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A man who has spent years searching through manuscripts and trying to locate more and more copies of the Greek New Testament is Dr. Kenneth Clark Professor Emeritus of the Duke University Divinity School. When asked about his search for manuscripts he gave an interesting account of the mountain. All the monks will hear his comments in a moment. Challenges in education presented by Duke University here with today's feature is Charles Bronson. If you were interested in making a study of Greek manuscripts just where would you go to find the largest collection of the greatest singles for such manuscripts. Is FOSS the Mountain of the mokes. There that little peninsula that it was only about 30 miles long not more than seven or eight miles wide and a part of the Greek state and government.
But committed to the monks who had been there for a thousand years past who operate in a truly Republic fashion. Dr. Kenneth Clark says that sometimes he thinks this is where the best example of democracy can be found today. They organize their 20 monasteries in five groups who take turn from year to year in governing the whole community. Foremost as its representative goes to the capital county as they settle down for the year government. If you for example were to go with proper credentials and present yourself before the executive committee as we would call it the other Synod and asked for permission to visit the various monasteries around it. It will be this very group. These representatives of the current year who
wouldn't have the authority to grant it they would give you a document to carry about from monastery to monastery and usually they are very helpful in giving you a little new to call from one monastery to the next each monastery has a small stable of these animals. The total number of manuscripts owned by the monks is astounding in all twenty monasteries here in this republic organization. We know of about 15000 manuscripts gathered manuscripts nothing printed. They have other printed things too but fifteen thousand of these are manuscripts in different languages. 11000 of them are in the Greek language alone. These monasteries are for the most part Greek and yet there is a Georgian Serbian in the Balkans there are various traditions that have survived among the monasteries in the last thousand years are
not our fathers. Among the 11000 Greek manuscripts they have there alone and this is the largest collection anywhere in the world. About 1000 that contain some portion of the Greek New Testament. Dr. Clarke says that the next largest collection of manuscripts is probably located in Athens at the National Library. Interestingly enough. The oldest manuscripts are not to be found in Greece even though we're talking about Greek manuscripts the oldest Cup is our own. The pirates and the pirates was the material in Egypt and Egypt is the place that has preserved the oldest copies we possess today going back as far as the third century. Interestingly enough while they have been written on pirates in Egypt however you do not find them today in Egypt you find these cop is
in Dublin and in Geneva and in an Arbor Michigan. Because hes third century copies have been acquired for Western collections but they have derives from Egypt and the earliest Christian communities of the Egyptian region. This is Charles presell with challenges in education from Duke University. This program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
Challenges in education
Greek New Testament
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Program number 142 talks about the search for manuscripts and the quest for more copies of the Greek New Testament.
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This series presents problems facing educators today.
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Host: Braswell, Charles
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