. I specialize the first one. To have the enfant International Control Commission in Viet Nam. As you know now it has international control commission in Viet Nam which is very weak and composer Canada and India. I will suggest that in any negotiation to end the war in Vietnam the US took in seeing about extension of police commission from three to five member India Canada the US and the Chauvet Union. So suppose now you have a Vietnamese who feel let his big BE MY by the element pro showing it in an American captain or major in the commission and he said that I believe. My life didn't enter I
lend a cup and was rightly willing to investigate and let it be I want to send you to a safer place and he got mad at me about Perry you know the place they got in the commission of the Vietnam make a statement condemning the war in Vietnam and this trial gone Many been most surprised and why I need to know why I did that got a live shot in Vietnam. Condemn the war and this I got to go but lay out just thinking of the problem you are talking about. Because they've gotten a chart for the war and the Saigon Goatman. How they could fulfill their own and their own lesion when the people would all be governing father where were you father when there was going no where when you're ready you stand and the moon is shot had they the same polish and before. You know the wasp. Be gone the police body should lend a goblin exhaust and the bull is just going to be defacto pretty cozy Asian among the
Vietnamese people. Now you have one thing which is quite interesting in Vietnam as you know the Buddhist was suppressed by the Cylon God when in 1966 in May and June man to me but said that why don't the Buddhists maybe a government which is very easy to just walk in go out of the house. Why don't I know that. Why don't I help all of the time on board when I still need not one that we have got the reason is the same. He plays on the bad guy who is going to be in a Vietnamese society in the future because when you become a big government rather than a buddhist monk and that is the reason why the major religion in Vietnam the Buddhist and it got out trying to play a role when the time of peace out right he's mean that when the time of peace and I not only Asian in Vietnam we blame that all of the negotiation among the faction of the Vietnamese society and
prevent exactly what you would have made my happen. The question basically is if we follow Mr dense policy of buying that land of the peasants in the south Well there's what will the man's role be or what will hold the man's influence be toward the south after we do this. Building legally as only one we have now. Even the constitution of South Vietnam 1967 the obvious going to law to say that Vietnam is one country and better than any in DBC views all day I did mean that only one country will be at now like under he was temporarily divided in 1954 by an engine about Lehman. We did
reason not probably going to one and a half I expect at least the whole human continue to have our own ways even as in the south it would be very naive to say that he's not going to have it. But now what got me in France he would never. Military or political military I think the problem would be taken by the international station in Vietnam people in the period when we needed them in any future negotiation the only internet and then implemented Vietnamese aside the least idea through the bans and he's mean that he could actually go up and the South Vietnamese population but this could not be done even abandoning Vietnamese by the bed and in Vietnam have some stake to 511 now less in Vietnam out of the problem. A reason problem the Peabody not at
South because the president of the country had been even out of the problem of Vietnam. Alas is why do we have got to program this by. Applegate at the unification of Vietnam's step by step and weed out foreign intolerance. So I think the problem in Vietnam today is somehow very strained. If you look at the Cheyenne Goatman my life and the minister of defense I mean is a big Asian all come from the knowledge. If you look at the dealership a bit gone they only come from the south. So I did a program of not and Saudi Vietnam remain a problem and I think that the South Magnetic them to some of the not the many of you don't know but they've lost in translation in Vietnam was not probably an alchemist but from the south and all.
The night he picked the seven that's already a blend of integration with the not by the by gone government in 1955 version and Gavin was sent to Vietnam he now to study a plan of invasion of not yet now. So actually if you look back into history the read in the post that. Followed invasion in Vietnam was taken by Dick Goodwin in the South for example and in September night in 61. Vietnam his plane had been shot out. He not yet Now the minister of information of South Vietnam at that time make a statement saying that yes he had a plan. Rob Dawson do not Vietnam and this may be a failure today but it's going to be a success tomorrow and it is plain to many of you the soul of the grown up that the MAPI you have not followed the debate in the Senate about it but what happened at the
time was just a continuation of what has been done in Viet Nam that is to keep the seven nominees Nabi trying to lend the Peabody not Vietnam and not LA time in August 1964. They have been beaten back my dear not yet I meet them they all follow the aid of the U.S. 7th Fleet and letters to the US seventies and I lend it what interpreting from outside not they're not Vietnamese provoked the U.S. Seventh Fleet. They're not Vietnamese. Maybe they're weak because he been in the world but nobody could conclude about it. And maybe we'd have only seventeen be the board the U.S. Navy which is called The Seventh Fleet we are adamant weapons and everything like that. Just to say that you see in the war in Vietnam and as many facts which has never been publicly intervened and I. I'm not defending that mistake and I blame you because you don't know asteroids.
So who is going to do anything if you don't ask Roy. Even many senator now. Game I doubt I said that had we know all about it you should not have bought fun of one of them going into it and we don't matta speak Polish Senator Leahy failed the American people while they come out saying why don't they ask them not time on the fight they need today. Why weigh on the in the situation is very greedy going to go out and said Oh I know about it I should not have done that. But again you see the problem is you are people. Maybe if you elect a person to Washington and you have folk at a money come back they have a need of funds and you come and say Can we take him and forget about your response to their new duty and you are right that a citizen who elected him and left. We have Station many of the problem in born with the problem of not in South but I believe that there may not have been trying to imply in the south the south in Prague
and they're not going to had a new one and the old abandoned lot Portman finally. There are some point I'd like to have for Mr D and comment on it in our scutcheon this morning we were talking about the Gulf of Tonkin incident and I just like to have him express his views to you on what really happened in the talk. Well as I just said if he did indeed here among the August 1964. There was many at times by the South Vietnamese Navy and Marines to lend into not Vietnam. Which is not something new is has been done. I said in 1957. In South Vietnam when I was a member of the Nationals to go to Gaza and we have all been ization gone dispassion all faced up to going to fasten the place in NZ and that office was. Was the invasion into the
not. Understand I meant he who is now the revised nation and solve Vietnam was a captain in the Vietnamese am part of the time and he has been he's to Mandan in dropping the agency not Vietnam and only so I didn't. If you read the paper very carefully before 1964 you should not have been surprised not to go to the Lincoln incident was not on a probation by the not good nominees but it was not them. By the 70s to save the South Vietnamese and left all alone not yet now it was the beginning of it. Action we she's now ready to do it why didn't the boy in Viet Nam I know and I lied last time I don't know why this isn't a guy in Boston asked Betty to be born in a foreign relations committee need not you know being too liberal grandma Gaffney about the non-emotional you voted all the reason why you shouldn't be open to a bigger intervention by the US in
Vietnam. Question is if the United States was to say we're going to buy all the land South Vietnam what would prevent the price of land from skyrocketing once these people realize their land is going to be bought up by the Americans. Now your family I mean I wish they did in here. But either way they buy their land will be in the highways and I buy it on the market to brighten the market.
I look into not problem very carefully how they buy the land the highways in this country. Not only did you go and you've been to live but usually you lose not the Department of Highways but you can do the same thing for example on the commission to fix the price. The plan you know. One act that has caused so much but less out of that invasion. I did it by have a say in this problem I would like to use the British ship under the Homestake no English Country Bar Exam on any bait and it will be by land. Didn't a lens on the last 20 years Latin any I think is you in Maharashtra and why you have to buy a backer L.A. No no don't even manage on a lap and a year and ask us to play. I think if I were to implement this kind of program I did leave the big plantation. I'm going to use our international market would be fair to pick the price of the land in Vietnam under the condition of
1968 how much is called an acre and asked on the Leno No from now on batteries and all the plans that I gave you three months to go back out of three months if you don't show up at least lend become a go around probably and it will continue to be made free to the better the second part of the homestead. Suppose now we have all the ability and you get in a survey and every base and bestie by lot. He'll be buying that land until late in the last 20 years it is not more than five acres on top. Of one of the principal and which has been applied in many country would be. An American out in Vietnam he's got missions not up one of them by the government but by the abandonment of most country bar exam by the Congress of the United States of America. Want a commissioned officer I mean and she didn't
I lend that SOB and I'm his bottom and not one of the same kind of real who go into an area now controlled by the SOB at Ms Goodman and begin to. I can in as many ways to implement it. But don't worry about the price to go to these people and in the last 20 by you have been there if we hadn't reached already bust me I want less Probably but I do still believe it but I doubt it I wonder is appropriate on the land in Vietnam I gave to the base and I don't think that they can support these kind of men anyway.
During the previous lectures which have been stated from this podium we have heard that if we had falls the rest of Southeast Asia will possibly also what are Mr. Dan's views on this philosophy or this idea this is the famous you know to me first I do not know me no so guilty suppose that any country made of the same stuff and have the same solution condition the same psychology con conditions the same country and condition. So ultimately one form the all the photo he studied at least not through by exam been the biggest no me no in Asia Shina pally 1914 9. And these country we shed the longest part I was shy and I did not phone and it got me set on a country now by my son by him and he stand by common Ethan and Chinese at the same time. But Tara we should I think is very modern Only because some people don't know me but not me.
I kinda don't know Teddy the model who gave us who even any country you know right beside a few top out of the country. He's not in the Bible are not on the books. How do we how do you Al said not guilty to go in every country I said if you don't do last the next paid in full no you would be nice. It's like I come to a man and said that what I understand that I have to kill you now because the next day you may die of cancer. He might. But who gave me the right to decide what is going to be in the next 10 years. I can I'll need not only I'm going to be going to meet a reason by then present assumptions on human affairs and the problem of the nation. Nobody could come to this country and not let us unfold in the next 20 years because the police and lot and lot because they're gonna now become common he saw no bonus they can all but Canada support onus taking over again and I don't in the US to be taken over by France.
On the contrary I think we have something even more interesting. Now. So I did not. Frankly you see the fate of each nation is going to be shunned by them. Only think on infrastructural aspect in a social condition a bloodbath in the country. Even if you do send on the soldiers who gave Vietnam from collapsing and yet you know that the result of the people in my country from any leadership in a large country and a communication of their people. Even the leadership in that country does not look into this sort of problem open at once he didn't so no matter how much protection he gave the country not going to spend. You don't need to know you know that any less. And you'd like to see the action of Thailand for example. Thailand has been independent of foreign grown for many hundred years
and Thailand on the room by their gender identity the monarchy and left all that be but look at the Emperor the king of Thailand as a symbol and yet in the last few months this by and the goals of the US made a commitment in Thailand. That's a very strong anti-American feeling a spread between the press and all the mass media in Thailand and the thai of the only people I know are very international minded but because now we have 45000 American in their less own way to feelings and you you have to make a diplomat between a military prison and if she was in prison I would when come friendly 500000 be it now. But I would welcome once again not to be called to the bad I was my stand I think I was even better. I mean sea life. But it does not fit into the pattern and a structure of human.
Somehow you see in every country. You respect it's only just but that's the same car going to proceed. That's why you have a history of the US which is very interesting the history of the US are actually founded by the military but the post-presidential their gender and on the highways and all of the stuff posted on a station from the garden. And how come you haven't had room saying that the seat in the military should be under the control of the TV and country if you look at the history it's a minutely establishment from the media and in the government the government moving beyond our own area and for the greater Indian the CV then call me the shot I labeled us actually been by let me think. And yet we make an effort and I was eaten not to let the military dominee Napoleon see why it might be goes exactly like she's very different in Vietnam. Greedy by our society into five groups of people and
intellection abandoned. You make on the walk us all the businessman or something like that and forced out a motion is mean the people like the grocers and the people who send in and rock star and fever and lost personel on the whole Vietnam had been only invented by the army. And yet landed general mistrust into the body gun problem and you don't need to go very far you find in your own country this country is basically founded by minute maybe even I mean one of them for example and they did chairman of the highways be bomb of his own was economy an engineer only an army man. And yet we always have an issue really and not the Defense Department and he she do it like a place and Truman for example when he dismissed my father. I can say very frankly and tell you what the military means things like it was a
political necessity. This is a very true. I think my father had a very good strategy in the Korean War. If you look only at the many but even I have great temperament. I did me simple. He has to fade away. We got out of a fog when eminently Bob and I knew the essence of Americans post Ed.. And that's just why a man like Truman in my wee man was right. On no one I you know what I know but only the media the public wanted war. I can make out that I was very nice about it. Now Manning we should have a fantasy nation of the world. If his timidity and you could be any doubt what Truman has no try to buy weapons and Truman I would do exactly the same thing. I would call him back and have a Congress applaud him and what he must fade away.
Otherwise it's just them. Otherwise I dunno if you can be a president in American history I need to open up a home sot of the few be in the future so you better lose one bobbins but lose one gender and save the country. Wish I'd been through Monday. Why have one last question before we are in today's lecture. Why the big congress try their luck Assyrians and Bible friends. And Bible translation you know better when not in Vietnam today especially in their New York pension. It told in war the US has destroyed her in my hometown. And the M.A. Sudan's been destroyed to be safe.
So I think what happened the last of and now in Vietnamese is both and I left all of it coming he did anything and then us we need that any place and it is a sad thing about Vietnam I'm not going to say that the Vietnam did not only sting they need even more in the future but we are now in a. She Dayton is totally different from all the Nguyen we have now in Viet Nam to make hold on and then be many unfelt in Italy. Last is why you see many programs like international voluntary service a program had to weed grow which is very bad but now they got enough. To end it in example by the way the end will be publicized now he's engaged in gold and oil you think the gaze of bin Tran. Let us now also on the South Vietnamese never had to destroy it in order to save it. So I I was saying that now boasts I engage now into both an assumption of Vietnam and Laos is going to be nice to
any although it is very sad because I don't want to see the scene happen. What is going to happen now. Mom. And he had to know how sound insane that wound is not going to me from now on in Vietnam. Shai going to be any place for me and I'm not him is very he said out of the area to face good and who is bad and in history unjustly but today in Vietnam is the destruction by Haley side engaging in a lot of why we have to end it all the while as no Vietnam let me know if you should be saved from them for democracy or anything and thanks.
As we see it: Vietnam '68
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