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We. Church in the former village of harboring ancient European organ acts of musical and historical interest music composed by men who were contemporaries of its builder.
Today's ancient European organ is housed in the church at spawning tiny climate damage on French water use their river and her territory. Builder of theirs in reservations and they're going wild and that it. Isn't. Ross Edwards three manuals and pedal board ready to start. It remains virtually as it wires bend but ICAM erected it in 1788.
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That was demeaning cosey polies part played by organist Gabriele first Reagan the picturesque little church in hiring which we are visiting today is famous for its sturdy Romanesque tower erected in the tenth century. The organ it contains is a baroque design and almost as spectacular as the organ is the case in which it is housed. The carving was done by John L. shocked a craftsman from the next Baghran and it is considered one of the real jewels of Flemish sculpture. The style of the case reflects clearly the atmosphere of the late to Baroque period although it is mixed with a few elements of the French Roco style and no organist fresh Reagan has heard before arming a work by al Assad ROSKO not a fu guy.
By Alice Andro. Today's programme of music while the ancient European organ in the Church of the Flemish village of humming continues as we hear Johann Parco bowels on the menu Vicot.
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With you on. That was Johann papa bear holds a few on the menu Vicot. Organist Gabriele fish Reagan turns to the works of Nicholas Clair Ambo to demonstrate further the total resources of the organ in the church in the village of Harding up Belgium. We'll hear a clip in both deal log garage where. Ther.
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Deal or go seal a garage or buy a new car last clear Ambo. The organ we are exploring today built by Ben Watt and peptic I mean seventeen eighty eight has three manuals and pedals the pedals are of the shortened French type with 15 block shaped keys the lowest manual the rick positif in this case has 54 keys and the pipes being placed behind the organist on the gallery rail. The second keyboard the great manual also has 54 keys the upper manual here called the Echo manual has 54 keys too but only 30 of them are operative. The other 24 are dummies and are placed in the manual only to maintain the symmetry of the three manuals together. The pipes of the Echo manual are placed well down in the lower part of the case so that an echo effect of sorts is obtained
when they are played. Some of the stops were divided. That is they have trouble and base registers which can be played separately. The entire organ consists of eighteen hundred and seventy five pipes totally the organ differs from most instruments of its time and geographical location in that there are relatively few 8 foot stops and almost an abundance of mixtures. Fortunately for historical purposes the instrument has been preserved in its original form even to the pitch to which it was filmed. The old pitch standard is used making it one half tone lower than the same note today. Pipes are made either of tin or of an alloy of T and Les. Because of the selection of stops and their voicing the instrument is especially suited to the interpretation of French Italian and Spanish music of the 16th 17th and 18th centuries.
Organist Gabriele first regen from the church in the Flemish village of potting gob plays the seventeen eighty eight free manual and pedal organ erected by Lamb Babbin Waffen pentagram and we hear opera tois are by Francois damned we are.
The end. Lewdly.
That was my last walk. Next we will hear by Yoko.
For. Go Vox by Fiocco.
Today's exploration of the organ in the church in the Flemish village of Harding concludes as organist Gabriele first Ragan plays the now out with variations by the eighteenth century composer Claudette about a bass track.
No arrow with variations by the eighteenth century composer Clode Bob Astra. You have been listening to another program in the series ancient European organs presenting instruments erected during the period from the Middle Ages until the end of the 18th century. Together with facts about them and the structures in which they are housed and music performed on them by their contemporaries. Today's broadcast explored a free manual and pedal instrument of thirty two stops erected in 1788 in the church in the tiny Flemish village of Harding got Belgium by Lamberto ben y than Pentagon.
Materials for the programs are recorded by members of the European Broadcasting Union. Today's programme having been recorded by the Flemish division of Belgian radio and television especially for presentation United States by Stations of the NPR network. The program was prepared and written by Mary went to her and produced at the University of Michigan speaking an inviting list again next week at the same time for another program of ancient European organs.
Ancient European organs
Church of Haringe
Producing Organization
University of Michigan
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program features recordings of the organ at the Church of Haringe, Belgium. Performances include works by Zipoli; Alessandro Scarlatti; Pachelbel; Clerambault; Dandrieu; Fiocco; and Balbastre.
Recordings of noted organs at various locations throughout Europe.
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Host: Fidell, S. A. (Sanford A.)
Performer: Verschraegen, Gabrie_l, 1919-1981
Producing Organization: University of Michigan
Writer: Welliver, Harry B., 1910-2005
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 68-7-23 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:29:44
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