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From the Great Hall of the Cooper Union in New York City. National Educational radio presents the Cooper Union poem series on peace love and creativity the hope of mankind. The speaker on this first program is Julius Carr assistant to Vice President Hubert Humphrey. Mr. Khan's topic is prospects for peace. Here now is Julia Scott. Help law and order what you want. You're a program yet and I congratulate her on her remarkable contribution which he certainly has made it to an enlightenment and public affair and the change almost to a question of probably the most human race the avoidance of war.
Question of the night to get his own on the World Future the prospects for peace. The answer to fortune teller or astrologer yet but the rest of us have no crystal ball to Fort Lee our own future much less likely. But probably very few people in this room and even predict who's going to win the American League whether it be Chicago often or Detroit or many app for testing of the very rich even and no survey of the world can predict what's going to be the headline in tomorrow morning's New York Times much less in next week's Time or Newsweek magazine or a year from now. There's no field of human endeavor where any man can with reasonable target do any of this the way it's going to be. We are a month
or a year from now if you want to prove. Just look at last week's weather bureau predictions for New York or Mexico in the light of hurricane or up any brand will bet or anything else. Or you feel like a prophet and think that you can estimate the future of the world. Try figuring out about an American next year's election who's going to be the nominee of the Republican Party who's going to win the election. What will shape the next election and if you think you can predict the future. Try it on the location of the hemline of women. Many are going to go up or down are stationary. None of this really devolved to predict and there are a lot of them on the subject that you and I are going to think about. And tonight
the question what all the problems back home and survival depend on a great many of them some of which are within our control most of which within our control. The end to depend upon a great many personalities on the world scene upon it. Military technology and a great many other factors. But before trying to sum up what the reason is. Described by the poet on your American country with none of the questions that are what are we talking about.
He between between the Soviet Union were in large part between the United Republic of China between our people in Vietnam. What. About the world and of that and then of the future. Because I don't take a look. But not me. Well just imagine a whole
lot of news and thought and they'll be no interruption. But I'm like when you're going to have a chance to talk back to the TV to do it and come out where it was raw pot won on the TV in the imagination in a newsreel of the press pot to as news reel of the pot. The future of a greater tragedy of Vietnam by the US People Republic of China the War of the National
Liberation the US and the US. Those that will be giving and jumping around the world so light up your mind to know what you think and don't drop out just stay with me on the television screen then your mine and mine the world of September 20 19 a world nominally but actually ridden with violence. Turn on channel 1 in your own mind and see in Vietnam tonight. Rending like today not accepting the
Korean conflict with 500 hundred with Vietnam the Vietnamese and with the report public of Vietnam Korea highlight the struggle which is also already 13 struggle which is costing us 25 billion dollars a year. Struggle on. Obviously there is no end in sight yet. What Vietnam era the world of the nation with one of the world's population mainland China the mainland China takes more than one take. With
every changing and evolving into our imagined on one side of the screen you have of a convulsion China baffling the mouth of the anti mouth and then the Chinese Red Army turned to the other side of the screen and the board. Read away and be in the world with the rest of the world. Chinese alternately lashing out again
and again. The UN and the UN lashing out at the Republic of Vietnam and threatening that. And all of you turn to any part of Africa and you'll see violence in that particular part to Nigeria you would see a new Israel of Nigerian troops with the African troops to the border look what you and you would see in the colonial blood trying to that Nationalists coming up across the border to write that national rights for the indigenous people of Angola
turn to rude and white majority that Africa coming across. Communist China and other for insurrection that now turned a little another part of the world in your mind by the Middle East and no one to tell any one of them that you can imagine of the Suez Canal with USA are and Israel and the OP have already moving away at each other with machine gun and with the coming of the newsreel of September 19 and they begin the end as to what that will be
already solved so many of his problems today from the will of the right for a machine. Is it likely that he will be able to solve the problems of tomorrow around the conference table. We hope so but real and I'm compelled to believe that it may not be so. No giant TV screen behind the end to the future may come from what has been life with many World War One and World War Two will flash back. But let's look at them in the 22 year firing point of their husband. Fortunately there have been violence
some time to come between the US and the US. Sometimes among the smaller power sometimes with either the US or the US actively backing one of the smaller power of it and another small of power or an approximately match with one of the superpowers. Turn back and see the giant new rule of the year in the last 22 years 1914 diplomatic struggle over the Soviet Union plan to keep troops in Iraq. 1914 level 3 fighting in Greek when the British left and the United States took up the effort to maintain independence again. The come in a lad short lived. Through my home field in the other part of the world
before on the battlefield which divided the country into Vietnam Laos and Cambodia. So we'll see. We'll pause at that point forty five a month on my feeling in writing and numbering the power or its territory. Now the most high ranking in 61 to 19. What between
going to the Department of State for International Political Rights and about the United States possibly involved. And then all around and almost to the point of a blow off the well being of the force have been in one way or not the vile attempt in the Cuban missile crisis when the world would leap to the ultimate confrontation. The
rioting over the Panama Canal a crisis between the Congo in Africa a crisis over borders and then the Dominican right. The struggle of that tactic. And there have been other quitely in which we have been possibly involved involving the problem of government Chinese war against India over Southern Rhodesia which we have joined with other nations in invoking sanction because of road rage or a confrontation between Malaya and Indonesia in the struggle between Turkey and Greece over this is the trouble. We have some of the new Israel of the present some of the newsreel of the past and now a little bit about the
future. No one home or the area in which we have to come to grips with I'm happy. I could not get up a lot of government the power about what we became involved in all of these. What are we doing there in the first to end. Why were we the world's policeman or sharing in the obligation of blood and the sweat of those. Why were we involved in all of these particularly in view of the fact that we are so heavily involved in our own country. There are such a long and monumental waiting on our own. Why were we so heavily committed in
foreign conflicts diplomatic and military wondered so that we are free to are all of a much more valued Terry was. We must fight for the good of our own people but war poverty. A live one. From the grinding misery and joblessness going from the net to enable one tenth of population with to realize the promise were made for them in line in the Constitution and all the other often the freedom of offer which have been given to century why were we involved. People may rightly add only other question and not necessarily in the end when we're
fighting the war again again again and again. Obviously down home and playground outmoded library and congestion on the war or a bad home life for our own people. But war again dignity and again being to fight a war against contaminated looted cream. The war was a lonely beginning on all of these. These are a hard question to ask and to. And there are many in which we were involved. But here we do not have it. In
point of fact at the end of the world it was the power back and it was the world. And a lot of the laws we return to our own and hope he did not hear and maybe trying to do with the
motivation. Whether you are trying to do right by the man and there will be those that we have the right motivator to run when we want to do right we have no territory we haven't tried to do it with so many problems. How much can any one human being one thing another suppose that were at home and he woke up in the middle of a terrible fire and looked out the window on their neighbor's
house feeling terrible. My phone rang go back please. Yeah they don't work fast enough. They may feel that but by all the evening he made him self as week feeling and feeling badly if I do it in my own enlightened self interest to help put out that fire before it comes to my own power and even if the wind not blowing in my direction even my own mother by the approaching it is up to me to help that man in my neighboring house as a whole. He might help me if the situation were not perfect no analogy ever. There is no way of preventing a metaphor for sacrifice of
human love and here. But that really the way and it is I believe from one man's point of view as I have. The plan of the matter is quickly learn in life there are certain things to do even though they're all there ready to do them. It is not because of one line of action. It is not because all right is there only on one side. It is not because you do not have all the burden that you would prefer to carry. It is because if you don't do them no one will do them. And the great problem of awe or of the time is that no one shows when the time of the birth and I refer to the era when no one wins again
until it was too late. Every OUT ALL problem nation had our challenges at home and abroad. But the test of a mature nation that is to try to do what it can in separately for high principle. On the road one said that most of the world's work done by the people of the world work if done by a hundred million people throughout Egypt who are in pain by illness or by malaria and for coma and all of the viral in the topical part of the world. But
each carry the burden for his family and that is what we tried to do for the family of man. And I wouldn't characterize the problem of a great power to be in any in many ways a leading community in the civilized world with the goal of the problem without being involved in it. And by whom. Right there is a right and an even worse price for all action
or out of what we are by the week. There is no single individual I believe in the government who at times by the heavy burden down upon our country. But the fact of the matter is that we cannot be like the whole of the Stop the world I want to get or we can get off. We can't throw away our hurt. We can't be life wife who you know one doctor the doctor had told her to take her husband off on a wonderful doctor. I will take him where I go and
the world around the world. But this time I'd like to go somewhere else. Where do you go where to run where the intake of if you are already where you might be in their power at the time. This is the place to draw the line. DOn't DROP don't drop around the occupation of or don't draw it over the back.
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Peace, love, creativity: Hope of mankind
Prospects for peace, part one
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This program features the first part of a lecture by Julius Cahn, assistant to Vice President of the United States Hubert Humphrey.
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This series presents lectures from the 1968 Cooper Union Forum. This forum's theme is Peace, Love, Creativity: The Hope of Mankind.
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