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The legendary P.A.. Radio Network brings you another in a series of recitals by keyboard giants of the early 20th century. These performances are selected from more than 1000 Recordings. Reproducing piano rolls collected by Dr. Campbell stuff the chairman of the music department at Washington State University. Was a highly sophisticated refinement of the player piano developed to preserve actual performances of Concert Artists. In the days before electronic record. Now here is Campbell to introduce today's legendary pianist. Today's program features Alford Korto the eminent French pianist who was born in 1077 in 1906 at the conclusion of his study at the Paris
Conservatory. He was the winner of the first prize in the annual Piano Competition. That same year he made his debut with the cologne orchestra two years later he went to buy a ride where he remained for three years studying Wagner's works and served as an instructor at the festivals. Returning to France he instituted an act of propaganda for the music dramas of Wagner and in one thousand two conducted the first French performance of Gotterdammerung in 1005 he resumed his concentration on piano and in one thousand seven became Professor of piano at the Paris Conservatory. The first number on today's program is Mr. core to his own transcription of the Adagio from the F minor violin concerto by Bach. This movement has also been transcribed for orchestra and is often heard in that form.
You have just heard the second movement of the F minor violin concerto by Bach as transcribed for piano by Alfred Cortot. Mr Korto plays next the Sonata in the major Opus 1 0 9 by Beethoven. The first movement is marketed Bochy the second press to Samoa and the third on Dante and variations.
You have just heard the Opus 1 0 9 Sonata by Beethoven from the second book of etudes by Chopin. We will hear Mr. cordials performance of the final one in C Minor often called the arpeggio study.
Following the Opus 25 number 12 etude by Chopin we hear now a composition bearing the same title but written by Scribe and as the last in his set of 12 etudes Opus 8.
You have just been listening to the Opus 8 number 12 by screen in today's Korto recital and with his performance of another dude this one written by Sam songs and called a toot in the form of a waltz.
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The legendary pianists II
Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Scriabin
Producing Organization
Washington State University
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program presents Alfred Cortot playing works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Scriabin and Saint-Saens.
Series Description
Music by great early-twentieth century concert pianists who produced Duo-Art piano roll recordings before advent of electronic recording.
Broadcast Date
Media type
Announcer: Rundell, Hugh
Host: Stout, Kemble, 1916-
Performer: Cortot, Alfred, 1877-1962
Producing Organization: Washington State University
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 63-39-20 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:29:04
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