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What. It was.
The. Man. But man. When. The. Moment. When.
When. The. Moon. No.
Nothing. Loaf.
Oh. Wow. Oh. T.
The summer section of the season is the oratory O by brothers Joseph Biden offering on this concert of the 1970s made festival from Music Hall in Cincinnati. The Soloist are taking their vows. Want to hear what Soprano John McCollum Towner Peter power base Robert Shaw conducting the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the Festival Chorus and University of Cincinnati Choral Union under the direction of Elmo Thomas. Again the soloists bowing acknowledging the applause of the audience quite descriptive music section we
just heard once more representing the summer's day from the course of the song. The gathering of clouds and a storm that conjure lightning and morning rain storm hunting like descending on the oysters the quail the chirping crickets the cooking the drugs the church bell and finally the chorus welcoming the evening star and the sports lead. And in a few moments after our intermission we will hear the final two sections of this oratory by height on. The fall and the winter. It's intermission time now at Cincinnati's Music Hall. We pause for station identification. This is the national educational radio network. We are listening to the first concert of the 1970 May festival of music hall
in Cincinnati. In the first half of the program we heard the first two sections of the seasons by Haydn with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra sawdust son Carlos conducted by Robert Shaw. Mr Shaw began his musical career at kimono College in California. It was there that he met Fred Waring. After his graduation he moved to New York City where he formed the first Fred Waring glee club. Three years later Mr. Shaw formed his own choral group the collegiate chorale. After World War Two he took up the post as director of the choral department at Juilliard School of Music and at the same time directed the choral activities at the famous Berkshire festival. At Tanglewood. Mr Shaw made his debut as an orchestral conductor in 1946 with the NBC symphony. He later became conductor of the San Diego Symphony and in 1957 he was named associate conductor of the Cleveland Orchestra and director of the Cleveland Orchestra chorus under the late George itself.
At present Robert Shaw is music director and conductor of the Atlanta Symphony. But he is possibly still best known for the Robert Schalk. The subtlest on today's program Lorna Haywood soprano who sings the role of Hannah the farmer's daughter was born in England. She trained at the Royal College of Music in Italy where she similarly won every award that was offered. And after that she came to study at the Juilliard School in New York. John McCollum who sings the tenor role of Lucas has sung with most of the important orchestras of the United States. He was presented in debut recital at New York's Town Hall and has been the recipient of an American Theater Wing award. The bass Peter heroine sings the role of Simon. He turned from an engineering career to music. He has appeared with opera companies in Rome of the ANA Chicago San
Francisco and Cincinnati. And with the major orchestras throughout the country. In this concert the May Festival Chorus is joined by the University of Cincinnati Choral Union. They combine chorus numbers over 350 voices and it's directed by the conductor of courses for the May Festival. Elmer Thomas. Mr. Thomas is associate professor of choral music at the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. Now in the second half of this concert we will hear the last two sections of this oratory autumn and winter of the seasons by Haydn. In the autumn section begins with an obituary then soloists and chorus expressed satisfaction over the abundant harvest. Lucas the present and Hannah the farmer's daughter pledge their love while Simon the farmer contemplates the now barren fields. Then comes the storing Hunter's course Park. Hear the sound of the horn soloist Welcome to the new trust while in the chorus sings the jubilant down now drink it down at the rustic dance follows and the
section closes with what Haydn himself called a drunken feud. And now the autumn section of the seasons by Haydn. You're. When.
I. Did. A little.
Bit. In. The. Little.
Bit all of. Well and. When the big. Lebowski. What. Illinois. Will. What. What.
What. What. Well and. Well. It'll.
What. Kind. Of. An. END. To.
It. Let. Her. Live. With.
It. A. Little. With a.
Little. It. Will. Little.
The. Little. The bit in the. Middle. Was.
Close. Eh I. Know.
A. Little. Bit. Will.
It. Alan.
Alan. Alan.
I am. What. I am. Who. I am. But. I am. I am. I am. I am.
It. Was.
God. But. What.
Larry. Allen. You. Don't want.
To live. With me. Lol. Illinois.
Thanks. Thanks thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Oh. Thank you. Thank. You. Thank you.
Final section of Autumn of the seasons by Haydn. He himself called it a drunk you following all the activities of autumn the abundant harvest project their own fields the hunter's chorus the venti festival. The audience quite appreciative of the rousing section soloists Lorna Haywood Hannah Soprano John McCall and Lucas Turner Peter her were Cylon base. The final section begins with a mournful introduction expressing the fog's of the approach of winter. SIMON And Hannah comment on the jury's seen them in a more cheerful mood Lucas tells of a traveller who has lost his way but finds a welcoming party. We hear then the well-known spinning chorus whirling partly whirling. Around Hannah and the chorus told the story of a wealthy Lord who loved a country lass. Simon interrupts the entertainment with warnings of a hail from the east. Is there
behold thy self deluded man reminds all that the cycle of seasons brings man at last to his destiny. The work closes with the soul of us double chorus and orchestra united in a prayer for divine guidance. Soprano Lorna Heywood tenor John McCollum bass Peter Howard or Robert Shaw conducting the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the combined courses. The final section of the seasons by Haydn.
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1970 May festival
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