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We're already suffering we go through what we would think that the psychotic episode that killed his mother or brother who are a little higher like creature that there were many when the demons will repeat myself the thing home because the play is really a play to start with the thought of them to start with the play of the time to destructive and then in a rush to get from the mother place you're pursuing and if you kill the mother. They're from the underground that for the theme that they pursue and through greed and drive they never sleep. They're the spirit of remorse and guilt when everyone
sees you go bomb the ring rather know what that me and the devil and they drive him and until he collapses at the altar of Apollo at Delphi and their Apollo then protect him and take in Athens and in Athens the great trial that's presided over by Athena which then takes up the question of human guilt and fun Builder which is what I want to get to hear about. From other critics who brought in the matriarchy
and they wouldn't be writing about the growing up but growing up in emergence of concerts. To be sure and they're not there in order to do it. But if you're good at the birth of the birth and invented. A person caught in that only with his mother but well embedded in the
beware crap even embedded in your own body and it is embeddedness who. And then if they carting away any of the biological mother the assertion that they went in the one of the men that in the film identify with the men rather than the woman will put her in. The interview that you two are certain people to identify with you rather than simply identifying have a blue.
RAT. New York City we're in a condition we never another thing where. The Greeks that grow their growth was a very complicated thing that I do that I refuse or anybody else growing up and never grows up and the like of the group as a dialectical process that involves a group you know that the new consciousness is something or the ground growing and that this and to confront the individual and to develop new related
to government being toward severing them from the mother and family that you confronted if you get them by the way. Reprimand them that this is normal and even for the men and terribly dramatic and killing a mother it is. So ultimately we will get to what they say about it. Remember when he wrote this wrote this in modern terms and the power of that or the killer's mother he had in mind then would never have achieved in their conscious what turban for the three that would
go over your father's position. But remember that the the act of an act of growing out of the out of the. It's not a question I think you're right it was wrong. Now the question do you kill the head of the tribe and you become the head you kill the head of the deed of freeing yourself. Then you free yourself and if the inventiveness of that particular tribe if they elect to beg him to do. Greg Electra begged him to the ground and the duct and that they'll have a happy life together and he can be plenty of sensuous pleasure and he can be the father. And
then are in the air. I looked at her with the sticker that the increase. Then there were I have outgrown that. Then about the struggles in the three killed his mother he went out into the forest. The graphic of the visit in the psychotic episode than even and I thought a move in the dark regard regarded each other. The man pursued the Roman the woman come to the room at each other in the darkness or where each one of the people of another that another he would have thought never his own. But another.
It is our turn inward. That is the evil that had that wealth that everybody everybody was the man to the woman and the room and to the man and the lack of freedom from your mother being turned away. Now this is the definition of lack of conflict is the definition of the. Country and the harm that the order relationship with mother. Under the theory that he would remain where we were walking out of that symbol the love that the stone that
he would be the proper The human consciousness. And then we cried out. Do we do have all of consciousness rather than the the symbol of awakening. I think ask this would have been a little more about this with me wherever and with and play with the dawn clear with the ability for his own life. The longer the guy after he
goes to the back and killed his mother then picked out the rabbit he picked the jury never got bit of net and that the be the verb to be taken by the man for ethics or goodness and then it was that ahead of time so it no longer feel that. And the religion with its codified of dogmatic more power and developing new spiritual religious or were with the media development of humankind and the
moral responsibility to his own life. The jury is made up of man technically but a put up thing. Said Jack. And these are the things that are debated back and forth even at the commit the act. The problem individual in a determined world in the terminal. Where did you hear your mother. Conditioning that all of the language that we hear all over the place
in the arrestee the plaintiff more because I don't think modern audiences can and could not but that he could not but to kill his mother. But the important thing because the tradition that particular tradition of marry rather that if you require a white dog and there may be a court of law I couldn't help that. Whatever
the term of the thing. The problem is possible that a person can be brought up at the same responsible for what he is doing as well as trying to determine if the thing go together. I don't want to propose to you that experience with him. We don't. Have acted as one but I
firmly believe myself and like creativity that the creativity of a simple growing up poor and I think that the Greeks knew what time we did but rather the pain that is within the person living perpetually in a world in which determine perpetual. Make sure that it comes up like that if you will that determine it and then you get the thing and then to put it away. But the good thing because we are thinking of a drive with
state and I want to thank you and I think that in the work that I think it's man made. That if the perpetual. Perpetual progress people don't believe in any more than what we will automatically progress. Continuing this is over and to what I think it has within it the destructiveness other than our mantra that it is a crime here and that the pension between freedom and determine it and the cure for getting rid of Y Not of ending
an eternity in the land thing were simply free and we can the sky and then that is a killer and I think that too in fact neither the cure but the tension between who and the increase of it to the fact that I am a man will bring about that as me I am a man who cannot clearly and then feel that then should I withdraw. Certainly not that everything is for the then need to be. The fact that I cannot for the on the stand still and out of the pen. We're going to record that we'll be hearing that enable me to understand you better. I'm. Doing more in her
faith in the Greek. But we certainly do have faith in other way. Let me tap that experience I cannot get over the fact I was born in Michigan that he didn't happen to live one time why did America become Catholics that happen we can't do anything about it that occur we can't change it. The limitations of badly during the limitations of intellectual capacity of a thing deterministic condition then our fate. He of course is in several different stages. People first claimed happened to the faith that they've they're going to give it a good have a trauma in childhood that they will to their
being able simply to become aware that they would have the grades that this occurred then exonerate them. Now I live in the state of quiet and I don't agree with the other the analogies go on interminably with the secret they put the bait in the path and there are four men coming through and then you can come to an answer and in any case the present the determinism in the right arrest at the scene and the power to correct. When they point it out before the court reports
that human being is free and determined and that he even has made to do the thing they never accept responsibility for that now because they haven't brought his technique and shall he be forgiven and arrested for killing his mother. It's granted that I say all the terms as you can actually write out he had to do it made him other things may be good but unless we know he's guilty. Now show he put it that way of the court. And before the vote is taken upon with the I get who is the lawyer for arrest. I've used that. Now the old primitive mothers must be destroyed and we could invest in the cure and then arrest
these represent the new Internet actually. And if you read this drama you'll find it's going just in that power that talks about freedom and light and he is now everybody will be intelligent. Everybody will judge things by rational means arrestees represents the birth of this new order not the one that powers rationality it is destructive and dangerous. The fury of primitive rage and whether this is the director that you have nature and that you have on the raft and you are as much or as much of the danger that you have on me. The primitive
experience humor and around trees. When he talked about the who were to have their work the unit have their work. We cannot grant them a fact and the judgment so rams that they will do when the venom of the revolution will return to infect the soil and to death and then to add here in the things were great the lamb and the dilemma. Whether I let them or drive them off it is a hard core and it will hurt me that there were a weapon that the addy and plea that you can be freed from Iraq to a new rationale for happens if you think you do that. The return of the
venom of the hatred the negativity the irrationality returns and sickens the land to death. And even when it's going to hurt. I think the language is wrong before I mean long before our scientific language did that anger rage and resentment. So many emotions. If driven or repress women and taken the individual in the group and the repression the fact that the repression thing under the symbol of Apollo rationality the intellectual then it mean that the pull of a market. Then the other kind of repression. I open the meeting in New York that and then turn it over to my intellectual patients that are the competition that occurs in Madison now around Street New York
City is less tech than let the Tigers in the capital of the earth on university campuses. Church it is into groups where the raids the anger the rivalry is suppressed under the me that the intellectuals know the answers we are the ones to think rationally. You have underneath that you have a more vicious kind of destructive that then you have Madison Avenue where everybody knows within a matter that oh there's no doubt about it you know what your situation is. You can respect any information of either you make any bones about it. And also you're much healthier yourself dealing with it. This is what
about Apollo that the repression of 1000 life by means of intellectuality is no help there. Look at where the repression of the irrational against Russia Russia now. The road is empty and the rest is forgiven. On the way down through history that religion and psychology human experience have now written through the plan of spirituality in which the. Blad are superceded by the new believed in freedom and the freedom of conscience. Read into American consciousness in the is more important in human experience then to be to the old lawyer and it was a tremendous gain. Every literacy to
begin technologically speaking represented the movement a tremendous master of the Flyman minor reasoning of human life. Who knew plane of spirit. But now the fury of the board has gone against them due to their threat of our pull their own weight. The city of Athens. And then if anything happened Athena become. Literally the secretary. He persuades them that they want nothing from what they thought he wanted if you could say persuade them to accept what they did not know they wanted their mate to be accepted within the city. To play a role in the city that would be constructive. And he said that she will make them part of the city and they too will be worshiped. They too will have their task. They were
a fraction of the citizens on the jury. Now the name changed. Then humanity with the title of the last player arrested humanity means the workers agree they are good workers and at the end of the prayer given with the whole trilogy as given by the humanity by the transformed you are when they pray is that the citizens will pander great for grace. And that will be their crime and will let them hate with a single heart much room in the world is there. Now remember if you took the many modern readers were still worry about the word hate Why should anybody hate the single heart. They say that the word in the sentence right after love let love be there kind of there's a certain to come and we are at them hate with a single heart much room in the world is there by. But I think
that the thing here in the whole Greek population because this is where the play became a classic it expressed the view that a deeper level of the Greek consciousness then also has its role. Negativity competition the thing becomes sick only when they live only when they are repressed and that the in the through to a reconciliation that can fear keeping both poor or the negative in part that the love and the hate the most. Go out and do it. This has been seminar Bexar featuring this week the third in a series of four programs recorded from an excellent seminar led by Dr. Rollo May.
Next week Dr. May considers the question what does it mean to know thy self. Our reconciliation in consciousness this series is produced by Radio Station K x K x FM in San Francisco in cooperation with the excellent Institute Big Sur California. This program was distributed by national educational radio. This is the national educational radio network.
Seminar: Big Sur
Language and the unconscious, part two
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This program, the second of two parts, presents the third portion of a discussion led by Dr. Rollo May.
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Discussion and lecture series from Esalen Institute at Big Sur, Calif., headed by Michael H. Murphy devoted to exploring the psychological nature of man.
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